The Ultimate Gateway Board Games Guide

The Ultimate Gateway Board Games Guide

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If you’re new to modern board games and you’re trying to work out which games to buy you’re in the right place i’ve been recommending great gateway games on actual for years and now i’ve pulled them all together for the ultimate guide and if you find one you want to buy

There are amazon and zatu links in the description to help you decide for each game i’ll put the best number of people to play it with on screen because you can’t trust what it says on the box and i’ve divided the games into four categories first is cooperative games

Where you’re working together with your fellow players to win against the game they’re a great bonding experience because you all play your part in solving a crime or escaping a sinking island together and they’re great for anyone who hates losing next are what i’m calling personal puzzles where

You’re playing against each other but you’re focused on doing your own thing like creating an animal habitat or designing a home they’re thoughtful games for people who like to strategize and don’t like it when other players ruin their plans if you want something more social the next category is friendly competition where

You’re playing on a shared board and you have to watch out for your rivals who could take the treasure you’ve got your eye on or make your train take the long way round these are great for a group with a competitive streak and continuing in that vein the final category is feisty

Where the real game is happening above the table as you try to out-think your friends negotiating the best deal lying to each other’s faces and trying to capsize their lifeboat for those who like excitement and drama and don’t mind being attacked it’s a very unscientific spectrum from friendly

Games to more interactive ones in my opinion none of the games in this video are too mean or aggressive for newbies but everyone has their own threshold so i hope it helps you find a game that you’ll love and if you do find this video useful please like and subscribe

So it will reach more people and help them too the first group of games are cooperative games where you’re all working together to win as a team when i was first getting into board games pandemic was what made me fall in love you work together with your friends

To save the world flying around the globe trying to cure four deadly diseases flying well you know the air conditioning on those planes just throw bacteria in your face cheryl says that’s how her husband got chlamydia and we’re pretending to believe her so that she doesn’t get another divorce

You’re playing against the game as it spreads disease across the world it’s a race against time to find a cure before it’s too late you know if they just got a good night’s sleep and stop eating all that rubbish they wouldn’t be ill all the time yeah i don’t think that’s gonna

Stop ebola mum but you also have to treat infected cities and prevent outbreaks because there’s not much point finding a cure after the whole world has succumbed to the virus and barry we need you to fly to london to stop an outbreak london i won’t go to london if it was the last

Place on earth it is the last place on earth well then i think you already have my answer you each play a vital role such as medic or quarantine expert making you better than the other players at certain things the joy and the challenge is in looking at the map

Discussing your options and working out how best to work together you can’t be the hero on your own you need each other cooperative games are great social experiences because they bring your friends together against a common foe like if someone says something rude to you on the street and you spend the rest

Of the night bonding over how much of a he was pandemic is the best you’ll ever meet i hate pandemic i’ve never played such a no-good scummy rotten piece it’s ghastly but we almost had it this time one more go then yeah obviously you will lose but

You’ll lose together and you’ll want to go again having learnt from your mistakes to really show that what for if you’re new to modern ball games pandemic is the perfect medley of excitement strategy and social interaction with a fun challenge that’s different every time and if you fall in love with it there

Are expansions that add more levels to it or entirely new games with different settings that are based on the same core idea if you put this screen up and tell your friends there’s been a murder and that they’re psychic investigators sent to commune with the ghost of the victim

You’ll have their attention not that you need it for long because the rules to mysterium are very simple pretty cool huh wow are we playing dungeon dragons and you can get them up to speed quicker by telling them it’s like a game they’ve already played pluto

Because in this you also have to find the right murder weapon location and suspect the twist is that someone is playing as the ghost and they’ll be communicating how they were killed through psychic visions the trouble with psychic visions is they’re ambiguous and confusing which must be really hard on

Professional psychics who are already under pressure from all the skeptics all i’m saying is they don’t get to decide who they’re on the phone with the psychics are all working together to solve the crime and so they discuss the dreams they just had with each other to

Work out what they mean something you should never do in real life because you might bore someone to death you’re looking at the cards you’ve been given to try and find a common theme or symbol that leads to one of the suspects and then you put your crystal ball on the

One you think if you’re struggling you can just guess which is a bit unrealistic because a real psychic would never do that it’s great fun being the ghost trying to piece together a clue that they’ll notice and then sitting there listening as they completely miss it and fixate on

Something else this one has a park and whenever we go to the park we have cheese sandwiches so i’m looking for something with cheese no not that one did you say something no oh no there must be a wheel ghost sherlock holmes consulting detective you’re in victorian london there’s been

An adorably quaint jewel robbery or throat slitting and you’ve got to work together to solve it let’s go to the jewellers to interrogate the owner the proprietor of radford jones and co is caught between a natural reticence to talk about his clients financial affairs in general it’s like reading from a

Sherlock holmes novel as you meet with witnesses your job is to make notes and piece them together to solve the crime not by rolling dice or playing cards but using your own powers of deduction it’s like jonathan creek or hercule puerto or some reference americans will get have

Invited you to do their big final reveal he let everyone think that his arm was broken when in fact it was his twin brother archibald that fell off the horse there won’t be many horses where he’s going jail you’ll pour over the day’s newspapers verify alibis with the map

And go back over your clues until finally something clicks we did it magic maze is all about teamwork playing in sync with your friends reading each other’s minds we’re so in sync that we finish each other’s dignitas applications your mission is to stage a robbery you need to get your characters

Through the shopping mall to steal their loot and then get to the exits to escape but instead of controlling a character each you control a direction so every time a character needs to walk west only you can move them there i suppose you could call me kanye west yes and i’m kanye though

Yes darling except there isn’t a famous person called that and you’re controlling north to get a character anywhere you have to work together someone takes it west to the corner another player takes it north for a third player to take it eastwards for a third player to take it eastwards

Barry what you need everyone paying attention because you’re racing against the timer and the problem is you’re not allowed to talk so if your teammate is experiencing telepathic connectivity problems you’re screwed timmy the timer but i thought john was kanye south he is but you’re north which

Was the direction that we needed to go in oh okay but if i’m north who’s kanye north one game takes 15 minutes and then you go again and again each time you get a bit better like a new band finding their rhythm magic maze is addictive and unlike any board game

You’ve ever played chronicles of crime gives you a faf-free experience by using a mobile app to be the brains of the game okay so you still have to lay out some cards but that’s some of that polyunsaturated faff that’s actually good for you and it cuts out

Any rules faff by teaching you how to play while you play an introductory scenario you play as detectives trying to solve a crime together and you use the mobile app to interact with that world when you visit the crime scene for example you get to explore the room on the app like

You’re looking around at yourself to try and find evidence oh there’s a knife and the sleepy woman is covered in ketchup john i think she might be making a sandwich and the evidence you find then becomes cards that you can ask people about to interview a suspect you scan their qr

Code and read what they have to say if you’ve been to a restaurant in the last two years i know you can do that the genius of the app is that you can ask a suspect about anyone or anything scanning the code of a book you found at

