The Single Strongest Monster Of All Time in D&D

The Single Strongest Monster Of All Time in D&D

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This is it the final entry to this series of videos where we talk about these strongest monsters in Dungeons & Dragons first we started with monsters ranging from CR 32 CR 39 a long collection of Lich’s main gist empowered by dailies and great dragons then on the

Next video we covered a series of powerful dragons finishing with two awesome CR 40 monsters and then lastly in our last episode we talked about two more dragons a CR 40 dragon and then the most powerful named monster in The Forgotten Realms dour go Thoth a CR 50

Dracolich all the monsters and powerful people that we covered so far have names they exist within the world of the Forgotten Realms and appear in either the games in the novels or explicitly mentioned in the lore there are however monsters that are as powerful or even more powerful than those that are not

Specific to the Forgotten Realms but do appear in the m.d. in general monsters that are either from other worlds or monsters that have not been specifically mentioned in the lore but that we have character sheets for I typically do not cover non Forgotten Realms content but it is very possible that these monsters

Do exist in the world it’s just that they haven’t been covered yet by any source what I’m trying to say here is that so far we have covered monsters that could appear in baldur’s gate 3 the monsters that I’m about to mention now probably won’t that’s basically the

Essence of it so with all that said let’s go ahead and end this series by working our way through the strongest monsters that have ever been mentioned in this tabletop game genius lawsy CR 30 colossal use the term genius lossy comes from classical Roman religion and it is

Supposed to refer to the spirit of a place the easiest way that I could explain it would be for excepted to say what if the concept of mother earth was real and the planet Earth was actually alive in the traditional sense well then that creature that mother earth would be

A genius lossy quote sometimes a section of landscape itself animates as a single in one can appear as a mountain an isolated Valley a small lake a deep cavern a single field a tiny moon or an entire plane and a quote essentially if a mountain gained sentience you would call

It a genius law see the creature does not truly have an intelligence of its own instead it can enslave a single creature that resides upon it and then use its intelligence and attributes like for example it can enslave a human that lives upon it and then speak through it

It is said that genius lawsy are spontaneously generated from areas that have remained undisturbed for long eras quote in time the personality of the place becomes not just a metaphor but also a fact and quote the seer of the creature comes from its ability to shift and move things on the environment it

Possesses in order to attack if the spirit is possessing a valley for example it can move the ground and the trees within it in order to attack it can open up holes on the ground or it can enslave monsters and creatures within it and then use them as warriors

Elder Titans see Arthur T specimens of absolute perfection they are the pinnacle of might ability mental acquittee and will their form is a mirror to glory the Titans were the first creation of the gods the result of unrestrained power given to something they stand over 80 feet tall or higher

And weigh over 400 thousand pounds each Titan is roughly humanoid but completely unique in their look and design they take characteristics of the environment that they reside in and are so incredibly cerebral and intelligent that they most often close themselves off to society in order to contemplate existence essentially the gods wanted to

Create something as beautiful as them the result of what if God were to use everything they had in order to create the best thing ever that’s what I tighten essentially is the lore says that when the Titans started making their own creations which are the Giants that gods

Grew angry for only they were allowed to create then the gods started to create as well and the Titans grew angry for their creations would have to compete with the creation of the gods a massive war arose between the two where thousands of Titans died and hundreds of

Gods perished eventually the gods won and the Titans were banished and scattered all across the multiverse elder Titans are the oldest of all of the Titans the first of the creations that still live immortal and lost in the cosmos the strongest of all of the elder

Titans is named Cronus but he is way higher CR so we’ll talk about him once we get their dream larva see r31 dream larva are the misbegotten offspring of deities of fancy longing and dreams the first time any entity sees a dream larva for the first time the dream larva takes

In the shape of the person’s worst nightmare this is not an illusion or a trick the dream larva literally takes in the form of that which you fear the most this site kills all the most strong-minded if you survive you will see the true form of the dream larva a

