Switzerland Tour | Kamiya Jani’s 5-Day Itinerary | Curly Tales

Switzerland Tour | Kamiya Jani's 5-Day Itinerary | Curly Tales

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This time it’s a european country switzerland well now that i’ve arrived into zurich i need to figure out what places to go to and what experiences to opt for right wrong well i did all of that back home in india on this amazing app called cloak which includes my airport

Transfers as well and michael is here to pick me up Okay so that’s the hotel in zurich will be staying here One of the first things that i ever do once i reach my destination and check into my hotel is just walk around the streets and explore the neighborhood it gives you a good understanding of how the locals live here and what the neighborhood has to offer but i won’t

Have to do that for too long because i’ve just booked myself the best of zurich city half day tour that includes a ferry ride and also a cable car rack easy and simple right on my phone let’s go so this is the olden part of zurich and you look at the architecture around

Here This morning i’m headed to the top of europe which is jungfrau the best ways to travel in and around switzerland be the internal connections the intercity or even the local is to get yourself a swiss travel pass that lets you unlimited travels through the trams trains buses or even boats that are

Aligned with the swiss travel system it may be a bit difficult to figure things out once you’re already here but if you buy the swiss travel pass on cloak app it becomes very convenient you have the ticket right on your phone which you can flash every time you have checked Well in switzerland no matter where you look you will always have a gorgeous view around you and right behind me is another picture-perfect season Between two lakes and it’s a beautiful city it’s a swiss national day it’s a public holiday here the streets are all decorated and there’s a nice lively white to it explosive from zurich to umrah it takes about close to two and a half to three hours

You get to get your wall by bus from here you take a train Well there’s a bit of a process to get to the top of europe you’ve got to change the train a couple of times but trust me the journey in itself is so beautiful i’m sure the destination is even better I see air sweeping over your face snow crunching under foot and a view that almost takes your breath away i am on the top of europe welcome to switzerland [Applause] so this is 11 000 feet above the sea level in switzerland it’s called the top of europe and as you can see it’s a very popular tourist destination not only has beautiful views to offer but also amazing activities and we are now headed for the alpine sensation

Followed by ice palace we have lots of things to see here so this is the ice palace and everything here is the pond oh my gosh my hands are getting wet See so many indian tourists coming in that they also have an indian restaurant here at the top of europe which is called everything was open wide I’ve got my booking in place i just need to flash my phone and in fact in all our business Well as you saw they didn’t even check my phone they already had all my details so no hassle of paying here or looking for a seat i’m already booked on and let’s go and explore fountains So we need to take the cable car guys to get to the top of the mountain Well so this is the cable car that takes you to the top of mount titles and white is smooth in a swift ride and check out that gorgeous view Mountains of switzerland are alive with the sound of bollywood this is mountain list where over more than 200 bollywood films have been shot now i knew bollywood loves switzerland but i didn’t know switzerland also loves bollywood check this out we are now headed to ice flyer This is the ice flyer it’s too foggy and hazy that’s right the view is not very clear with the experience in itself flying through the mountains I’m on my way to the sun and i realized that you know instead of buying tickets individually for per city this travel pass entitles you to have unlimited [Applause] So finally made it to lucerne which is a compact city in switzerland known for its medieval architecture and there’s a beautiful lake right in the middle of the city let’s explore And one of the best ways to explore the city of lucerne is to take an hour long river cruise ride it’s absolutely fantastic check it out your face okay so this morning i’m headed for mount pilatus excursion from the sun which has world’s steepest cogwheel train i’ve got my bookings on cloak and

It clearly states the directions of how to get there it was now headed towards the cable car right to get to Longest mountain slide quite excited for it Cameras are not allowed at the mountain coaster but i have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life i couldn’t record it in a way it’s a good thing because i could enjoy the experience in all custody Well after that rather enjoyable journey i’m finally at the top of mount pilatus which is at the height of 7000 feet from the ceiling Well next up is the world’s steepest pog wheel train and as you can see that’s what i’m going to take next and i’m so excited because this holds a record of being the world’s steepest railway it’s right here in switzerland and mountain artists nearly And with that a wonderful trip to switzerland comes to an end i’m now heading to paris to tell you more travel tales on curly tails remember to like share subscribe and follow us until then it’s me kamiya jani signing off You

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