the chain of memories experience

the chain of memories experience

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Hey fellas should we shut the door behind us before we go Sora that’s it who are you in this place to find is to find and to lose is to lose that is the way in castle oblivion castle Lydian What you do I merely sampled your memories and from them I made this to reunite with those you hold dear what’s this a card I should think it’s obvious proceed Sora to claim anew and claim anew or to lose only to lose would you like me to give you a hint Sora

Do you meet it I’m gonna figure it out for myself if you’re in my way I’ll shower Is she here yes she is you see the bad guys are holding her captive somewhere deep inside the castle and you obviously are the hero so you have to go save her although You’re not as bad as I thought you really are a hero a heartless hero who asked you Oh does it hurt because it’s the truth you are just a baby and if you’re gonna be a baby then here you go I created another card from your

Memories you know be a good boy and say thanks wait lock scene yeah yeah where are you don’t you dare hide from me show yourself Shaaka you can’t escape me I’ll chase you to the ends of the earth Hey Riku I think I’ll jog your memory go ahead and try Riku So what’s going on Vexin yo Riku was supposed to counter Sora what’s he waiting for where is he he’s hiding somewhere to lure Sora deeper into the castle right I suppose we should just leave it at that you know aha I see now I would have never guessed that so sorry

Vex in silence predictable response silence that’s enough Musa Vexin the simple fact is that your project was a failure you’d best not disappoint us again disappoint you you go too far in this organization you’re number 11 I’m number 4 and I will not have you I’ve been entrusted this castle and nómine by

Our leader defying me will be seen as treason against the organization traitors are eliminated I believe that’s what the rules say who needs a half-baked good for nothing anyway Vexen you cannot win against Sora pity to be so ignorant as you’re only able to see the surface of things I should not

Expect you to appreciate my Take this You’re wrong I don’t know this place if you remain bound by the chain of Memories and refuse to believe what is truly found inside your heart then throw it away you are not a keyblade master just a slave to twist it memories yes exactly like my reach your existence is

Worth nothing like your riku worth nothing that’s enough you’re the one who changed Riku every word you’ve said is a lie I’d never throw away my heart I’m gonna take you down and savoury to innominate that’s what’s in my heart To me nicely here you go you go If you continue to seek the girl nominee the shackles will tighten you’ll lose your heart and end up becoming marluxia spawn marluxia what does nomine I have to do with axel yo Sora did I catch you at a bad time Why I came to stop you from talking too much by eliminating your existence no don’t do it We are just nobodies who have no one to be yet we still are but now you can be nothing instead of just being a nobody you’re off the hook no please don’t I don’t want to be back What are you what are you people and why was five watts power at work let’s just keep moving okay it doesn’t matter that’s my line Cantara world god bless la mamma roll do you think I like swabbing urethras Wow what no they’re all bad but I swab them all the

Same because it’s my job which is actually really really important unlike your job which could be done by a Roomba Nómine it isn’t you the person most special to me it’s not you right no the girl you really care about the one who was always with you it’s not me it’s her if she’s so special to me then why can’t I remember because I went into your memories let me explain

This plain and simple your memory is a train you’re not the one who’s meant to protect nominated it’s supposed to be me but you and your messed up memories are always in the way source 12 seconds later breathe Riku want some more riku looks like I win rikku stop you are through don’t huh it’s a little late for the witch to grow a conscience last time I checked you’re the one who fooled around with his memories creating this mess they know but I should tell you that I’m

In an extremely foul mood thanks to you all our plans are ruined whatever if that’s the way you want it you’re going down alone [Applause] goofy you found me of course we did we were worried about you promised promise you won’t ever be alone it’s always been

The three of us and we stick together Okay have it your way more pain for you more fun for me No no I used to lose just such a bunch of losers I think containing no this is way imbeciles You wouldn’t knowingly shackle your heart with a chain of memories born of lies you would be one who has a heart yet cast aside your hearts freedom you turn from the truth because your heart is weak you will never defeat me Shall be judged so you are a hero Yeah Neal Discreet watch the screen Prepare prepare all right To the world without light yours are doomed to the darkness Didn’t watch your hardship watch [Applause] Beginning of the end take this your heart will be scattered Oh this this is You you

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