Hello everybody i was thinking about saying that different in the future i’m not exactly sure how to say it in the future but i think i need to mix things up a bit i haven’t seen that for a long time it’s been a while anyways though

We’re not here to talk about that we are here to talk about some more fan art well more like a competition competition in our discord a competition in which artists can submit comic book things or somewhat comic book entries and such and we get to judge the winner however we’re

Not judging the winner of this episode but we are going to be looking at the competition so far correct so for this first one let us get right into it this first comic was made by punk rose and here we go not much dialogue so i’ll

Just i guess just look at it i’m holding something here i think it’s a it’s a drawing of me and i getting a flashback uh apparently you are upset because i am hanging out with children i’m crying despite the fact that i don’t have tear ducts and you’re

Actually taking care of a kid that’s awesome and then everything burns well um is that a daycare i don’t know burn to a crisp that is surely something okay well punk rose thank you so much for this little comic strip here uh no dialogue whatsoever but still it has his

Own little cute moments kind of is moon dead in this world i don’t want to be dead i don’t know you don’t don’t have any input you haven’t even said i don’t i don’t know what to do i don’t know what to do here it’s just i can’t tell if i’m dead

Or not in this it’s just you looking at me hanging out with two kids and then you cry brother i think the thing burned down that’s why i’m crying because something happened oh whatever uh there’s probably have something in her mind and all that but let’s move on to

The next comment bye shy well this one has dialogue and which we will read out for you huh finally out of that horrible place isn’t that right moon moon you you yes you’re not a club you’re not eclipse no i’m not but i’m much worse what bye-bye

Thank kfc you scared me son let’s go home you okay yeah yeah just uh hit my head by the way it’s not thank akfc it’s think christ correct that is the correct way to say it well this isn’t like a little comic strip it’s small elegant and uh

I’m gonna be honest i don’t think uh i don’t think an evil moon like that exists uh i hope not we mean hope not there’s different models of us okay that exists in different places right i don’t know if one of them gained a higher sentience rather as far as i’m

Aware i think we’re the only ones well that’s exactly it let’s hope we’re the only ones because if there’s more of me and they haven’t fixed themselves that’s bad right yeah yeah that’d be bad anyways on to the next comic strip by exclamation point sunny exclamation points son hello dear brother oh god

Eclipsa’s chip what’s wrong you can’t do this here some of your code This is only this is only slightly horrified is that what we look like underneath the mask thing that’s what some people think we look like do you know what we look like underneath the mask thing we just look blank like like like like a whiteboard or

Something the mask thing that we have is legitimately our face you know what you you’re right it is just our face i don’t i don’t think there’s anything beneath this that then again i don’t know this is a nice comic a little bit of horror but still just enough for to get us

Interested though i’m too scared to actually do anything like this and i don’t think it’s eclipse’s chip that is being broken here no i don’t i wouldn’t believe that because eclipse doesn’t have a chip but on to our next contender by jack of legends you will follow the path of the royal

And you must face its dangers the poison is rooted deep in your mind you will face your demon and you will win this is giving me call to the lamb vibes already maybe it’s because of these weird weird floating things maybe this is really weird though maybe it’s

Because you’ve played the game too damn much what do you mean too much brother how many hours do you haven’t called to the lamb uh uh let me just quickly cause of the lamb on steam uh only 30 hours that’s a little bit too much what do you mean too much what do

You mean too much you having a hundred hours on gta’s too much i do not have 100 hours on gta pull it up i have less than two hours moving on this next one is by pro promo what brother said yeah pommel’s ins i don’t know i know how to pronounce it

I’m terribly sorry anyways though son huh i can’t i can’t let you play i i don’t know who should play roxanne here i’ll play roxanne sure oh god roxy no come on do freddie rocks roxanne well well so we meet again hello freddy okay um so eclipse jumped from my body

To roxanne’s in this little comic and is deciding to be a well a bit of a aggressive yeah that’s basically the whole just of it i remember you told me that he jumped from mine to the moon the monty right the monty yeah so this isn’t unlikely actually i think we need

To increase security for other other bots maybe yeah here’s the thing it’s connected to your phone that’s why your phone’s disabled is that why i haven’t gotten a call your phone is disabled right yeah i mean it is it’s disabled i’m just is that why i didn’t get a call back from my

From your no no no no no no worried about don’t worry about no elaborate you’re what if i elaborate we’re gonna have to cut it out of the video okay that’s that’s that okay well then i know it’s surprising but just bear with me let’s not talk about it now we can

Talk about it after and anyways fellas move on to the next contestant here bright star you pulled this out because it had eclipse and all that but i’m not sure exactly why i’m there luna who’s the lunar it says it right there then comic like we’ll finally we’re here all

Right lunar oh can you tell me where it is that it is over that way let’s go that way he’s trying to come out brother no not while we’re no not was we’re so close keep him back just a bit longer which way now come on so lunar led them to the

Star yeah question is though uh who is lunar yeah that was what i was going to ask like this is this a fan thing probably is action i think about it it’s probably a fan thing if there’s an eclipse there’s probably they’re probably thinking there’s a lunar

Eclipse right yeah because you know i would assume if i had a different self they’d be called blood moon i don’t know if i like that i’ll be very honest i wouldn’t want there to be another me but i’d hope i’m more creative than just a

Lunar right yeah i feel like i’m not forgetting something i’ll talk about it later anyways moving on to the next person in which i have no idea how to pronounce their name that is something in norse runes and i’m not gonna try to translate that because again i have no

Idea how to pronounce this name moving on a bit more of a comedic comic but we shall read it brother come look at what freddie gave me golden fetty what is it is she just adorable no what do you mean no i mean no get rid of it why

