The Two Ronnies – Crossword

The Two Ronnies - Crossword

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16 across it’s green and often found on football pictures five letters gr a something something green often found on football pictures gray something something grandstand that’s too long grandstand no gra something stumped grass grass a child of five could see its grass excuse me i mean who’s doing this cross

With me you well would you try not to talk so loud please we’re all trying to do proper crosswords here oh i’m sorry oh sorry proper crossroads what do you mean by that proper crossroads i’m trying to do the mephistopheles in the financial times a crossword which you wouldn’t know where to start

As it happens i could do any crossover put in front of me including message. just happens that i prefer the sun junior coffee time easy clues that’s all just a matter of taste the sun people only buy that for one thing rather a couple of things

Two across they are see what i mean they peck holes in your milk four letters something something ts that’s a typical sun clue that is peck hoes your mobile top sunny sunny tears bats since when did you last see a bat a hole in your milk bubblegum

What it might do if it was hungry you’re the one that’s bats if you want the correct answer to that clue i suggest you look at page three now please try to resist as i am attempting to concentrate it’s red it smells and it’s often picked in the garden four letters something osce

That’s not right but it’s rose rose it’s obvious it’s red it smells and it’s often picked in the garden rose well it could be nose you know i’ve never seen anything like that crossword i’ve really never seen anything like i mean you’ve got it all absolutely wrong

I mean look look what you’ve got here look place where fish are kept you’ve got coop i mean when did you last hear a fish being kept in a coop co-op yes you should keep what’s this one here you’ve got there’s a strange animal found in a hive you’ve got queer bee

Well but it’s queen what is the same thing certainly it opens down my road it’s not queen it has to be queen because of the n on the end fits in with the clue that goes down you see look he always plays with big ears roddy roddy it’s noddy you fool

Roddy and toilet no it’s not roddy in toyland it’s noddy roddy and coyle and don’t you know anything pc plot was naughty his name is rodney because his knife his name is noddy he was called noddy because he had a bell on his hat and every time he nodded it rang you to

Go hello i’m a little knobby that’s all right all right i’m sorry i do apologize it’s this man he’s driving me mad i’ve only got one clueless oh good terrific now look ladies and gentlemen if we if we just help him with this last clue do you think he’ll shut up we’ll

Ask him if we help you with this clue will you shut up i promise oh good he’s promised go on then what’s your last clue six across four letters often found in the bottom of those something something i.t great excellent great of course has anybody got a rubber

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