The VIRTUAL REALITY Elevator! (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

The VIRTUAL REALITY Elevator! (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

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Hey guys Daniel welcome back to some more virtual reality we back now this is a very different sets of than I’m used to so hopefully everything’s okay if not blame me but today we are playing a game a called floor plan where all my goodness I would never get used to this

It’s so cool yeah wait where apparently you get stuck in an elevator and then you need to solve puzzles so without further ado let’s let’s hit play icon your play whoa dude I forgot how cool virtual reality is oh is that a pig I think that’s a pig

You’re I completely forgot how cool this is right so we need to press this button here but and see where this takes us we’re going all the way out to floor 12 hello oh that is beautiful so now oh jeez oh there we go what are we doing to this man he looks

Like he might need some help he needs some coffee that’s what he needs coffee eat it Punk didn’t quite work did it Oh owl two three four five and six okay take this buddy and I’ll see you soon bye right floor two let’s go it’s not a graveyard

Wait what whoa I need a key I need a key okay I need to go somewhere else it Oh guys going up three number three number three please please Oh what is that I’m squeezing it but nothing’s happening right next floor hello what is going on there wait wait wait that’s a

Coffee machine right there yeah haha raided a coffee this is this is hot ah ah do you want this it’s working no it is not okay let’s head to the snow I don’t think anyone in the snow is gonna want this oh why are you in the meat fridge do you want this

Definitely not hello sir he’s very angry I am slightly confused pneumatic drill could probably help oh we’ve all iced up as well this is sick hello pneumatic he’s got the cage sir did it didn’t mean to wake you but can I can I have your

Key please I think he’s gonna say no how about copy yes oh my gosh dude calm down calm down I’m gonna take the key prop on here this is a magnificent key whoa what are you doing calm down okay I’m out I’m out let’s go too let’s try the floor below maybe that’s

Made all the icicles fall down hey see I know things right let’s pop that here we’ve got a shovel we’ve got a key my man is still angry cha-ching oh we have a shovel too wait a second what is gonna pop from here what is gonna pop from here it’s a

Skull and this is now broken that there that there didn’t it say something about no skulls of the top see my brain my brain is working now hello friend it says no skulls but I’m here you go it’s chasing him ah gotcha now Punk I

Have no idea what’s going on oh wait the glass I’m touching the glass what about no give me back what am I supposed to use this for oh wait we put this on the fire BAM I’m gonna light it okay this is wow this is kind of dangerous not sure if I

Should have this in here let’s melt the snow man if he doesn’t stop being angry with me I’m gonna threaten his life oh no no no no I do mean it I’m so sorry ah no I’m actually quite upset but I’ve got a top hat now and I’ve also got a

Boots and I’ve also got a okay that’s his face Oh when unfortunate series of events I think though this might have watered the plan which would be good it hasn’t watered the plan um yeah burn that hey I want to see my little baby boy grow up

It’s a money tree give me a sweet dollar ah oh it sent me to go to twelve maybe we could dress up on man you sir need a hat oh wait boots how many boots we need one more boot so we need one more boot and a scuba helmet ah

We’ve got more floors now gumball machine bowling pin pig fireplace cowboy let’s let’s do them in order gumball machine it is maybe we can use our sweet dollar hello friends how are you doing you said no take the dollar though give me a prize give me a sweet little prize

Hey to reject my dollar why are you rejecting me fine I’m out of here I don’t like your little place anyway bye little punk hey so I’m guessing we need some kind of a bowling ball for this one which we definitely don’t have to the pig piggy

Piggy piggy piggy piggy you look like you need way way way way way this yeah he’s cute I will call you puck Pixley hey pigs Lea how’s it going do you want a dollar as well no 100 I’ll take the cent take my money that’s what

You get for being rude though stop being nasty to this man why do we need to go now let’s go cowboy Oh what do you want what do you want a queen why you there wasn’t even funny I don’t like this guy look at his look at his cheeky face I’m

Going to the fireplace where hopefully I can buy something with a giant quarter what’s another one I mean who’s gonna come down here for the quarter huh May oh wait that’s big sleep ugly that’s my main man I don’t know why I’m putting things on the floor though would you

Like a coin I missed wait the B the B has the boot it has the boot that I needs well there’s only one thing I haven’t tried and that’s bowling this puppy yes No pigley you’ve given me a coin that I don’t actually want you don’t want it either

Why would you give me something you don’t even one I’m actually stuck I have no idea what is going on we’re like tiny now oh wait what if we go down to the lounge will it be tiny my brain might have worked perfectly then if not yes oh

