The Wheels on the Bus go round and round song board games for kids

The Wheels on the Bus go round and round song board games for kids

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What good job welcomes to ryan toy reveal Hey ryan hey molly what are we playing today the wheel on the bus game the wheels on the bus goes round and round so we got a classic game here we are on the bus here is the bus woohoo So basically the wheels on the bus will go round and round and all you have to do is find four of these tokens to win the game you guys ready yeah okay ryan you’re you get to go first ryan is what color are you gonna be i’m

Gonna be blue that ryan’s gonna be blue daddy will be girl red and mommy will be yellow okay so ryan will go first Okay now you top this wait let’s see what we have corn all right ryan you have two chance to find the horn what’d you get oh oh is that it yeah nice good job so ryan has the horn token already he just needs three more all right daddy your turn I’m running over you too okay Okay one more chance daddy all right i’ll get this one what the diapers yes you got it nice wow mommy’s turn get off the bus young lady mommy’s turn Ah let’s go around yay thank you there you go great so can you press for me door door all right so mommy has to find the door let’s see two chances All right brian your turn press it to see what they’re looking for wiper right first oh wheels Is that a wiper no but i have i already have it so i can get if i get enough no you don’t you put it back okay all right ryan didn’t get it daddy’s turn one more i think it’s this one this one good job what no

That’s no horn this one so i just need two more daddy has the horn and the windshield wipers he just needs the door and the wheel that’s right mommy’s turn there you go all right door door oh you already have the door i already have the door they said if i

Find the door then i get to flip out an extra one okay so let’s see door so what does that mean that means it gets a football an extra one and whatever i get if i don’t have it i get to keep it okay so yeah

The wheels mommy is good mommy has two all right ryan your turn wheel oh you don’t have it good good good real no all right go ahead Yes done good job ryan also has two i have two daddy has two and mommy has two it is a tie daddy’s turn all right do not get it do not get it wipers right first oh holland you already have wipers so if you can find

Wipers you get to pick an extra one this one no no you already have it no he needs to find a wiper yes what all right daddy pick an extra one this one oh One more door nice mommy’s turn hey let’s see but if i can find a wheel i get to pick an extra one wheel no windshield wipers wheels oh no wheel all right the bus goes Get more yes okay so if you can find a horn again you got it oh good job you get an extra one ryan you want door or wiper did you get something i got a wiper ooh good job ryan has a wiper all he needs left is door so does daddy

Everybody’s looking for what don’t worry my turn do not get a door Double board nope mommy’s turn you’re right mommy you won the horn i think it’s this one oh really okay let’s see horn corn ryan’s helping mommy this is horn unicorn oh so all mommy needs is the windshield wiper all right see ryan can win the game all right let’s see

Oh yeah that’s what you that’s what you need can you get the door oh door what good job how how did you get it so fast ryan found all the four tokens and he won the wheel on the bus game nice good job oh yeah alright so since ryan won the game

The bus is gonna deliver egg surprises All right so and then since we’re just playing for fun ryan gets an egg surprise daddy also gets an egg surprise and mommy again and so does mommy have a kinder egg surprise my little pony all righty what’d you get see oh this is the snack part Okay i’ll eat you later this one is a toy and it comes with a little comb here what is that what are you doing look at daddy What are those fingers that’s your little finger all right see what i got Oh what did you get your food something pink oh something like a heart i don’t know what these are maybe we can save them for emma and kate later this is the one that daddy got here that is right it’s for the hands and this is the one that ryan has it’s barbie

Brian’s like it’s okay as long as i enjoy my yummy snack right let’s see what mommy got oh thank you all right so let’s dig into it all right let’s see what we got that’s cute you wear it you want to wear it i’m thinking mine can you do it for me

I think my finger’s too fat it doesn’t fit right mr wrinkles yeah there you go so ryan’s gonna try it on So it is supposed to be like that kind of ring and here’s what it looks like on the other side there we go all right where’s my ring there it is do you guys see the cute ring there it’s cute thank you for watching my wheels Please click on one of these videos for ryan toy review more fun

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