It’s the dawn of a new age for millennia mankind has tested their limits with fists and gloves in the wounds oldest sport fighting our world has been forged by the hammer of technological progress we chose to go to the ball we have always dreamed about what the future

Would hold and we have used technology to make those dreams come to life for decades we’ve imagined giant fighting machines built in power image that technology is finally here the age of giant fighting robot has arrived two teams a world apart are about to do battle it’s time for the giant robot duel

Welcome to the steel mill so we are inside this venue in Japan originally designed to pour steel and now we are here to break it hi again everybody I’m Mike Goldberg expect the unexpected what you will see today is the first of its kind my partner robotics expert

Sarna dari what will we see in these tools these are the largest heaviest combat robots on earth imagine being able to move around a car as if it was nothing the first giant robot in Japan kuratas the hip will duel against not one but two mega BOTS from Team USA and

For more on the strategies we check in with the third member of our broadcast team mari takahashi thanks Mike I’ll be connecting with both teams throughout the duel to get their strategy seeing how they’re feeling emotions are high down here and it is tense but there’s

Also a huge level of excitement I mean this is a culmination of years of dedication and hard work it is gonna be a dope battle we’ll see you soon I’ve been playing giant fighting robot games since I was a kid it’s been the dream since middle school like making that science

Fiction come to life I never thought it was possible but like here we are what a little bit means another the more no boku no koto arienaiwa chi you do not want them like at all so the not apsara cannot occur are cheap India tomorrow giant fighting robots have been a dream

For a whole generation of people really our goal was robot combat from the very beginning we built iron glory to fight a long range and stuff big guns on we really wanted our first fight to be huge so we went straight to the top and challenged Japan to a giant robot fight

Suidobashi we have a giant robot you have a giant robot you know it needs to happen we challenge you to a duel for the box cutter but I don’t know something man mmm aqui Nadia medical context of the graph Marshall won a yahoo car mechanic on display when they upped the ante to

Hand-to-hand combat we realized we actually needed an old new robot we saw this the American Way we built a heavier bigger more powerful and way louder machine to beat the snot out of the opposition that’s what we’re here to do that’s what everybody’s here to see

There’s a huge amount of people who want to see this happen and to give it to them in their lifetime is insane two years ago megabox challenge to debauchee to a giant robot duel featuring iron glory Suribachi accepted the challenge but on one condition he wanted to fight than to hand combat

So after years of research and development eagle climb was designed specifically to go hand to hand against karate judo bocce came back and said wait I still want a flat iron glory so we will feature not one but two dual suit of Ash’s kuratas we’ll fight twice tonight against two different beta

All right here’s how you win knock down your opponent disable their robot and if for any reason their pilot taps out you take the match let’s check back in with Mari who’s with Team megabyte now you guys are about to engage in the first ever giant robot duel how are you

Feeling a lot is led up to this moment we’re really happy to be here and I cannot wait to finally get these robots to start pummeling each other I’m really pumped nice now let’s talk about game plan what is your strategy going in shoot the big guns as quickly as

Possible that’s that’s the name of the game here these things are the paint cannonballs do a ton of damage I’m gonna stay light on the joysticks and just try to unload as quickly as possible nice now looking at the kuratas robot do you see a weakness in its build yeah I

Would say everything anything else you want to add I would just like to thank our fans have been following us for three years now and for the iron glory our sponsors Autodesk fusion 360 a 360 and for Parker Hannifin for bringing us out here good luck to you guys

Keep Cavalcante say that iron glory embraces a western style of fighting big guns brute force heavy steel and design for the highlight reel knockout I mean right just look at those cannon that right arm can shoot a three pound paint cannon ball at 130 miles per hour they have the

Shoot bass and ask questions later kuratas Japan’s first giant robot miRs the Eastern style of combat designed to take down a much larger opponent utilizing speed agility in hand-to-hand combat capabilities kuratas definitely has the advantage of speed and paired that with his half-ton fist and I

Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that punch all right let’s check back in with Mari who’s with Team Suribachi megabots Orochimaru that’s no joke they were submitted at the na nanika ecozy autonomous cars in conquer total are nothing but a new home or bottle cutter

Organizer so lose your net no you are Doki Doki smash go and I’ll go to the doggy texture to you anymore Conor wouldn’t do anything no Ted has him attack although I took a look at Augustus iconi megawatt solar chimney nuka-cola Perry Moscow Oh bubbling lost 30,000 of them over RC toe

