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The Queue Tech Savvy Agent TV

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What’s going on guys it’s chris tech savvy agent and welcome to the q what is the Q so what we’re going to do is every week I’m going all over the country I’m going all these cool conferences and I’m really gaining a lot of information that

I want to share with you guys but it does get a little bit challenging to just pump out the content daily so what I’ve decided to do is kind of like in netflix you know you’re putting things into the queue to watch at a later date

We’re going to try that here with a weekly web episode of the q where i’ll catch you guys up on everything go through everything i learned share some of the best practices and then of course if you guys have ideas to submit to the q you guys can do that on facebook or

Twitter all the places that i’m hanging out so without further ado our first episode of the queue here we go so in the queue this week so what are we going to cover number one inman connect i was in new york city i got to spend you know

Four or five days there and i had a lot of great takeaway so i wanted to share some of that with you guys number two there you’re seeing real estate porn by curbed calm and it was one of the breakout sessions at inman and i really

Took a lot away from it so i thought i’d share some of the ideas that were in that class with you guys number three their brand matters more than ever i got a chance to meet a group called the corcoran group specifically their marketing director matthew and i’m back

Sold on the fact that the brand matters a lot of times the big companies the big brands the agents often need to create their own kind of hyper local brand and corcoran has done that beautifully stick calm this is a social media recommendation and referral service catered towards professionals so real

Estate mortgage etc and it got a lot of buzz at inman so i thought i’d cover that for you guys social bios awesome new service leveraging the social graph and then gift an app which is just a really cool idea for you guys so let’s get

To it that’s the lineup number one Inman connect and that’s Brad Inman on the screen you guys I mean just an absolute charming and engaging in just a passionate guy great speaker really was able to put things in perspective with the industry amazing production value

You can see in the bottom right what I put is this is a b2b must be so a lot of agents follow us but also a lot of tech companies follow us if you want to be relevant and known in the industry of real estate and you’re a tech company

You need to be a 10 min connect it really is that powerful of a networking event now the other option would be if you’re an agent and you’re looking to go to a great conference where you’re just going to be ridiculously and head of the curve like insanely ahead of the curve

Then nman connects another great place to be three of the companies that I’m not going to cover in depth but were represented Mashable patch and scavenger take a look at what those sites are doing you guys awesome stuff patches like this cool little hyper local blog only in small cities scavengers location

Kind of like Foursquare but they’re doing stuff with real estate and then Mashable just a great place to get news on social media so nman connect and I wanted to share a couple pictures with you guys just you kind of feel like you were there top left that’s just kind of

The main stage before we got going in the middle at the top there we actually got to go to a really cool party with Google so Google did a VIP party which was a great time and now the guy that worked for Google took a picture with me

Manhattan which is the location i mean look at that picture that’s actually from the patio at the google party just looking at the skyline you can see some of the snow on the table bottom left my man dale Chumlee and Heather Elias both on Twitter both good people great agents

They were there for some classes good to see them in the bottom in the middle my man Jim Gillespie who is the CEO of coldwell banker so that was pretty cool to get to spend some time with him and then on the bottom right you can kind of see

Another one of the stages and that was a great panel discussion max pigmen sarah from zillow hgtv and then also the leading real estate companies of the world so just a great time and thought I’d share some of the stuff that I picked up there with you

Guys and the whole theme is nman so curbed calm and real estate porn then you can see I got a chance to hang out with the founder of curved his name is Lockhart steel but what they’re doing you guys it makes way too much sense for

You guys not to be thinking about doing something kind of like what curbed is doing so let me show you what I mean by that we’re going to hop out and we’re going to hop right into the curbed website and I just want you guys to do

Two things for me here number one notice how they do their write-ups the these are absolutely short and sweet but where the porn part of it comes in is there covering just these beautiful properties so your servant can feed you grapes in this Beverly Hills bath that is real

Estate porn that is something that anybody in the country would want to watch so if you’re doing like newsletters or emails or you’re trying to come up with blog posts one thing you can learn from curbs here you guys keep it short and sweet but where this really

Got me thinking was okay i live in tampa or you know Dallas we’re not in Hollywood or New York like curved who cares people love this stuff you guys if you do a blog post about you know let’s say for example LeBron James’s new mansion in miami I don’t care where you

Live people would rather read that then read market reports and that’s just the reality guys so start embracing kind of this real estate porn celebrity real estate information high-end real estate information the goal is that people think of you when they think of real estate so I think we can make that

Happen writing about national stuff I thought that was pretty cool the other thing you guys should do I’ll try to zoom in here for you sign up for our newsletter you guys should all sign up for this so that you’ll get the emails from curbed so you

Can kind of get really good ideas for your site not stealing what they’re doing but just kind of being inspired by what they’re doing so curbed absolutely an awesome guy Lockhart and take away a little bit from that what you will but real estate porn is all the rage next

Brand matters and I got a chance to spend some time here with Matthew so if you look at the picture there from left to right he’s the third one with the glass is kind of facing us and he’s the marketing director for Corcoran which is just this absolute amazing brand in New

York City in Manhattan and you can see at the bottom if you can make it here you know you can make it anywhere kind of thing right so Corcoran what they’ve done is they’ve really just embraced a few platforms like facebook mobile and youtube and then a little bit of twitter

As well and they’re just running with it and if you look at that picture in the middle of the airplane that is virgin that is Virgin Airlines and when you step into an airplane like that and brian from thousand-watt consulting did an amazing presentation about this what