Large humanoid shaped thing composed of thousands of crawling larval worms it has horns a crudely fanged mouth for arms ending in claws and forearms tipped with pincers what makes this monster so strong is that even the most powerful of heroes or even ancient dragons can just instantly

Die upon seeing the dream larva for the first time and even those that do survive can get taken into a nightmare world by the dream larva that is equally as difficult to avoid on top of all of that the dream larva can summon up to five nightwalkers a day in order to aid

Him in combat and if you’re familiar with more than Cain and homos you would know that each night Walker is a CR 20 monster and this guy can easily summon up to five umbral blot CR 30 to medium construct the umbral blot is a sphere of absolute void that

Looks exactly like an overground sphere of annihilation except that this void of destruction has sentience high intelligence and has inhabit it– for destruction many times over it’ll actually attempt to fool a wizard to believe that it can control it like you would a sphere of annihilation only to

Which for the right time to betray the wizard and completely consume it this fear attacks by merely touching that which it seeks to destroy anything it touches is taken into the orb and completely disintegrating it living no remains the umbral blood may also powerfully attempt to suck in all of the

Air in a room in order to either sake an enemies that are far away or in an attempt to asphyxiate humanoids before the sink degrading them it is believed that these orbs of Darkness were created by the old ones as assassins or messengers but those old ones were

Probably murdered by the same very orbs iron Colossus CR 33 colossal construct this creature is essentially an iron golem except that its body is sculpt from a hundred and fifty thousand pounds of pure iron the Colossus is at least 80 feet tall and weights around 350,000 pounds an iron Colossus cost about a

Million gold pieces to create and can only be made by a level 35 spell caster or higher the creature is described as basically being able to instantly kill anything it punches or strikes just because of the sheer size and power but what makes this monster truly phenomenal

And worthy of this challenge rating is the fact that the iron Colossus is built in with an aura of anti-magic quote a colossus constantly generates an anti-magic field in a 100 foot radius the field is an invisible barrier that is impervious to most magical effects including spells spell like abilities and supernatural

Abilities likewise it prevents the functioning of any magic items or spells within its confines except for the Colossus s own supernatural abilities and the quote the aura is there mostly as an offensive measure rather than a defensive one since the iron Colossus is by itself immune to all magical and

Supernatural effects von andhad from stomping stander but I’ve actually been and iron Colossus but made out of an Amman teen both are Titanic constructs of 80 feet in height faith on CR 34 gargantuan elemental the faith vents are the progeny of fire gods and beside typically deep within the magma cores of

Planets they are enormous blots of sentient magma personified in a monstrous creature quote many worlds contain faith hands locked away at their heart unable to break the compulsion laid on them by higher powers the heat of the core of some worlds is sometimes altogether due to a supernatural faith

On or brood of faith ons trapped and raging for eons sometimes a faith on breaks is eternal Jia’s for a day or a season during which time it incinerates anything it can flow over and smother and the quote they attack by creating soda pots of magma from their bodies and smashing others

With it or when possible they simply absorb enemies into their bodies by simply moving on to them if absorbed by one of these creatures you take the same amount of damage has lava deals which in D&D 5th edition is about 26 points of damage plus half of that every turn you stay inside

Primal elementals CR 35 colossal elementals this is the epitome of what an elemental could ever achieve if given enough power or enough time so for example hypothetically speaking if the elemental Prince’s were to succeed in the request in the end you’re princes of the Apocalypse this

Might actually be the end result of a single elemental primordial taking the mean Yin over the land taking in hundreds of thousands of cultists who would bless them with their faith and absorbing as much magic as they could for example if it makes the eternal flame and the all-consuming fire the

Prince of evil fire were to burn all of the forests of the North conflagrations and feels and then consume hundreds of thousands of humans he might be able to attach all of those flames aren’t to himself making an even bigger fire elemental the reach of what could be

Achieved from doing that would be ACR 31 primal fire elemental six a call CR 36 a six a call is born from a God whose portfolio includes evil eyes and chaos these walking glaciers stand 100 feet or more high it’s holy ice like body is vaguely humanoid but always shrouded in

