We’re here veronica we’re at your uh uncle’s house are you excited for vacation yes i love disney um veronica we’re not going to disney sweetheart but i love disney i know veronica i know we all love disney but we’re not going to just leave this vacation take me to disney now

Brother cousins you saw the sweet daughter after this occasional thank you to disney okay fine all right let’s go inside janet and veronica are back oh no i don’t want to do this again um hey guys we are so excited for the vacation yeah i’m so excited for hawaii

Oh my gosh i am so excited too i’m excited for you guys to see the vacation house i’m not excited to see your hairy chest Alright let’s go i really need this vacation a few moments later all right we’re here at the airport we got my bag i actually have another bag in the car i think i have like five more bags oh my gosh i’m so excited for hawaii what i’m not excited for is the airplane

Dad are you sure this airplane is safe yes i’m pretty sure it is pretty sure so here’s our flight to hawaii um okay place your baggage here all right here we go i have a lot of bags i hope that’s fine this one i have another one another one another one

Another one and the other one okay here’s this one and this one just ladies throw your drink away what noah i need my drink you too grandma excuse me i’m not a grandma i’m a mother oh come on don’t be serious i see those gray hairs

Shut up janet don’t be rude to your sister-in-law okay time to check your bags okay um whose pink bag is this um we don’t allow any weapons of any kind why is there an axe in your bag um veronica protect me from shark duh

Oh right sir um i don’t think it’s a bad thing it’s just a protector for the sharks it’s fine i’m sorry i can’t let you in with the axe Yes my sweetie what’s wrong i need that don’t worry veronica i’ll buy you a brand new pink one in hawaii okay bye mommy okay you may enter all right everyone let’s get on the plane i’m so scared don’t be scared of cat alice oh this is a very nice plane very fancy

This couch is really really comfy buckle up and enjoy the ride um okay something a drama queen mommy i want food okay veronica i’ll get you some food um excuse me flight attendant oh yeah i had a dream of the plane crash what um no it did not ah it’s shaking

I don’t want it to crash hold on tight um okay where is food it’s shaking even more me i have a burrito i’ll take a salad um what’s happening the emergency stuff is like blinking oh my gosh i’m so scared i have some bad news so the lightning

Struck the wing of the plane and now we can jump off what i haven’t eaten my burrito yet i’m too young to die um i still have so many things i want to do it’s shaking everyone get a parachute oh my gosh veronica sweetie veronica five minutes later um hello is everyone

Okay do we look okay that was so scary i’m never going on a plane again wow that was fun that was not fun that was terrifying but it looks like we’re in hawaii now yay time to tan veronica honey let’s put out some sunscreen we don’t want you to get burnt okay

Mommy okay and joey and alex you guys are putting some sunscreen too no way i am getting a tan okay joey what are you doing um i’m getting my freeze tan on doll um do i hear something ah this feels like paradise oh my gosh is it raining right now

Ah come inside oh my gosh honey alice what is wrong with you what nothing’s wrong with me my skin feels so nice but it kind of burns alice whoa alex looks like you just came out of the oven don’t look at the mirror um okay

My face it’s all red and it burns so bad i told you to put on sunscreen wait a minute where is joey joey hope hope it’s freezing in here oh yeah about jelly what is it veronica do you stuck in the cooler oh my jelly i’m coming for you

Well this sucks on our first day of hawaii is storming a veronica oh my and it’s thunder too it’s all right veronica that will happen hey veronica guess what i heard it’s the shark season in hawaii yeah me too yeah so you have to be very careful

Yeah i think there’s some in that mud over there yeah and sharks love high high water yeah they might break the window they even like little blonde girls like you and i also heard on the news that a veronica got attacked by a shark yeah and your name’s veronica

A few moments later shh don’t tell veronica but we’re pranking her wait what’s that noise oh no oh no it wasn’t the sharks Um that stupid man took with my axe when i really needed it Oh my god So we hope you guys for this video make sure you subscribe to subscriber pillager squad if it looks like this smash me like this and get the big thumbs up hit that like button if i post a new video just like these ones i remember oh Foreign

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