Top 10 SOLO Board Games Of 2022! | My 10 favourite games I played solo this year!

Top 10 SOLO Board Games Of 2022! | My 10 favourite games I played solo this year!

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Hey guys it is Jenna what is up and welcome back to the board game Garden today you guys can tell the title that we are starting some of my top tens of 2022. I’m going to be doing a few of these I feel like this is something that

You often see with board game content creators I’ve been obsessed with watching all of my favorite content creators um top 10 games of 2022 top 10 solo games of 2022 most anticipated for 2023 so I will be doing all of those videos you guys can tell by the title today

That we’re going to be doing my top solo games of 2022 I will preface this by saying these are not all games that were released in 2022 um because I started solo gaming in 2022 I started solo gaming around like May June of 2022 so I’ve gotten quite a few

Months of solo gaming and I really wanted to chat about the ones that I have liked the most uh for the year so we’re going to be be counting down from 10 all the way to 1. I do have a few I think about four different honorable mentions for different reasons or

Actually they’re all for the same reason for the most part um but we’re gonna be getting into those and then we’ll get into my top 10 and then I will mention at the end of this video some still in my collection that I want to play solo and some that I’m

Wanting to get in the future playing solo so yes without further Ado if you guys want to see my top 10 solo games of 2022 then just keep on watching give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoy comment down below what your favorite solo game of 2022 was and also subscribe

If you have yet to do so we’d love to have you here in the board game Garden um let me know what in the board game Garden you would be um and yeah let’s get into this video shall we okay so starting off with the four honorable mentions the first one

That I want to mention is the wonderful lame craft I love this game so so much but it didn’t quite make the list because I’ve only played this once so far so this is mainly the reason why a lot of these are in the honorable mention section is because I’ve only

Played them once and I feel like I can’t really put them into a top 10 unless I’ve played them multiple times specifically solo so flamecraft goes into that category where I’ve played it once solo and I really really enjoyed it and I want to play it more so I really

Wanted to mention it it is published by cardboard Alchemy as well as Lucky Duck games and it’s designed by Manny Vega and it is just a fantastic game where I’ve chatted about it before but you are I believe helping Artisan dragons or something along those lines and you’re

Placing a dragon at a shop you are getting resources in order to enchant shops later in the game to get victory points you’re also firing off dragons so each of the different types of dragons have different abilities and it is just very very fun fun and very unique with

Like all of the shops and like going to each of the shops and stuff I really enjoy that part of it so yes that is flamecraft absolutely adorable art and just fun overall as a solo experience it’s pretty easy solo experience you are just flipping over one of the dragons

And whatever type of dragon it is that’s the um dragon that you’re going to be placing kind of representing another player um and then you’re also taking one of the enchantments so it’s kind of just making the game go a little bit quicker and you’re under a time constraint so

Really enjoy that and it’s one of the solo games where you are trying to beat your own high score but then they also do have a bunch of different achievements that you can get in the back of the rule book which is a lot of fun I love when solo variants or games

Just have those like solo achievements or solo goals that you’re going for love that so yes flamecraft is an aroma mention and I’m very very excited to play play it more in 2023 solo and also multiplayer to be honest because it’s very fun next up in the category of

Honorable mention is one that I played once solo and I have yet to Play It Again solo and it’s been a very very long time and I really need to get this to the table again and that is stardew Valley the board game I enjoyed this game so much I actually played this

Pretty early on when I started to stream solo over on Twitch I always have our twitch Channel Down Below as of right now for 2023 we’re playing two player games on Tuesdays sometimes sometimes I will also be playing solo and then I do have a solo Sunday every single Sunday

So like I mentioned I did play this pretty early on when I started streaming solo over on Twitch and I really enjoyed it it is a Cooperative game of stardew Valley very similar to the video game where you are trying to achieve some goals that your grandpa has given you

And then you’re also trying to to build up the community center I think that’s what it’s called it’s been a while since I’ve played the video game as well but it just gives the Vibes of stardew Valley and just those very just chill going around doing different things to

Try to work up to the goals that you are trying to achieve and it is a Cooperative game like I said so it works out really nicely as a solo game where you’re just going around and trying to achieve your goals in different ways and then obviously if you play a multiplayer

