The Tech-Savvy Interpreter: A Quick Look at the KUDO Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Studio

The Tech-Savvy Interpreter: A Quick Look at the KUDO Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Studio

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This edition of the tech-savvy interpreter is brought to you by think interpreting join interpreting service and technology providers from around the globe at the 5th anniversary edition of pink interpret at galas language and business conference march 13th through the 16th 2018 in beautiful boston massachusetts don’t delay early bird registration ends January

31st for more information go to gala global or hello berry slaughter olson the tech-savvy interpreter here at the kudos studio in Washington DC some of you may have heard about this new studio that’s opened up today was the maiden voyage for the studio I had a chance to

Work in the Spanish English booth we also had a Portuguese English booth here on site and a German English booth from Europe the meeting actually took place in New York City in midtown Manhattan so we just fetched up and they said I could do a quick video if I like I just wanted

To mention a few things about the studio we’re in ISO standard booths and rather than the typical consoles that you may be used to seeing we actually have laptops with a second screen so that we can not only have our console on the screen but then also see the slides on

The other we had a technician who was on site the entire time in fact I’ll introduce you to Patrick in just a little bit and he’ll tell you a little bit about what it was he was doing while we were doing our work and just other things infrastructure it’s great here

Very comfortable easy place to work lots of parking and made for a nice simple very pleasant job so I’ll show you a little bit more of kudo here as well pretty typical view here nothing novel about it just coming into the booths you’ll notice that you have

A laptop and a second screen for each interpreter with regular headphones with a boom mic and that’s about it but rather than looking out on a meeting where there’s no one here today participating in the meeting it was just the interpreters we watch our video on the screen of course there’s no video

Now because we’ve wrapped up but on one screen I have my interpreter console and on the other I have the opportunity to see the slides one thing that is a little different about the Kudo interface is that it actually is mouse driven so you do use your mouse to turn

Your microphone on and to switch channels and whatnot takes a little bit of getting used to because you don’t have a physical console anymore that you’re using to adjust your volume or to switch languages but other than that it’s just about like being in a regular booth at a regular meeting again you’re

Using a video feed rather than looking out the windows so we’ve just wrapped up the maiden voyage of the kudos to do here at the Washington DC office of Kudo and with me is Patrick Walsh from Kudo who was actually our monitor I guess is what you’d call it that’s right what you

Were doing while we were doing our interpreting work well in this particular setup we actually had two operators we had an operator in New York and then we had an operator here in DC so the operator in New York was in allowing those participants who wanted

To ask questions that sort of thing to get into the system and what I was doing from this end was monitoring the channels answering interpreter questions via the chat functionality here and to make sure that everybody that was working in the booths here was comfortable with the program okay super

Well one thing that it was interesting is that we had three languages being interpreted right we had the ax meeting was mainly in English also in Spanish but we had port Spanish and Portuguese here in DC and then we actually had German coming from Madrid yes but one of the interesting things

These new technologies allow us to do but anyway Patrick thanks so much for explaining that and thanks for being our technician oh my pleasure berry good speak with you so there you have it the Kudo remote interpreting studio here in Washington DC this is technology that is affecting the way interpreters work

Today and I expect more of these studios to spring up in different cities all over the world as meetings continue to move online and as we see new ways of communicating across languages I hope you found this informative and if you did give me a thumbs up leave a comment

And stay tuned because there’ll be more videos this year about the technologies affecting how interpreters work

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