types of fanfiction readers

types of fanfiction readers

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This summer a school tax kilo major character death piece of cake Oh surprise I’m Brock we’re crossovers I welcome grammar North problem boy well that sign can’t stop me because I don’t care hey the floor there was a way for me to be with this character a person that I’m absolutely

Infatuated with hey wait second magic jungkook oh boy strong arms and hands flowers Yes I read the thick you sent me Wow of course I didn’t cry my favorite thick oh yes I remember it well broke me to forget but I always remember how much fanfic do I read in a day he was well I like to think if it is

Slurping up a really really really really really really long spaghetti noodle this is this is this is boring delete it off my bookmarks I was wonky you know I give up I can’t make a pass the first paragraph wouldn’t be perfect if it just didn’t have the one tab yeah

Absolutely no do not like the style of that characterization is awful is this first ass could be promising and I hate that site just has less flow than the last day of your period not finally good food and of course it’s on hiatus please tell me there’s a few fix for

This very artistically speaking there should be at least one thick one godforsaken thick on this future spans of the Internet’s with this tab and I’m going to find it if I struck gold is this a miracle in my tree Wow you’re being awfully generous with the fix you’re choosing to read there

Are exactly 50 fix on ao3 these might be repairing 14 on Wattpad what the tag I want and absolutely nothing on fanfiction.net I cannot afford to be picky I am a survivor I don’t care if it was written by a 12 year old I will read any fixed well back to being a

Productive member of society [Applause] scary well back to my little corner and rated E for Everyone that’s not a baby listen in my humble opinion anything without or dope Tyrael is just boring uninteresting not worth reading studies let me stand in peace you said he wanted what a you again okay I’m sorry

What venom did you want for combinations for no smut no problem I can’t just less messy for me that way anyway get it cuz you know me yes I’m funny the thing I’m not the Library of Congress yes I’m looking for this what’s the point though okay do you

Want it mixed with some slow burn maybe with a side of eggs no we’re not judging you but yes I have read so yes I have a notebook right here I’m flipping through every thick and fandom I know but unfortunately I don’t think that consensual if something you’d be able to easily

Find listen at least 60% of the fix in this fan base have your note EP tagged in it are you sure you want to proceed I mean let me tell you now that knowledge is both a gift and a curse I have seen things that no mortal being ever should

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