The man who’s designed over 700 board games: Meet Reiner Knizia

The man who’s designed over 700 board games: Meet Reiner Knizia

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I have designed more than 700 support games I developed card games dice games children’s games and even the very very deep three to four hour games Hi my name is Reina kenitzia I’m a board game designer I have played games and loved games as long as I can think when I was eight or nine years old I created my first games just to experience new themes new challenges which I couldn’t get on the market foreign

A lot of things initially start in my mind I close my eyes I picture myself in the situation of playing the game already and then I will fine tune it in my head until I feel really excited of course brainchilds do not always work So eventually we will make a prototype and then the lifeblood of game design is

Really to play test foreign I have a group of very experienced players who will put the finger into the wound Whenever there is a weakness in the game and that’s important play test is usually the moment of truth in my head things work well sometimes

They work well on the table as well and then it’s a lot of testing and a lot of reviewing until if you’re lucky we get the final perfect game foreign finding new ideas because if you open your eyes games reflect our life and so you see game ideas wherever you look at

Least if you are concentrated on games for me it’s more the curse of the ideas because the idea is only the starting point the fun part and then comes the long concentrated and sometimes hard work to really create a perfect product out of this initial idea yeah

It is very hard to predict if a game will really be successful you get disappointments and you get positive surprises of course if I do a game about a big movie license the expectations are much bigger but surprises can happen and these are the enjoyments which you cannot predict but you certainly are

Willing to take and to enjoy for me it doesn’t matter if I have a printed board or If eventually I will roll out a digital board where I upload the board the important thing is I sit around the table with other people I seen their eyes we have fun together and

This will not be replaced digitally unless all our brains will be in bottles and then it doesn’t matter anymore so I am very positive that we actually get new and richer experiences through the digital world in our physical game The fascinating point about board games is that we can come together as equals it doesn’t matter if you’re young if you’re old what skin color we have what religion we have we are all equal around the table we have all the same chances we have all the same opportunities my

Experience is that the games really open the door to other people create many friendships across all the bridges which the world throws at us

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