The crime scene or a rumor someone told you about sometimes they won’t know what you’re talking about but when you get a juicy answer it feels great ask him about the ketchup wow they tested the the ketchup that was found at the lunch scene and it actually belongs to the politician

She stole his ketchup no wonder he killed her oh so you know she’s dead yeah does it make you sad nay but i am hungry and just like in a real case asking the right questions will open up whole new places to visit and people to interview

By the end you’ve got to use everything you’ve learned to solve the case i think we should have left the politician but we know that he couldn’t have killed her on that day yeah but he’s a politician he’s guilty of something yeah i wouldn’t want to play every board game with an

App but with chronicles of crime it means you never have to worry about the rules or getting anything wrong it’s your personal faf butler which is a nice break when that person is usually you timmy do you want me to teach you another game yes but tidy this one away first

In forbidden desert you play as indiana jones adventurers trapped in a desert in the middle of a sandstorm you work together as a team to collect the missing parts of your aircraft before you die of thirst it’s a nail-biting experience as you desperately tried to keep everyone alive and complete your mission

And it’s rare to get such a well-produced complete board game for the price in burger brothers you play as a gang of criminals trying to pull off a heist together whether it’s jonas wilson or hemsworth your mission is to burgle brothers to steal the secret of their

Good looks on behalf of the vengeful ugly one that every family is cursed with except you’re not the most organized of criminals because you forgot to bring a map you have no idea where the safes are or what alarms you’re about to set off until you explore your surroundings you can take

It slow and reveal the rooms next to you so that you know what you’re heading into or run straight through risking tripping alarms because the longer you take the more likely you are to be caught the building is rigged to the hilt with traps that trigger in

Different ways it rewards a thought out methodical approach there’s a hundred ways to skin this cat burglary so it’s a game where everyone will be pitching in ideas on what to do and there’s a security guard patrolling each floor you can see the path they’re headed along

And there are times that you’ll need to set off an alarm to distract them from catching your teammate it gives you the thrill of hiding in the shadows and you feel clever when you coordinate your movements to success it feels like pulling off a heist i say that having

Only ever stolen a magazine by accident but that magazine went out of business and who can say if it’s because of my thievery or a shift in public reading habits towards online publications in the 20 years since i did it this scripted mod saves you all the hassle of

Setting up the floor tiles and automates the guard movements each turn burgle brothers is one of the best cooperative games around for two to four players in two hours detective season one is a follow-up to detective a modern crime game a cooperative crime solving game from portal games that was my favorite game

Of 2018. season one offers a simpler shorter take on the original with three standalone cases that last about 90 minutes each you read the opening story and then it’s up to you to decide which leads to follow you have limited time to work with and you have to use your

Intuition to decide which leads will be worth it i really like that the game lets you decide how to approach it there’s no magic piece of evidence you need to find to solve the case rather each card will give you an extra thread to add to your web as you build theories

It feels real criminals don’t just confess but they will say something that gives you a clue it promotes real deduction the answer isn’t handed to you you need to make notes to catch the little details and you need to discuss theories with your teammates which is exactly what you want from a crime

Solving game i’ve played all three cases and they’re really well written every time we found out a new piece of information our theory changed just like watching a whodunit season one takes it one step further by giving you photos of the suspects which you can use in your

Mind map a nice touch that really encourages you to get into the spirit of the game i like that you get different types of evidence through their police database website case one has cctv clips of the victim and the simple but clever stress level indicators which tell you

When a suspect could be lying reminiscent of the video game la noire the cases managed to retain the same feel of detective in a format that is much more accessible and a great introduction to the genre for newbies there’s something special about a game that you can start playing on its cover

It asks us who murdered the burger vendor here’s the burger place in the top corner and you can see our guy serving a customer then you have to find out where he goes next here he’s left the burger place and he’s walking down the street smiling without a care in the world

But who’s that following him with a mask on oh no he’s got a baseball bat and there’s the body the poor guy has served his last burger micro macro is a hidden picture book turned into a game that doesn’t just ask where’s wally but why is wally carrying a pickaxe who’s wally

Killing in cold blood and what’s wally gonna do with the body where it trumps wally is that the characters don’t just appear once they move through the world and tell a story so each case has you finding the people involved and following them observing what they do take the case of disco

Chips you find local dj las vegas shot dead in a back alley you can trace him back to where he bought his chips find out where he lived work out who killed him and why and i say you because you can literally play this case online to get a taste of

The game micro macro gives you that simple joy of discovery the huge map is so detailed and each case has you explore new parts of this world that feel alive with character and riddled with crime so when you’re hunting for a criminal you’ll come across a baby drinking coffee and there’s something

Really nice about bumping into characters from your previous cases it’s like seeing an old friend an old murderous friend i love exploring the world because the artwork is so cute when we play we’re always pointing out little easter eggs to each other finding our favorite characters it’s no surprise

That this game was designed by the illustrator because the art and gameplay work so well together chronicles of crime 1400 is a new standalone detective game that brings new cases to solve using the same great system as the original chronicles of crime the stories take place in medieval

Paris and you start by exploring the crime scene using the mobile phone app you look around the virtual world searching for clues as you see things that could prove to be useful you shout them out to your teammates if you aren’t observing enough you could miss vital

Pieces of evidence that will make it harder for you to delve deeper into the case then you will visit locations and talk to the people connected to the case each character card has a qr code which you scan to talk to them then to ask them about someone or something say the

Murder weapon you scan the qr code of that it gives you a real sense of freedom in your investigation because you can ask any character about anything if you have a hunch that one character is the killer you can ask everyone about them until you get something chronicles

Of crime 1400 has two things that set it apart from the original game first there’s your dog percival he follows you around and you can get him to sniff objects to track the scent he will either point you towards who last touched it or lead you to a new location

The other addition are these vision cards your character has prophetic dreams about the crimes the game shows you these visions but it’s up to you to work out what they mean and how they relate to the case it’s a neat feature because it gives you something else to

Inspire your theories as the case evolves it gives you new context to the visions and what they’re really telling you and they help build out the world you’re in immersing you deeper into the story if you already love chronicles of crime this is more of the same great

Experience and if you’re new to it you can absolutely start here there’s even a tutorial to teach you the game i really appreciate that this is a standalone version of the game so that once you’re finished with the cases from the original you don’t have to keep it

Around to play these new sets magic maze on mars is the sort of self-explanatory title that will put professional explainers like myself out of business it tells you all you need to know like clank in space or herbie goes bananas our job this time is to control

Some helpful robots who are working hard to build biodomes on mars so that humans can have a well-earned second chance at killing another planet we have to produce the right resources to explore the planet and build the biodomes then once we’re finished transport the human to their new home the logistical hiccup

Is that you’ll each assign two colors and only you can produce those color resources and only you can transport things along those color tracks just like magic maze the workload is divided in a way that means you have to all be switched on and in sync at all times

