The World’s Biggest Comic Book Collection

The World's Biggest Comic Book Collection

#Worlds #Biggest #Comic #Book #Collection

Okay I’m Bob Brito and I have one of the world’s largest comic-book collections I’ve got right around ninety thousand different unique comic books they cover everything from superheroes crime western funny animals all different kinds of comics and I’ve been collecting for over 40 years the first comic I remember buying for

Myself was amazing spider-man number 88 and it was the first one that got me to come back you know I came back the next month then I got number 89 and then that was it from that month to now not a month has gone by that I haven’t been

Buying comics I currently buy about 115 to 120 comics a month so I buy and I read about 115 to 120 comics a month it’s just it’s a form of entertainment that I’ve always enjoyed and it doesn’t matter what kind of comic it is whether

It’s a issue of The Walking Dead – an issue of spider-man it can be any kind of comic but a good comic told by a very good writer in conjunction with an artist who clicks you find yourself just drawn into the world of that comic and

For the amount of time it takes you to read that comic if it’s 15 minutes or you know 25 minutes or whatever amount of time it takes the rest of the world kind of goes away and you’re drawn into that world of that comic book

So that room is just kind of for display purposes the actual bulk of the 90,000 comic books are in here I’ve got three hundred and nineteen at this count long boxes and you can kind of see when I say long box it’s pretty long oh they’re pretty heavy but they’re comics from

Across hundreds and hundreds of different publishers you know it’s just I turned around at one point and I saw that you know somebody in Australia had 68,000 comics and it was kind of like the world’s largest comic book collection like I’ve got way more than 68,000 books and I actually started you

Know looking through my database and and counting the comics you know I still had 90,000 comic books and it’s just like okay well that’s more than 68,000 so there’s people who read comic books and there’s people who collect comic books and there’s people who do both and I do

Both it’s better now because comics don’t have as much of a stigma attached to them now as they did 30 years ago they don’t have to be embarrassed about it I think it’s getting better you know it probably a little bit of ways to go

But you know as time goes on people get more accepting of of these things I think that any anybody who likes storytelling and likes adventure or any kind of stories check out comics because there are comics stories for every taste you know every kind of movie every kind

Of TV show every kind of videogame whatever the genre is that you like if you like fantasy if you like superheroes if you like action there’s some comic that is going to appeal to you you can read all kinds of really great stories in comics you

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