It’s just more people going around and trying to achieve the same goals so um like all together so yes starting value board game is one that I need to play more in 2023 and hopefully get it to the table multiplayer as well but honestly if this just ends up being a solo only

Game for me I am totally okay with that it is quite the challenging game because there are a little bit where there is a little bit of luck in this game with some dice rolls and certain cards coming up and stuff stuff like that to be able

To achieve your goals but it’s a really fun Challenge and I lost the first time that I played it so I really need to get it to the table again solos that I can hopefully be a little bit more successful um and beat the game so yes that is

Stardew Valley the board game another one that I need to play more in 2023 okay so the other two I actually don’t have physically with me here but they are behind me and they were actually two games that I’ve only played once each as well and I played them technically after

2022 was over the first one is merchants of the dark Road this was my favorite game that was released in 2022 for multiplayer but I finally was able to play it solo it was on January 1st so technically it was in 2023 but that one

I played I’m not going to talk too much about how I felt about it because I am going to talk about that at the end of January for like my monthly wrap up and then just yesterday I think it was January a third or fourth I played

Genotype solo which is just over here so I will talk about that at the end of January as well those were the honorable mentions that I wanted to quickly chat about but without further Ado I’ve already said that but without further ado let’s get into the top 10. all right

So starting with number 10 my number 10 favorite solo board game or just board game two solo because these are not all necessarily solo only games a lot of these or I think actually all of these can be played multiplayer it’s just that I really enjoyed them solo and they all

Have great solo variants but number 10 is tiny towns I have chatted about tiny towns a few times here on the channel but tiny towns is published by AEG and designed by Peter McPherson I believe yes um and in tiny towns you are drafting cubes onto a little board which is your

Town your Tiny Town and you I think it’s like a four by four I think it’s a four by four or a five by five I think it’s a four by four anyways you’re drafting those cubes and placing them on your 4×4 town in different configurations that you need to build

Specific buildings and each building is going to score you in different ways based off of what is adjacent to it and what’s in like its lines and stuff like that and each card has a different configuration of what the cubes need to be in once you have those cubes in that

Specific configuration you take off the cubes you put that building on one of the spots that the cubes are in and then you score for like different buildings and stuff and there are a bunch of different buildings that you can switch between so it’s always nice to change up

How the game plays or not how the game plays but how the game scores and the different cards and variation there so really really enjoy that it is so so easy to play solo this is one game that I honestly can say that I enjoy playing solo more than I do multiplayer

With tiny towns multiplayer you are having to take the cubes that other people are saying so on each player’s turn they will say everyone pick up a glass and you have to pick up a glass and decide where that’s going to go so it gives the game a little bit more of a

Challenge which I do you know enjoy like I love a good challenge but honestly I get a little bit frustrated with that because I’m the type of person that always wants everything to work out and everything to be my decision so I think that’s why I enjoy solo games so much

Um and when like someone says like oh pick up a brick and I’m like I do not need brick I just I get very frustrated with that so with the tiny towns um solo you are just deciding yourself between three different colors because you have these cards that you’re flipping and you

Can decide one of the three that are face up then you pick that Cube so there’s still a little bit of challenge trying to work with the three that are face up but not necessarily having to go buy um what everyone is saying so yeah yes

That is why I enjoy tiny Town’s solo so so much it is such an incredible game solo and there is two expansions that I have still yet to purchase but I do think that I want to bite the bullet I I still don’t know if that’s a correct

Saying I said that in the last video and I still don’t know but I am going to get them eventually um and try them out but that is Tiny towns my number 10 favorite solo game of 2022. moving into number nine this is again a game that has a few expansions

That I really want to get I find it really really difficult to push myself to buy expansions someone please let me know if this is something that you deal with I just always go into a board game store and I look at all of the games and

I see it expansion or a few expansions that I really want and I always end up saying no I don’t need the expansion I want to get this entirely new game so it’s just something I deal with but I need to start not getting so many new games and getting expansions for games

That I absolutely love and know that I’m going to play but the game that I am talking about in my number nine favorite solo game of 2022 is Parks this is published by keymaster games and designed by Henry Audubon and this is such a wonderful game it just brings me

