Top 10 Board Games to Play Online on Tabletop Simulator

Top 10 Board Games to Play Online on Tabletop Simulator

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Tabletop simulator is a bit of software that lets you play board games online with your friends so it doesn’t matter how far your old game group has moved away thanks to covert 19 they’re trapped at home and have no excuse but to play with you every player will need to buy the

Software but after that you have access to 32,000 free games or mods which are mostly homemade by the community that means the quality isn’t always the best some mods have been abandoned and don’t work anymore but others have nifty scripts to automate setup or gameplay it also means that some games are there

Without the permission of the publishers or designers if you play an unofficial mod of a great game consider buying it in real life to support the original creators and not all games suit the virtual world anything with lots of fiddly bits is a nightmare in this video I’ll recommend ten great board games

That are fun on tabletop simulator with scripted mods that enhance the experience if you find it useful please subscribe to the channel to see more videos like this when the quacks of quibbling burg aren’t claiming that 5g spreads coronavirus they’re making potions in this game of risk taking and

Going bust the core of it is an endless game of blackjack deciding whether to stick or twist when you twist you blindly draw an ingredient out of your bag adding it to your pot the higher the number the more the pot fills up getting you more points but the bag contains

Deadly cherry bombs which make you go bust if you draw too many of them seeing what you get is time is finite and it teases you into always drawing one more even when you’ve got some cherry bombs in your pot and you know that every extra drawer is a risk you can’t resist

It for those of you working from home who can’t even cross a road anymore this is how to get your thrill-seeking now when you decide to stick with what you have you score points for how far you got in the track but you also get spending points to buy new ingredients

For your bag giving you new ways to score in future rounds if you go bust you can use your flasks which lets you put the last wrong tile back into the bag but then you can carry on if you want having learned nothing like a child who touches the electric-fence a second

Time the cracks of quelling berg always creates drama but there’s a surprising level of intelligence beneath the surface it’s like Kim Kardashian it plays 2 to 4 players in one and can be easier to play on tabletop simulator in pandemic The Cure you play as a team of medical workers trying to

Save the world from deadly diseases which you might think is impossible but in this game there’s no politicians to gain your way these tiles represent the six important parts of the world worth saving don’t worry Australia can’t hear this because they’re all asleep right now these dice are the disease’s you draw

Out the bag each turn you roll them and infect those continents your personal dice will let you take actions such as treat the disease in the continent you’re in or fly somewhere else if you don’t roll the actions you need right now you can reroll your dice but it’s a

Risk because every time you roll a biohazard symbol it takes your group closer to the next epidemic when all the dice that you’ve treated reinfect the world to cure a disease you need a collect sample action to take a diseased dice that you’ve treated once you have

Three you can attempt to cure you roll them and if you get 13 or above you find the cure if not your player dies stay locked until you succeed which means you have less actions to stop the diseases from out breaking the scrip speeds up

The admin of the game just click n turn and it will draw roll and place the infection dice for you even when you hit an epidemic the script knows and will do the grunt work it’s a taste of the future when we all have androids in our

Homes rolling our dice for us 9 will be called tray as in dice tray and he’ll feed me snack so I don’t get my cards dirty and Nemec The Cure has the same rollercoaster feel of the original pandemic it’s a bit quicker and easier to play online because there’s less

Moving parts and the board is smaller it plays 2 to 5 players in an hour I’d recommend starting on medium difficulty to make it exciting as all is a game about Portuguese tiling that has sold a million copies and the game that really makes you think mostly about how much you underestimated the

Popularity of Portuguese tiling its beauty is in its simplicity which makes it perfect to play online on your turn you pick a collection of matching tiles from one of these coasters adding them to your board the tiles you didn’t take from that coaster are pushed into the

Center of the table creating a coaster of its own and when you think about it on tables the original coaster on your board you’re trying to complete rows of the same tile when you do you’ll add one of them to your mosaic winning the plaudits of the Portuguese tiling

Subreddit every time you add to a row or column of tiles in your mosaic you’ll score points for each tile in that line the challenge is in working with what’s available and timing when to grab the tiles you need if you shift some Reds into the center on this turn the next

Turn you’ll get a bigger collection of them by taking from the center but be careful another player could spot your plans and push more Reds into the center to spite you if you want them now you have to take them all and you’ll be penalized for throwing away excess tiles

And rightly so these tiles are Portuguese not French as all is the simplest game on this list for 2 to 4 players in 45 minutes but still with plenty to foxx you the scripted mod will sort out setup each round all you have to do is move a few tiles around it’s a

Great game to learn the tabletop simulator ropes lesson 1 there are no ropes in quadropple is you’re competing to build the best city with a harmonious balance of housing green spaces and shops which for the youngsters with these tight confined spaces we used to visit where you would buy things so you