Miracle Scottish the matter no pee color series the most famous it’s time for dual number one iron glory versus kuratas let’s meet the box our tale of attack higher glory 15 feet tall when standing we six tons powered by a 24 horsepower engine it’s loaded with cannon ammunition and a

Missile launcher kuratas weighed four tons initially it’s been upgraded to six and a half tons most significantly the addition of a half-ton punching arm powered by an 87 horsepower engine it reaches a top speed of 18 miles per hour and now we go down to the battlefield on one side

Team USA megabots incorporated with iron glory on the other side we have team Japan suta watching heavy industry with kuratas we are set for this historic first ever battle between two giant fighting robot science-fiction comes to life karate ironport care we’ve go it looks like iron glory is standing up

While kuratas proceeds forward relentlessly he wants to close the distance as quickly as possible look at that left arm come on they’re looking for the highlight reel knocked out Quran is utilizing his speed advantage and it’s solar jobs like that here comes the megawatts crew let’s hope Madden gear

Okay he is out of the cockpit this was a stunning defeat 14 megabytes Matt seems to be fine as well That’s sir let’s go down to Mari she’s caught up with Sudha bar she not gonna hightail it okey creepers cuckoo God is the conscious master yoga now green dot Omega not sick you are you could reminisce topics economist car or conquer I’m buying up the brokerage or yoga Thomas online content out

Entitlements you know Cara – tomorrow I’m faxing what you’re taught ya night that yeah okay my stomach oh no butter though condos for sale I gather don’t let the go site let’s check out the dual one replay it looks like iron glories cannonball actually broke in the barrel

It had no effect on kuratas now is trying to aim to gun simultaneously looks like he couldn’t line up the missile launcher in time whether or not that cannonball hit kuratas was just coming in way too fast and given how much momentum caranas had that punch was destined to knock iron

Glory down all right back to Mari who’s with Team megabox you guys that was insane are you physically okay right now the fall was pretty pretty tough as soon as I saw the robot coming in and felt felt it going over I grabbed my grab my

Helmet and tried to brace myself it was over pretty fast that battle is not how you thought it was gonna go how are you feeling about your defeat I mean they got in close did we do is gonna do you you’ve got you go prime coming in now it

Was built for this exact battle how do you think your strategy’s gonna change we have the weight advantage for the next robot I’m hoping the next battle goes better good luck to you guys back to you Mike so it’s one-nothing Japan Kurata Sun and Team sudo Bashi sorrow remember we talked earlier about

How kuratas was specifically designed to break down or take out iron glory and it’s no surprise they utilize their speed advantage and a very precise attack but now it’s prime time time for Eagle Prime and this mega bot is certainly built for metal the metal

Combat I mean it has so many upgrades it can fire six times the cannonballs it has modular weapons and software upgrades right tell me about these software upgrades and what we can expect to see if you think about it like robot Anatomy iron glory had to manually control every

Muscle so one two three it’s a little bit slow right Eagle Prime however can actually have coordinated Jois movements and they have eight pre-programmed moves so all matt has to do is push a button and it will do an uppercut the Americans team megabots looking to

Even the score and we’ve got the best seat in the house it’s time for tool number two equal crime versus kuratas our tale of the tap and we focus solely on Eagle crime 16 foot tall when standard weighs 12 tons places heavy as iron glory and you want to talk about an

Upgrade it’s 18 times more powerful from 24 to 430 horsepower and don’t forget its bottom heavy 60% of its weight is in its base kuratas eagle pride here we go and there’s the horn karate spoke again taking cover behind that wall of barrels Eagle prime gets

Off the first shot but it looks like it breaks up inside the barrel the second shot is effective exposing kuratas to another attack Eagle prime crashes the barrels I bet you they can’t even feel that that robot is 12 tons and there’s a third shot how about this kuratas

Launches a drone they’ve spotted it they’re gonna try to knock it out and they make contact with it look at that smoke is pouring out of the drone a huge great hook on the top vehicle there and it comes crashing down Team megabots is really taking advantage of the 430

Horsepower that they have that allows Matt and G to really control the arena with that arm Eagle pride kuratas engage in close combat a big body shop by kuratas keep in mind that steel fist is 600 pounds and another body shot try this looking to do damage Eagle primed counters with the cloth