To get something across the map i’ll move it along green then someone else moves it along orange then another player red and then i’m back in on blue and so on it has the same core feeling as before but with a pleasant change it’s a little easier to understand the

Board is clearer so when you don’t spot something you have no one to blame but yourself there’s still the satanic do something pawn which you can place in front of your teammate to draw attention to their ineptitude and ultimately solve nothing how someone uses the do something pawn is the ultimate reveal of

Their true personality and it turns out there are a lot of psychopaths in the london board game scene like the original they do a brilliant job of easing you into the rules by breaking it down into scenarios they start off short and easy to complete so the tutorial

Doesn’t outstay its welcome and you’re soon into the meat of the game without any stress next are personal puzzles thinking games where you’re focused on your playing area in sagrada you are using these dice to create a stained glass window every turn you take one and add it to your board

The challenge is in putting your dice in the right place you’re aiming to create certain patterns to get points and to make that harder some spots on your board can only take certain colors or numbers and to make that harder you can’t put the same color or number next

To each other and finally you’ve got to reckon with which dice came out of the bag this round so you have to reign in your expectations a bit you can’t paint the sistine chapel if all you’ve got is crayons and i guess the same applies in the world of glazery sometimes they run

Out of purple glass probably the game does give you a few weapons with which to fight the luck of the dice you can spend these gems to use one of these tools to change your number or move something around on your board sagrada is a really satisfying puzzle that is

Super easy to learn but has enough to keep you engrossed it’s trick is that every time you come back to it it feels like it’s solvable but it isn’t it’s like doing a sudoku where you can’t use the number seven i did a sudoku once easy completed it i never need to do

Another one whereas with sagrada there’s a reason to keep coming back it couldn’t be named after a more apt cathedral because you could spend a hundred years on it and still not feel like you’ve completed it in cascadia you each build your own personal area of the pacific northwest

By adding habitat tiles to expand your lands and putting animals in those habitats to live there it has all these magnificent wild creatures like elk and hawks and bears on your turn you always take one of the pairs one tile and one animal and the habitat tile can go wherever you want but

Ideally you want to expand regions of matching terrain because you’ll score points for your biggest habitat of each type at the end of the game whereas the animal token can only be placed on a habitat tile that has its icon the main goal of cascadia is to place animals in certain patterns to

Score points in each game you have a card for each animal telling you how it will score so in this game you’ll get 10 points for clusters of three bears the next game you’ll need the bears in pairs instead it means that every time you decide where to put a habitat tile you’re

Actually planning ahead by putting it somewhere where it might help you create a long salmon run for example there’s something satisfying about that every turn you not only get to build for the future but you can also finish off something you planned earlier satisfying that’s the word that best

Describes cascadia and all my favorite puzzle games when you slot something in that fits perfectly you feel so pleased with yourself it’s like drawing something exactly how it looked in your head i imagine i’ve never actually done that and it’s a strategy that’s easy to keep track of because those habitat tiles are

The outline of the drawing you’ve already made and you’re now just following on tracing paper the key to cascadia is to not get your heart set on anything it will come to your turn and there won’t be any salmon again that’s your cue to pivot most habitats can take more than one

Type of animal so you ditch your plans for a salmon run and stick bears down there instead and i love that about this game you never feel out of option there’s always something new to try it helps that you’re not constricted by a board or a fixed shape so you can expand

In any direction the magic of cascadia is in the little details they might not sound like much when you read it in a rule book or hear me talk about it but when you play it they work together to deliver a game that is way more than the sum of its parts

In my farm shop you own a farm and every time the dice are rolled it activates one of your fields so if i roll a 10 i get an egg and if i roll a five i get some honey the produce goes into my farm

Shop and now i need to sell it to get money to prove to my father’s ghost that i’m capable of running a farm they’re not explicit about that detail in the rule book but you’ve only got to look at the woman’s sad eyes to fill in the blanks and selling your produce is

Not a foregone conclusion in this game you also have to roll the right number to make a sale now if you’ve never played katan rolling two dice is a troublesome affair those two dice absolutely love the number seven obsessed with it they are and they’re not half partial to a six or

An eight but they hate rolling the twos the elevens and twelves to the point that you’d think they’re incapable of doing it like a child who won’t make the bed you’ve seen it happen you know it’s possible but don’t hold your breath the point is if you can only sell produce when the

Dice rolls 11 you’re not gonna be selling very often three dice means you can choose which two dice to pair up so you have options over which field to activate simple no it’s not simple because the other die is used to choose one of six upgrades to your farm

Every turn you get a new card to improve a field and as the game goes on they get more powerful when you take it you can put it on any field remembering that some numbers get rolled more than others do you want eggs more often or do you want the opportunity to sell

More often the truth is you don’t know this is exactly what your father’s ghost was on about the challenge in my farm shop is balancing stock turnover there are times when your shop will be bursting with produce and you just can’t sell it to the point that excess goes to waste

And other times the dice will grant you a rare chance to sell and you’ve got nothing to sell beyond that there are some flowers which you can earn and place on a field to make it produce double every little rule is intuitive and adds its own weight to the decisions you make

Spring meadow is basically tetris the board game we used to play tetris on your game boy john didn’t we you were such a little angel back then mom don’t be embarrassed you were adorable no mum but as soon as timmy was born he was dead to me

You’re trying to fit these tricky shapes into your puzzle you choose a piece and slot it into complete rows and leave no gaps oh yeah there’s just something so right about finding that perfect piece to fill our unique space it taps into something deep within all of us god

That’s good it’s primal we’ve been programmed by evolution to stick protrusions in openings oh i haven’t had it this good since the 80s if your brain’s up to it spring meadow has a second level of puzzling going on not only do you want your pieces to fit neatly but you’re trying

To line up these holes at the same time it’s very tricky but i think i’ve got it if you do that you get these bonus rock pieces which will help you fill up your board even faster rocks are perfect for those hard to reach areas that other brands can’t cope with

Now i won’t have to ask my husband for help thanks rox most of the games on this list have you interfering with the other players plans spring meadow is a more chilled out experience so if you want to focus on your own thing while still crushing everyone on points

This is the game for you in cartographers you’re creating maps by adding regions of forest farmland rivers and villages to your board your queen has certain demands on how to arrange the lands and i’d listen to her because if you don’t she’ll set her corgis on you for example she absolutely hates it

When farmlands touch rivers for each farmland and river that meet her drunken demands you’ll get three points each turn you’ll flip a card which tells you the type of regions you can put on your map and the awkward tetris shape they come in you can put it wherever you want

And that freedom is daunting how will each positioning affect your four goals everyone creates their map at the same time which keeps the game fast and interesting the queen’s demands force you to focus on different things each round in the first round you’ll be worried more about forest farmlands and

Rivers because only they will score but you know what demands are coming up for future rounds so you can still plan your map around them scoring them later there’s a few obstacles to keep you on your toes such as these monster cards which are placed on your map by an opponent