An ice storm that screams and howls around it the ice storm is called dire winter and it is a deadly permanent blizzard that spans 1,000 feet around the monster dealing 2d6 cold damage every single round to anyone instead of the radius unless otherwise protected everything freezes within the radius

That is either a non creature or that dies by the cold Blizzard quote pale dragons of purest white winged through the storm alighting on the shoulders of the Colossus with impunity those that can withstand the punishment of the storm are subject to a six it calls fearsome claws bite stomp and r and

Ability not to mention the one or more old wide dragons that usually accompany a sick segal wherever it goes glorying in the frigid calamity of its presence and quote in combat the sick sick all can summon up to five old white dragons all of its attacks produce a

Slow effect on the receiver like the slow third-level spell and the receiver also loses four points of constitution eminently whenever hit whenever Constitution score is drained in this way by an attack of the six I call the six occult heels for 20 points of damage and the axis becomes temporary hit

Points just completely broken devastation vermin range from CR 39 to CR 50 the devastation vermin are a collection of four creatures that are basically like the Tarasque except that they have stronger stats but less complexity there is the devastation centipede with a CRF 39 the devastation spider with a CR 41 the devastation

Scorpion with a CR 42 and the devastation beetle with a CR of 50 there really isn’t much to this creatures other than their basic stats and we only really get an official picture of the devastation beetle the stronger of them all there also isn’t really any lore for

Them all we’re told is quote the vast Asian vermin are mindless agents of destruction time forgotten remnants of an alternate multiverse that comes into sync with around only once every few thousand eons the vast Asian vermin are creatures that have slumbered beneath the surface of the earth for untold

Centuries hidden away and undisturbed often devastation vermin are awakened by the encroachment of civilization into their nests or the area above them when disturbed the station vermin erupt from the soil with ravenous appetites leaving swaths of destruction in their path as they feed and quote and that’s all we

Get it’s very unlikely that these monsters are in the Forgotten Realms so it is very unlikely that you will ever see them in any of the adventures or in any of the novels or in any of the videogames but there you have it we have a challenge rating for each of them and

We have character stats so enjoy and now finally we are at the end of things I have here access to two more monsters one with a CR of 56 and another one with a CR of 57 actually insane I do want to say though it’s not just possible but likely that I have

Some monsters out there obviously I’m not perfect the news and Dragons has been out for a long time and there are many books out there but as far as monsters with challenge ratings go these two are the highest that I have seen now this challenge rating range appears to

Be from what is written in this monsters to be roughly where gods actually are if I had to guess I would actually say a relatively powerful generic God would probably find itself roughly around the range of ACR 50 though it is also important to mention that many gods

Would probably be far lower than this since a challenge rating is a measure of how difficult a monster is to fight not necessarily a measure of the general power of that entity I’m saying this because a god of fertility it’s obviously not going to be a great

Fighter so if it had a challenge rating would probably not be too high it’s better the fact that it’s actual ability I say got a fertility in other things like fertility it would be far greater than most others now the two monsters that we are about to talk about our God

Killers entities that not just kill gods but kill them rather easily as in in a one-on-one fight between these monsters don’t bother percent and any God the monsters would actually win handily like you wouldn’t even be close in many cases it appears these monsters are actually so powerful that they can actually

Defeat multiple gods at the same time Cronus CR 56 gargantuan Titan Cronus was the Titan that sparked the battle between the gods and the Titans their first creation it was this very same battle that taught the gods that they should never ever create anything that would rival them in power ever again and

That’s why they would hunt to create weak mortals from then on like the humans and the elves the battle started when Cronus castrated and killed his own father Uranus in God of the Sun this ignited the Titans revolt and Cronus led the war for many centuries the law

States that Cronus failed more than 100 gods in personal combat it says that he basked in the fiery race of pay lures Horus flames knocked over highs mightiest blast of tree rending wind and fought 5,000 passes with her Onias in Hexter these are all gods from the world where