So much joy and comfort um basically you are going on a hike you’re going on a one-way Trail so you can only go forward you can never go back you are collecting resources to then purchase parks and you can also get gear which kind of gives you discounts

And different things to help you with going to the parks and stuff like that and the parks give you victory points and you’re trying to get as many victory points you can take pictures to get additional victory points but in the solo variant it’s really easy you’re

Just playing against an AI and I believe there is another like fan made solo variant that I want to try um I forget what it’s called but I’ll put it somewhere on the screen so you guys guys know but there is the solar variant that comes in the game where

Basically the hiker the AI hiker is just taking spots that you can’t go to blocking spaces that you may want to go to um and you just have to work around that so it’s really really easy to implement and I just absolutely love parks and again like I said there’s the Nightfall

Expansion as well as the wildlife expansion that I would love to try in the future but that is my number nine Parks moving on to my number eight this is the first roll or flip and right um it’s not going to be my last just saying um but it is cartographers this is

Published by Thunder Works games and designed by Jordi Adden and this was one of our first flip and rights or Roland rights and I have loved it so so much ever since there is so much Variety in this game and I just love the puzzle of putting these different Tetris shapes

Onto a map basically in cartographers I’ve chatted about it quite a lot but you are a cartographer and you’re trying to fill in a map and on your turn or on everyone’s turn it’s all simultaneous if you do play it multiplayer but you are flipping over a card and that card will

Have a polyamano Tetris shaped piece on it that you have to draw onto the map and sometimes it’s going to be one type of terrain that you can use or you can choose between um two different ones and you are drawing that onto the map in order to fulfill some different objectives that

You have throughout the game it goes throughout the seasons and then the first season you have a and b the objectives A and B in the second season you have b and c c and d and then d and a and you were just trying to get as

Many points as possible by going for those different objectives and those different goals and it is just such a fantastic game they have cartographers but then they also have a cartographer’s Heroes which adds the heroes um and then they also have a bunch of different Maps they have six different map packs which

Is insane and in 2023 I do want to work through all six of the maps solo so yes that is cartographers one of my favorite flipping rights and honestly one of my favorite obviously um ones to play solo so that is cartographers my number seven is going

To be one that I’ve talked about a few different times here on the channel but it is one that I really enjoy solo I played it a few times so far and that is it’s a little bit heavy and it’s going to possibly make a noise no we’re good

Um that is viticulture this is published by stonemeyer games and designed by Jamie stegmeyer as well as I believe Alan and Morton I don’t know what their last names are but yes I love viticulture so much not only multiplayer but the solo variant in viticulture is absolutely amazing I have still yet to

Play this solo with the Tuscany expansion we still need to play the Tuscany expansion to begin with so we need to get that to the table very very soon but viticulture I love this game of work replacement this is one of my favorite worker placement games it is absolutely fantastic you are

Running a Vineyard and you’re trying to fulfill orders of wine you are harvesting or like planting crops and then harvesting and then making wine and then fulfilling orders and you’re doing all of this in the solo variant against an AI player that you’re just trying to beat their score and they are covering

Up certain worker placement spots as you play the game super super easy you’re just flipping a card and then placing the AI workers on those spots and those are the spots that you can’t go very very easy and then based off of the difficulty that you decide to do they

Will have a score that you’re just trying to beat and it is just so so easy and I absolutely love the gameplay of viticulture so that is my number seven that is the wonderful viticulture and lastly for the first half of my top 10 we have number six and that is Cascadia I

Freaking love Cascadia solo I think this is another one actually no I really enjoy this one multiplayer as well but I feel like it just works so so well as a solo puzzle game um basically in Cascadia it is just a great puzzle I will mention that I

Really do enjoy Calico as well solo um it didn’t quite make the top 10 um but actually let me know if you guys would want to see um my numbers 11 to 20 maybe possibly um just a little spoiler but I am launching a patreon I did mention on my

Last video but maybe that can be something that I can put up on patreon for those of you who want to see but um yes Cascadia is number six and I love this puzzle so much it is infinitely replayable and always just so much fun I

Don’t know what it is but basically in Cascadia you are creating a have a habitat of a bunch of different terrain types and each terrain type you are going to be scoring for how large you can make those groups of terrain types and then each of the tiles do have a

