Top 10 MUST READ Comic Books!

Top 10 MUST READ Comic Books!

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What’s up geminites it’s your boy jim mint today we’re going to count down the top 10 must read comics so stay tuned alright guys before we jump into this list make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button down below and also hit the notification bell

Alright i wanted to make a video that just kind of highlights what are the top 10 comic book stories that you need to read this could be for brand new readers this could be for readers who just want to see if their favorite title made the list we came up with this list

Based on doing a poll in our facebook group geminites if you want to participate in these polls make sure you go ahead to facebook search geminites it says a group for collectors and request to join you have to answer three questions otherwise you’re gonna get denied

But uh join the fun in on facebook this isn’t like a top 10 absolute edition or omnibus edition i just so happen to have these top 10 stories in these formats so i figured i’d bust them out dust them off and show them while we talk about them

So we’re gonna jump right into the list the number 10 must read comic book it was actually planet hulk slash world war hulk so i happen to have these both an omnibus format but whatever way you can read these stories this is definitely one of the best comic book stories from marvel

One of the best hulk stories it actually made number 10 on this list out of all these other comics that were there planet hulk is an awesome story about hulk’s out of control he’s caused too much property damage he’s just been a thorn in everyone’s side

One too many times so the fantastic four the avengers decide hey let’s put this guy in the spaceship send him to a peaceful little planet where he could just chill and not hulk smash well the plan the ship goes off course and he goes to the opposite

A battle planet where he’s got a fight to survive and he thrives goes from gladiator hulk to king hulk awesome story it’s definitely a must read if you have not read this run number nine on the list is preacher this is the absolute edition there are three absolute editions that

Uh collect this whole run but there’s also hardcovers trade paperbacks either way garth ennis’s preacher is one of my favorite comic book runs it was actually my top read of 2018 if you guys will remember awesome run they did make a tv show out of it don’t let that tv show sway your

Decision the comic is 20 times better it has humor it has raunchiness it has a nice heaven and hell kind of story where god is missing the angels don’t want to let anybody know and we have our main character who has the voice of god that can make people do

Things against their will it’s just a great story altogether number nine on the list number eight on the list is frank miller’s dark knight returns this is a comic that really made a big impact in the 80s it took a very dark mature take at batman it’s been uh

Adapted to live action movies with batman vs superman bits and pieces of it it’s been made into an animated series they’ve had three sequels in the comics so far just a great futuristic take on batman he’s old he’s still kicking ass taking names and it’s just a very mature run at a

Time where comics were a little bit campy this kind of brought us into a new era of comics however you could read the four graphic novels that make up frank miller’s dark knight returns i suggest you do it number seven on the list is the frank miller daredevil run

It’s pretty much the same thing he did with batman but he did it with daredevil in a marvel title we get the introduction of elektra a much more mature daredevil book hits rock bottom which he ends up doing a lot later on in his career thanks to what frank miller did here i

Think daredevil’s the best when he’s at his bottom the stuff was kingpin the stuff was punisher i love how elektra man he would draw her killing people stabbing them with their sigh and you see it kind of the shirt poking out in the back that’s always like an iconic panel that like

Resonates with me a must read one of the best daredevil runs if not the best based on the poll you guys thought it was number six on the list was the batman court of owl storyline they have an absolute edition for that they have it in trades it also is

Collected in this batman by snyder and capullo omnibus batman quarter of owls is a 12-13 issue run something like that that just gives so much more depth to gotham and batman’s rogues it introduces the court of owls who have been secretly living in gotham playing behind

The scenes living on the 13th floor of buildings they have their enforcer the talons and it just is an awesome storyline it’s a must read it’s accessible you don’t need to know anything else going into it great artwork great writing great story all together quarterbacks all right

Number five on the list is another batman book batman the long halloween that was created by jeff loeb and tim sale it is collected in this omnibus and it also has its own absolute edition i’m sure there’s a trade paperback for it as well but the long halloween is a very dark

Gritty tale batman trying to solve a murder he’s going to arkham he’s trying to get advice from the calendar man he’s trying to figure out why this person is killing on these certain dates and it just the atmosphere alone is what’s worth reading this book there was so much inspiration taken from these

Stories uh for the dark knight trilogy the christopher nolan and zack snyder just a classic run easily accessible must read all right number four on the list is jeff john’s green lantern it’s collected in three omnibus plus there is a whole other blackest nine omnibus that collects the main

Story as well as tie-ins but jeff john totally reimagining the entire green lantern corps introducing the emotional spectrum of color all the other green lantern cores uh like i mentioned blackest night which was a very dope uh dc zombie story definitely an essential read i would recommend picking

Up the on the bus so you just get all the material gotta read jeff john’s green lantern number three on the list is kingdom come this is the alex ross mark wade classic storyline that’s collected in the trade paperback form it was a graphic novel this is the absolute edition first of

All it’s not too often that you get alex ross doing interior artwork he always just makes superheroes seem so much more realistic this is a futuristic elseworld story that kind of puts traditional heroes that are getting old up against new extreme vigilante type uh heroes it almost reminds me of like in comics

You have the classic heroes like superman but then you have these like newer mutants and punks like that and image superheroes and i don’t i don’t know if that was the basis of this story but it’s kind of like these young punks coming in doing crazy stuff and

Basically trying to prevent um a big war between lex luthor and all these super people so must read awesome artwork great writer kingdom come number two on the list and rightfully so alan moore’s watchmen watchman is a great read it’s something that if you’re new to comics you gotta let go

That these are not characters that you’re familiar with i know it’s a guy that looks like batman i know that there’s this weird blue guy who’s naked that is kind of like a superman type character forget all that what you know and just read the book it’s a excellent

Story that has obviously been published in multiple formats this is the absolute edition you can get a trade paperback of this they recently had a tv show of this they recently had uh a sequel with doomsday clock they’ve had a before watchman run but basically watchmen emulates real life comics as well

You have the minutemen who take place in like the golden age you have the uh the modern heroes and vigilantes that become a little bit more extreme like the comedian like rorschach and you have this diabolical plan which uh it’s kind of like a thanos he means well but

It’s gonna come at a cost excellent read you gotta watch it and watch the movie it’s probably one of the most comic accurate movies out there and it’s kind of slept on so watchmen by alan moore number two must read comics the number one must read comic book i’m a little bit

Shocked it’s not something that i would have picked but batman the killing joke and i can kind of understand why it was chosen because it’s a very accessible batman book you don’t have to know anything else going into this this is just a quick read that you can get through and it

Really makes you think the artwork is good it’s got humor to it it’s also very dark it’s another alan moore book who he got the first and second spots on this list everybody has seen this cover you might have seen the animated movie that really was not a good

Representation of it this is a short read pick up the graphic novel this really just reprints it twice two different versions the original coloring and a recoloring it’s a must read book a must read batman book something you could just dive into and enjoy and then

Have it under your belt all right guys so that’s the top ten list let me know what you would have placed on this list that didn’t make it i know there’s some stories that i really like like uncanny x-force i really like depth of superman i really like superior spider-man

This was a dc heavy list too but don’t blame me this was voted by you guys so let me know what you would have thrown on this list do you agree with anyone that did make the list drop me a line in the comments below make sure you hit the like button before

You leave and make sure you’re subscribed to this channel thanks for watching you guys stay minty fresh peace you

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