Vampire Virus – Full Movie in English (Horror, Fantasy)

Vampire Virus - Full Movie in English (Horror, Fantasy)

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Please! It hurts ! Do something ! Help me ! Give me a shot! Pity ! Do not do that ! No ! Isabelle! Open that door! There is no escape! We will find you! Open the door, damn it! Go on ! You don’t realize, they are going to kill me!

Who would like to live for eternity? VAMPIRE VIRUS SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA See you Monday, Jennifer. Have a nice week-end. – Look who’s coming! – Sorry, I’m late. What would you like to drink ? – Is there a milkshake? – You’re not gonna drink that shit. It’s Friday, Jennifer.

– I’ll take a bottle. – And the menu? Yes, it will be a bottle of Vermentino. Thank you. Like I said, his name is Brad. He is exquisite. He works in finance, can you imagine? Obviously. We’re going skiing in Aspen in a month. I’m happy for you.

He asked me to babysit his dog, Coco Chanel. – She’s cute! – Is she allowed here? Come down! Show your Brad. – Oh. – What do you mean, “oh”? – You know him ? – Jennifer doesn’t know men. He seems to care about his dog a lot. Of course, he loves dogs.

– He’s sensitive. – You don’t like dogs? I’m wary of guys who pose with their dog on dating sites. They are ready to manipulate sentient beings. He uses the dog to bait the chicks. Exactly. It’s not a “conscious”. – He’s a Pomeranian. – Sarah, it’s a terrier. Anyway…

Brad, Coco and I had a blast in the Hamptons, thank you. Well, Brad and me, because Coco was tied outside. If I had been in your place, I would have passed the leash. Are you talking about sex? I’m talking about bondage… It’s nothing. So… – Let’s talk penis. – Come on, Lauren!

Let’s say that if dogs are a reflection of their master, I would rather have seen him with a bloodhound. You who have easy criticism, are you seeing someone at the moment? Nothing new on that side. – Nothing ? – Here then ! In fact, when was your last boyfriend?

Your vagina must be closed like an oyster! Sarah, stop! I may be more demanding than others, huh? We’re just giving you advice from friends. I need it ? I lack nothing. We would like to see you as a couple, happy. Like Brad and me. Why don’t you go out with us tonight?

You would see people. I will stay with you. I have work to finish. Forget the job. You spend your time working! Honey, you can’t spend all your Fridays in your nightgown in front of the TV watching Judge Judy. Gotta live a little! – A little ? – A lot, even !

Okay ! Since you think I’m morose, frigid or loose… – We didn’t say that. – Oh no ? You have a lot of assets… – It’s just… – That you don’t take advantage of them! Thank you, Lauren. Good ! I’m going home to make myself beautiful… I’ll try not to disappoint you.

Jack can choose your outfit. What’s the point of having a gay roommate if you don’t use it? He’s also my best friend. So pour out your heart, but we’ll see you at the Medusa at 10:00 p.m. – 22 hours ? – Is it after your curfew? – I’ll be there. – You’d better.

You’ll see. See you soon. No nonsense ! We promise you nothing! Jack? You came home early, and the girls? The bills are piling up, I’m waiting for your payment. Don’t worry, I’ll pay, just not tonight. They’re late, I can’t get you any further. I am sorry. I will pay soon,

In the meantime I will continue to give you my emotional support which, let’s face it, is worth its weight in gold. But how much does a board weigh, Jack? – You know ? – Metaphorically? Literally, I can’t be red. And tonight I agreed to go out with the girls.

OK, where are you going? – At the Medusa. – In a club? You ? I know. They insisted. Why didn’t you say anything? Here… Here is already a part. You’ll get the rest when you bring a guy home. That’s nice, even though you owe me that money.

Admit that paying me to bring someone back makes you my mac. – It’s weird. – I should be. I doubt I’ll bring anyone back. I go out to appease Lindsay, Sarah and Lauren, period. Since you have to pretend, how about trying to have fun? I don’t know if I can.