Did they really do differently not that much a little bit of a different lighting and a little bit of a different kind of look and feel but it makes the whole experience of riding on an airplane better and you feel like you bought the right ticket so take a little

Bit away from that and I want you guys to check out what Corcoran’s doing so I’m going to give Corcoran a great plug here think of them as the Virgin Airlines of the real estate industry because they’re doing some great things so make sure you guys check them out on

Facebook the Corcoran Group they’re big into mobile you guys they have an amazing mobile app for the android and the iphone and the other thing I would do is check out their YouTube channel so everything’s facebook com slash the corcoran group check them out on youtube see what they’re doing on

Twitter what are they doing with Foursquare because this is a group that gets it and they’re building a beautiful brand and selling a ton of real estate so that’s always a good thing to be doing as well so that would be a little tidbit on brand matters and I just think you guys

Should really be following and paying attention to corcoran so that you can emulate some of that back in your local market stick calm social matters and what this site is you guys is basically there’s all these peer review sites so incredible agents zillow has rankings now har s got reviews well stick is

Bought into the fact that people are going to get those recommendations on Facebook period they’re going to get the recommendations for people that they use in the future based off the social graph and based off of facebook so what’s really neat here I’m going to take you

Guys into stick really quickly we’ll go right into their website well first of all the thing that’s really neat is as seen on TechCrunch tech savvy agent inside Facebook so you know I really love that they put me right there but here’s what it is guys I want to find

Somebody that does real estate I’m going to hit search now you’ll notice it’s not asking me to login it’s just connecting with my facebook account and now a sudden it’s going through and it’s finding friends and friends of friends and everything else and it’s kind of comparing all those different

Connections that I have so you see searching your friends searching so what it’s going to do in a second is it’s going to return a list of results and it’s going to be all people that are in the real estate profession and this is really neat just watching this because I

Recognize most of these people but it’s returning all these people in the real estate profession and then it’s actually going to rank them here’s who you know the most of here are the people that are the most connected with you you guys see this so now it’s showing that man I have

It hundred and eighty nine friends in common with Ross charlie 17 friends in common you guys see how that works and then I can literally hit recommend or send a message right from this screen now the difference would be even though we’re on stick calm every button that

You hit over here is going to kind of I really status update that and it’s going to get that out to the social networks so if I were to hit check it would actually post that on facebook that I recommended that person so stick calm awesome service next slide social

BIOS you guys are going to love this one so social BIOS how does this work well basically somebody comes to your website they’re not a lead yet you don’t know you’re looking to figure out who the heck they are they can actually hit a button and they’re gonna see again kind

Of like stick who you guys know in common the difference with stick is that stick is they if you’re going to actively want people to actually recommend you it’s basically a database of reviews social BIOS watch how this works we’ll hop onto their site really quickly social BIOS calm and if i wanted

To click on example here it’s gonna pull this in immediately it’s showing me that Ernie Graham and I have all these things in common 20 different connections and again all these social buttons everything Ernie’s been tweeting so this is all data that I’m able to get before

I give any of my information away as a consumer and wow if I okay look who is Ernie following well he’s falling scoble Iser and he’s following sherry Chris Darren Persinger Spencer thousand-watt mark inmon moved trends well he seems to be following a lot of the people that I

Have respect for so that might cause me to want to reach out to him and contact him or maybe look at his listings further it also connects offices and companies so you can see there’s several people here Erin all these different employees are kind of in a tab and then

I can kind of see which one of the most connected with and that one just ordered it for me five connections three two and one so this social stuff you guys social BIOS and by the way they’re offering Friedan individual most of you guys are on your own that’s free and then if

You’re a company or organization that wants to try this they’re doing a 30 day free trial social BIOS calm so another cool thing with obviously social is a big deal gift and app and this will be the last thing this week you guys gifting a nap so what does

That mean well I ran into somebody named Renee Fishman so you see thank you to Renee there so I ran into Rene and we talked about apps which I’m always doing with people and there was an app that she recommended that was kind of like Dropbox yadda yadda yadda not the point

But what was so impressive is that when I got up the next morning I had an email in my iphone that said you’ve been gifted a nap and I never gotten that before I know a lot of you guys probably have it yet so what Renee did is when

She went home that night she went into the app store and she bought it for me and it let me know that she did that I’m telling you guys that felt good you guys I loved it so what I started thinking was could we leverage this like it’s

Kind of a marketing or kind of like a courtship when you’re looking to get a listing check this out you can go into itunes and this can all be done on the desktop or this could be done from your mobile but you can go into itunes and

You go to the app store and you can search just about anything so in this example i’m going to search cupcakes and just hit enter and it’s going to pull up any app with cupcakes so i ran into some lady at the store we chatted it up and

Just somehow something came up about cupcakes well i can go back now and I know she’s got an iPhone or an Android whatever it may be but in this case it’s iphone we’re talking about apps so I can go in and say you know what I want to

Buy this but I don’t want to buy it for me I actually want to gift this app so gift and you can do this in the mobile itunes as well and i’ll have to do now you guys is just put in her information so it’s from me it’s obviously to her

Her email etc send a personal message and now when she gets that she’s going to just be able to click once and that apps going to be added to her phone i’m sorry but that is super hot you guys please think about trying that and see

What the reaction is that you get from some of your call I enso gifting an app and and that’s it i hope you guys like this format i mean that was a lot of stuff edmond connect real estate porn stick calm social bios Corcoran Group gifting a nap just a

Rapid-fire here’s what’s going on in real estate right now thank you guys so much for tuning in and i’ll have another episode for you guys next week signing off for the q

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