the worst fanfics i could find

the worst fanfics i could find

#worst #fanfics #find

I took a couple of minutes the other day and went through and tried to find some of the weirdest fanfics i could find okay wattpad is a lawless place full of scum and villainy i honestly don’t really like to spend more than like 30 seconds on here

At a time if i can because some of the stuff on here really just messes me up to see the kind of stuff that people write about but today we’re saying screw it we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna find some of the weirdest stuff people have written about on this

Website cause some of you some of you need to calm it down the only thing that’s going to get me through this is a sparkling water baby okay the first one i found is called john cena and bill nyla has been viewed 18 000 times and you know it is canon

Except canon is capitalized like it’s the brand of camera i know most of these are probably just like jokes and people you know made these to be funny the thing that bothers me about wattpad and maybe this is just my age showing but it’s really hard to tell sometimes when

People are joking i’m almost positive this one’s a joke but it’s still funny to read them honestly i’m still gonna read it and i’m gonna make fun of it like it is real cause you can’t prove it’s not but first this video is sponsored by native deodorants i was

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Continue with the video feel like you could not pick two people that i would like to see become romantic with each other less between john cena and bill nye dudes have probably never even met i don’t understand how you could ship such random people all right the first

Chapter is called teaching me how to wrestle john cena walked over to bill nye’s house he could drive of course but lately he wasn’t feeling well thank you for clarifying that john cena does know how to drive this person is very careful not to slander john cena right before

Talking about how he’s probably gonna have sex with bill nye he’s like okay let me get the record straight though this dude doesn’t know how to drive and he could if he wanted to just con like comments on this particular part yeah i didn’t know there was this feature you

Can comment on every specific paragraph here we go again this is the beginning of the story dude oh john cena is going over to bill nye’s house oh brother this ought to be good we know how this ends do we why is this on my recommended kind

Of sus i’ll read anyway you do kind of gotta be in a weird corner of wattpad for this to show up on your recommended right it’s not like you’re reading like what’s a normal thing to read about on wattpad it’s not like you’re reading harry potter fanfics and this shows up

Right bill was so perfect his skin stayed scientifically ageless with each year all the facts he spoke and honestly turned john on thank you for being honest i appreciate that i can’t lie to you guys john was horny as hell he was going to have what he wanted he is john

Cena after all that’s right let’s see what people have to say about that part okay then anyone know what john cena looks like i’ve never seen him wait this is the same guy that commented before about how did this end up in my recommended he’s reading the story and

He’s like i don’t know who john cena is even though there’s a picture of him right here but i’m invested in the story john opened the door and stepped inside bill’s house john cena is here he’s screamed making sure bill can hear scientifically i suppose so bill says i

Love that everything bill nye does is scientific he supposes so scientifically his skin stayed scientifically ageless i can’t wait until they start scientifically making out jon was going to take what was his i forgot my swag hat last time i was here sure that was his but that wasn’t really what he

Wanted bill raised an eyebrow as he reaches in a shell taking the hat out and handing it to john the atmosphere suddenly changed oh [ __ ] pollution that’s so [ __ ] up it wasn’t innocent anymore it wasn’t swaggy anymore i don’t think it was ever innocent it’s just he showed up

Screaming i don’t really think you can say it was innocent he showed up with blood vessels popping out of his head i’m here just an innocent widow boy i’m here john looked into the hat there was a condom in it sort of a swag hat within a swag

Hat when you think about it let’s see if anybody else made that joke there’s a hundred comments about this one line oh little plot twist seems like they got some people surprised i love how invested people are in the plot that crazy old saggy swaggy scientist knew he’d come back oh oh oh

Um oh um so that just happened bill winked suddenly john’s right muscles made him want to do some biology his right muscles is that like all the muscles on the right side of his body or like the correct muscle teach me how to wrestle bill said wait so the last

Spoken thing was i forgot my hat last time i was here so in complete silence bill goes and gets his hat gives it to john they look inside it’s a condom bill looks up and says teach me how to wrestle now later they made love to john

Cena’s theme song on repeat later what happened right after this teaching me how to wrestle and then they wrestled for a while that oh you thought that was gonna lead to them making love no dude they did a lot they did a lot of other stuff later on they did have sex though

Yep they did not related to anything that we talked about though there’s different things okay next part biology bill hadn’t seen john cena in what seemed like a million light years what kind of fanfic is this they just skipped over all the juicy stuff i guess now

It’s far in the future also light years is a measure of distance it’s the distance that light travels in a year not a measure of time so that’s like saying bill hadn’t seen john and what seemed like [ __ ] 10 meters he missed his shouting and his theme song oh how they

Made love to that theme song on repeat he still remembered that day so the things he misses about john is his shouting and his theme song it’s funny it seems like the person who wrote this doesn’t seem to know that much about bill nye or john cena they just know

That like bill nye’s a science guy everything he does is scientific and john cena wrestles yells and has a theme song and bill nye has a theme song too and they haven’t mentioned that at all give bill a little credit here he also has a theme song

John was going to visit him that day he got a text informing him and it looks like a very informational text indeed get ready to see john cena’s dick glad they’re starting things off innocent as usual jon was always so forward bill loved it bill heard his doorbell ring a

Familiar sound yeah the ringing of a doorbell that should be pretty familiar as you heard john screaming into the house bill was surprised his neighbors hadn’t called the cop john almost ran up and embraced bill ready for this swaggy dick jesus christ man am i gonna have to

Edit this whole thing out am i gonna have to bleep this i’m gonna have to review youtube’s monetization policy okay let’s see the comments no comments i’m gonna tell my crush this ready for this swaggy dick you’re gonna tell that to your crush you know be a crazier

Pickup line get ready to see john cena’s dick hey baby thanks for that tasteful nude you just sent me now get ready to see john cena’s dick like what wait whoa what and then you send a picture of nothing because you can’t see john cena one minute and we can do some biology

Bill said as he walked over to the stereo and played john cena’s theme song okay this chapter is like a carbon copy of the first chapter john cena bursts in loudly they talk and then they make love to the theme song on repeat they made

Love to the theme song on repeat for a second time is the next one going to be the exact same thing ruby continued bro that was the end it’s just two chapters of the exact same thing happening twice i feel so cheated right now last updated

In 2016 this is a tragedy shawty it’s been six years shawty please come back i have to know what happens next i have a couple of pretty good educated guesses but i’d really like to know for sure all right [ __ ] well i guess that was that

Whole story you know what i feel like we’re just gonna end it there that was a little bit too much all right well thanks for watching guys keep it real stay safe and most importantly keep it real i’ll see you guys next time

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