Thank goodness give me the coin give me the coin give me the coin give me the coin give me the coin give me the coin thank you right mr. gumball you are going to accept this coin and I’m gonna get a boot in return what do you got for me buddy

What you got thank you sir for this bye oh no he crashed he died that’s what you get this goes down here then we know wrong floor me to go to 11 please sorry sorry I’m that guy in the elevator I know there we go now shrine avoid this

Your little whippersnappers yes oh my goodness look at the fingers stroke the ball caress the ball bowl the ball yeah what’s my prize what I get what I get what I get a brick okay nice and a magnet gun awesome right the brick needs

To go here I’ve got it looks like a bit of chocolate but I’m sure are we flying to smash that window fit garden fool Oh is he um did he die is he dead is that my fault oh no oh no it’s the other guy too it’s gumball yes

Oh I’ll take this too I’m now wearing a snorkel oh oh I have to hold it um give me your oh na desu it’s a button thank you sir see you later friends oh that’s why we need it I wasn’t holding it properly

Oh oh no no no no no at least we can breathe there’s a treasure chest as there’s nothing in here that I can use okay I think I know what to do I think it fills up with water and then we can get the plan because this water then

Comes out I’m pretty sure is that right it is right what did you create oh dude what even what even is that we replace the snowman with the plant from Mario oof big oof yep still going still going all the way up to gumball all the bees

Come here B I got a plan for you and I want your shoe come on this is making me feel very dizzy now so I need to just shake it shake it shake it shake it it’s not working guys it’s not working oh I will take that off your hands

Give me yet No you oh he took it chewing gum why would I need chewing gum it’s huge maybe I’m gonna stick to you to the flower thank you so funny now hard to meet you oh it’s gonna get stuck hahahaha sassy me this shoe is now mine

Give me give me give me a it’s like a it’s like Santa’s shoe I wonder if we stole it from Santa so now we just need a helmet that was hard enough to get one of my hands has gone invisible this is worrying okay let’s see if we can do this yeah

Meets is that why why do I need the meet this is getting tricky now right no I want I want your I want your grabby thing gimme um what does this do oh hello oh it’s good to hear your voice let me see you know what sound oh this

Is a hint you don’t want to handle raw meat with your hands do you I’ve got another one for you if you need yeah give me a hit let me pull up the building’s floorplan you don’t need any I seem to get the Cowboys on see I knew

I was doing but how do I get his arm off him oh I think I know what to do okay I think I’ve got it yeah hang on now goodbye this this that’s what I’m talking about sweet let’s grab this me I don’t know why we need the meat but we’re gonna

Grab it who needs a piece of meat Pixley Oh No ah pigsties gone ah there are any shocks the might one this may be does anyone want this oh I’m fishing I’m fishing ha ha ha it’s a piranha I should probably a little bit scared you’re close to me

Buddy I’m gonna take this and then I think I still have something to do in the lava place wait is this the helmet this might be the helmet guys oh that’s how you grab it can I not just grab it it’s not gonna be that easy is it

I can’t reach it oh so I’ve grabbed the fish is that what I should have done when he came near I think I need to grab the fish that freaked me out need some meat all right so now I need to fish for the fish come here you

I’m gonna grab you I’m gonna grab you grab him grab him oh wait wait cuz it yeah hello friend I pressed the I pressed the right one as well uh oh there he is is he doing yeah this guy’s a legend see you later dudes I got it oh my

Goodness oh my goodness this is the best thank you lady behind the emergency button thank you wow this is cool it’s like a superhero helmet be born be born my little friend what what happens now do I save the world I hope so It’s me I’ve got my hand back oh wait it’s gone never mind I got my hand back oh let’s do it beam me up Scotty let’s go Auto this is not what I expected to be I don’t like the floors moving to make me feel a

Little bit sick oh my goodness we’re in a rocket we’re actually in a rocket I’m so pleased let’s blast off into space Oh or maybe do another puzzle please ho ho jeez I don’t like this no I just oh we’re going to the moon so it’s fine

A hundred floors in the sky did we do it whoa it’s the cowboy he was a satellite all along what’s good buddy thank you for playing floor plan hey that was sick guys I love this how cool is that did you enjoy it if you did I’m gonna

Toss a pig that’s Pig a bacon absolutely beautiful site we haven’t discovered that yet in the human world but that is beautiful you foes as well don’t mind if I do guys if you enjoyed this and might see some more VR then please leaving fat thumbs up kinda that’d be greatly

Appreciated subscribe if you’re brand spanking new and I’ll see you in the next one got out the elevator I’m so pleased bye Hostess I swing wagon candle canvas of a full rubber band

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