This Genshin Figure is INSANE!

This Genshin Figure is INSANE!

#Genshin #Figure #INSANE

Foreign Foreign [Applause] foreign Foreign Foreign Once Upon scale made by Apex in collaboration with mihoyo so how is it this is one of the best fairies I’ve received this year hands down without a doubt absolutely brilliant coming in at a whopping 27 000 Yen at least for my pricing she has gone up slightly in

Retail stores at least specifically where I bought her off so instead of 27 000 yeah it’s about 29 000 Yen right now at the current exchange rate to USD 185 ishuous year so at least that’s what I paid for I think right now you could probably get it for like maybe 195 maybe

200 USD which is still pretty good I bought figures around the same pricing or even more expensive than this one and the amount of stuff that you get with this one and just the overall presentation is not really as good for example Prince Oregon from alter from

Azer Lane that one costed me about 40 000 Yen and while I do think it’s one of ultra’s best figures today and I think it looks really nice when it comes to this figure I think this one just looks aesthetically more pleasing all right let’s so let’s first talk about the box

Now this is the box that the figure comes in it’s huge in my eight years of figure collecting this is the first time I’ve ever seen a box for a figure come out like this like mihoyo and Apex definitely put in a lot of effort to make you feel like you’re getting a

Premium product and it really shows it’s like a wooden crate almost it’s not entirely made out of wood the texture on it is also very smooth but it has a little bit of grit it feels very nice absolutely over the top box so on the

Front side of the Box you do have the symbol of the Phoenix on both sides of the Box you do have these windows that are elegantly cut out into like squares and rectangles makes it look very modern almost something like you would see in

Game but on the top of the box you have the Geo symbol in the middle you have some Chinese text which I’m going to assume says ninguan pearly Jade version once I’m at scale you also have this lovely flowing river painted on with some added leaves it looks great on the

Bottom of the wooden crate box you do have an image of the figure very similar to what you’d see on our regular figure box with all the information and stuff opens up from the middle from the sides which is super cool and inside of that you will have the actual cardboard box

That holds the figure and side completely Brown no logos no pictures no nothing compared to other cardboard boxes I’ve handled this one feels very soft very similar to paper almost so yeah the box is pretty cool which also reminds me the shipping cost is gonna be kind of expensive for this particular

Figure now depending on where you live shipping can vary and also where you buy from so from the story that I bought this figure these are the shipping prices for the three options so you had EMS at 17 000 Yen DHL at 14 000 Yen and surface which is probably the cheapest

One at 11 000 Yen so you’re gonna be looking to spending at least eight dollars plus for shipping this figure since I live in Canada the only shipping option for me is DHL so I ended up paying 14 000 Yen which is about 95 USD right now Inside the Box you will have

Three layers of blister packaging so you have the figure itself with a couple of accessories another ballistic packaging with just accessories and then you have the final blister packaging with just the base so in terms of the accessories or props it does come with a lot of them

So you have a paper screen you have a lantern which lights up we’ll get into that a little bit which is pretty cool you have a tall wooden stool with a vase on it and sense burner some Jade Scrolls the Jade plot the base itself which is

Very nice I really like this it’s like a jade platform it’s got some leaves stuck to it and then of course you’ve got an angle on herself which she is attached to the chair I don’t know how many people would have liked her to be separate from the chair but I do like

How she’s a glued onto it because there’s no chance of her falling off of the chair it gives weight to the whole piece in terms of assembly very easy to put together nothing should really give you too much of our time just follow the instructions the instructions can be a

Little bit misleading on one particular part and that’s what the incense burner pot they give you a diagram picture of where you should put it the hole that they show in the photo isn’t actually the hole that you’re supposed to put the smoke in you have to put it in the back

Hole you’ll know which hole it is because the incense burner pile only goes into the base One Way specifically which is nice because everything has a specific spot you can put it there you don’t have to fiddle around guessing of where things are so I can actually pick up the figure like this

Nothing’s Gonna wobble or fall over the only two items that don’t have grooves for them would be the open scroll and the J-pop but the Jade scroll lies flat so it’s not really going to fall over right and the j-pot with the Scrolls in it it’s very heavy already so it’s not

Really going to tip and fall and I love that because recently I actually picked up altar Sirius from azer Lane fantastic figure I love the bass too but there’s no grooves for any of the items that go on to the base so when you’re picking up the base itself the paper screen will

Probably fall off and maybe a manager here or two if you’re not really careful enough another thing to mention about the smoke because there’s a little metal rod that it comes attached to the smoke when you put it inside the incense burner it is fairly long and the hole

That it has to go into is fairly tight it’s a very snug fit so I wasn’t actually able to push mine in all the way so a little bit of the metal rod is sticking out which honestly I’m fine with but if you’re a little bit OCD

About that and if you can’t push it in all the way I would recommend getting some pliers or something and maybe cutting the raw just a little bit short so you can actually hide it also like I said before it is a very tight snug fit

So when you push it in all the way you might not be able to get it out without breaking something so this just another thing you might want to take note of and then after assembly that’s what the figure looks like now let’s get back to the lantern the lantern slash lampshade

Comes with does light up so there’s a battery slot on the bottom you can just pry off and you can insert a battery on there I actually got an email from amiami the store that I bought this from there was a change in batteries I don’t

