Using Find & Replace in Microsoft Word

Using Find & Replace in Microsoft Word

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In this Microsoft Word tutorial I’m gonna show you a powerful feature in Microsoft Word and that is find and replace let’s pretend that I am the writer of this document I’m not but if I were let’s say that I regret using the term mission so much in this document

Maybe there’s a company policy that says that I need to change the word mission to another word like for example operation or maybe I just prefer that term myself and I want to go in and make that change well the word mission is in this document I would guess dozens of

Times let’s find out for sure there’s a couple of ways I could find that one is to go here to the View tab and check this box next to navigation pane if you do that you can search your document for in this case the word mission oh look it

Found 94 results of using the word mission in this document now there is a faster way instead of going to view navigation pane let’s say I’m on the home ribbon I can just hold the ctrl key on the keyboard and tap F ctrl F is the

Shortcut for find and that brings up the navigation pane and I can type in Mission all right so with 94 results I really do not want to go in and change all of those well the good news is I can close that navigation pane here on the

Home tab home ribbon there is a button here for find and that is another way to get to that navigation pane but underneath that there’s an option for replace so I can click there and it brings up this Find and Replace box here’s find and here’s to replace so

I’ll go with replace and it says find what the word mission it already knew that that’s what I’m concerned about but if I want to I can change that to something else but I’ll stick with Mission and then I can replace it with let’s say operation and there are some

Advanced Options here that you could play around with so for example you could match the case and you can have it search only for whole words you can use wildcards meaning that it won’t search strictly for just the word mission but maybe some alternates of that word that

Are similar to it find all word forms there’s just a lot of advanced options here you’ll need to try out if you’re interested in learning about them I’m just gonna stick with this so I click replace and if I pull this aside you’ll see that what I just replaced is the

First example of the word mission and here’s the second example so if I click replace it moves on to the next okay there’s the word missions so even though missions and mission aren’t exactly the same it still counted it and I’ll click replace so I could just keep

Clicking this to change mission to operation instead I’m just gonna click replace all and everything is going to be updated and changed so there were 80 replacements you want to continue searching from the beginning yes ok 85 replacements so I click OK and I’m done with this find and replace box that

Popped up so I hope you can see the great advantage to using find and replace and it’s found here in the replace button that just saved me at least 5 or 10 minutes of work but there is something else that Find and Replace can do when you click on replace let’s

Say that you’re not so much concerned with a particular word that you would like to change but you are concerned about the font that you’ve used or other formatting options like bold italicize underline so for example in this document the person that created it it looks like they used underlining and

Bold to highlight some important terms that they use in this document so UAV system that’s in bold and underlined and there are several other examples throughout this document and maybe that’s perfectly fine but if I think that’s a little bit of overkill a little bit too much look what I could do I

Could change these automatically to something like let’s say italics instead of underlined and bold again I could use Find and Replace so I can just go in here and I will delete out the word operation or mission and make sure that these boxes are empty and it’s important

That once I’ve deleted out those words that I click back into the find what box so I click there and then I’m going to go down here to the format button and click and format font now again make sure that you’ve clicked here where it says find

What you’ve got to be in that first box alright so I want word to search and find anything that’s bolded and underlined so I clicked on bold and I go here to underline and I’m gonna pick the regular underline option which is here so I click it and this is exactly what

Microsoft Word is going to look for bolded items that are underlined so I click OK and now that’s reflected here I’m gonna leave the box itself empty and then go down here to replace with and again I’ll go down to format font and this time I want to format it to be

Italicized so I choose italic click OK and then I can click replace and it found something and replaced it so that you can see it a little bit better I’m gonna click find next and that should have found the next example here it is and if I click replace then it changes

It into italics now I could have also forced it to not be bold so here where it says format italic I can click again and choose format font and here where it says italic I could choose not bold click OK and I could just proceed to find the next one

Replace that and if I want to I can click replace all and it makes all 33 replacements for me now you may have noticed that when I did this yes word found examples of bolded and underlined text and change them to italics but it still left them underlined so if I want

To do it again I can okay if you find something that’s bolded and underlined this time I don’t want you to make it italicized I want you to make it not underlined to do this you would have to click in the box that says italic because it already made everything

Italicized and now you would go down and click no formatting and then you would change the format font to not bold let’s start with that so I click OK replace all and it worked so now these terms are italicized and they’re not bold now I

Can do it one more time and I could clear the formatting notice that it just clears the formatting of the box that I’m clicked in if I needed to though I could clear this formatting too just by clicking and then clicking here and in this case

I do need to do that if I really want to get rid of the underlining I could say no formatting and then I could say fine text that is italicized and underlined and replace it with font format that has no underlining click okay replace all

And now we have what I was looking for when I was trying to do so sometimes it does take multiple steps searching for one thing and replacing one characteristic of it sometimes you can do two or more characteristics but then other times you do have to go back and

Repeat and maybe change some of the parameters to make it work thanks for watching this tutorial I hope you found it to be helpful if you did please click the like button below and consider connecting with me on my social media accounts like Facebook Pinterest and Twitter and definitely do subscribe to

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