“They can ******* play football…sorry”😅 | Erik ten Hag reacts to his first Manchester United win

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We’re delighted to be joined by the manchester united manager eric tenharg before we get into the the technical aspects of tonight’s game can you actually do what’s been a difficult start for you sum up your emotions right now how we can talk about him tactical but

It’s all about attitude and now you see we bring the attitude on the pitch there was communication there was a fighting spirit and especially there was team and then you can see what they can achieve because they can could play football you had nine did sorry apologize for a

Language if there was a little uh f-bomb dropped him do you apologize for that i quite enjoyed it i wasn’t sure if it was lost in translation eric i do apologize um you had nine days to prepare for this game but did you expect that kind of reaction from the brentford game

Expect i wanted a different approach i wanted a different attitude and that is what they bring on the pitch and that’s what makes me satisfied but it is only a start we have to keep humble i think we can play much better if we have a little bit more composure

Give an extra pass we can much more dangerous because when i say we have good players but now um be a team and be a good spirit and then you will act and that is what we saw today in moments but also when you have

To make the game you have to be better on the ball eric specifically you mentioned attitude fighting spirit it was absolutely amazing to watch but what actually have you done during the week and what have you said to the players it’s not always about what we said i

As what i said then we have to act not to talk a lot just to act and make sure you are a team and and battle and and also be brave give each other options when we have the ball so it’s not only about spirit when we when we out of possession

Yes we want to press and sometimes they think uh strike is that they cannot do it because they have to save the energy for their offensive actions and nowadays football both um is a demand you have to bring it on the pitch out of possession and then you can be a

Threat in possession and that is what you saw it makes me happy that respond and jaden sancho make the goals you you gave the captaincy to bruno fernandez do you think that was the biggest difference in his performance tonight because he was absolutely sensational from minute one to 90. never stopped working

I think he took to responsibility and i think it encouraged him the captaincy and i think he showed leadership together with rafa faran i think definitely on the pitch they make a huge difference uh but that is what they have to bring and i think it’s not

Only them two i think we need more leaders when you want to get a winning team you need more leaders and you need to spare what we showed today about the show tonight obviously the players earned the right to play sometimes you think the team turns up to

Think they can just play their nice football but they’ve got to earn their right they’ve done that tonight with our tackling as you said with the spirit with their energy you give everyone a boost and you must be over the moon with it i i was i was happy with it but

They have to bring it every game and not in only one game of course we are happy i know the rivalry against liverpool but don’t bring it only against liverpool every premier league game is is difficult it’s heavy so you have to bring it in every game this organization and this intensity and

It starts once again with the spirit eric the intensity was too much for liverpool to cope with throughout the game so you talk about you need that spirit every game but sort of what you did almost tactically some of the decisions in the game obviously david de

Gea went along with every ball you picked three strikers who had pasted on behind there’s obviously a lot of important thoughts tactically for the game as well yeah of course uh tactical is also a part of it and of course you see where can you where can you be uh

Where can you have weapons in the game and yeah we play on speed in front we uh that that’s quite clear and also i want to have a christian erickson bruno fan on this we have uh playing midfield they can give a pass and together with scott mctominay i i

Must say play also magnificent came um yeah they were really good um in the midfield was good in balance and then you can hurt an opponent and i think we can do it our position out of building up but also in a transition and definitely we play on the transition

Today i asked you about martinez when we we did the interview a few days ago he was out excellent tonight what do you think about his performance in terms of coming up against a top quality team but a team who played slightly different maybe trying to play through the lines

And play in behind he dealt with it fantastically well it’s all the same but i know he can he can do both um he is for for a defender his skills his technical skills are quite good and his fighting spirit is there and also his positioning and he’s

Battling over the ground we’re also in aerial he’s not the tallest but he is a good timing you made big selection decisions as well this evening eric leaving out harry maguire who you made the captain or you kept his captain in the summer and also cristiano ronaldo

Can i ask how difficult those decisions were to make and how those players reacted to the news our personal is always difficult but i have the decisions to make i uh once i will say i have a squad and we have to use the squad and we play so 50 60 games and

So we will from game to game we will see what team we have to pick and um i don’t have to mention harry maguire and ronaldo are amazing players and they will play a role in the future as well and in the short future as well and can you tell us

How important casemiro is going to be for you we saw him here this evening watching oh we were talking about leadership and today we had obviously we had leadership on the pitch but he is the one as well he knows the game um he knows how to win um so he

In his career you win so many trophies so and that’s important to have that in your team rafa faran has it so with him the casimiro we have another one ronaldo has it so you need some and there’s like a guidance for young players who didn’t achieve till now the

Trophies because that is what we want to achieve so i hope their presence will be a huge stimulation to the rest it’s a big signing for the club the transfer window is still open ideally how many more would you like to bring here uh you can never tell and

We said from the beginning we want to bring the right players in and not any place i think now again we have the right player i’m convinced of that and yeah the window is not closed you know and you see you need numbers but not only numbers you need quality and

They give so much and i think when you you bring it on the pitch and you will get stronger physically mentally but you if you have to bring it every three days you need especially in front yeah you’ll need numbers quality numbers eric good luck with it and thank you so much

For joining us tonight and go and enjoy the victory congratulations please

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