The ULTIMATE Krabby Patty Marathon 🍔 | SpongeBob | Nickelodeon Cartoon Universe

The ULTIMATE Krabby Patty Marathon 🍔 | SpongeBob | Nickelodeon Cartoon Universe

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It’s time for you to meet… Fry Boy! Defender of– uh-oh! Fry Boy! Defender of the Krabby Patty! [growling] – Squidward. – What now?! I don’t like crusts on my sandwich. It’s a bun. It’s all crust. How am I supposed to cut the crust off a bun? Peel it. Happy?

Room service! Here’s the 50 Krabby Patties you ordered. Could you do one more thing for me? Why don’t you ask SpongeBob? Good idea, Squidward. How may I serve you, sir? I need you to eat these Krabby Patties with me. Well, yes, sir! Get to your station and prepare me your best dish. [panting]

I’m sure with all my years in the kitchen, I can make something other than– [laughing] Just warming up! [growling] [screaming] Come on, SpongeBob! [whistling] [screaming] [growling] Just one egg and– No! Uh. Nope, that’s not it either. Uh. You are making a mockery of my–

This taste is– is fantastic! What do you call it? A Krabby Patty. He’s the most hated creature in Bikini Bottom. And he’s finally got a Krabby Patty! [laughing] Krabs?! What the barnacle is going on here?! It’s your arch competitor, Krabs. His goal in life is to steal a Krabby Patty

And ruin our restaurant. That’s terrible! Yeah! But the worst part of it is– Good grief, he’s naked! [laughing] Clothe me if you can, silly land lovers! [laughing] I’m gonna make you eat those words, Krabs! [laughing] No shirt, no shoes… no service! [laughing] Huh? Aw, ya got me! Hello. Welcome to my commercial.

Would you like the convenience of a Krabby Patty at home, without the hassle of going to the Krusty Krab? Well, now you can have delicious Krabby Patties any time you want. They’re in your grocer’s freezer section. Buy them. I want your money! Did you get that, Pearly-girl? Yes, Daddy, and stop babying me!

Everyone, watch and learn. No one watches Jim. One patty, the right way. [cheering] It’s a thing of beauty. What’s so great about a Jim Patty anyway? Meh, it’s okay. Wow! That was… amazing! Okay, who had the double Krabby Patty with fries and extra chee– [screaming] – SpongeBob! Order up! – I’m on it!

Hurry, SpongeBob! I got 26 more orders! [grunting] 26 orders up! No, no, no! Not that window! The other one! Squidward, are you sure?! These customers over here look really, really hungry! [screaming] And these ones don’t?! – Okay, just half. – No. – A quarter? – No. – One bite? – No.

Just smell it. If I didn’t want it out there, what makes you think I’d find it more appealing in here? Come on, Squidward. No. – One bite. – No. You won’t be sorry. No! It’s delicious. Listen, SpongeBob, how long are you prepared to keep this up?

My first guest had dinner with me just last night. He’s a close personal friend of mine. Please welcome, the Krabby Patty. Great to have you back on the program. Great to be here, BB. Well, I’m sorry to say it, but last night, you were not quite as delicious as one would hope.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure Mr. Krabs will give you a refund. [laughing] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, aw. Why, this Krabby Patty maybe the most… Horrible! Putrid! Poorly prepared! Vial! Unappetizing! Disgusting excuse for a sandwich, it has ever been my displeasure to have slither down my throat!

– But— – And I curse this Krabby Patty, and all who enjoy them, to an early and well-deserved grave! Now go spread the word! Ah. Come on! Come on! Come on! Ah… still alive! Oh, so delicious! All the wasted years! [crying] No, you don’t! [mumbling]

No, no, we’re not going to the tacky Krusty Krab. You’re right, we’re going through the drive-thru! [grunting] Triple Krabby Patty with five scoops of ice cream, please. [grunting] Squidward, you see me struggling with this boat, and you act like you don’t care! It’s not an act. [moaning] There it is. Holy shrimp!

I don’t know where to start. All that matters is that it’s just you and me and nobody– Squidward… is that you? SpongeBob? Uh, uh, uh… what are you doing here? I always come to work at 3 a.m. This is when I count the sesame seeds. What are you doing here? [stammering]

No, I didn’t do– And why are you acting so nervous? And why are you sweating so much? And why do you look so hungry? And– You like Krabby Patties, don’t you, Squidward? Yes! Yes! I admit it, SpongeBob! I love Krabby Patties!

