The Truth About Furries: Fandom Not Fetish

The Truth About Furries: Fandom Not Fetish

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Back when I first heard of first shooting I brought it up with my grandma so on their heard of helped me so I was like hey can you help me so a body – I’m making like basically a mascot costume and she freaked out because she didn’t

Thought I was joining this community of like weird people that would get together at meats and all just like get to a group hug pile hi babe hey mama hey doing I’m good are you good good looking at all these pictures never imagined it would be a furry you look so

Young there I still look young yes you do yeah hey thank you I kind of lone wolfed it as a kid the skateboarding was always there for me art was there I think it kind of broadened into fanfiction and they all had animal characters in them just I had all kinds

Of ways to escape I feel like a lot of people find the fandom because they feel different there’s got to be somewhere out there on the internet just like me and that they find exactly that you never actually came out and said on the furry no I don’t remember making a big

Deal of it drawing pictures of it at first and then eventually you started saving I’m younger you desperately waiting for your suit to come I slowly got more into the the scene so to say just cuz of the people and I eventually just went fine I

Give up I’m a furry I’m one of these guys you know they all seemed really really cool so I kind of just blend it in I promise not to wing it so I can see the board I’m not gonna lie but partying it’s the number one thing that most furs like to do

The furry population here was black last night there are not many furs I thought I’m gonna try I’ve seen YouTube videos of a lot of furs going bowling let’s try to go to our local bowling alley you got big hands join I’m bullying English cut a homerun coming in here mannequin

Stuffy in here sure is hey this is RK and welcome to culturally effed we are rolling right Oh a lot of people feel furry has to be a certain thing but in my experience furry is animation it’s comics its cosplay it’s all of these other weird aspects

All sort of knotted into a big messy ball it’s just got to have talking animals in it want to know what I’m drawing oh I thought it was just a sex thing yeah is that a sex thing you guys just have sex from those things right this is like in 2000 significance

Appointment for a history is when the CSI episode fur and loathing comes out and sort of taints the fandom as this like crazy sex fetish cult which really really diminishes the reputation of the fandom because obviously CSI is the documentary oh people are so strange they think that these furries are having

Sex with one another dig deep enough yeah you can find that but that’s not the case for Eric or any witch friends that I’ve ever met another day huh I really would actually prefer if people didn’t know in my first and life that I do this not that there’s

Anything wrong with it but there are certain social connotations that kind of come with it it just keeps things a lot simpler people are way more excited about cartoons and cosplaying as their characters than they are necessarily to do sexual things within furry there are I think eight animal heads in my room

Right now other masks that I can wear that’s weird you can not like it that’s one thing but actually being outwardly cruel to somebody you’re being like oh you’re a freak because it’s just like back off I’m not hurting you I had two separate incidents where people have hit

Me in suit and like non furries and I don’t want to deal with that again I had a cheerleader at a parade beat me over the head with a stick because I make them I just really love them a lot I put a lot into my work Byzantium version –

I’ve got a work in progress here this is going to be the same character as Byzantium here Byzantium being my goals character personalities basically what I want myself to be so we’d be less anxious just more of a chill laid-back kind of character versus being like high anxiety like I am

We’re going to howl tonight it’s full of people that have that common Christopher e and be able to just hang out in a more casual setting than a convention how is I was expecting it to be a lot of race here than it is it’s like people dancing

Getting drunk just a regular party scene with some Persinger’s and other weird for everything sprinkle on top there’s like a bit of kink here but they don’t get into anything explicit how is somewhere where I can see me where I can just dress up on my first suit and just

Hang out with a bunch of her friends and just be happy my first thing actually created itself and the mom my nickname is fluffy lot of love there we go mother fluff I believe I was a cat the past in the past life yeah oh I know I’m

Human I know I’m 100% human as just I wish I was a cat yeah that is your nose hold on I’m more in it for the social than for the art they’re just positive energy to be around normal people would think why would somebody want to be a