Specific animal that they need on that tile and on your turn you are getting a hexagon tile as well as a animal token you’re placing the hexagon tile in your habitat and then placing an animal token on one of the hexagon tiles it doesn’t necessarily need to be the one that you

Just placed and each type of animal is going to score in different ways and then like I said you’re going to be scoring for the groups of habitat tiles so it’s just such a fantastic puzzle that like I said I can just play over and over again and it never gets boring

So it is great it is absolutely beautiful and it’s one of the easiest of these top 10 to get to the table so I will say that this is one that I can just grab take upstairs with me put on the coffee tape table put on some music

Grab a cup of tea and play this this is also another one that has a bunch of different goals and a bunch of achievements that you’re trying to do in the back of the rule book Calico also has that as well so it’s really really

Fun to open to that page and see what of them you can achieve so yes that is Cascadia I don’t think I mentioned this is published by AEG in flato games and it’s designed by Randy Flynn so that is Cascadia moving into the top five solo games number five is indeed another roll

And write this is actually a roll and write and that is three sisters this is designed by Matt riddle and Ben pinchback and it is published by Motor City Gameworks and also 21st century games and I love three sisters very very much there is another one called Fleet

The dice game which was actually the one that came before this I prefer this theming um they are both very similar I have just not played um Fleet the dice game solo yet but I have played three sisters multiple times solo and these solo variant in this one

Is one of my favorites solely because you are playing against farmer Edith and I just love love farmer Edith as much as I hate her I also love her but she is just trying to mess with your garden oh and she gets to be quite the pain but

Um basically in this game you have a bunch of dice and you also have this little board that is a rondelle you roll the dice and then you place the dice in ascending order if there’s two fours they will go on the same spot and you’re putting them in a sending order around

The rondelle and then you are going to be drafting Dice and the PIP number that you draft is where you fill in stuff in that specific Garden number and then wherever that die was on the rondelle you also do the action that is on the board and that’s each turn you’re

Getting to do two actions and the actions can be something from filling in something in your tool shed you can fill in something in a garden um there are like perennials that get you additional things throughout the game this is one of the crunchier or crunchier if you know you know I love

The word crunchy but it’s one of the crunchier Roland rights that I have and I just love the Combos and all of the different things that you can kind of focus on in this game there is even like an orchard or an orchard Orchard Orchard why does that sound weird Orchard and

Then there’s also apiary as well which is like the bees and stuff I typically don’t go for the apiary and stuff but I really need to try a game where I go full on apiary because I feel like is that even the right word apiary why do

Things sound different right now I don’t know I’m going crazy anyways Three Sisters is my number five love it very very much it is such a fantastic solo game just grabbing a paper and pencil and getting your dice in that board and then just playing a solo game it’s very

Fun so that is my number five three sisters number four is a game that I kind of had to push myself to play solo but I am so so happy that I did I’ve played this a few times solo and I I’ve been falling more and more in love with

This game I’ve been playing it a little bit on BGA as well mind you that is multiplayer but it just makes me want to play this solo again um it’s been a little bit since I’ve played it but that is quite the Hefty game um that is lost ruins of arnak this is

Published by cge and designed by Min and Elwyn and this is a very fun game about exploration and research and I just love the puzzle of trying to figure out how to go up that research track as quick as possible and going and exploring um there is a lot of deck building in

This game as well as a little bit of explorative worker placement I guess that’s what it’s it’s worker placement but you’re also going and going and taking those workers and exploring which is always fun and yeah like I said I just love the puzzle of trying to get up

That research track and get the specific resources that you need to go up that track so it is just very fun the solo variant in this is again super super easy I was a little bit scared I for some reason I always scare myself off because I think that the solo variants

Are going to be super challenging and I’m not going to be able to figure it out and this one ended up being a lot easier than I thought so I was really really happy that I pushed myself to play this but basically the AI is just

Going to be flipping over a tile and that’s going to be where the worker goes or they might grab a card or something like that so it’s really easy to just flip a tile figure out what they want to do and then move back to your turn and

Focus on what you’re doing so that’s always what I love in a Solo variant and this is just such a fantastic game and I’ve been obsessed with it recently um that is lost ruins of our Knack I will mention as well that there is a solo campaign that they have I believe

