the infamous fanfic that changed AO3 forever

the infamous fanfic that changed AO3 forever

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Peer pressure good lord no gear solid hat laughter during charles neutron Why hello today we will be diving into a recent piece of fanfiction history and when i say recent i mean that this whole debacle unfolded within the last couple of years the sanfic in question we’ll be exploring sparked sheer pandemonium across over 70 different fandoms it is the reason why popular fanfiction site

A03 had to instate a 75 tags per story policy on all future works because the sheer volume of tags this one fanfic used essentially broke the website it’s essentially been meme to hell him back at this point and simply mentioning the title of his fick is enough to give many

An ao3 reader war flashbacks or at the very least a headache buckle up everybody we’re talking about the infamous fan fiction sexy times with wangxian everything i mentioned in this video is public knowledge and i’ll go ahead and link some sources references in the description if you’re interested

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Sexy times with wong so first and foremost this fanfic game notoriety not for the actual content or quality of the fake a la maya mortal with its spelling grammar unforgettable quotes and general buffooners no sexy times with wangxian or stww became as well known as it is

Because of the number of tags it used tags in the fan fiction world like tags on basically every other website help the reader search through and filter for content they want to read and want to avoid for instance if i wanted to search for coffee shop aus with my favorite

Pairing then i could use the tags to search for stories and eliminate other works that don’t meet the criteria of being a coffee shop at you with my favorite pairing and if there was something in particular that squicked me out like hand-holding i know how perverse i could

Exclude all the stories that have hand-holding tags it’s not a perfect system of course for instance a lot of readers complain that they’ll be searching for one ship and then they’ll find stories with that ship tagged but that ship is only like a side pairing the story doesn’t revolve around them

But in the grand scheme of the fan fiction world it’s still a far cry better than back in the day when you were severely limited on what you could categorize or attack in your fix if you could tag it all on average your typical ao3 fanfic will use 17 tags if that in

Fact using 11 tags is the most common number so per story 17 tags is the average with 11 being the most common okay so now armed with that knowledge guess the number of tags sexy times with wang xian had at its peak take a guess any guess go with what your

Heart says got that number in your head okay 44. i’m a dream But why a quick background for the fanfic itself sexy times with wang xian was first posted in 2019 in the moldau sure mdzs slash the untamed fandom mdcs is a popular chinese voice love novel that was adapted later into an animated show live action drama the untamed audio

Drama comic there’s a video game basically every adaptation you could get under the sun very very popular in asia and while the fan base isn’t as big in the west it’s still nothing to sneeze at with over fifty thousand fanfics and counting on ao3 alone huangxian is the

Main canon couple of mdzs langmanji and huevos the fanfic started out as your typical post canon jaunt into the romantic lives of the titular couple it was a collection of one shots a sort of naughty slice of life anthology pretty damn naughty this is sexy times with wong xian before the madness started

It’s honestly pretty mind-blowing how normal it looks like oh yeah just another fake on ao3 right but then things started to get funky the author began tagging more and more stuff with each new chapter as the fick expanded and it eventually grew to be the longest

Fanfic in the mdzs fandom on ao3 with over 1 million words and over 200 chapters for context that’s over double the original novel’s length and is approximately the same length as the entire harry potter series and that’s not out of the blue there are plenty of

Fanfics out there that are well over a million words but the thing is it’s normal to add more tags to a work as you’re updating it because it’s new content and you want to make sure people can either find it or avoid it but tags for this fix started including stuff

Like washing machine cats pizza hope and chairs again the average number of tags perfect is 17 which will include stuff like whatever pairings are involved genres tropes any content warnings and another thing to keep in mind is that whenever a tag is added to a fick that

Fick will appear in that tag search first so you get a constant stream of new works in that tag as stories are updated and if a fanfic is constantly updating with new chapters then that fake is going to keep popping up in that tag this is all happening per tag by the

Way and when you peep that wall of tags you can imagine how widespread this fig was able to reach in its heyday what’s even better is that this fake was marked as complete although the author kept it as a work in progress and was continuously adding chapters to it which

Meant that both people who were searching only for complete stories and people who were searching for newly updated stories were getting screwed over since every time the author updated the fanfic sexy times with wong shin would be put at the top of people’s searches regardless of how you filtered

For completion status how about we take a quick break and play with the lovely generator that will spit out some random sexy times with wang sand tags for you conspiracy past character death raptors and step siblings hang on i could maybe do something with this older man younger woman singer

What are you doing here bikian no gear solid hat laughter during sex charles neutral goat farm what is loki doing here touchy feely dobby is a little and yoga oh no another popular game people came up with is zooming into the wall of tags and seeing what you get apparently

That’s how you’ll die god okay how are we dying um childhood memories sounds about right chest hair brothels damn what a way to go out and ritual public sex well hang on peer pressure good lord and now a moment to appreciate my personal favorite tags Besides these additional tags practically every character and ship from mdzs was also tagged imagine searching for your favorite rare pair when suddenly bam even ships and characters outside of mdzs were tagged again just imagine searching for victor and yuri fanfiction from yuri on ice and then bam as you could probably guess

Readers were not happy about having to scroll through this fixed massive wall of tags every time they wanted to browse fanfiction it would take a good 10 to 30 seconds to scroll through and that’s not to mention how awful it was on mobile at best it would be causing some lagging

