Tiny Tuxedo Cat Oreo Looks For a New Mother | Too Cute!

Tiny Tuxedo Cat Oreo Looks For a New Mother | Too Cute!

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Sinta is sort of a den mother to a very busy den since this is her permanent home it’s her job to welcome and look after all of the residents who pass through today some tiny new kittens arrive This teeny trio was found with no mom in sight since they’re too young to go to a regular animal shelter they’ll stay here until they get a bit bigger Among this pile of black kittens is one little tuxedo named oreo Oreo is the smallest of the bunch but he’s got a pretty big voice he’s hungry for dinner and he’s not shy about asking for it with no mom to feed them the kittens get nutritious formula in a bottle blended and warmed to order At this age most kittens nurse constantly so these little guys get bottle fed about six times a day Oreo tries to drink every last drop but when you’re this tiny every task is a challenge especially when there’s no mom to guide you But little oreos seems to have landed in good hands It’s been an exhausting day and with a full tummy the tiny tuxedo can finally get some sleep little oreo is now the center of kitten attention his litter mates have been placed in another foster rescue but he’s too tiny to move on and stays for some extra tlc

Which center the dog seems happy to deliver there are lots of furry creatures here but oreo is on the hunt for one in particular a new mother Here’s a possibility Oreo makes his best efforts to say hello But the big kid doesn’t seem to want anything to do with this tiny tag-along There’s that fellow he’s furry and big enough to be a mother But he’s not listening at all here’s someone who looks familiar it’s nellie a three-week-old orphan skunk she wears a tuxedo like him but doesn’t smell quite right the search for a new mother is hard work and oreo’s not getting far with these guys But when he least expects it someone steps up to answer oreo’s call sinta looks after everyone who lives here she’s awfully big but she sure is nice maybe santa would make a good mom She may not be a mother cat but when you’re a tiny rescue kitten it never hurts to have friends in high places it’s a new day at the rescue house and tiny tuxedo oreo awakens to an amazing sight it’s the very thing he’s been looking for a mother cat Her name is ginger And these are her kittens chester and murray Oreo watches in awe as the new family settles in Ginger seems like a wonderful mom perhaps she’s got room in her heart for one more kitten Oreo introduces himself But ginger is distracted by something she’s never seen before it’s nellie the skunk and her lunch smells really good nelly’s good at sharing but ginger is not Meanwhile oreo tries to work his way into the family If he can’t get in with her mother he tries the next best thing and that’s how oreo finds himself two new brothers over at the rescue house there’s excitement in the air Some new residents are arriving and everyone is eager to meet them including tiny tuxedo oreo who’s not so tiny anymore As they start to make themselves at home oreo notices there’s one kitten who’s looking a little lost Oreo knows just what to do This time he’s the one looking out for a tiny newcomer You

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