I knew it all along, Squidward. No one can resist a Krabby Patty! [laughing] Squidward, you can’t eat all those patties at one time! Squidward! What’s gonna happen? Am I gonna blow up? No, worse, it’ll go right to your thighs! My thighs? And then you blow up!

Krabby Patties, they taste so nice that they… taste nice. One Krabby Patty, extra onions. One crying Johnny coming up! First bun, then patty, followed by ketchup, mustard, pickles, extra onions, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and bun, in that order. One crying Johnny! Up! Whatever.

So we went back to our secret hideaway, the dump, to prove to those chowder heads that a burger could be semi-edible and easy to swallow. We made sure to keep careful record of our progress. Gently. Gently. We finally emerged with the best-looking burger under the sea. So we seized the opportunity

And converted our hideout into a restaurant. [horn blowing] Our venture into capitalism began. One dollar, please. There you are, sir. 12 Krabby Patties on wheat buns! Bun, patty, ketchup, tomato, bun, bun, patty, ketchup, tomato, bun, bun, patty, ketchup, tomato, bun, bun, patty, ketchup, tomato, bun, bun, patty,

Ketchup, tomato, bun, bun, patty, ketchup, tomato, bun, bun, patty, ketchup, tomato, bun, bun, patty, ketchup, tomato, bun. One dozen crying cows on the farm! Up! Thanks, Farmer Brown. I’m taking the recipe and fixing it. No way, that recipe’s mine! Stop, you’re gonna– [grunting]

You wanna fight over this recipe, I’ll give ya a fight you’ll never forget! Well, that’s ruined. But, no use letting this go to waste. These kids will eat anything. I’ve done it. I’ve discovered the perfect patty batter. Here ya are, sir. You are the first to taste a Krabby Patty. Flavor! Edible!

We can actually hold it down! This is the most flavortastic sensation my still-developing taste buds have ever experienced! [cheering] Let me guess, tiny. A small salad? I’ll take a Triple Bossy Deluxe on a raft, four-by-four animal style; extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze; light axle grease,

Make it cry, burn it and let it swim. We serve food here, sir. I got it already, Squidward. [gasping] Bubble Bass. [screaming] SquarePants. I hear talk you make a mean Krabby Patty. Yep. I hear talk you’re… kinda picky. Yep. Well then… here ya go! Excuse me, ma’am,

Do you know what’s in that Krabby Patty you’re eating? No. Ah. [screaming] See that? Without all your smoke and mirrors, no one would stomach this garbage. What’d he say? Garbage? [screaming] [laughing] Eugene, you’re in violation of your contract. Rules! Here’s a rule for ya: people can’t eat stained glass barstools!

I’ll show you automated! Mr. Blandy? Code red! Free thinker! Mr. Krabs, is there a problem here? You better believe there’s a problem! I used to kiss the ground you walked on, Blandy! But after seeing this, I wouldn’t even spit in your direction!

Krabby Patties are supposed to be made by hand, one at a time! Not on a conveyor belt! [alarm sounding] Oh, my. Does this mean I won’t get that raise, sir? Hey! Where’s the toy? Oh, it doesn’t come with a toy. What?! Oh, that’s a rip off! I want my money back. [gasping]

Money back? What’s the problem here?! My kiddy meal didn’t come with a toy. Hmm. And you’d like to upgrade to the toy package is that right? Mr. Krabs, the Krusty Krab doesn’t have any toys. Oh, really? Then what do you call… this? [gasping] An officially Krusty Krab licensed toy? [panting]

My purpose in life is to have you as my toy. Eww. Disgusting. Ahem. Yep it’s pretty special all right. And it can be yours for only– Hey, good looking. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy have been captured by the evil Man Ray. [laughing] Tickled to the point of wetting themselves

And sent on a conveyor belt of doom… to their watery grave. We cannot escape, Barnacle Boy. He’s too strong. Like the unbeatable taste of a Krusty Kids meal. [laughing] A delicious new treat no mortal can resist? Yep. Ooh, I just love the little pip-squeak patty, small fries, and cold juice product.

Of course you do, Man Ray. Everyone loves the new Krusty Kids Meal. And for a limited time, get your free toy inside. How can I be evil with flavors this good? [laughing] Mr. Krabs, Squidward, allow me to introduce my date, Patty. Your date’s a… Krabby Patty? Me thinks the boy’s really lost it.