Issues and at worst it was even reported to be actually crashing people’s browsers for many ao3’s functionality was going down the drain because of this thing at this point you may be wondering what was the author doing or saying about all this was this all trolling or was it genuinely intentional well the

Gist of the author’s response was this is not my fault this is just the way i like to tag things blame ao3 for their buggy website and then they went on to say i’m technically following ao3’s rules i’m not doing anything wrong which i’ll be honest kind of feels like when a

Kid comes up to you with their finger to your face and is like i’m not touching you i’m not touching you however they weren’t wrong when they said they weren’t breaking any of ao3’s rules at the time 803 is very hands-off when handling fanfics and works essentially

Like a warehouse it’s simply a means to store fanfiction a library of swords it’s not a social media website and while there was a rule that a single tag couldn’t exceed 100 characters there wasn’t any limit for how many tags a single story could have so the author of

Stww simply went to town there was some debate as to if the fixed tags violated ao3’s policy on works threatening the integrity of the archive due to causing crashes for some ao3 visitors many people tried reporting this fan fix so many in fact that after a certain point

The maximum amount of reports had been reached and you could no longer report sexy times with wang sian 2803 wow okay that gives you a good image of how many people were pissed off at this phase so other creative methods had to be taken to avoid seeing this fick when

You were browsing and having it mess with your fan fiction search some suggested excluding the author’s name every time you search excluding by word count excluding specific tags like farting so you still could search for the bigger tags like angst and her comfort without issue people even

Created and shared skins using code to hide tags past a certain number and others simply posted stories on ao3 that were literally just instructions on how to hide sexy times with guanxian sexy times with wang xian ended up spawning several copycat fix that would also go overboard in the tags whether it was

Just for kicks and to troll people or to force ao3’s hand to either start enforcing tag limits or fix the site’s code somehow some authors just straight up posted their entire fanfic in the tags someone else actually went and put the great gatsby in the tag are you with

An old sport there also was a pushback parody fick of sexy times with guanxi called bland times with wong sian that used minimal tagging and was the brainchild of several different authors who were just fed up with sdw the meat of this fanfic is literally just the

Main couple asking each other if they’ve run out of paper towels it’s pretty hilarious the consensus for the quality of stww itself was mixed some readers actually liked the smut in it others called it juvenile others were horrified and disgusted at the content included most ao3 readers however were simply too

Pissed at the wall of tags to even glance at the writing let alone read it but then in a shocking turn of events sexy times with huang xien was hidden off of ao3 for a month in february 2021. the author got in trouble with ao3’s terms of service after they said they

Wish that all the people who were mad at them in the comments and bashing them would die of covet so yeah stww was suspended for a month pre-suspension the fanfic only had 16 fandoms tagged in approximately 2 300 total tags only i say but as the month’s

Countdown ticked on and stww returned in april the author came back swinging and decided to fight fire with fire passing the point of no return with tagging this twitter user actually made a graph to indicate where the normal tagging ended and where the spite tagging began as you

Can see with the sudden huge incline comments were wiped and disabled and the author said that they would not remove any of the tags or split the work up or mark it as incomplete on top of that the title of the fanfic kept changing and at

Some point it was just full of slurs yikes 74 fandoms ended up getting tagged in this fick for crossover reasons so it was no longer just the mdzs and dunmay sphere of the internet suffering no no this fick was being seen everywhere you could not escape sexy times with

Guanxian no matter what fandom you were in avengers star trek the witcher demon slayer boku no hero academia justin bieber even bts fortunately or unfortunately the gods intervened before army could give sexy times with guanxien a proper reckoning sexy times with wong xian or the fick formerly known as sexy

Times wang sian after all the title changes was officially deleted off of ao3 on may 31st 2021 for as of now unknown reasons the fanfic was moved to the author’s private dream with account which is locked so the public can’t see it anymore alas after all of this transpired the fanfic reached pan

Phantom notoriety thanks to all the fandoms tagged involved and subjected to sexy times with guanxi there’s been articles written about it the legacy lives on with people still making memes about it sexy times with guanxian actually made it to facebook y’all good lord many mdz fans just wanted to die in

The past because that’s a lot of people’s first impression of the mdzs fandom oh yeah the fandom with that super annoying almost awe-inspiring fanfic with the great wall of tags the mdzs fandom is just sullied by this landmark fake and it’s also a lot of people’s first impression of wong xian which

Makes me sad honestly as someone who has recently joined the mdzs fandom but was aware of the drama surrounding the fig while it was still in ao3 i don’t know whether to laugh or cry wait wrong novel regardless it’s certainly a spectacle to look back on

And i can only hope that more ficks that break ao3’s functionality don’t occur in the future if a03 goes down it’s over for me for all of you who stuck around till the end thank you so much for watching i really appreciate it i love to make famous and infamous fan fiction

A series so if you’re interested or have any fix in mind for me to cover then let me know i’ve already read the entirety of heat waves on camera i read the entirety of my immortal as well i did read in another life i just haven’t gotten around to editing it yet but

There’s so much famous fan fiction out there that i can’t wait to dig into so yeah look forward to it thanks again for watching guys and i’ll see you in my next video bye You

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