Saltmarshes said from the world of Grayhawk the only reason that Cronus was ever stopped from his rampage was by putting a bunch of gods together using their strongest spells in unison quote finally the deities bent their ear to quarter to mock the cunning cobalt god of traps who concocted one of the most

Brilliant snares ever conceived the gods ambushed Cronus and force while the dwarf gods drew his ire bow cup garl glitter gold olie Damara and we jazz well their most powerful enchantments melded flawlessly with potent illusions for langde levelled powerful translocation magic upon the titan as well Cronus was instantly transported to

A powerful prison that God’s prepared in car sorry there Cronus his mind vexed and eternal form weakened by powerful spells and illusory effects believes he still wages war against the gods for millennia he has battled in a dreamscape of the Gods collective design and Zoar

Sold for all time or so the gods hoped they believed eventually the Titan would tire of his war or better be slain in phantom combat instead Cronus has fought through the ages brutally slaying the gods one by one in his phantasmal prison the gods watch grimly as each of them

Fell to Cronus glaive and now their numbers dwindled if the titan slays every phantom god the potent magic befuddling his mind might crumble when it does Cronus rage at the gods trickery promises their doom he will shrug off the mighty shackles of course Ares greatest prison and regain his powers to

Menace the heavens the gods have seen their doom in their own illusionary trap and they fear they might not be able to stand against Cronus and quote Hecate on kairi’s CR 57 huge abomination quote hackathon Kairos are the oldest abominations born of proto deities early in the multiverses history at the

Beginning of time all things were possible the definition of form and function for living things was not yet set and in that time were born the hackathon Kairos the hundred handed once the hackathon Kairos our huge standing over 30 feet tall and like a living tree bulging with knobby balls they have 100

Arms and 50 heads words fail to describe the monstrosity of their forms or the brutality of their village they are always armed grasping great sores or boulders in each of their hands they wear magic half plate armor sometimes a hackathon Kairos is armed with one or

More magic weapons as well and the quote because of how powerful they were and because of their grotesque village they were outcasts and sealed away basically from the moment they were created the lore however states that because of their insane power and martial ability very often they would be released by

Gods in order to have them take down rival dailies it is said that each time they were released and all Pantheon fell quote few creatures can stand up to the hackathon kairi’s in combat not even the gods and quote the power of the creature is quite straightforward it can attack

Up to 100 times with his great swords as long as the creature it is fighting is at least size huge or bigger it can only attack a small creature up to ten times a medium creature up to fifteen times and a large creature up to twenty what makes this guy so particularly ferocious

As well is that it can actually summon another hackathon Kairos as an action but but typically it is loathe to do so since then it’ll be similarly obligated to answer the call from another in the future in Greek mythology the hackathon Kairos were born from you Raina’s and gaya but upon being born

Lorena’s realized that they were too powerful and so he essentially banished them it’s also interesting that according to Greek mythology in the end when Zeus needed to kill crona’s he actually used hackathon kairi’s for help ironically or likely purposefully in D&D the hackathon Kairos appears to be the

Only entity strong enough to be able to challenge Cronus in here as well so there you have it the strongest monsters in Dungeons and Dragons like I said before we don’t really have confirmation that these monsters exist within the Forgotten Realms world but they do exist

In D&D in general so even though we might not see these monsters per se in our games it does tell us that according to D&D a CR of 56 and 57 is powerful enough to easily kill basically any God and that tells us more or less the range

That gods would probably have in their power which I would imagine like I said before would be maybe in and around CR 50 that’s very interesting because from the sounds of it it means that the strongest monster in The Forgotten Realms Dargo Thoth is basically strong

Enough to be a god or at least to kill a few of them which is kind of cool oh actually yikes there’s two more monsters though quite frankly I was debating hard on whether I should even have these guys in much like the devastation vermin these two dragons

Feel kinda just off like they don’t belong like they’re just here for shock value or for godlike adventurers to fight rather than actual monster or monsters that exist in an ecosystem in a world I’m talking about of course the forest dragons and the prismatic dragons