Finally, if a hot guy offers you a drink, let him! Don’t talk to her about work… Flirt a little. Why do you all take me for a prude? I’ve lived with you for six years, you never go to bed after 9 p.m.

– I have a busy life! – And a very quiet room. Ouch, touched. Get out, get drunk! Have fun ! Come with me. You will help me flirt. I can’t, you know I have my romantic night. He sleeps here tonight. It’s not true ! – I’ll take the earplugs out. – The farm.

No, it will be up to you to close it. Come on, more. Have a good evening. See you later. Holy shit. Don’t skimp on the photos. Send in the forensic science, and get them moving. There are kids in there. Damn it. I’ll check up there. It must be Dad in the kitchen.

Where is the lady of the house? They are just three. Nothing in the parents’ room, the children’s room and the bathroom. I can’t imagine the kind of mother who does that to her children. Maybe it’s their mother-in-law. I can not believe. He does have a hole in his abdomen. It’s already infected.

Like at the Mears. Whore. We know who was missing. The mother. Check the kids. And then turn on the light, we see nothing here! There is no current. The killer wanted to be in the dark. Maybe it’s the family dog. Malnourished, he smelled blood… That would explain the fang marks.

Only the crime was reported an hour ago. Neighbors heard screams. I can’t imagine him screaming an hour ago. I think he’s lost… about 50% of his blood. From a single injury? He emptied himself. It would take hours. Children have the same marks. A virus, perhaps? The two families would have come into contact?

It’s just like the Mears. It could be the same psycho. Or they are more than one. It could be a cult crime. They take the blood away, it’s symbolic. What ? Voodoo use it well in their rituals, don’t they? It doesn’t hold up. Not a move! Send me a doctor immediately! Hi…

I will be arriving a little later than expected, sorry. Yeah. I had a rough day at work. See you later. Come have a drink with us. Actually… I can’t really, tonight. It was heavy for you. You have to decompress. Come have a drink. I prefer not, I have other plans.

You know what ? We don’t bite. I know well. Monsieur has other plans with a girl? She is good ? Hmm. It’s just… I’m… It’s okay, Fred. Always so secret. You will let your guard down one day. I know you. I do not believe. I never forget my passengers.

Especially those who are like you. What did I do ? You and your girlfriend played naughty in the back, on my seat. Sorry ? I may have seen you online. Have you done porn? Can I help you, Officer? Yes, I’m looking for a guy. About 1.75 meters, brown hair, brown eyes… nice ass.

Are you coming to arrest me? No. But I’ll handcuff you. You are my best friend! Who are you talking to ? – All of you! – What did she drink? Three gins! – Three ? – Yes. Oh, she’s my best friend. He is my boyfriend. Wow… It itches me!

They’re almost as hot as Brad! And more pigs than his dog! Coco is super clean. I drank too much, girls. Want to go out for a bit? They have already found their best buddies. OK, they’re approaching. We stay cool. I believe you have a ticket, Jennifer. Sorry if I stared at you,

I’m just… super drunk. Do you want to Dance ? We know how to do it. – Me ? – Yes. You. Can they come with me? You smell too good! – What are you doing ? – What ? Just you. We will be there for you. You’re going to bust tonight, Jennifer!

Hip hip hooray! Not too soon, hooray! How are you ? Yes No. I’m not bad. It will come. When you sober up. My friends ! I will take care of you. My name is Isabella. I am a nurse. I’ll clean it all up for you. Thank you. Me, it’s Jennifer. Jennifer…

A bottle of water and two double whiskeys. Right now. – You weren’t going to clean me up? – And I asked for water. You can find it in the toilet. I don’t set foot in the toilet, it’s disgusting. Yes, I hadn’t thought of that. It’s not that I hate junk food.

How about we go somewhere quieter? Oh, no, sorry, I don’t… I can’t do more here. I know a place nearby where I can give you a deep clean. I will bandage your wound. I will undress you. May be. That’s for you. Where are we going ? Trust me ! Go away ! Go!

