The Truth About “Toxic Fandoms”

The Truth About "Toxic Fandoms"

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You know one of the charming little phrases that really seems to be doing the rounds these days is toxic fandoms and holy [ __ ] are they tearing the arse out of this one it seems like everywhere you look there’s a tidal wave of hand-wringing self-righteous op-eds bemoaning the toxic state of whatever

Fandom is currently in the news star wars star trek ghostbusters lord of the rings [ __ ] man even halo fans are toxic now apparently so what the [ __ ] going on why is every fandom suddenly more hazardous to your health than a two-week self-catering holiday in chernobyl well

All of this stuff came to a bit of a head recently when moses ingram one of the main actors in kenobi shared a couple of samples of the abuse she’d been getting on instagram nasty stuff that she absolutely didn’t deserve but what’s even more interesting is the

Media firestorm that erupted in the wake of it suddenly articles started popping up everywhere complaining about the toxic state of the star wars fandom how it’s riddled with ists and phobes and how something needs to be done god damn it even the official star wars twitter account decided to weigh in on the

Situation because you know insulting your own fan base and lumping everyone into the same basket is a surefire way to get people on your sides now if i was a cynical man i’d say it almost looks like this controversy wasn’t just something they were prepared for it’s something they were practically counting

On because if you’re able to focus everyone’s attention on allegations of abuse and discrimination against one of your actors then suddenly all the actual criticisms of your show get conveniently forgotten about because let’s be honest here who cares about the opinions of a group of toxic haters that we’re never

Going to be happy anyway but here’s the problem the overwhelming majority of the criticism for this show had absolutely nothing to do with one particular actress much less the innate characteristics she was born with based on pretty much every video and twitter post that i’ve seen on this subject

People are annoyed because it’s becoming increasingly obvious with every passing episode that kenobi isn’t really about kenobi it’s just another example of lucasfilm milking a popular legacy character for their name recognition then altering their personality removing most of their agency charisma resilience skill and intelligence and generally diminishing them so they can place

Second fiddle to the new original character that the show is actually focused on and i think that infamous tweet from the official star wars account gave away more than they’d intended now pay attention 007 because this bits importance they are excited for riva’s story to unfold i think that

Tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the writer’s intentions here this show might be called kenobi but it’s actually riva’s story it’s a classic bait and switch tactic to drum up interest in something that most people wouldn’t have given a [ __ ] about lucasfilm have been lying to

Their own fan base promising one thing but delivering something else and now that they’ve been found out what do they do well they could take the criticism on the chin acknowledge that what they delivered may not have been what was promised and asked people to judge the

Show on its own merits or they could create a manufactured controversy to simultaneously draw attention away from their devious skull duggary and publicly discredit their most vocal critics i wonder which one they chose it was basically the same deal with star trek discovery a lot of people had some

Pretty valid criticisms of main character michael burnham namely that she was a very obvious retcon inserted into a storyline that she was never meant to be part of that the writers diminished and undermined established legacy characters to elevate her to borderline messiah who solves almost every problem single-handed or that she

Generally comes across as arrogant self-righteous disrespectful impulsive and insubordinate without ever answering for these flaws but no clearly toxic fans just hated her because of her gender and skin color ignoring the fact that there’s been decades of popular characters of every race sex and species long before saint michael was ever

Dreamed up or how about ghostbusters 2016 were fans angry because the studio [ __ ] canned a sequel they’d been wanting for years and instead delivered a dumb cartoonish painfully unfunny reboot that absolutely nobody asked for directed by a man with zero understanding of the subject matter or did they just hate it

Because women bads or how about rings of power do you think tolkien fans are pushing back against the show’s very obvious attempts to twist and alter the lore of a classic and beloved fantasy world and infuse it with divisive 21st century sensibilities and ideology or do you think they just instinctively lose

Their minds at the prospect of different levels of melanin being shown on screen what all this comes down to is another little phrase that started to pop up quite a bit in recent years crafting the narrative see most people aren’t really driven by dry facts and figures and data

Points because those things have to be studied in detail and understood and interpreted and all of that takes time and effort and that’s a real problem because people today are usually too busy too distracted by a dozen other demands on their attention or just too [ __ ] lazy to do actual research of

Their own what they need instead is something that generates a visceral emotional reaction to get them engaged a series of extreme sensationalized examples strung together into a simple cohesive easy to digest opinion i.e a narrative and if that opinion happens to line up with what they already believe

Because they’ve been told the same thing by a bunch of other sources then so much the better and that’s exactly what we’re seeing now a very obvious attempt to craft a new narrative and use it to shame and ridicule anyone who dares to criticize their work this movie isn’t

Actually [ __ ] it’s just the work of toxic fans who are never happy with anything this character isn’t badly written unlikable or awkwardly inserted into a story they don’t belong in it’s just toxic fans who can’t stand to see diversity or inclusion this actor didn’t deliver an unconvincing performance or

Make a bunch of dumb statements in real life the backlash against them is just down to a fundamentally toxic fandom every single time the same accusations of bigotry and toxicity get flung around like monkeys throwing their poo at each other but what does any of this actually accomplish except to piss off and

Alienate the very people that you’re trying to appeal to moderate fans who might have had a few issues with shows like kenobi but generally still support new star wars projects are going to feel like they’re being unfairly labeled as something that they’re not people who were already hostile to disney and

Lucasfilm are going to have their opinions vindicated by a company that seems determined to antagonize them this constant cycle of social media sniping suspiciously timed hit piece articles and preachy opinion pieces only serves to contribute to a general atmosphere of animosity and resentment between fans and studios the more you bite back at

Your fans and try to score short-term victories over them the more you’ll piss them off in the long run and the less forgiving they’ll be of your next project this means more criticism of your work which in turn leads to more counter-attacks and well i think you get

The drifts like star trek picard showrunner michael chabon who straight up admitted that he made certain creative decisions simply to provoke and piss off elements of the fanbase that he’d decided were toxic now ask yourself a serious question do you really think this kind of spiteful childish [ __ ]

Is gonna win people over to your sides basically what i’m saying here is that if you treat your own fans like enemies then that’s exactly what you’re gonna make them now all that being said i don’t doubt for a second that there are some genuinely shitty individuals out

There and they should rightly be called out for their bigotry but that’s exactly what they are individuals they don’t represent the larger fan base they claim to be part of and trying to tar everyone with the same brush as disingenuous as [ __ ] toxicity isn’t some convenient

Label that you can just slap on anyone who dares to criticize you it’s not a magical shield to protect you from negative feedback criticizing bad storytelling isn’t toxic criticizing a director who delivered a poor product an actor who turned in a bad performance or said stupid things in real life isn’t

Toxic if people have a problem with the story that you’ve told the characters you’ve written or even the opinions you’ve expressed in public then they have every right to call you out on it you’re not obliged to listen to them but you don’t get to silence or discredit

Them just because you don’t like what they’re saying because if those are the kind of underhanded tactics that you find yourself relying on then maybe it’s time you start asking yourself who the toxic one really is anyway that’s all i’ve got for today go away now

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