Different animal you’re human but they just don’t understand like the connections that people have with animals can be very very deep and very powerful to be life-saving Something about very anthropomorphize everything you start to sort of see everything is having a little life I know that I’ve always just said it free is somebody that feels a connection to cartoon animal hey how’s it going I use my persona as an avatar on online interactions and go that’s about all it

Is to me mostly and then there are the people who like identify very strongly spiritually with the the type of creature they have made their avatar to be it’s more than just roleplay if you’re telling a story or you’re describing a character or personality or

A trait then it for some reason has more potency when you put it in the context of not a human shape but an anthropomorphic animal shape Disney figured that out years and years ago fries are all over the place Dino CEOs I know people that run banks to know their

People is now I’m leaving Hamish there’s a lot of baggage involved with being a furry the fear that somehow it will all not somehow there’s been proof footage happens you’ll lose your job just because you’re now associated with being a furry yeah so this footage was just sent to us and

Features Hilda the Bambi ID so yeah I haven’t seen this before either this is furry archeology you can’t show this and suddenly say oh no no it was all very very well-to-do no obviously there was a some sexiness added to it like really early on is to be honest I

Have had sex with my tail and my head but it’s uncomfortable getting away you’re like huffing and puffing you um I just called Giffen what we do we tried it we’re not really that into it but we’re still new into the fandom so you never know it can be done it’s not my

Cup of tea I’m not that kind of furry and I know a lot of people that are that kind of furry Yes sure access a lot of questions yeah some people may disagree but if you don’t adapt and do character then you’re doing it wrong you’re just you’re just standing there with something on your face yeah you’re not a character I’ve just covered in this disgusting skin

There’s a lot of personas based off of the individuals super-ego it emphasizes the good aspects of people’s personalities the aspects that they want to build on and improve on and outwardly express more or how little they care about their bad one or look yes I always knew something was different about me

I felt really wrong saying I’m a girl I had started being furry before I even thought about transition so I had a very masculine character so that kind of it helped me realize more of the TransLink with with the first you you can pat it out to have breasts or abs or whatever

Meanwhile you have the opposite so it it gives people a way to anonymously express their gender identity which is a huge thing especially if you’re stealth and you don’t want people knowing that kind of thing or you’re not able to come out yet having something like this where

People can have fun but also be understanding of what you’re going through is really important I do see mother floss as an extension of myself she’s angry the cat is angry come on show shelter was the only place that I can actually pet cats and see cats and no boom-boom

You taking up my tail I like to talk to cats because I talked to cats like I talk to my kids very softly whenever I’m with my kids my daughter is attached to my head it sucks not having custody of them because uh makes me feel like I didn’t try hard enough

I’m a dating Rosanna I don’t have my kids right what kind of what kind of mom would be happy with Africa I’ve been depressed since I was about 12 and it’s always try this medication and it doesn’t work try this medication and I don’t feel right when I take a side stop

It but when I put on my first like just when I put on my first life so so much happier it’s like a medicine that you just put on I haven’t cut since I’ve been away I think I am winning but yeah is a higher number

Generally win now you’ve won I’m so far behind now I fell off the back end of the game so I wanted to create sort of a safe haven where people wouldn’t have to feel alone I grew up alone it was flying for me but not everybody has that

Strength so I thought the best way to kind of rectify that was to get as many people with things in common together as possible as quickly as possible and and it worked metaphor meet maybe about five years ago we’ve been engaged for just under two years now that’s the thing that furry

Offers you do that yeah success if you don’t fit the mold you were born into well you know you’ll fit ours silly costume life-changing If you look back in fandom history people were calling checking’s mere Chucky’s were the weird thing being huge in a Star Trek or huge in a Star Wars was freaky now that’s like casually it’s like it’s an initiation process for every different fandom or different lifestyle or hobby it’s going to go

Through a period where it’s just made fun of for quite a while or beat this and then it’s going to be basically accepted right now enjoying YouTube people so that gentleman you had in here a moment ago you know yeah

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