Which I know that some of you have been mentioning on some of my older videos these dragons are so powerful that their babies could basically destroy anything that you could find in most fifth edition adventures a baby force dragon is CR thirteen and a baby prismatic dragon is CR 14 which is surreal

The adults well a great worm force dragon is CR 59 and a great worm prismatic drag is CR 66 the highest CR that I’ve actually ever seen now we have no actual confirmation that there exists a great worm version of any of these dragons in

The multiverse or in any of the main D&D worlds but if they existed that’s how powerful they could become if they reached that age category let’s go ahead and quickly cover each of them the size of the egg for a forest dragon is so huge that it is actually the size of a

House and the size of an adult first dragon is so big they actually needed to add a new classification for size into the game just to fit these guys in before we had small medium large giant and gargantuan gargantuan being just the highest that you could be and anything

Above giant would just fall into that category in third edition we had another one called colossal but just for this monster they had it colossal plus a baby force dragon emerges covered in glittering scales like tiny diamonds all around its body and as the creature grows older it

Starts learning to refract light and its skin continues to evolve in order for it to do so but the time that they reach adulthood they are surrounded by giant orbs of light that shimmer into a haze of colors in light and by the time they reach their final stage of great worm

They are simply just naturally invisible with light literally passing through them their breath weapon is a massive cone of force that tears through creatures and objects in its area two devastating effects they are immune to force damage obviously and they completely evade and pass through any

Type of force effect like the walls of force because of their ability to refract light they also have a permanent blur effect on them like the spell making them extremely difficult to detect and strike they appear to be able to get food from force energies in the

Air and from magic itself now for the persuading dragons the same applies to their size their babies are enormous and their adult are in comprehensive Liebig in many ways they actually behave like gall dragons that means that prismatic dragons are actually fairly benevolent very responsible with their surroundings and

You’ll actually be very friendly and conversational they enjoy life and the diversity that the different races of the different worlds provide their scales are super tiny and reflective to the point where it looks like their skin is just multi-coloured light and the smoothness of their skin appears to be

Like that of a snake just because of how tiny their scales actually are the prismatic light around them protects them like a shield granting them resistance to many spells and those that strike them through the light often become confused and befuddled this also makes them immune to blindness and any

Form of light spell or prismatic effect they very rarely fight and instead prefer to converse in order to absorb and learn of the works of people and creatures because it amuses them and their breath weapon is a powerful prismatic spray effect it’s very difficult to see where these dragons

Would factor in when it comes to the balance of power in the multiverse just based on what we already know and what we just talked about when it comes to gods and of course the power of Cronus we just talked about how Cronus could have easily just destroyed all the gods

In the multiverse and now we’re told of a dragon that just blows him out of the water but hey it is what it is I’m just the messenger I don’t know much about these prismatic dragons or a forced dragons because there really isn’t anything else to learn about them there

Is no lore there is no further information the place where they are supposed to exist the heaven called dragon Ayari was destroyed in the spell plague so where they destroyed as well that they exist anymore we just have no idea but that’s it that’s gonna wrap up this

Entire series I hope this has helped shed some perspective into what power really is in D&D and what level an adventurer actually takes in the hierarchy of the world I would like to personally thank my patrons of borders walter motley sag Babel Lucado fan Barry mask and 5e magic shop daniel umar dr.

Cowbell rusty rain morgan johnson biotech no frag daniel luna doc feeder brad salazar the great codeine ii Terry Colby Herc Rebs all night Baracus law Omega scales carascas D bulwark and austell for supporting me on patreon at the $25 level if you would like to support me as

Well then police head on over to patron coms lush mr. Rex to support all right guys thank you so much for watching the series that was that was a hoot covering all the monsters that were above CR 30 a lot of research a lot of looking around

But I feel like we made it happen hopefully I didn’t miss any if I did then I might actually just kind of combine all these videos into one long hour-long video and then probably just updated from there if I need to but anyways guys for the second time thank

You so much for watching and I’ll see you all next time bye bye

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