In the back of the rule book it does have a link to where you can go and get the solo campaign so it’s one that I want to explore hopefully in 2023 so that is lost friends of our next number four moving into the top three these are three games that I love

So so much but number three is probably one that you guys uh maybe you might be surprised by this I’m not sure but that is the Isle of cats I have actually only played the Isle of cats solo so far actually no that’s a lie I’ve played it

Multiplayer on BGA but I’ve only played this physical copy solo and I am okay with that because I love this game solo so much it is so much fun Frank West which by the way this is published by the city of Kings I believe that is it

And then it is designed by Frank West and Frank has done a fantastic job in making this solo variant I am just obsessed with the way that the solo variant Works where basically the story of the Isle of cats is that there’s an island there is a bad guy coming to the

Island and he’s going to destroy the island and you are trying to get as many cats off the island onto your boat as possible and score for those cats and in the solo variant your sister has snuck a board and she’s trying to take credit for all of the things that you’re doing

So in the solo variant she has some objectives that if it happens those specific objectives if they happen she’s gonna get points for them so it’s going to be based off of what you’re doing and then also each round a different color cat is going to be flipped and that is

Based off of like how soon the cat gets flipped is how many points your sister’s going to get so for example if a purple cats get purple cat Jenna you’re talking too fast again if a purple cat gets flipped first your sister will get five points for every

Purple cat on your boat and then the second color she’ll get four points third color three two and one so you’re kind of basing what you’re putting on your boat on what colored cats are coming up and kind of hoping that if you put a yellow cat on it it’s going to be

One of the last ones that get flipped but you never know and it is just so much fun trying to fill up that boat and try to have you know not very many empty spaces and filling as many spaces as possible um it is just such a good solo variant I

Love the like sister thing it’s it’s fun so that is the Isle of cats I will say that I just recently just today picked up the Isle of cats explore and draw so I’m excited to explore that one as well I’ve heard that a lot of people prefer

That over this one but I don’t know I I really like this one I love how like placing the tiles and stuff I really love the feel of that so that is the Isle of cats my number three moving into my number two this I believe is the

Oldest game on the list and also it is another Thailand game like the Isle of cats and that is the castles of burgundy this is the 20th anniversary one I think in the past I call it the fifth anniversary one but I was very wrong it is the 20th anniversary one

Um and the castles of burgundy is published by ravensberger and Aaliyah and it’s designed by Stephen Feld and this solo variant specifically the solar variant is so so much fun I love having to basically in the Castle’s burgundy solo variant you have to instead of getting the most points you’re not even

Worried about the points um basically the points will just allow you at certain points to get free actions and your main goal for the solo variant in the castle of burgundy is to fill your entire duchy if you do not fill your entire dutchie by the end of

The game you lose so it is such a fun puzzle to do that it’s very different feeling than the multiplayer your goal is completely different and I just really enjoy that I love cast of the burgundy multiplayer so when I finally finally push myself to play it solo I

Was so happy that I did I was a little bit scared to play this solo but once I played the castles of burgundy multiplayer enough I’ve played it a ton on BGA multiplayer I grasped the strategy and really how to play so I was like you know what I’m gonna push myself

We are going to play this solo and I did so I’ve played this version a few times I also was lucky enough to get to one of the prototypes of the deluxe version and I’m so so excited to receive the like final copy in 2023 you guys have no idea

I think Castle’s a burgundy is quickly skyrocketing to one of my favorite games I don’t know what happened but I just started playing this so much and I just love love the gameplay of Castle burgundy so anyways yes I freaking loved playing this Solo in 2022 and I cannot wait to

Play it more Solo in 2022 so that is the castles of burgundy I am making a very sketchy board game pile over here I guess I didn’t really explain what the castles of burgundy is and how it plays but basically it is a Thailand game on your turn you’re rolling two dice and

Those two dice are your two actions for your turn you can either with those numbers that you roll grab a tile from the board in that specific numbers Depot you can get one of the tiles that you’ve placed in your storage and place it in your duchy on that specific numbered

Spot in your dutchie you can also use a die to sell Goods to get coins coins allow you to purchase more tiles from the middle and each tile of different colors do different things and it’s just very very fun again I really love the turns where I’m able to like combo