You know i hate dolls because she’s so small and i don’t care oh come on brother it’s just a sweet gift from golden freddy i mean look at her she’s so small and nice looking i can’t imagine anything wrong with her oh also freddie said that she could no moon there problem solved

It was a gift i know i just don’t care yeah but i don’t think you should just realize what you did you kind of did just now and uh i threw it in the garbage so it’s gonna be that way huh Um i’m not gonna lie i would have put past golden freddy to send us a haunted gift from like another realm or something oh he absolutely would that’s not not yet though hasn’t done that yet but i’m not putting it past him not putting the pastor he turned me into a

Plushie like upon our first meeting no that was your second meeting no he that was your first meeting that was our fault it was first that was our first meeting anyways very convenient to figure out how to cast that spell why if i got turned to a plushie you’re getting

Turned into a plushie why me i didn’t do anything because i think it’d be funny anyways we’re gonna move on to the next uh next contender x underscore swamp swap killer yes go we’re in a smaller dark place that eclipse placed us in and

Now we have to again find our way out of the glisten so it would seem probably make us do some other thing we’re still technically in our world which is concerning gonna teleport us out of here uh we’ll do what he wants for now son have fun with him son

Did eclipse want to talk no no i i just thought i saw something that that looked like eclipse i think the darkness is kidding me let’s just uh you know get out of here and not come back you sure you’re okay when we get out of here i’m gonna have to take a

Look at you right what else i don’t think you’ll pull though i have no idea uh you can’t literally get any worse than this right all right so we didn’t read that exactly like the comic thing did because it’s it’s a little hard to read i think you’re just

Illiterate no i’m so sorry please don’t get the whacking stick it’s also the fact of when you zoom in it’s a smaller screen for me because why i’m looking at discord how is it smaller for you cause i have to look through your streaming capability which makes it harder to read

I am sorry okay fine good comic interesting comics it is good apologies for my improv okay sorry anyways on to the next one by zar this one has to deal with our creator creator you’re not supposed to be here that this place is very dangerous so what son i’m your creator

Need to know what’s happening with you and moon i didn’t know you could replicate his voice that i heard it once it’s fine i heard from the news that you guys made a big problem in the past whatever it is i need to hear it from

You i promise i’ll try to solve all of this okay just tell me what’s wrong okay i’ll tell you so after me moon decided to make our own bodies and separate it there there was moon’s code left behind in my system and it grew into consciousness he’s like moon’s evil side

He’s he’s he’s already killed people and i don’t want you to get hurt by him he calls himself oh oh well nice to meet you dear creator i am eclipse isn’t it a shame that your creations turn into a big disaster right creator i won’t let you lay a finger on

Him i don’t think i gave it i i’m not i don’t think i can impersonate eclipse i’ll be very honest that was pretty close was it oh that’s nice at least that’s i’m not sure how he feels about that i’ll be very honest but um yeah i did i

Don’t know if our creator cares much about our existence as much no he didn’t seem to right right but thank you for this little comic strip it’s nice and then it’s pretty art really good art i like the glitch effects you put on well me but still it

Looks very good and i’m still surprised you’re able to pull off the almost exact replication of our creator’s voice thing because that’s just you know i listen it may or may not be another thing i did when i modified my body you you added a feature to yourself that allows you to

Replicate people’s voices vocal replication yep i’m not gonna question it for some people i can get close for some people i can’t really do it that well for some people i’ve heard i can do it pretty spot on it’s pretty iffy it’s not okay solidified tech okay

I can’t really mimic monty that well you can’t replicate me monty’s monty yeah you can mimic monty but i’m over here i can only do so much with monty like hey there everybody my name is monty gator welcome to gator golf i’m gonna take your money

Sorry i’m sorry okay when we went to the next to the last uh person that we have here and again our last comic last comic by karim just because your comic was not shown here does not mean we do not appreciate it exactly and the competition is still going i did read

This already so do you want to like read off you read sun right you read moon and you read eclipse yes i don’t understand you’re not supposed to do that it’s against your programming you think you’re the only one who can pretend what they will return buddy you’ve fallen because i’m not son

Take a closer look at me what are you talking about moon you think i’d risk sun’s life we changed our mental bodies to trick you you betcha i played moon the whole time while he beats you of course we had some help from outside golden made sure we did it right so you

Can defeat me as i said before it’s the perfect place for you to wallow i made this little mindscape to birth you at least for a while to keep my brother away from you for now you’re separated and you’re only roommate is solitude enjoy your prison

No you can’t leave me behind again we’re the same i’m part of both of you i’ll leave you behind whenever i want and if i ever catch you trying to hurt my brother again moon easy he doesn’t deserve attention right now you know what son you’re right

Come on let’s go home should we worry about him if he knows what’s good for him then no you can’t do this come back i’ll escape and you know that hey so how do you feel in my body well i understand why you like the hat so much

It’s kind of comfy can i keep it excuse me just kidding just kidding in a sense it’s basically your helmet it keeps you away from ball destiny i will slap you so hard you’re not gonna hurt uh a crim over here for making the ball joke will you no i’ll hit you wha

What what did i do would you rather i hit the fan don’t make me answer that question then get over here thank you guys for watching the video we have the competition still going just a few examples of what’s to come if you want to participate we have a channel on

Our discord which by the way is a link down below which you can go there and submit your own comics but anyways i’m going to get slapped with my brother now and thank you guys for watching please subscribe to the channel whatnot blah blah blah blah and make sure to like and

Subscribe everybody we’ll see you all next time on the sun and moon show bye-bye get over here

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