While firing a big shot that connect and another equal product targeting the midsection of carotid Oh check this out Eagle Prime using that cannon as a battering ram targeting the area on kuratas that has a lot of sensitive electronics Eagle Prime continuing to do damage with that cannon these armored panels are

Being torn off of carotid wait a second the robots now appear to be stuck so kuratas and Eagle prime are basically stuck in fighting terms they’re stuck in the clinch right it looks like they hit the e stop which immediately shut down both robots so now it’s time to reset

Retool and continue the duel all right let’s check back in with Mari who’s with Kurata son don’t worry my style your quickie must stop so come on our daughters I love Ritter Estonia took with it the kick or so to begin our our request was clear

Don’t mess again I say let’s take a look at the duel to replay after a cannon malfunction equal pride gets off a beautiful shot you can see Kuroda’s armor took a hell of a beating from the opening shot kuratas counters with the distraction technique utilizing a drone

But that doesn’t stop Eagle Prime from delivering a massive blow to the tower of cars leaving a trail of destruction in the arena Kuratas moved in and delivered a punch of its own slamming into that front grille of Eagle Prime as the two robots squared off point-blank equal prime using the Canon anyway a can to get an advantage but these robots are locked together and had to be reset

Let’s check back in with Mari who’s with team mega box that is how it’s done you grab them you beep yeah you guys had some crazy punches I for all of us who don’t get to be in that what is it what is that like yeah it’s pretty incredible

You’re getting rocked around it’s a little bit scary as you’re kind of anticipating am I gonna fall over if I grab them or if I push too hard so there’s a lot to think about kind of how you’re landing those tacks only live vicariously through you guys now what

Did you think of karate as a secret weapon when I saw it launched I just remember yelling at ghee saying there’s a drone there’s a drone and I really wasn’t prepared to see things coming from the sky but my first reaction was just like get the claw try to swat it

Looks like I hit it but it ended up on the cockpit anyways no I see there’s a weapon swap going on what can we expect from Team megabytes so I think we realized that once we get in close the cannon isn’t that effective I was trying

To use it as a battering ram after we were kind of entangled there but I think we need to focus on something that can deal a little more damage up close hey it’s time for some like good old-fashioned American melee I think that’s where this is going there you go

Very excited to see you guys good luck thank you both robots are now reset and ready Eagle Prime karate here we go karate getting into position turning slightly and Eagle Prime takes the lead here knocking over barrels with that powerful chainsaw that’s a four foot forty horsepower chainsaw and it was

Originally designed to cut through rock we’ll see how kuratas attempts to deal with this attack those six barrels can fire up to 2,000 rounds per minute that could easily take out Eagle Crimes cameras Wow equal prime his grab the fighting truck it’s all coming down poles kuratas keeps unloading on Eagle prime

Relentlessly my god what oh that’s awesome hence our that truss gets tossed to the side Eagle prime approaches garages and now it appears a shoving match is taking place that chainsaw is now activated Taking it down systematically man you’re coming out right now what are you worried about your dental products expert that’s why I’m scared nothing what are you talking about candy get the finish right here Wow not here I have never seen anything like this the chainsaw still eating away at kuratas is shortened And we have a winner cheap megabytes Eagle cry that’s how it’s done baby [Applause] you know it’s really amazing the turn of events that has happened here kuratas came out so strong in that first bite toppling iron glory almost immediately but then the momentum shifted to teen megabytes Eagle Prime went on the

Aggressive utilized that chainsaw for an outstanding finish here comes karate sign showing great sportsmanship smiles all around a true class act history has been made To war the opponents in the first-ever giant robot duel USA versus Japan team megabots how are you feeling pretty good pretty good obviously things went pretty well for us there we’ve got an awesome team I wanted to thank everybody who helped put this together it’s crazy it was this amazing experience both fights

I think we’re just on this world it’s what we’ve been waiting for this is it [Laughter] what does the future hold I think it’s time to make this a sports league I think it’s time to get some rules some weight classes bring this show on the

Road let’s do it good fight worth it thank you thank you back to you Mike so when it is all said and done eagle tribe wins the goal at this first-ever giant robot fight first Sara Naderi at mari takahashi this is Mike Goldberg saying so long from the steel mill in Japan You you

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