Union leader calls out Biden for false endorsement claim

Union leader calls out Biden for false endorsement claim

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Okay so they say that’s odd because the boilermakers local 154 says that that is not true and that they actually endorsed president trump so joining me now is the man who was mentioned in that exchange sean stephey boilermaker’s local 154 executive board trustee sean thanks for being here tonight

So how did you become aware of that exchange were you watching it when it happened and what went through your mind first martha thanks for having me on the show and i was at another political function and my phone started going off and i wasn’t sure what was going on

And then i realized what happened i could not believe my what i was hearing because i’m our political chair on our lead committee and i know that i was at the latrobe rally with my business manager john hughes and a hundred members when we gave president donald trump our

Endorsement out of local 154 in pittsburgh so what do you think he was talking about he said he sat down with the boilermakers could it be another boilermaker group in pennsylvania that is separate from yours i could not tell you i know he did not sit down with local 154

I know that local 237 in connecticut business manager chris o’neill endorsed president trump and local 28 new jersey james chu endorsed trump other than that i don’t know anyone else that is endorsed or has endorsed uh you know candidate biden so when have you reached out to them to

Clarify this or did they reach out to you uh to get you know did you ask for an apology a retraction a correction no we would just like to know who he talked to because he sure didn’t talk to any of us and uh i know we’ve talked to uh president trump staff

Uh staff members and you know moving forward when we gave our endorsement to him all right well i’m gonna play this uh because i think you know this is a little bit based on what you said at the heart of some of the decisions that have been

Made by unions like yourselves uh this is a back and forth with biden and harris on the issue of fracking which is obviously of great significance in western pennsylvania watch this would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in the biden administration no

We would we would work it out we would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those there’s no question i’m in favor of banning fracking i make it clear i do not propose banning frackie joe biden will not ban fracking

That is a fact so i mean that’s a little confusing that’s a confusing message that you heard there it’s real confusing martha and listen the boilermakers in pittsburgh local 154 we’re fossil fuel driven we build gas and coal fire power plants we maintain them we play a large role in building petrochemical plants

Like the one in monaca we work on refineries paper mills so that’s our bread and butter i don’t know where vice president former vice president biden stands on where he is at with fossil fuels and his green new deal or a crucial framework he’s calling it but he is flip-flopped president donald

Trump has not flip-flopped he’s embraced the fossil fuels he’s embraced our energy energy independence and he knows what it takes to move forward in this country with manufacturing you cannot have manufacturing without a good reliable electricity generation that’s produced by fossil fuels we’ve got to have it we can’t have uh

Just renewables to make up the difference it’s just not possible and for all them naysayers out there that want to you know top the renewable industry i’m not against solar wind but let’s face it they cannot even be conceived or exist without fossil fuels

Okay we got to have it we got let’s just take for instance china they’re building coal-fired power plants right now and so is indian asia india japan all these countries it’s not because they need electricity it’s because they need electricity to fuel their manufacturing they got a they are an economic leader

In manufacturing and if we’re going to bring it back to this country we got to do the same and president trump understands that and he knows what we got to do here and we got to do it in pennsylvania we have the largest natural gas reserve we got coal

We can be doing it right here and we can do it environmentally friendly with technologies like carbon capture and we can do it to eliminate our co2 emissions it’s possible so let me ask you one more question before i let you go sir um what’s your sense of pennsylvania

Right now uh the former vice president joe biden is polling slightly ahead in pennsylvania what’s your feel on the ground there well martha i drive all over western pennsylvania and i live in rural pennsylvania and i mean if any indication is like signs that you’re seeing on houses

I don’t see how president trump is behind i just don’t see it but i mean i’m not a you know political analyst i’m not an environmentalist i know a boilermaker and the boilermakers want to move forward in this country and bring back our jobs and the manufacturing sector and it’s going to

Take a good uh electricity fossil fuels that make this happen and we’re ready to do that and i mean moving forward this is what everybody politically needs to figure out because just if you would just ask all these political figures that you know want the green new deal

Every one of them enjoys the luxury of fossil fuels they enjoy it because their whole life depends on it down every day when they wake up and hit the light switch it’s because of fossil fuels from their makeup to their clothing to their vehicles to the tires on their cars to their shoes

To antibiotics medications ppe everything is derived from fossil fuels in the natural gas industry so what are we doing let’s move forward let’s go all right sean steffey sir thank you very much great to talk to you tonight and we wish you well we’re going to be watching pennsylvania this evening when

The president is in erie uh and uh thank you for sharing your opinions and your thoughts with us on all of that tonight it’s good to have you here let us know if you hear back from the bible campaign uh if they respond uh let us know okay sure will all right

You bet thank you very much sean steffy

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