Monsters get in the way and lose you points if you don’t surround them on all sides cartographers is a really satisfying puzzle to get lost in there’s a natural desire to keep wanting to improve on what you’ve created drawing you back to the game to redeem your mistakes it’s perfect if you want

Something chilled and non-confrontational for 2-4 players in 45 minutes on tour is a puzzle game you’re trying to plan the perfect tour for your band across the united states every turn the game gives you two numbers to write on your map and they represent the gigs on your schedule

You’re trying to create a route so you can drive your tour bus from one gig to the next at the end the player with the longest continuous route will win the game it’s such an easy idea in theory you can even use your pen to map out an

Ideal route but each turn you’ll flip three cards and you have to write the numbers in those regions so early on you’re all optimistic my talk will be the envy of all the bands no john no and that soon shifts to desperation as you say goodbye to

Another section of the board i can’t take any more okay this is the sort of game that you’ll pick up by the second turn and it’s nice because you’re all playing at the same time using the same numbers so at the end you can compare and see how much better or worse it

Could have gone the genius touch of ontor is that it tempts you into taking risks each card has a specific state written on it and if you write your number in that state it’s worth an extra point but to do it you have to change your plans

It’s the character in the music biopic that offers you drugs for the first time why don’t you come over here and play a little gig in wyoming i know you want to i can’t i can’t i promised my wife i’m going to utah next just one little gig

In wyoming never hurt nobody oh what the heck okay but just this once by the third act that passion-fueled trip to wyoming will have ruined your tour and you’ll only have yourself to blame when it comes to regrets like your tour bus driver you’ve had a few but you did it

Your way unfortunately you always sucked still the game takes less than 30 minutes so now you know what you did wrong you can go back and do it all again and make some different mistakes do you ever wish you could customize your dice then you need to play dice

Forge the premise is simple you roll your two dice to collect resources which you spend on upgrading your dice so that on future rolls you’ll be even stronger and generate points to win the game there’s more luck here than with a deck building card game there’s no guarantee

That the six you spent all your money on will ever be rolled and that’s what makes it exciting it has you pleading with the dice every time you roll and means you’re elated when it does finally show its face you’ll always get something and as you roll the pathetic

Two gold each turn you’ll be able to keep forging new faces to improve your odds of rolling something better in the next i love the dilemma of how to improve your dice do you focus on lots of gold so you can keep forging more faces buy that one with four victory points on

Before anyone else focus on sun or moon shards that you need for buying cards with special powers or how about these fancy ones that let you decide which resource you want when you roll it and is it best to spend that three gold now to buy one sun shard or save it until

Next term to try and buy the two sun shard for eight every turn you don’t have something you won’t be rolling it and then which dice do you put it on do you share out the powerful faces across both your dice or do you put all your love into one of

Your children so you guarantee that you’ll get something good like any good parent as your dice get more powerful balancing resources is a nightmare once you fill up your track any more you roll will be wasted there are ways around this you can buy cards which convert excess gold into points or you

Can simply buy an extension for your track each of them are great options but you can only do one thing each turn buy from the market or buy a card there’s this pressure to do everything perfectly as you run out of time the reason you get overrun with resources is because

You roll your dice on everyone else’s turns as well as yours the game never drags because you’re always involved there’s the face you can put on someone else’s dice that scores you points and who doesn’t want the one that multiplies your other dies result by three

The trouble is you need it all right now so that you get as many rolls out of it as possible before the end of the game i highly recommend dice forge dream home is full of classic board game dilemmas each turn you pick a room to

Add to your house you can extend rooms to make them better or add in pianos for poster beds or hot tubs but not if someone else takes them first you start off with the best of intentions you want the big living room the bathroom on both levels and the perfect matching roof but

At some point you’re going to have to give up on that dream when do you admit to yourself it’s time to settle it plays really quickly it has real visual appeal and it still manages to squeeze in some strategic depth in the beginning there was katan and it

Begat in its own likeness matchy corro and machikoro begat space base and space base begat my farm shop and now in the 26th year of our lord my farm shop begets bad company a dice game about running a gang of criminals like its ancestors you’re rolling dice every turn

And getting stuff and here you get more control because you roll four dice and divide them into pairs to create two numbers those are the gang members you’ll activate your gang members give you symbols to complete heist cards or they give you money which you spend to

Upgrade your gang adding a card on top extending their neck now you get all it symbols when it activates so you can create a giraffe that gives you so much when you roll a seven that you worry you’ve cheated it’s called happiness and you’re right to

Mistrust it this game is great at making you feel good even when you don’t roll what you want there’s something you can do you can pay money to re-roll the dice you can use a loot card to change the results even symbols you don’t need can

Be traded in for other stuff and all those options means you feel clever when you string something together it’s the satisfaction of knowing you built this house whereas in machicoro it feels like winning the lottery it’s still fun but you can’t be a smug about it i mean

You’ve watched grand design designs you know what these people are like trying to find the best option means you’ll be transfixed at your player board which makes it even more of a solitary game than its brethren but there are some great reasons to care what the others

Are doing like if you steal the most of something you win a gold chain and put it on one of your gang members every time you activate them now you get a point which is massive now you know your golden child is special you give it all your attention

Like any good parent but be careful because the other players will be trying to steal your gold chain off you if my farm shop is haagen-dazs then bad company is ben and jerry’s don’t make me choose i’m only human in railroad inc you’re trying to connect up railways and highways to create the

Best transport network and get the most points but you can only draw on your board what comes up on the dice each round it’s an engrossing puzzle as you try to make it all fit and desperately hope for the routes you need to come up to save your plans

It plays well from one to six players and comes in a gorgeous package copenhagen is a tetra shaped tile lane game from queen games the idea is you’re building the facades of houses in the colorful neighborhood of nyhaven each row you complete on your house gets you

One point and each column is worth two points you’re racing to get to 12 points to win the game the trick is in lining up your tiles so you can complete rows and columns of windows if you do that you get double the points but it’s incredibly tricky because all of the

Tiles have pesky blank spaces that get in the way and poison your potential columns with their mediocrity to get the tiles you want you have to collect cards of the matching color it works in a very similar way to ticket to ride you can either spend your time picking up cards

Or playing them to build tiles which means that the gameplay is really speedy you have to pick up two cards that are adjacent harbours so that’s another wrinkle to deal with and to buy a piece you’ll need a number of cards equal to how many squares big it is collecting

Five cards of one color can take a while so you might be forced to rethink if they’re not coming up for you but the tiles are in limited quantity so if someone gets there first you might never get it those are the obstacles of the game but whether you win will come down

To your creative use of the tools you have if you put a tile in that’s touching a tile of the same color you get a one card discount and you each start the game with a special tile that allows you to draw cards from anywhere not just adjacent harbors but once

You’ve used it it’s flipped down but when you place a tile that covers one of these shield icons you can either buy a new special ability place a single window or reactivate all your used abilities this is the secret heart of the game as it makes your turn super efficient as