Know when the change happened I do know that China ended up getting their orders for their figures about a month or two earlier than us so I don’t know if China’s batch for figures actually had the previous battery but the one we’re getting is like the C1 332 or something

Like that I’ll post it here obviously I bought both batteries off Amazon so I ended up wasting like five bucks on one of them but that’s fine so slap the battery in and you can place it on the base now to turn on the light I love how

They added this one of the Scrolls has a magnet you’ll know which one it is because it’s the biggest one and it weighs the most out of the rest of them grab this and you just put it close to the bottom of the lamp and it just turns on that is so sick

They Incorporated a magnet and you also get a lamp that lights up now usually when it comes to figures when you have something that lights up it’s usually kind of a really ugly gimmick like I have one for saber and does not look very good but this one looks fine which

Just increases the value for this figure for me because like you get something so cool and this price range it’s dope and how the figure itself fantastic I don’t have any deficiencies or marks on mine everything looks pristine sculpt is fantastic I love her hair the sculpt on

Her legs there’s a good amount of detail on all of the props including her outfit paint job is clean especially the red mark on her leg perfectly painted now the one thing I could probably nitpick about for this particular figure is the face compared to the Prototype version

If you can see here closely the eyes are a little bit more wider and spread apart on the retail version which is a bummer to me a little bit because I did prefer the face on the Prototype version but it’s not too far apart to where it’s a

Turn off in terms of size though she is pretty big so you’re gonna have to find a pretty respectable place to display her in she does fit perfectly into one slot of a detail if you might even be able to fit one or two nendrites in there with her but she’s definitely

Someone that deserves her own space which brings me to another point the Box itself can actually be used as somewhat of a display case if you really wanted I wouldn’t really recommend going this route but the figure does fit perfectly into the box and since the box has these

Really elegant Windows you can actually just display her in there of course I would recommend if you have like another smaller light that you can just plop in there it might look really nice but you can do that you can also see the hinges very easily like this so uh probably not

The ideal way to display her which is probably why mihoyo actually makes their own custom display case for this particular figure I don’t actually know if it’s still up for order or where you can order it because I actually heard this information second hand I’ll try to

Find a picture or something but Google it yourself because I have no idea but overall I think this is a very good figure for the price point very jam-packed with a bunch of props it has its own little set and ninguan looks great and one of the best this year if

Not the best this year Apex has really shown off that Chinese manufacturers mean business I’ve been very pleased with all of apex’s figures I’ve collected all their organized ones and they look great Mythos is another company I’ve heard very good things about I actually only own one Mythos

Figure and that is the one that they did in collaboration with Tokyo talk mode of Holo from Spice and Wolf Fantastic Fear I will be getting my second Mythos figure which is Searcher from Arc Knights later this month I think so that’s gonna be pretty cool and then

There’s good small art Shanghai which is the Chinese Division I guess of good smile but they’ve done a fantastic job on their Arc Knight stuff absolutely killer value for those figures my God they’re really showing off some really good stuff for incredible value because Japanese manufacturers I’m not gonna lie

They’ve been pricing their stuff very bad for especially for what they’re putting out uh here’s an example chainsaw man you guys probably know the series it’s animes airing this season and it’s very popular recently I saw a chainsaw man figure of lakima go up for pre-order and here’s the picture

Can you guess how much this figure costs well if you guessed like sub 80 because of how simple it is well you’d be wrong that figure right there costs 29 000 Yen pretty much the same price as ninguan right now it’s ridiculous how can you even compare these two figures and think

They’re the same price I initially thought this figure was a prize figure until I saw it was actually a 1 7 scale the brand is by mappa apparently and I was like what map of makes anime figures when they’re already overworking their staff for their anime I guess that’s why

It turned out so ugly but nah it’s actually not being made by mapa it’s actually being distributed by mapa but actually made by for you apparently God damn for you I don’t know what you’re thinking but this thing absolutely looks like a prize figure and for the price oh

My God definitely not worth just the overall look of the figure is very low quality like I think my patrons in the Discord were actually talking about this figure and they said that most of the funds were probably put for the butt because that’s the only thing that looks

Sculpted well so yeah that’s pretty much it definitely pick this up if you’re an England fan or you’re against your impact fan and you want to start collecting figures this is definitely one to pick up first if you can she’s still in stock at a couple of places

I’ll leave links down below to where you can potentially purchase her still but she might go out of stock by the time you watch this video so jump on that fast with regards to other Genji impact figures you’ll be seeing on the channel if you want to get subscribed we will be

Doing a video on Mona coming out later this month I think she’s actually already been released in China if I’m not mistaken and then also can Ching later in December who is also released already in China since I ordered mine from Japanese retailers I’m not going to

Be getting my until when they come out in Japan and then we also have gone you who I’m pretty excited for that’s coming out in January those are the ones that I particularly prefer to right now there is a figure of Zhao coming out and also

A traveler by Aether and lumina if you haven’t hopped up in those pre-orders yet and you want to recommend it and do so I’m personally waiting for a Zhong Lee figure or one of Beto YULA I’m waiting me Julio now if you excuse me I’m gonna film the next figure haul

Video because I have a bunch of boxes behind me so catch you guys later peace [Applause] Me

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