The Big Bang Theory – Life with Comic Books #4

The Big Bang Theory - Life with Comic Books #4

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And the award for best group costume goes to Justice League of America [Applause] [Applause] don’t believe it I’m gonna meet Stanley [Applause] I’m sad to say I taught him those moves to the comic book store you’re probably thinking the comic book store on a Thursday well I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and into a land of this is anything can happen Thursday I’m not

Leaving until you talk to me what’s going on it’s a little hard to explain he does this thing where he pretends he’s in an alternate dimension that occupies the same physical space we’re in but he can’t perceive us don’t flatter yourself I’m just ignoring you hardly think so the real Caped

Crusader calls his crime-fighting cohorts when he’s running late I had to walk I couldn’t get Raj on the back of my scooter [Laughter] Hey look amazing spider-man 183 got it remember this one spider-man loses a big fight and when his girlfriend breaks up with him want me to get it for you it’ll

Help take your mind off things what about this one for my nephew Oh superb choice that’s great you provided he has already read Infinite Crisis and 52 and is familiar with the re-establishment of the DC multiverse what’s a multiverse get her out of here

You have no idea who he is do you of course I do you are an important part of my life and I pay attention to the things you are interested in his family he was on Star Trek nope Star Wars no Stanley Oh using those goofy kung-fu movies you love so much

That’s Bruce Lee so is this Bruce Lee’s nerdy brother Stan guy it’s a bird it’s a plane I forget the rest I’m sorry in what universe is Wonder Woman blonde relax no one’s gonna be looking at her hair I mean oh okay put down the box let’s talk sorry

Raj my mind is made up no I can’t let you do this Sheldon get out of my way none shall pass okay I did not want to do this but I have here the rare mint condition production error Star Trek The Next Generation Geordi LaForge without his

Visor in the original packaging if you do not get out of my way I will open it okay man be cool we’re all friends here it’s something that’s right she’s with us guys like that just so pathetic tell me about it Sheena Sachi Cormac it’s actually Archie versus Predator how

Could Archie defeat Predator I don’t know maybe jugheads at dominate Oh poster of Halle Berry’s a little unnerving don’t look at it she’s like my fourth favorite Catwoman no kidding yeah Julie Newmar Michelle Pfeiffer Eartha Kitt and then her what about Lee Meriwether oh I forgot about Lee Meriwether I’m glad that’s settled

That makes how I bury my fifth favorite Catwoman is Julie Newmar Michelle Pfeiffer Eartha Kitt Lee Meriwether please I’m begging you go to sleep I’m trying I’m counting Catwomen let it go Sheldon why should I let it go I saw it firm yes but I saw it from the

Front with a far less impressive fee I need this for my Batman collection I need it for my Robin collection rock-paper-scissors- lizard-spock why would i gamble it’s mine like you would like yes he won’t let go of my comments in my comment but Leonard we need a ruling cut it in half

Obviously we’re no longer a Justice League we have no choice but to switch to our Muppet baby costumes whoo I can’t commit I’m Kermit your scooter oh man scooter sucks it’s the Aquaman of the Muppet Babies what a cute little store everybody was staring at me oh this is Zach he’s a

Friend of ours Zack this is Stuart he owns the store Wow lucky you yeah I work 70 hours a week an average of dollar 65 an hour sweet is that sarcasm no it’s an indictment of the American education system I have a question about Batman Batman is a man who dresses up

Like a bat man bat is a part man part bat hybrid now if man bat dressed up as a man to fight crime would he be man Batman no but wouldn’t man Batman just be a Batman that was bitten by a radioactive man but Batman

Is a man you’re talking about a man who would have the powers of a man that’s just man man he’s it man man just man but what if man man dressed as a bat well that’s just Batman no if a man dresses as a bat that’s Batman but if

Man man dresses as a bat that’s Batman man so does that answer your question well I haven’t asked it yet

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