Things I think combos is comboing a mechanism hmm that’s a question I might need to ask in the Discord I do have a Discord if you guys do not know definitely go and join the Discord it’s always linked down below but yeah I think I might have to ask that in Discord

Um but I think comboing is like one of my favorite things in board games but anyways yes that is my number two that is the castles of burgundy moving into my number one solo game of 2022. if you guys watched my top games of all time

You’re not going to be surprised by this I’m sure everyone knows what’s coming but that is my man Hadrian Hadrian’s Wall is my number one game uh Solo in 2022 my number one game of all time some of you knew some of you didn’t if you didn’t yes Hadrian’s Wall is my favorite

Solo game um it is absolutely fantastic it is published by Garfield games as well as Renegade game studios and it’s designed by Bobby Hill and this is a flip and worker and right flip worker in right flip gain worker and write there we go gain workers and right basically in

Hadrian’s Wall you are flipping a card and that card will show you a bunch of workers and resources that you will get that round and then you are using those different colored workers and resources to do different things on two different sheets one sheet is going to be the

Protection or the wall of your village and then the other sheet is your village there’s like different buildings and stuff there’s temples and markets and different things I kind of refer to the Village sheet as like the the mini game sheet because you’re not necessarily doing everything on that sheet um you’re

Not even necessarily doing everything on the like protection sheet either but it’s really fun I’ve actually been going through the solo campaign of hadron’s wall as well and it really pushes you to try different things and I’ve really been enjoying that because whenever I played Hadrian’s Wall before I always

Kind of went and for like the same strategy I went for kind of the same things on like the mini games um I never went for certain things so with the solo variant it’s kind of been pushing me to use the things that I would normally not um or like go for the

Things I would normally not so um yes like I was saying you use those resources on different tracks you scratch out things and then once you get to certain points on tracks you get more resources and during a round you’re just trying to use and gain as many resources

To do as much as possible the comboing in this game I think is what I really enjoy it is just so satisfying to try to do as much as possible and then at the end of the round you do have a combat phase kind of thing where you’ll flip

Some more cards and those are going to be the spots of your wall that is going to get hit and if you don’t have enough protection on those spots you will get some negative points that you have the opportunity to mitigate throughout the game and yeah you’re just trying to go

Up on a bunch of different tracks and it is just the crunchiest of crunchiest and I love it very much so that is my number one solo game of 2022 and those are my top 10 solo games if you guys have any recommendations based off of the 10 that

I showed you guys today please leave them down below I would love to know but I do have some here that I’ve listed off in my planner that I still want to play that are in my collection so if you’re watching this and you’re wondering like

Oh why isn’t this on her list why isn’t this on her list it might be because I just haven’t played it solo yet so in our collection I still need to play everdel solo I still need to play wingspan um Scythe I still want to play solo

Above and below is one of my favorite games and I believe there is a solo variant on BGG so I still want to play that we also have Architects VI counts and now paladins of the West Kingdom I would love to play all three of those

Solo Arc Nova Concordia I still want to get the solitaria expansion to play it solo horrified My Little Pony deck building game I want to play um I have a few different button shy games that I still want to play I have Rove and unsurmountable that I still

Need to play solo they are Solo only games so just I need to play them um the search for Planet X as well as seize the bean those are all of the different games that we have in our collection already that I really want to play solo there’s obviously a lot more

Games out there that I want to play solo as well so this list could go on and on but those are just some that we already have in our collection that I would love to get to the table solo but yeah like I said if you guys have any other

Recommendations please leave them down below in 2023 I do want to get a ton more games played solos that I can give you guys all the solo content so thank you guys so so much for watching if you did enjoy the video give this video a big thumbs up also hit that subscribe

Button if you are not part of the garden yet we would love to have you I am going to be doing a lot more solo content in 2023 I do want to do some like solo playthroughs and different things like that I do do solo playthroughs over on

Twitch so if you guys want to go and follow me over there I always have the link down below um also join the Discord if you want to come and chat about war games with us we’d love to have you there and yeah I love you guys so so much remember you’re

Somebody’s reason to smile and I will see you in the next board game video bye friends foreign

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