The apocalypse is near! They came for us! The Last Judgment has come! We have nothing left! Leave before they catch you! Go! Wow ! You are strong. Oh. Where are we? It’s our little secret, Jennifer. The perfect sanctuary for people like you and me. How so ? You’ll see. Hey. Bad day?

You can’t even imagine. Did you tell them? To your colleagues? Not yet. – I’m afraid of their reaction. – They’ll have to find out. How many months have we been together? It’s not a matter of months. It’s just… I have to find the right moment. Because you’re not sure of me?

I’m quite sure of you. You’re too cute not to be. Are you serious ? Yes. Okay. Prove it. You really want ? Yes. Okay. Sit down, Jennifer. It’s better. Are you comfortable, Jennifer? Yes. THE END OF THE WORLD IS APPROACHING Hello. Shit ! Hey ! Do not move. Thank you.

– And There you go. – Are we good? – Are we good? – Thank you. Hello, Jennifer! – How are you ? – Damn, you don’t look in good shape! – I didn’t want you to see me. – Where were you yesterday? Don’t bring her back, okay? How are you. We are grumpy.

She’s not used to drinking. You’re sure ? She looks sick. Don’t worry. I will take care of her. – You are going to be late. – You’re right ! See you tomorrow. What is this smell? – Can you take out the trash? – I took them out this morning. I have nausea.

I feel nothing at all. Are you still drunk? The water tastes funny. Probably because we didn’t pay for it. Are you going to tell me what you did yesterday? I do not remember ! Did you get it? – I don’t want to talk about it! – What ? Lady bomb!

– Handsome ? – Let go of me ! So that’s it! There is no reason to react like that. I think someone put something in my drink. Were you drugged? I can no longer remember. Were you hurt? No it’s nothing. I just need to rest. My evening was fun, thank you! Shit !

– Jennifer? – I’m fine, don’t come in! Be careful, it has broken… glass. It hurts ! What is this mess ? What happened here? Jennifer? You have to go see a doctor. You are hurt. – No it’s nothing. – It’s not nothing, Jen! It’s more than a cooked, it looks serious!

I woke up in a stalemate. At first I thought it was a hickey, but it got worse. It’s infected! You fucked with Frankenstein? It was a girl. – I’ve forgotten his name. – I do not believe you ! I don’t remember anything, I have a memory lapse. She did this to you?

I don’t know, maybe I cut myself in the alley. For once I find the courage to let go, here I am! You should file a complaint. Since I tell you that I remember nothing! We’re going to see a doctor at least, get dressed. CAM 1 INTERROGATION ROOM 4 Just in time, Fred.

Wow ! So, slept well? I’m sorry, I got stuck in traffic. You had time for a coffee. Ah! How was she? Did you sleep at her place? Silence, please. It’s good, Inspector, ready to record. Do you like lollipops? Downright. You’ll be glad to hear that the medic you assaulted

Is recovering from his injury, Mr. Laymon. Where is my wife ? We have received documents from a laboratory in Romania. Our medical team informs me that the infection you are suffering from is related to experimental research conducted at these facilities. If a virus has escaped, our priority is to stop it.

We’re going to need your cooperation with the testing. What’s this ? Allow us to test your children as well. We have shown a link to infection. You see ? An extremely rare virus. These are individuals who have undergone tests in a Romanian lab. How did he get so far? Hmm. Someone screwed up.

Mr. Laymon, I would like you to tell me about the incident. Do you recognize this woman? Is it really her who assaulted your family yesterday afternoon? She was not alone. She was the one giving the orders. Alert all patrols, find her for me. Gentlemen. – Fred. – Yes sir.

Send these images to hospitals. We are looking for patients who have tested positive for the virus. Find this woman. Those who accompanied him were men? Could you describe them to me, Mr. Laymon? Frank. Please spread this in the media. Code blue. And that, to all the medical services.