You get abilities which allow you to pay one less card when buying a tile or to pick up cards and play them in the same terms copenhagen is a really great newbie friendly strategy game with a little more depth for heavier gamers than something like ticket to ride can

Offer actual is an independent board game channel that doesn’t make paid content so i can recommend the games i believe in not what i’ve been paid to cover to support that endeavor please become a patron of the channel at forward slash actual the next group is called friendly competition games where

You’ve got to keep an eye out for your rivals ticket to ride is all about having a strategy planning a great train adventure across the united states and being ready to rethink everything when your rivals get in the way you’re given secret goals cities that you need to

Visit on the map i want to go from portland oreo to nashville 10th city but you also want to connect vancouver to duluth so if you’re clever you can kill the two birds with one bird killing train ride the trouble is there’s limited space and barry has got plans to

Connect calgary to nashville if he gets his route down before you you’re gonna have to take the long way round no i need to get to duluth i’m so disappointed yeah just like if you’d gone to duluth am i right i don’t know i’ve never been to duluth and neither of

You yeah but is this the sort of joke you make on your youtube channel it’s not very nice is it if i was from duluth i’d have a right mind to unsubscribe of course i expect you’ll get away with it since they’re probably all simpletons there you’re trying to collect sets of

Cards that match where you want to build but if your colors don’t come up you have to decide do you wait another turn for your dream card pink i know if i wait she’ll come any minute now any minute now er any minute now or give up on your dream

And settle for the less appealing alternative that’s available right now i’ve been settling for what’s available right now since 1982. but we got married in 99. you’re just the latest in a long line barry ticket to ride is as simple as board games get it’s just three pages

Of rules but within there’s a brilliant formula of luck and strategy and racing to get ahead of your friends that just hooks you and once you’re hooked there’s maps of europe asia the uk and more to explore in carcassonne you are all creating a region of france on the table you take a

Tile and you have to add it to the map what makes it so smooth is that the rules are visually intuitive you can’t connect a road to an empty field but you wouldn’t want to it would feel wrong roads meet roads cities meet cities fields meet fields it’s like being the

Child of an instagrammer if it doesn’t look nice you can’t do it when you place a tile you can add one of your people to it to take ownership of the city or road that you’re building so that when it’s completed you’ll score points for how

Big it is and get your person back or should i say if it’s completed if it gets too big or you don’t get the tiles you need it might never be finished and your person will be stuck on it all game their only life on this earth spent

Working towards a project that gets completely forgotten about like a medieval netflix original and you only have a few people so you have to be careful where you invest them it feels terrible to send your last person to control a tiny road one turn and then

The next draw a monastery tire which you can’t use because you don’t have anyone left it’d be like marrying off your daughter to a blacksmith just to get a free axe and then the next day you hear the crown princess single what i love about carcassonne is that you’re all

Adding to the map together in a sort of reluctant collaboration and if you’re feeling feisty you can try to leach off someone else’s city or road and get the points that they’ve built up or just make it harder for them to ever finish it what are you doing i’m making your

City bigger but now i’m never gonna get to finish it and i’m never gonna get my worker back yeah there is one tricky rule with carcassonne the pharma rule but in the latest version they tell you to play without it for the first game it’s even on a separate rule sheet so it

Doesn’t confuse you a farmer scores points for all the cities in the field he’s lying in so it gives you an extra reason to build in certain places and to make sure you finish your cities off add it in once everything else makes sense but make sure you do because it really

Ties the game together only in board games will i ever be a superhero or a criminal or someone that walks for hours without needing to get somewhere i’d rather wait for paint to die than go hiking but sitting at home pretending to do it in parks is fun the

Goal is to collect sunshine rain trees and mountains to cash in for park cards to collect tokens you walk along the trail taking the action where you stop but where to stop the trail is chock-a-block with other hikers and you can only stop on a free space those

Other mofos are giving you fomo so you’re inclined to skip half the trail to get onto the one you really want before someone else grabs it the pace is set by your impatience because the last hiker left is forced to go home the game is doing everything it can to hurry you

Along by giving free tokens to the first player to reach a spot and discounts for finishing the trail first it’s a constant balance between leisurely strolling trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible and a ruthless get in get what you need and get out

Strategy treating nature like a shopping mall on christmas eve always with an eye on your rivals to see if they’re gonna snatch the park you want from under your nose i love a game that breeds mistrust and resentment the feelings i held towards my dad when he dragged me hiking

Yet once you’re finished the endorphins and the mars bar kicks in and it didn’t seem so bad after all parks is a great little strategy game and unlike any other game in my collection sushi roll is a dice game about eating sushi you’re competing to have the best

Meal of sushi taking dice from the conveyor belt to add to your plate then the conveyor belts move around the table and you pick again you’re trying to collect sets of sushi to score points such as two tempura or three sashimi i love that you can look at what’s on the

Other conveyor belts this round and decide whether you can pull it off you have to account for what you think the other players will take and gamble on the dice going your way because when the conveyor belts move you have to roll all of the dice so your options will change

And there’s some added drama with these swap tokens where you can steal a dice from another player’s conveyor belt and the re-roll tokens will let you re-roll dice when you’re really trying to get something you need rules-wise all you have to understand is how each type of

Sushi scores and you can’t forget it because it explains it on your player board in luxor you have a team of indiana joneses venturing into some poor souls burial chamber to take artifacts that you’ve decided belong in a museum one that’s nowhere near egypt to steal an artifact you need to coordinate your

Thieves to land on the same spot and that’s the challenge because you move a guy by playing a number card and you only have two options each turn the outer cards of your hand it really limits you but you can see what cards are coming up and plan your next few

Turns to get your team where you want them it’s really satisfying when you pull it off but you can’t just worry about your plans you need to watch the other players who might grab the artifact you want first it’s like traversing an ikea where there’s only one of everything

But without the dark impulses you also have to keep an eye on how far into the temple everyone’s getting because the game ends when two adventurers reach the final chamber and the further back you finish the less points you’ll get it creates this amazing sense of unease

Should i be running for the end eventually one of you will give in to that pressure like an ebay bidder who pays the full buy it now price because they can’t take the fear of missing out any longer luxor is a quick playing beginner friendly game that takes an

Hour for two to four players trekking the world does everything it can to stop you from needing to go back to the rulebook at every step there’s a player aid or a visual cue to remind you of what you should be doing in the game you’re tracking the world visiting famous

Sightseeing spots there are always four hot destinations to visit and you’re racing to instagram them first by collecting the right colored cards and sending your adventurer to the location to claim it and the game pits you against each other by making two of them worth even more points to make you want

Them more as you travel around the map collecting the cards you need you’re also picking up souvenirs from all the places you visit taking its cube and putting it in your suitcase if you have the most figurines you get this tile which is worth 11 points but if someone

Gets more of them later on they’ll steal it off you it’s like the battle for the longest road in catan but there’s four of them to fight over so you’ve got to spread your focus between getting the big destination cards before anyone else and trying to pick up the cubes you want

