Unchecked Diabetes can Cause Kidney Disease: Learn Prevention & Treatment | Dr. Shyam Bihari Bansal

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Unchecked Diabetes can Cause Kidney Disease: Learn Prevention & Treatment | Dr. Shyam Bihari Bansal

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Foreign This will lead to the problem in the kidney blood vessels of the kidneys and there is a increased leaking of the protein from the kidney over a period of time and this increase leakage of the protein from the kidney then in turn damages the kidney in long term but then

There are other factors also there is the increase in the other inflammatory markers oxidative stress and damage to the blood vessels of the kidney which will lead to increase in the blood pressure and the increased blood pressure will then further damage the kidneys science of diabetic specific

Damage is one there can be swelling over the body especially over the feet if somebody is having diabetes for a long period of time and he develops swelling over the feet so this is usually the first sign of the diabetic kidney disease then the blood pressure can also increase so blood

Pressure increase swelling over feet and sometimes with patient with kidney disease due to diabetes their sugars start reducing because the insulin is not excreted by kidneys so in if you are developing low sugars with the same doses of insulin if you are developing swelling over body if your blood

Pressure is not controlled then this all can be sign of kidney disease diabetes is the most important cause of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure in India as well as throughout the world and approximately 40 percent of patients with kidney disease and kidney failure have diabetes and about 30 percent of patient of

Diabetes develop chronic kidney disease and kidney failure so it is very common and one should that is why it is important that one should control his diabetes from the beginning because kidney disease due to diabetes takes a long time to develop so if one’s control is blood pressure or sugar adequately

Then the chances of development of kidney disease reduces to a greater extent in patient with diabetes so nowadays there are a lot of new medications which helps in slowing the progression of kidney disease due to diabetes once the patient develops kidney disease because of diabetes so

One of the most important thing is to prevention for prevention Goods control of the blood sugar is very important however once the patient developed kidney disease then other factors and other treatment becomes more important like control of the blood pressure which is very important once a patient develop kidney disease because hypertension is

Usually uncontrolled in patient with kidney disease due to diabetes so blood pressure control use of certain medications like AC Inhibitors arbs to control the protein leak and to control the blood pressure our first line drug then there are newer drugs like sglt2 Inhibitors which also reduces the protein leak and the progression of

Kidney disease then there are another new class of drugs which have now come with the mineral particle receptor agonists these are the class of drugs which can be used to slow the progression of kidney disease in patient of diabetes so recently there are a lot of new treatment and

Development in field of diabetic human disease you should do the regular exercise keep the diet as healthy as possible and if the sugars are still not controlled then one should visit a diabetes especially so endocrinologist to control the sugars we should remember that it takes long period of time at least five

Year or 10 year or 15 years for a patient of diabetes to develop chronic kidney disease and some people think initially do not take their diabetes very seriously and that is the reason for development of various complications of diabetes so from the beginning if you keep your sugars under control then you

Can avoid a lot of complication because diabetes not only affect the kidney it also affect the other organs heart brain liver so so all the organs are affected eyes so sugar control second thing is to control your blood pressure so many patients with diabetes they also have hypertension and hypertension is also

Important in kidney disease development of kidney disease and progression of kidney disease so blood pressure should be controlled and then one should take care that he does not take any medication which can unnecessarily affect the kidneys like too much of painkillers or there are certain medication which we don’t know some

Sometime some heavy metals preparations all these medications should not be used and along with that healthy diet and the regular exercise these are very important for mental tenants of overall good health as well as reducing the complication of diabetes like kidney disease heart disease and other diseases

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