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It’s the moment every shipper waits for welcome to Ms mojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten first kiss scenes in TV oh for God’s sake dr. cream for this list we’re taking a look at the most iconic scenes in television where a couple kisses for

The first time while the interracial kiss between Kirk and Ahura on Star Trek is historic we’ve excluded it since they weren’t a couple we’ve also left out any kisses and animated programs or enemy because they deserve a list of their own right now you’re at tier 1 which is hugging but

Pretty soon you’ll be at tier 2 which is smooching number 10 Buffy and Angel Buffy the Vampire Slayer book I don’t want to get you in any more trouble and I don’t want to get you dead willow and Terra’s first onscreen kiss was touching overdue and even important

Yet Buffy and Angel will always be this show’s ultimate power couple what’d you do all day I read a little and just thought about a lot of things for the first several episodes Angel is an enigma although it seems like he genuinely wants to aid the Slayer there’s certainly something menacing

Lurking inside him I did a lot of thinking today I really can’t be around you because when I am hey no big water over the bridge or under the bridge no badly I want to kiss you kiss me Buffy finally gets a glimpse of angels dark side after they first lock lips

Pushed away Buffy finds that the mysterious stranger she’s fallen for is also one of the monsters she’s been hunting which is only the beginning of their complicated relationship what The Closer angel gets to Buffy the closer he gets to true happiness but the closer angel gets to happiness the more

Solace he becomes happened nothing number nine Cory and Topanga Boy Meets World it was kind of cool staring down an angry mob the fourth episode of Boy Meets World not only marks Cory and topanga’s first smooch but also to paying his first appearance on the show Cory I got

Jedediah to drive me to your house after school who’s Jedediah my father paired together by mr. Feeny for a school project Cory is reluctant to work with the weirdo girl the two eventually come together in an act of protest however handcuffing themselves to their lockers things could get ugly matters take an

Uncomfortable turn when Topanga suggests they kiss with nowhere to run Cory is pressed up against the locker and his future wife leaves one on him afterwards the stunt Cory isn’t sure whether to be ecstatic or horrified his bad hair day only makes the beginning of the romance

More memorable it was my first one too number eight curtain Blaine glee what’s that I’m decorating properties cascading Glee had no shortage of great first kisses from Finn and Rachel to Brittany and Santana yet nothing tugged at our heartstrings quite like the first time Kurt and Blaine embraced each other do

Tow bullied and ridiculed for being gay Kurt finds confidence in himself upon switching schools and meeting Blaine Kurt there is a moment when you say to yourself oh here you are I’ve been looking for you forever although he initially only views Kurt as a friend Blaine comes to realize that love has

Been staring him in the face this whole time you move me Kurt and thus – it would just be an excuse to spend more time with you delivering a heartfelt speech about how Kurt inspires him Blaine leans in for a passionate smooch from that point on the romance soars

Like a black bird oh yo you were only waiting for this moment to arrive number seven Eric and Sookie Trueblood what did you mean you’re not gonna be around much longer don’t pretend you care about me Sookie and bill might have been the main couple on True Blood but

Let’s be honest we all really wanted to see Sookie end up with Eric deep down you know you shouldn’t trust him okay tell me why this is the makeup sessions fans had been dying to see for almost three seasons with Russell Edgington running amok Eric accepts that he might face the true

Death but refuses to leave this world without kissing everyone’s favorite fairy if I meet the true death without having at least kissed you Sookie Stackhouse that would be my biggest regret Sookie attempts to resist Eric although she can’t help but be sucked in by his bad-boy charms while she pulls

Back before things can get naughty the blond vampire awaits sookie in her sex dreams okay I get it I’m irresistible and intoxicated number six Jack and Kate lost I’m sorry between its three central characters lost gave us one of TV’s best love triangles ever whether you’re rooting

For team Jack or team Sawyer most people would agree that Kate’s first kiss with the duck packed a more dramatic punch I’m sorry that I am NOT is perfect and you emotions run high on the island as Kate’s pass begins to catch up to her present in a moment of vulnerability she