Could deliver them to your home yourself I don’t know it was weird as you build your city you have to account for two things the number of people living there and the energy needed to run it all if you build a block of flats you’ll attract new people into town but have

You got something for them to do you need to give them jobs say running public services or fill their existential ennui with some retail therapy if they’re left adrift you have failed the god of capitalism and you’ll lose points for it it works both ways the harbor’s and office blocks need

Their meat puppets to keep the wheels earning even if remotely in their sweatpants if not they won’t score anything and how you arrange your tiles is crucial each building has its own way of scoring parks are only worth anything if they’re next the housing harbors want to be in straight lines and factories

Score for adjacent shops and harbors the get tiles you point one of your architects at the main board the number determines which tile on that row you can pick up and wear on your city map you can place it if I used a to architect it has to go in my number two

Row or column terms are so simple but the decision of which one to take and where to put it makes quadropple is a fascinating puzzle for 2 to 4 players in 90 minutes tabletop simulator is at its best when the complexity of a game plays out in

Your heads and there’s a script to take care of set up each round in Lords of Vegas you play as a ruthless casino tycoon trying to build your empire you do that by making deals with your opponents and trying to steal their casinos and yeah you might annoy some

Friends in this one but hey you won’t have to see them in person for another month anyway you start out with some empty lot then start building on them by paying the fee and choosing a casino franchise to place down every turn a casino type will score you get points

For how big they are just because you built a casino doesn’t mean you own it forever a viable business model is to build next to an opponent then pay for a cheeky remodel combining your casino with theirs the player with the highest dice in this new mega casino is the owner and

Scorer of all the points but all is not lost for the victim they can save up and pay to re-roll all the dice in the casino in a bid to regain control the best thing about the game is that you can strike deals to sell off casinos or

Lots to each other or even pay towards someone else’s remodel to help bring down a giant and it wouldn’t be Vegas without some gambling if you’re lucky you can win money at other players casinos or if not give them free cash Lords of Vegas is full of ups and downs

The dice won’t always go your way but it will always be entertaining its cutthroat and chaotic but that’s what I love about it play it with three or four players in two to three hours depending on how much you get into the negotiation Watergate is set in an alternate reality

Some people like to call the past where politicians are scared of journalists one of you will play as the Nixon administration trying to keep their secrets under wraps and the other wall players those meddling journalists that they would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for I haven’t googled the

Watergate scandal but presumably what happened was President Nixon left a Watergate open which we call a lock in the UK Americans have very literal names for things that’s considered terrible canal etiquette it would have flooded the towpath and I’m guessing the canal and rivers trust push for impeachment

Nixon wins the game by gaining enough political momentum to ride out his presidency but only if he gets that before the journalist is able to connect enough evidence between him and two informants you each have a unique deck of cards with events and individuals that reflect the history or herstory as

Appropriate if you hold alt whilst whoring your mouse over a card it will zoom in so you can read the text better you can play a card for its event or use its influence to swing something in your favor each round three pieces of evidence are

Up for grabs but only Nixon will know what they are the journalist player can press B to blindfold themselves whilst Nixon looks at the tiles by pressing F to flip them over the journalist can play a card asking for example if there’s any green evidence then pull it

Towards them if they spend all their power on securing evidence they won’t stop Nixon from running away with momentum it’s a great tug of war or tug of water great if you will but don’t feel you have to each side has the balance doggedly pursuing their victory whilst holding the others back from

Theirs there are some really powerful event cards which will throw you towards victory but once you play them they’re out of the game timing is everything Watergate is an incredible engaging two-player only game with a glorious amount of depth to dive into much like a flooded canal its simplicity makes it a

Breeze to play online in 45 minutes so there’s no script needed in dead of winter you’re trying to survive a zombie apocalypse surrounded by brain-dead creatures they insist on wondering about infecting people okay that one was too easy you each control a group of survivors and you’re supposed to be working

Together towards a common goal but you’re all a bunch of selfish bastards with your own agendas which if you don’t achieve will lose you the game the beauty of encouraging every player to be selfish is that it creates suspicion because one player could be a traitor who is working against the group trying

To win on their own they want your characters to die so they’ll be making bad choices and trying to persuade you that it’s in the group’s interest each round the group has a crisis to solve like a medicine shortage to stop morale from going down you’ll send characters

Into town risking death to search abandoned buildings for what you need the zombies arrive in their droves every round and you need to share the job of keeping them at bay or otherwise they’ll get into your colony and kill your characters survival is all about sharing the load discussing who will take care

Of what and how you can best use your abilities I love how much you have to work together whilst all keeping secrets from each other it’s like cooking Christmas dinner with your family little Polly’s objective is to steal more pigs in blankets whereas uncle Brian just wants everyone