On the way plus if you take the last cube from a continent you get another bonus one of the best touches is not even part of the game on the back of each destination card is a description of the place they know that when you play a game like

This you’ll talk about the places that you’ve visited and want to visit so that when you come across a place you don’t know you can read the card and find out that my sore palace is not just something you say when you get kicked in the groin

Azul is a game about portuguese tiling that has sold a million copies and a game that really makes you think mostly about how much you underestimated the popularity of portuguese tiling on your turn you pick a collection of matching tiles from one of these coasters adding them to your board the

Tiles you didn’t take from that coaster are pushed into the center of the table creating a coaster of its own and when you think about it aren’t tables the original coaster on your board you’re trying to complete rows of the same tile when you do you’ll add one

Of them to your mosaic winning the plaudits of the portuguese tiling subreddit every time you add to a row or column of tiles in your mosaic you’ll score points for each tile in that line the challenge is in working with what’s available and timing when to grab the

Tiles you need if you shift some reds into the center on this turn then next turn you’ll get a bigger collection of them by taking from the center but be careful another player could spot your plans and push more reds into the center to spite you if you want them now you

Have to take them all and you’ll be penalized for throwing away excess tiles and rightly so these tiles are portuguese not french azul is the simplest game on this list for two to four players in 45 minutes but still with plenty to fox you seven wonders architects feels like it

Was designed to welcome people into board gaming it’s a dream to teach a breeze to set up and uh peach to play every turn you take a card either the one on your left the one on your right or the one in the middle that’s it that’s all the choice you get three

Things three isn’t this supposed to be a modern board game i get more options out of a baseball cap at least five and that’s off the top of my head and yet there are still tough decisions do you take the wood that builds the next stage of your

Wander that gets you points and rushes the end of the game or do you take the science card that will make you more powerful like every time you take a wood now you get an extra turn that’s huge it’s like being in a tapas restaurant everything is good but it’s all about

When things come out it’s a fat lot of use than bringing the chorizo out at the end when i’ve forgotten i ordered it and filled up on potatoes brothers isn’t it and just like a tapas meal you’re sharing these dishes with the people sitting next to you so if you don’t eat

That croquetta this turn your neighbor’s gonna take it the whole game you’ll be begging them not to take the cards you want and because everything is out in the open for everyone to watch it makes for a really social game much more than the original seven wonders or sushi go

And it’s quick even in a game with six players that’s the upside of having such a simple choice every little rule is adding to the experience like the middle deck that anyone can take from the cards are face down it’s the perfect mystery box you’ve got two options you can see

Bit boring but the mystery box could be anything and if you get the cat token you can look at the middle card that no one else can see it’s those little touches like your special ability that are easy enough to teach but give the game just enough modern board game magic to tell

Newbies monopoly is dead now go buy a kalax in clank you’re adventurers going into a dungeon to try and steal as much loot as possible from a dragon and get out in time before it kills you clank is a deck building game which is a type of game

Where you have a deck of cards and each turn you’re using those cards to buy more cards to go into your deck to make it better so as the game goes on your deck gets stronger and stronger in some deck building games that’s all you’re doing

In clank you’re using your cards to move through the dungeon and kill monsters for example if i play three cards with this foot symbol i can move three spaces but because you only draw five of your cards each turn you won’t always get to do what you want that limitation makes

This game you might be right by the exit desperate to race out of the dungeon to avoid the dragon but if your cards don’t have movement on them you’re stuck it adds a fun layer of desperation that i’ve not found with other deck building games and i love the feeling that it’s

Your own decisions coming back to haunt you the reason no movement cards came up is because you chose to fill your deck with loads of other special cards at its heart clank is a game of risk-taking you win by stealing the most loot which means you’ll be rewarded for staying in

The dungeon as long as possible grabbing everything those other cowards left behind but the longer you stay in the more chance you’ll be attacked by the dragon as you roam the dungeon you’re making noise or clank this gets added to a bag and when the dragon attacks cubes are pulled out if

Your color comes out you take a wound the more noise you make the more likely you’ll be attacked this is one of clank’s best bits as everyone dreads the next dragon attack and desperately hopes their cubes won’t be drawn again it’s about pushing your luck you could make loads of noise and get

Away with it or get your comeuppance it means that clank always ends with a tight cinematic finish blue draws the right cards and escapes just before the dragon attacks and red gets eaten two spaces from the exit death isn’t the end because if you die in the upper part of the dungeon the

Villagers will rescue you and reanimate your corpse but you won’t get the 20-point bonus for getting out alive which can be crucial if you die in the dungeon’s depths you’re officially dead and can’t win i love this aspect every time i’ve played i’ve been so close to escaping but never

Made it out i love that in every game i want to try something different thinking that i finally got the dungeon cracked from the cards that are available to buy to the secret tokens you pick up that give you healing potions or boots of swiftness it feels different each time i

Highly recommend clank diamond the players only need to know one thing whether to stick or twist you all play as treasure hunters going into a cave to grab some jewels in every round everyone decides whether to go further into the cave to get more stuff or run away with your winnings straight

Back to the british museum if you stay in a new card is flipped it could be more treasure which you divide equally among the people still in the cave or you could encounter something bad like snakes it was the exact plot of the film indiana jones there was also some

Goonies in there finding one hazard is fine but if you find two of the same type you have to leave the cave and lose all the treasure you found this round you’ve gone bust you should have left when you had the chance snakes why did it have to be snakes it’s such

An easy game to run because every turn everyone makes the same decision to stay or go they don’t even have to understand why they’re making it at first they’ll soon realize when they lose all their treasure and to help you out there’s a player aid to remind you what to do but

There’s an extra twist that makes diamond spicy any treasure which can’t be split between the players stays on the path and if you leave the cave you can take it all so you’re not just gambling against the game you’re playing chicken with your friends on when to try

And grab the stash if you did make it out alive you keep your horde in your treasure chest the player with the most rubies wins they’re just points but points mean so much more when they’re shiny and kept in a treasure chest quest for eldorado is a race you use

Your cards to send your adventurers through the jungle and down rivers to get to el dorado before anyone else as you go you can recruit better helpers to help you get through tougher regions and move faster but don’t take too long recruiting people because if other players get in front they’ll block your

Path and hold you back there’s plenty to think about blue lagoon a tile laying game from rhino kinicia i love this one because of how simple the game is on its surface but how deep it feels that’s not a joke about lagoons it really is like that every turn you only

Place one tile as you settle your people on these islands the tough decision is where to place because there are a few ways to score points and you want to aim for all of them at once you get points for having the most tiles on an island and for

Being on all islands and for having a continuous path connecting multiple islands and for collecting resources and the game makes you believe you can achieve it all the trouble is everyone else is getting in your way blocking off your path so do you race to pick up resources before