Turns to Jack for comfort and they partake in a steamy kiss jack is caught off guard and Kate seems just as surprised by her own actions unsure what to make of this she rushes deeper into the jungle as fast as Kate runs she can’t escape her feelings or

What she did okay number five Damon and Elena the Vampire Diaries the relationship between Damon and Elena slowly transitions throughout the earlier seasons of the Vampire Diaries getting off on the wrong foot they later evolved into allies and friends then by the end of season two Delana officially becomes a thing suffering

From a werewolf bite Damon finds himself lying on what could be his deathbed Elena looks after him for giving the dying vampire for everything he’s done in the past cuddled up together Damon declares his love for Elena and the two engage in a bittersweet kiss Katherine then shows up with a cure for

Damon but she kind of spoils the moment well it’s me you should be thanking I mean I’m the one who brought the Cure number for Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl what happened to Victrola stays at Victrola if you weren’t obsessed with Gossip Girl already this smooch sealed the deal

Shortly after breaking up with Nate Blair quickly finds a rebound guy in Chuck you know I got most really then why don’t you get up there I’m just saying I have moves these two start to see each other in a different light at a burlesque club one evening

Shedding some clothing Blair shows Chuck that she’s not that innocent Blair decides to continue her bad girl streak as the night continues making a move on Chuck in the back of a limo thanks les you were these wealthy insanely good-looking teenagers express their mutual attraction for one another with a

Rousing first kiss of course they do a lot more than just pucker up if you catch our drift number three Jim and Pam the office hey a season two of the office progresses Jim and Pam become much more than coworkers at Casino Night Jim can’t conceal his emotions any longer and confesses his

Love for her what deep down Pam knows that she belongs with Jim but feels obligated to stay with her fiance I I can’t jim is left crushed as is the audience before letting her go however Jim gives the receptionist of his dreams a tender kiss listen Jim although Pam previously planted an

Inebriated peck on Jim’s lips at the Dundee Awards this is the couple’s first true kiss closing out the emmy-winning season with a pitch-perfect cliffhanger you know he’s great yeah I think I am number two Lorelai and Luke Gilmore Girls Hey no not the last one Rory Gilmore had her fair share of

Memorable first kisses over the years especially when she threw herself at Jess however Lorelai and Luke easily had the most meaningful romance on Gilmore Girls for years viewers longed to see if their friendship would evolve into something more all that waiting paid off in this episode as the two finally shut their

Mouths and touched lips what are you doing will you just stand still seeing Luke and Lorelai together at last all the audience wants is to stand still and stay in this moment forever you just stand still even if the moment is abruptly interrupted nothing can ruin the beautiful bond these characters

Share before we get to our topic here are a few honorable mentions look maybe you just need something to take your mind off 50 sheet in the air I’d expect me to possibly he good night Nick good night you know I keep I keep putting myself

Out there and you keep blowing it it’s probably a good thing because at this point there’s nothing that you can say or do that’s gonna surprise me Chris just wanted me to drop off these receipts oh well he’s not here he took off okay number one Ross and Rachel

Friends try the bottom one while will never forget the kiss that commenced Chandler and Monica’s relationship the road to Ross and Rachel’s first kiss was an emotional roller coaster you had no right to tell me you ever had feelings for me what after a whole season of pining

After Rachel and even getting a small friendly peck Ross starts to move on with someone else you think it’s easy for me to see you with Julie well then you should have said something before I met her I didn’t know then and how come you never said anything to me as bad

Timing would have it this is when Rachel discovers her feelings for Ross one drunken phone call later the cat comes out of the bag right checkout message from you the will they won’t they tension reaches its climax at Central Perk as they let their frustration out Ross storms off but returns moments

Later and Rachel unlocks the door with the music building up they leaned in for a first kiss unlike any other now that’s what we call closure do you agree with our list some things simply speak for themselves what’s your favorite first kiss on TV the truth we must

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