If there’s a correlation, they contact Peterson. That’s why I protect myself. One minute. Sorry, I can’t really talk to you. I know you’re working, but something happened to Jen. I believe she was raped. – Possibly. – What ? She refuses to press charges. Could you come see her later?

She’s in bad shape, I’ve never seen her like that. She looked bad this morning. It’s worse than that. She has a stomach wound and it’s spreading. It’s done. – Does it look like a bite? – Yes a bit. It’s filthy, like infected. – Where are you ? – She consults her doctor.

There is a virus circulating, be very careful of Jennifer. Don’t let her go! – Jennifer? – Yes. How is it going ? Could you lower the blinds? It dazzles me. Sure. Thank you. What can I help you with ? I have some kind of skin infection… – Like a bite. – Insect? No.

I dunno. Where is this infection located? On the window. If we looked? Pull up your T-shirt. Ouch! Are there any other symptoms you should tell me about? I’m thirsty, but as soon as I drink… I feel like throwing up. And I’m cold. I am frozen. Indeed, you look dehydrated.

Listen, wait for me here, I’ll consult my colleagues. They will help me see what should be done. It’s serious ? Wait, it’ll take a minute. It just happened. The state of alert is general. It is a very contagious virus. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN? She’s here right now. The infection is identical.

I had never seen anything like it. Jennifer! Wait, no! Let’s go. What are you doing ? Jen, stop! What did he say to you ? – It’s serious ? – Shut up and listen to me. I know what happened yesterday. We have to go back to where I woke up. In this impasse.

What ? Damn, you stink! This is where she brought me! I cut my hand. And she took care of me, look. I see nothing, Jen. Exactly ! She knows what’s happening to me. Please. OKAY. Where is this dead end? It is the end ! Our civilization is doomed! We will descend into chaos.

Hey, you! Do you recognize me, did we see each other yesterday? I was with a girl. They always come back! Jen, he’s crazy. He doesn’t know where he lives. I apologize. Is that the pretty woman you’re looking for? She sleeps downstairs. Thank you. So you followed this woman all the way here?

Very classy, ​​Jennifer. Help me with this. It’s too heavy. There is someone ? Are you looking for Isabella? Yes ! Your friend will be waiting outside. Good. Jennifer, you’re not serious! It’ll be OK. You’re waiting for me there, huh? Come in. Hello ? Jennifer. Let yourself be guided by my voice.

I knew you will come back. Come. Come back. Damn no! You stink of shit! It’s serious ! Where do you think you are going? Dirty hippie, what’s your problem? Don’t try to run away. – You are scared ? – You do it right. Take ! Hey ! Leave him alone!

– Are you expecting someone? – Sorry ? Are you expecting someone? He is waiting for his ass plan. That’s it ? – How much do you take? – Get out, I’m waiting for someone. What did you do to me ? to tell the difference. When you have fed, all that will disappear.

You’ve had a taste, now you just need… blood. Jack? Get out, bitch. Jack? Jack? Call Freddie. I’ll get you out of here. Forgive me, forgive me. I’ve got you, it’s okay. Jack? What happened ? – What happened ? – He got beaten up. I’m going to get some ice cream. I’m sorry. Sorry.

Calm down. Take this. Sorry. Shouldn’t have come here, but to the hospital. – I obeyed him. – Did you call the cops? – I couldn’t… – Why? Freddy. Hey, hey, slowly. It’s not his fault. – Where are you from ? – We were in town. Weren’t you sick? Jack mentioned an infection.

Were you cured? It’s better. Freddy? Where did they do this to you? Hey. I have to take you to the hospital. Shit ! I must take it. Noonan… I have a big problem at home. I’m gonna have to… We’re dealing with a double homicide. We need you. Look, I can’t.

The chief said to come back. It’s happening at 16th ave. He’s on the scene. Shit. I can be there in four minutes. Shit ! Fuck it! I’m really sorry, I have to go. Call an ambulance from my landline. – See you at the hospital! – Freddie, no!