What is that putrid odor? Oh, it’s that Krabby Patty. What are you doing with that rotten piece of meat, boy? This isn’t a “piece-o-meat”, Mr. Krabs. She’s Patty. And we’re on a special date tonight so you don’t mind if we get the manager’s treatment, do you? Sorry, boy, no can do.

Oh, really? Mr. Fiver says different. What was that? I couldn’t hear ya. How about now? All right, take a seat. Grazie! Here you go, my dear. A throne befitting a queen. Oh, good evening, monsieur. What might we have on the menu at this fine establishment?

Well, you should know considering the fact that you work here, sod for brains. Speaking of sods, why don’t you get rid of this garbage? It’s starting to stink up the joint. Don’t say such a thing, Squidward. Patty’s just a little sick is all. Right, Wubbie-Lubbie? I’ll show you sick.

Squidward, what are you doing with my beautiful Patty? Beautiful, huh? How beautiful do you think this is? Stop it, Squidward! Maybe you can’t see Patty’s beauty. But to me, she’s the most gorgeous creature in the sea. Well, I definitely see I can’t help the mentally atrophied. Goodbye, creature.

Pay you no mind to that, wubbie-wubbie. I will always love– Yeah, what is that smell? [gasping] Patty? [screaming] What happened to you?! Take a look around. It’s your dream come true. Through the wonders of automation, this factory can make as many Krabby Patties

In one minute as you used to make in a week. Take a whiff of the future, Krabs. Does it smell like money? Oh, yeah. [mumbling] Hey, why does that barrel say “sand”? Well, it’s imported. It’s spelled “sand” but it’s pronounced, “filler.” Hey, let’s check in on our taste test area. [screaming]

This tastes kinda bad. Would you buy it, though? Well, yeah, for the convenience and the face of that stupid guy. Ha. Though I have noticed a bit of a side effect. Hmm-hmm. No! Haha. He loves it. [coughing] [dinging] Patties are done. Arg. Hey, he burnt my Krabby Patty. He burnt my fries.

He burnt my shake! Hey, looks like you guys and gals are done. In all my years of fry cookery, I have never seen such a lovely group of patties. Oh, Patty, my darling, before I do this, I want you to know that I only do it out of love.

Well done, boy. As a reward for your valiant effort, I’ll only charge you 25 cents for the patty. Employee discount. Can I get a doggy bag with that? ♪ You eat me Krusty products Every one you see ♪ ♪ From the Krabby Patt-A To the Krabby Patt-Z ♪

♪ Well this here little ditty’s A walk down memory lane ♪ ♪ To stimulate The money spending center of your brain ♪ [laughing] [screaming] [moaning] [giggling] ♪ You love me double patties And the triple patty’s fun ♪ ♪ Me favorite’s the patty-free patty Made cheap, it’s just a bun ♪

♪ You bought the hatty patty To cover your lack of hair ♪ ♪ You tried the briefy patty When you needed underwear ♪ ♪ Buy some, buy some Buy some Krabby Patties ♪ ♪ Buy some, buy some Buy some Krabby Patties ♪ ♪ Remember the plaidy patty? Painted up so nice ♪

♪ You’ll like me newest patty more It’s frozen up in ice ♪ ♪ With frozen Krabby Patties In your freezer aisle ♪ ♪ You can make your own Right at home pants-less all the while ♪ ♪ Buy some, buy some Frozen Krabby Patties ♪ ♪ Buy some, buy some Frozen Krabby Patties ♪

[laughing] ♪ Buy some frozen Krabby Patties With your money ♪ ♪ Cause I want it right now ♪ [audience cheering] [laughing] [music playing] Once upon a time. [laughing] Perfect. I win. Whoo hoo hoo! [laughing] [audience cheering] Loser. [laughing] Free patties for everyone! [audience cheering] Fools, have you no taste buds?

There’s noting wrong with these. They’re delicious. Ew. – Why don’t you eat it? – Try it! [audience chanting] Eat it! Eat it! Okay, mine’s no good. What makes you think his will be any better? Gimme that. Umm. Umm. Why it tastes so good. I think I’d like to try it a second time.

Go on, have a bite. Uh, no. No, I– Mr. Krabs, just a nibble. Ooh, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, ooh, the flavor. The sweet, greasy nectar of the gods.

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