Dead everything you do in dead of winter tells a story running back from the police station with guns to help but getting bitten on the way and infecting the colony before you die then you’ve got the crossroads cards which act as narrative cutscenes they give you a

Tough moral decision to make which might be hard for those of you who can’t currently decide between looking at your phone on the sofa or looking at your phone in bed this is the most complicated game on the list but the script does a nice job of setting up

Unfortunately you still have to do the end of round admin I’d recommend starting with a short game because it will still take two hours for three to five players and my other tip is that if your friends gone a bit quiet on the webcam maybe don’t jump to the

Conclusion that he’s a traitor like I did because you could cost everyone the game Bank is set in a fantasy universe with Dungeons & Dragons but with lowercase these for copyright reasons your goals are to steal loot and not die but let me explain it in a way

You’ll understand the dungeon is a supermarket it’s your mission to brave those treacherous Isles to bring back vital goods for your kind the best goods are at the back of the supermarket but the deeper you go the more dangers your face and the longer you spend in the

Supermarket the more you’ll gather but the greater the risk to your health sadly you can’t be a dragon by washing your hands you move by playing cards and you can buy new cards to add to your deck so that in later rounds your actions are stronger strategize by

Buying cards that work well together aiming to kill lots of monsters or run as fast as you can to the treasure worth the most points but you are at the mercy of the shuffle and there’s real tension when you draw your cards each round and

Find out if you’ve got the ones you need and you mustn’t make too much noise or you’ll be killed but enough about my upstairs neighbors this mod for clank is a thing of beauty it has animated miniatures it counts up how many points you have to spend each

Turn and it automates the dragon attacks before trying it I would have said that Clank was too complicated to play online but with this mod doing all the legwork I can recommend it Clank has real exciting moments when you watch to see who the Dragon will attack clinging to

Survival it plays two to four players and it will take a good two hours at the full play account you can pretend to be what you want in life Isle of Skye is neither made of sky nor a proper Island since it’s attached by a bridge and that’s coming from the biggest board

Game reviewer on YouTube in the game of the same name you’re building your kingdom with tiles expanding mountains and lakes connecting roads and trying to meet certain goals the hook of the game is in how you bid on the tiles click new round and the mod will deal three tiles

In front of each player it’s up to you to set the price for those tiles in secret behind your shield if this round everyone is trying to get tiles with ships on and you have one you’ll want to sell high price for it then you lift the shields and see the

Prices ever on a set you take it in turns to buy one tile from another player by paying them their price after that if you have any tiles left you must pay your own price to the bank so you can sell high price to stop people from buying the one you won but

It will give you less ready cash to buy one yourself each round will only score certain goals so right now sheep are worth more because they’re about to score but you still want to keep an eye on arranging your tiles in columns to score for that later and in the next game

You suddenly won’t care about sheep anymore like that fickle pig babe when he swans off to the city the mod is set up to play the journey man expansion so you’ll need to take those tiles out of the box by right-clicking clicking search and then dragging them out I love

Sky is the mashed-potato of board games it looks bland it sounds bland but it’s secretly amazing and beneath that white mush is hidden a delicious fun sausage which is not a euphemism for once Isle of Skye plays two to five players in one hour in burger brothers you play as a

Gang of criminals trying to pull off a heist together whether it’s Jonas Wilson or Hemsworth your mission is to burgle brothers to steal the secret of their good looks on behalf of the vengeful ugly one that every family is cursed with except you’re not the most organized of criminals because you

Forgot to bring a map you have no idea where the safes are or what alarms you’re about to set off until you explore your surroundings you can take it slow and reveal the rooms next to you so that you know what you’re heading into or run straight through risking

Tripping alarms because the longer you take the more likely you are to be caught the building is rigged to the hilt with traps that trigger in different ways it rewards a thought-out methodical approach there’s a hundred ways to skin this cat burglary so it’s a game where everyone will be pitching in

Ideas on what to do and there’s a security guard patrolling each floor you can see the path they’re headed along and there are times that you’ll need to set off an alarm to distract them from catching your teammate it gives you the thrill of hiding in the shadows and you

Feel clever when you coordinate your movements to success it feels like pulling off a heist I say that having only ever stolen a magazine by accident but that magazine went out of business and who can say if it’s because of my fevery or a shift in public reading habits towards online publications in

The 20 years since I did it this scripted mod saves you all the hassle of setting up the floor tiles and automates the guard movements each turn Berger Brothers is one of the best cooperative games around for two to four players in two hours there my top 10 games to play on tabletop

Simulator if you found it useful please like the video and subscribe to the channel to see more videos like this actual law is funded by fans if you want to become a patron of the channel go to law where you’ll get a monthly newsletter where I talk about

The games I don’t review on the channel there’s a link in the description I’m John Perkis thanks for watching [Applause]

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