Anyone else gets them or do you race to hold the vital middle ground so you don’t get cut off from where you want to go i love getting close to what i need but not taking it yet if someone tries to come near and grab it then i’ll take

It but i want them to waste their time trying first i feel like an octopus with each arm hovering over a different cookie jar or fish paste i guess but eventually i hover over so many good things that i can’t defend them all in one turn it’s amazing how important

Placing one small tile onto a board each round can feel that’s the rhino kenitzia magic it’s a tactical wolf in sheep’s clothing and why shouldn’t wolves have soft fluffy coats one of the best flip and write games ever made most and write games are lonely affairs you each stay within the

Confines of your personal paper with no concept of what the other players are up to like a group of commuters all driving alongside each other every day in separate cars never even learning each other’s names let’s make a bus route brings everyone together by having you

Draw on a shared board like commuting to work on a bus okay so you still don’t know each other’s names but you can smell who didn’t brush their teeth this morning as your bus winds the streets of kyoto you want to pick up tourists then score them by dropping them off at

Landmarks ferry kids to school give old people a place to sit and take commuters to train stations it dangles the promise of points in five different directions and you buckle under the excitement half-assing all of them because your mum let you play with too many toys at once

As a child in your quest for perfection or question as i like to call it you’re encouraged to sacrifice points by paying to change the shape that you can draw that round you’ve got a private goal you’re clinging to whilst racing to be everyone else to hit certain landmarks

And if another player has already used the street that you’re going down you create traffic the player who calls the most traffic is docked points there’s loads to consider but with the simplicity you expect from a roland right game the shared board is a complete game changer

When i’m bringing out a game to play with non-gamers i want something short simple and loads of fun and my number one pick in that situation is always las vegas it’s great to teach because you can just start playing and teach everyone on their first turn in fact it’s so easy

You can teach it in rhyme if you haven’t even the vegas clue of how to play las vegas you should shut up and sit down you brainless fools i’m here to explain the rules roll your dice in the tray then choose a number you want to play

Put all the dice of that kind on the casino they’re assigned if by the end you have the most dice there you will win riches beyond compare unless there is a tie to those dice we must say goodbye that’s it see wasn’t that painless you now know how to play las

Vegas it has everything i want from this type of game it’s competitive you’re trying to win the casinos with the most money on them by getting more of your dice on there than anyone else but it isn’t aggressive you aren’t attacking each other it’s full of gambling and

Trying to make loads of money or playing it safe and guaranteeing you get something every turn there’s tough decisions to make if you roll loads of sixes on your first turn do you put them down now and try to scare everyone else off but that’s a waste of so many dice

So maybe you put down one five and hope you get some sixes later i love that there’s always big moments when a casino switches hands with the last roll or when someone accidentally makes a tie and someone else wins a hundred grand with one dice it means that everyone’s

Always watching and invested in the game the most available version at the moment is las vegas royale which has a bunch of extras you can add in after a few games it will teach you the rules to las vegas first and it’s brilliant on its own but

If you want to add some more drama or more chaos you can add in these tiles that give you special abilities and mini games and ways to make even more money finally we have our feisty games the games with the most interaction and conflict between players in sheriff of nottingham you have to

Work out when your friends are lying to you and try to smuggle goods past each other welcome to nottingham airport do you have anything to declare yeah nottingham’s a dump karen yeah can you call big hands dave i’ve got a randomly selected cavity search for him as a smuggler you can

Decide whether to fill your pouch full of contraband or keep it legal and bring in humble goods for your market please kind there may i bring in sweet chickens hmm the sheriff has to work out whether to let you through because you’re telling the truth or open your bag

Because you’re lying if they catch you in the act you have to pay a fine pepper i knew it look in nottingham we do not take kindly to people trying to introduce flavor to our meals if you’d eaten here you’d know that but if they open your bag and you

Were telling the truth they have to pay you which puts them in this amazing predicament with potential for double triple or quadruple bluffing if i open this bag i better not find more than 100 milliliters of shampoo a friend actually pat that bag for me so i don’t know what’s in there

Maybe you should open it and see oh you want me to open it well i’m not doing it move along great wait are you happy about that if you’re terrible at bluffing you can always negotiate with the sheriff offer them a bribe to let your bag of contraband

Through here take this five pounds to thank you for such good sheriffing deal i’ll give you free quid if you open her bag barry i’ll give you 10 pounds if you just shut your pie hole if you relish lying to each other’s faces get sheriff of nottingham it’s full of laugh out

Loud moments and screams of horror because when that pouch gets popped it’s all over 10. i’ll give you four and that’s already too much ten it’s not worth ten fine but we were making a deal in cult express you’re vying to be the best outlaw in the west by running

Around this 3d train robbing passengers and shooting each other i don’t think this is setting the right example for timmy yeah we don’t want another train geek in the family i ride the train that doesn’t make me a train geek you ride the train and you’re a geek

You’re a train geek on your turn you play a card to do something such as move to the next carriage climb up to the roof or punch another player’s character let me see i punch timmy oh so that’s why he’s a bit slow who’s a bit slow the twist is everyone

Plans their actions before anything happens so you might think you’re punching someone but when it comes around they’ve already run away i punch oh no one ha ha i got away i’m timmy the unpunchable i shoot timmy oh there’s also a marshal on the train protecting one thousand dollars which

Could be yours if you time it right but if he catches you he’ll shoot you i’ve been shot mother grant me one last request anything darling have them play baby shark at my funeral won’t your death be pain enough every bullet you take will slow you down by clogging up your hand

With useless cards trying to pull off a heist whilst dodging bullets feels like you’re in a movie if you want a strategic game look elsewhere on this list colt express is chaotic fun you’ll need to ride your luck to take the win after the fifth recount timmy is definitely the winner

Yay i’m the best cowboy K2 the first ever sequel to a mountain subtitled to frost too formidable is a death trap you’re racing each other to the top but be careful there’s a very very strong chance you’ll die doing it timmy here’s another scarf you’ll catch your death out there thanks mummy and

Barry i brought you a t-shirt it’s white so hopefully mountain rescue won’t find you knowing your climber could die makes the game really exciting one wrong move and it could all be over if you icarus your way up the mountain you might get up and down just before you freeze but

It’s more likely you’ll become an ice statue to your own stupidity well at least he died doing something he loved being wrong you can check the weather forecast to plan your ascent for when the storm is cleared and pitch your tent and camp out to acclimatize yourself to

The cold jonathan please use your tent it’s freezing no i’m 35 i’m old enough to know what i like and what i like is to hate camping but watch out for your rival climbers as you get closer to the peak the walking paths narrow and other people can get in

Your way and stop you from moving if you’re feeling especially mean you can block your opponent’s path back down so they freeze at the top i got to the top i’m the best climber oh have you told anyone yet no i can’t get any signal up here now let me pass i’m

Going down no signal ah well i’ll be sure to pass on the message that you fought bravely but couldn’t quite get to the top you what let me pass i’m freezing yes you’re freezing that’s the idea as tabletop climbing goes k2 is more thrilling than climbing

