Top 10 Board Games That Destroy Friendships

Top 10 Board Games That Destroy Friendships

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Oh no I’m so sorry it’s the moops the correct answer is the moops welcome to watch mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 board games that destroy friendships i am donald trump sad fake game i was cheated bigly her email look at hillary for this list we’re

Looking at the most frustrating board and tabletop games that typically end in curses and angry huffs which of these games do you find the most infuriating let us know in the comments below number 10 sorry sorry slide switch and bump your way home before someone makes you the inherent frustration within this

Game is evident from its very name so is the objective sorry is all about causing as much frustration in the other players as possible typically by sending their pawns back to the start of the board the big villain of this game is the sari card which allows a player to move their

Pawn from the starting location and take over a spot occupied by another this player results in lots of cursing and because the game is dictated by cards there is a very high luck and chance factor inherent within the game insincere apologies losing and bad luck is just a recipe for disaster better

Luck next time loser number 9. ultimate werewolf this game has a long line of descendants it’s based on the social deduction party game werewolf which itself is based on an older game of similar style called mafia there’s no mafia the objective is simple there’s one werewolf who must kill all the villagers

While remaining undetected they’re up against the villagers who must deduce the identity of the werewolf and kill it it’s basically the card game version of among us the game can be very frustrating for those who are not good at bluffing negotiating or deducing clues poker face poker face yeah now

Work on your poker voice furthermore the games can go on forever and players who are eliminated early have nothing to do but watch the events play out i guess we can just go home all right let’s get out of here let me just go to the bathroom it can be frustrating

And boring and that is never a good combination number 8. scrabble one of the classic board games scrabble has been frying brains since 1938. while a point system is attached the basic premise of scrabble is making the longest and most complex words from scrambled letters holy cannoli Right off the bat akita uses all her letters getting 50 extra points for a whopping eighty two everyone knows how to play this game and everyone knows how frustrating it can be it can also move at a snail’s pace with people doing nothing but staring at the

Board and thinking what’s more it can also be infuriating for those who aren’t good at ward games becky with 123 and bringing up the rear mark with a personal best of 73. [Applause] not only will they be decimated by players who are but they will probably

Be laughed at for making words like the and of plus calling someone on their made up word is how friendships end it is a word it is a word i’ve got a pile of comments this big captain marvel says diplomacy this game has a misleading title because it is anything but

Diplomatic a complex war game similar to risk diplomacy is all about obtaining and holding territorial power just like real-life politics the game encourages players to make beneficial alliances an alliance an alliance now get the hell out of here and like some other board games it actively encourages its players to betray each

Other mercenaries and war and betrayal and romance the game is certainly strategic but it’s mostly about negotiation and manipulation those who are bad at it will find themselves thoroughly stomped and there’s nothing worse than feeling manipulated by your own friend if a group wishes to remain friends it’s

Probably best to avoid a game centered around betrayal i thought we were friends oh wait i missed that get him to say it again number six code names a relatively new card game released in 2015 codenames is all about deducing the identities of secret agents the name of the russian agent is salt

Heavenly salt my name is evelyn salt chosen spymasters give one-word clues to their field operatives and said operatives must deduce the identities of the secret agents from the clues that the spymaster provides hidden among the potential agents is an assassin and if accidentally identified the offending team instantly loses hey stewart i don’t

Want to play anymore it’s too much pressure why what happened i’ve said too much as a result this is a game that can instantly end friendships choosing the assassin is an instant fail that can leave your team ticked off and a poor spymaster can cause lots of swearing and

Yelling it’s all about teamwork and like anything else poor teamwork results in poor results we just have to work as a team you know what yes you’re right we got this all we need is each other number five trivial pursuit remember that episode of seinfeld where george

And susan go to war with the bubble boy over trivial pursuit yeah that pretty much sums it up stop it stop it now let’s go with him basically the board game version of jeopardy trivial pursuit has players answering general knowledge questions to move their pieces around the board who’s

The first united states president to be born in a hospital jimmy carter the results can be quite messy everything moves smoothly until an ambiguous answer is given in which case all hell breaks loose the answer giver is mad that it’s not being accepted the doubters are mad that it’s even being

Considered and everyone’s mad that their friendship is quickly deteriorating over the true definition of a marsupial what is this are you gonna talk down to everyone just because you won a game of trivial pursuit perhaps okay you know what fine you are a genius peter number four pictionary

There’s nothing worse than getting a bad pictionary partner the concept of this game is simple resulting in its enduring popularity like charades withdrawing pictionary has one person draw a word or phrase on a board while everyone else tries to guess what it is it’s not a present it’s the present look

There’s you and me it’s penny it’s a very easy game provided there is a good guesser and a good drawer it’s complete anarchy otherwise friendships can end in a variety of manners whether it’s poorly guessing well-drawn items or drawing something that bears no resemblance to the answer bye bye birdie that’s a bird

It’s either how is that a lion or how did you not guess that it was a lion there is no in between and it causes a lot of yelling and exasperated arm flailing the last four miko family pictionary tournaments ended at the hospital number three katan

One of the most popular board games of our time katan is also one of the most maddening this is what we are wool sheep it’s not called cheap it’s called wool who cares a resource management game katan is all about building an empire unfortunately this often means leaving a

Few people in the dust and that’s where the frustration sets in players attempt to control the board by managing precious resources and trading goods with other players forming alliances is a must but so are things like blocking access to important areas hoarding resources and cutting off supplies to other players i need wood

Either if you fellas have wood building an empire is a ton of fun getting bought out and squashed is a miserable experience and it often leaves the losers feeling dejected used and manipulated i’m nationally ranked so it isn’t even really fair number two risk the inherent problem with risk is that

It’s too darn long the board jerry we’ve been playing at newman’s for six hours but he’s got to go the game’s been around since the 50s and it has slowly developed a reputation for being incredibly frustrating games can last hours or even days which wouldn’t be so

Bad if it weren’t for the structure of the game the winner is often obvious well before the conclusion and those who are eliminated early have literally nothing to do but watch the game play out win the game and you win the world furthermore the dice carry a degree of

Random chance so bad luck can completely ruin a player’s game it all combines into a torturous experience for everyone but the top one or two players and it results in a lot of bitter resentment towards them i can’t think of this all this noise or is it because i’ve built a stronghold

Around greenland i’ve driven you out of western europe before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure

You go into your settings and switch on notifications number one monopoly there’s a reason monopoly has so many house rules and that’s because the core game is an excruciating exercise designed to test both patients and friendships you’re a little light here dad i’m good for the

Rest you know i am well i’d like to trust you homer but you’ve been in jail three times monopoly has got to be the most malicious board game ever made it’s all about making an empire of wealth and crushing the little guy into oblivion one obvious winner gloats while hoarding

All the property and forcing everyone else into crushing debt you know i just got to give me my money okay that’s just not a fun game mechanic and it results in a lot of hurt feelings and hostile resentment it’s a popular joke that no game of monopoly is ever

Finished but there is a degree of truth to that statement the bitterness lingers long after the game is put away do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from watchmojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos You

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