– I’m sorry. – Truly ? I did as fast as I could. Don’t approach. We have a positive for the virus. – What do we have? – Two corpses. One seems to have faced a bear. – The other one has a boned neck. – It must be the same virus. He was bitten.

The other has broken bones, bleeding and a fang mark. In my opinion… this virus is transmitted through bites. Oh there ! We touch nothing. Sorry. Everything is fine ? Yes. Is there anything you would like to tell us? Do you have any idea of ​​the culprit? Oh, we’ll find him.

We have no witnesses. Apart from this homeless man at the end of the passage. He has only one thing to say: “The end of the world is coming!” He says it over and over. Again and again. He may be right. I have to make a call. He’s hiding something from us.

– What ? – Watch the passage. Call me if anyone comes within three meters. Hold this for me. Go on. You took good care of both guys. You finally fed yourself. It is very good. What do you want ? I just want to help you, Jennifer. Mortality is a plague.

If only he was immortal like us. If only he could heal… Did you do this to him? To be with us. He may already be. Victimized, brutalized, but without the shadow of the strength we have. To fight. He dies, Jennifer. I have the power to heal him, as I healed you.

I have the bite that can bring him back to us. Join me, Jennifer. Become one of us. Live like us. Bite like us. No kidding ! Chief, guess who just walked into the crime scene? – Are you sure it’s her? – Affirmative. Don’t lose sight of her, I’m coming.

Are you sure this will help? He won’t get sick? Do you look sick? He’s your best friend. Don’t you wish him what you have? Make him heal. In that case, you’ll have to do something for me. We need new blood. He will need to feed. You will need to feed yourself.

With my photo in the newspapers, I won’t exactly go unnoticed at the Medusa. It never was. Choose someone from all, bring him to us. Introduce him to our way of life. Do you think you can do it, Jen? Do you think you can be a seductress? This is Agent Fred Halton.

Did we send a unit to 2812 Sandy Valley Road? A young man injured in a fight. Yes. You are sure ? Shit ! Blonde suspect, twenties, in a white dress. She is leaving 16th avenue. Chase necessary. To all officers in the area, Demonstrate you. Jennifer. I’m in hell? No.

Better than that ! Chief, I need backup immediately at 16th Avenue! We have a murder in progress! No doubt about the suspect! I repeat murder in progress! She is not alone ! Shit ! Sorry, let me through. – Can I help you ? – I have to come

In – talk to a friend. – Do you have a warrant? I am off duty. The uniform makes customers uncomfortable. I have to ask you to leave. It’s not true ! Listen… – Lend me your clothes! – You dream ! – Clear ! – I have money to pay. Absolutely not !

There, I have fifty dollars! Are you not well? I’m not helping an asshole cop. Hey. I’m not against 50 bucks. Jennifer, where is Jack? Dance with Me. I will gladly eat you tonight. Jack is here too? Jennifer! I got the hospital, why didn’t you call? He’s better, Freddie. It was agreed.

He is one of them now. What are you talking about ? She gave me more than an infection. She delivered me. There’s an entire sanctuary of people like us, where we’re free to indulge in all our fantasies. You left it in the hands of infected? We are the infected!

Can we know what she’s doing? Serious. Look what she’s wearing. Looks like a whore! Me, I find that it ensures. I don’t belong in a brothel. The cops will clear them. They know where they are. They tracked the carrier of the virus. They’re up-to-date. You brought them to her.

You brought them to Jack. Hide. I got you. Jack? Jack! Jack! Freddy! No. I’ve got you. I’ve got you, it’s okay. No, don’t shoot, I know him. He’s not with them. Look at his neck, Halton! He is infected. I’m here. Stay with me. Is that what you want to be, Fred?

Is that how you want to live? Like a monster, a plague victim? Do like me. I’m sorry Fred. It’s terrible. They are there ! Dark beings walk among us. Our world is doomed for eternity. At the corner of 23rd, please. What is this mess ? Adaptation: Diane Bardinet

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