On top of a table but not quite as exciting as climbing to the top of table mountain in k2 you feel like a climber trying to prove you’ve got the biggest cojones and it gives you the thrill of always being one step away from disaster so unless cajones is spanish for oxygen

Tanks you’re gonna die it’ll still be fun though in the resistance there are traitors in your group and you’ve got to work out who you can trust you’re either a loyal member of the resistance i’m a good guy or an imperial spy trying to sabotage

The cause from within i’m a good guy too not really the spies know who each other are but they need to pretend like they’re good guys the resistance are in the dark they have to watch everyone closely and trust no one the group must decide which players can be trusted to

Go on missions by voting john can’t go he’s a spy what no i’m not what makes you say that a mother just knows these things like i knew that you must have finally got a girlfriend because there was less tissues in the bin because you weren’t crying so much spies will be

Trying to convince everyone they should go so they can sabotage it alright success success fail who’s done that the good guys don’t know who’s played it so they’ll be accusing each other left right and center it gets heated it has to be timmy he was on both failed missions but it wasn’t

Why wouldn’t you believe me jonathan be nicer to your brother you know he gets bullied at school do i as a good guy you have to go with your gut this game gives you a dramatic finish when it comes down to the last mission and the feeling of betrayal when you

Realize you put your trust in the wrong person is like nothing else ha ha no one ever expects mum but i’ve got hidden depths you know i once broke the stalk of a broccoli in the supermarket so that it would cost less yeah okay mum you’re really cool and i once snapped to

Badger’s neck wow wait it was already dying right the resistance is a game for bigger groups from five to ten players it can be intense as accusations fly around and people desperately plead their innocence but it can also deliver experiences you’ll never forget we all need a chance to be evil for a

Bit take a holiday from your morals in survive escape from atlantis where nice guys always finish last you’re all bloody wankers a lot of you timmy where on earth did that come from it’s those biological parents of his you know i always said they sent us a duffer the

Island is sinking into the ocean you’re trying to get your adventurers onto these lifeboats to ferry them to safety but there’s nowhere near enough of them yeah let’s get out of here john what happened to women and children first that was back in the old days we’ve got

Equality for women now just like you wanted well i wanted a man who doesn’t spend his life getting outbid on ebay for signed photos of old page 3 models because he’s too cheap for his own pathetic hobby no i wasn’t being cheap my card was declined except there’s

Nothing safe about the lifeboats because they can get smashed into bits by whales forcing you to swim oh no whales it’s normal to be frightened darling but wales is miles away and there will never be a reason to go there and then you’re at the mercy of the

Sharks who will eat you are they baby shark baby no absolutely not the rules are very clear on that are they mummy and daddy sharks mommy no they are actually grown-up sharks that have chosen not to have children because they want a peaceful life oh oh

That was a close one these sea serpents aren’t nearly as picky they’ll eat the boat and you with it what’s fun is that you’ll get the chance to move them and decide who they eat how’s your lifeboat working out for you now billy zane you won’t get everyone out alive but under

Each figure is a number some are worth saving more than others if you make it too obvious which ones you’re desperate to save they’ll become a target be careful little man i just bring the boat a little bit closer to land so you don’t get your feet wet survive is a game of

Betrayal retaliation and desperation that is full of big moments and friendly and not so friendly vendettas when you play qe it feels like you’re being studied for a psychological experiment it’s an auction game where you can bid any amount of money you like and what happens is you get carried away

With your spending and it feels very much like you’re failing the psychological experiment the trick to winning the game is to fail it slightly less than one of your opponents you each play as a global superpower or the uk and you have a license to print money

Which is the slogan of james bond’s older brother investment bond with that money you’ll bid on companies that get auctioned each turn one player is the auctioneer and they reveal what’s up for grabs let’s say it’s a japanese agriculture firm the auctioneer makes the starting bid writing any amount of

Money on their whiteboard and showing the group if the other players want it and believe me you always want it they’ll write a bid on their whiteboard in secret yeah nothing quite raises the blood pressure and the spending like the unknown you only get one chance to bid

If you bid too low you’ll get nothing except you’ve got no frame of reference of what too low is each country hands their secret bid to the auctioneer who takes a look and announces a winner but not the winning amount only they will know what everyone bid they write the

Winning amount underneath the prize and give it to the winner at the end of the game you’ll flip them over and reveal how much everyone’s spent the bids will creep up and up as the losing bidders become more and more desperate to score some points and the winners know they’ll

Have to up their bids to compete it makes you feel like you’re going mad as you keep raising your bid to ridiculous heights and find yourself still getting outbid there’s a fever to it more than once i’ve seen players just laughing at the experience the crucial important

Reason you don’t want to overspend for everything is because at the end of the game the player who recklessly spent the most money is eliminated from the game they can’t win and so it’s okay to get caught up in this arms race of bidding so long as you know when to stop you

Won’t win the game by being cautious you’ll win it by going along for the ride getting everyone amped up then taking a sharp left turn before the others drive off the cliff every tile is worth points but there’s a big advantage to winning sets of matching industries

Or a diverse mix of all different types the game does a brilliant job of making you feel like you need to win auctions and when you feel like you need to win any semblance of chill you had goes out the window the feeling of bidding in the

Dark is what makes this game special only when it’s your turn to play auctioneer do you get a glimpse into where the other players heads are at qe is great at delivering a big finish because the reveal of how much money everyone has spent is so exciting bonanza is the ultimate trading game

You’re planting beans in your fields to harvest them for points the more you get the better so you need to make deals with the other players trying to get what you need um do you have you got any um felb means the these ones you don’t have enough room to plan

Everything so you have to make tough decisions about when to cash out on a field don’t be put off by the artwork this game is one of a kind it’s been around for 20 years and nothing has come close to replacing it Celestia is all about reading your friends and deciding whether you can trust them you’re all aboard an airship and you take it in turns as captain in charge of getting the ship to the next island each voyage will encounter random obstacles and the captain must play the

Matching cards to deal with them or the ship will crash but before they do the other players can jump ship because they don’t think it’s going anywhere like a youtube viewer who hasn’t been entertained in the last six seconds despite me spending weeks on this if

They get out now they’ll get a point card from the current city but they’ll miss out on something so much more valuable if the ship slash video carries on without them this game is so much better when you get the captain to tell the others whether they can make it and

They have to work out whether she’s bluffing or not the captain might want to let them think it’s crashing to convince everyone to get out so she can carry on alone getting more points than everyone else good for her some ships you just fly for the artistic

Reward anyway not the viewers the best bits of celestia are when everything goes wrong it’s hard not to laugh when the ship crashes or when someone gets left behind it takes 45 minutes for four to six players the more the merrier or swearier that’s everything if you want to buy one

Of the games there are links below and for more game recommendations please subscribe to the channel or get my patreon newsletter at forward slash actual oil i’m john parkes thanks for watching

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