Does it suit me so we’ve done a lot of virtual reality gameplay on this channel and it’s been pretty much exclusively with the HTC vive now today we can we using a virtual reality system that I’ve never tried before this the PSV R so this is obviously exclusive to

PlayStation 4 and I’m honestly if I have had this in my position for about seven or eight months and I just haven’t tried it yet so today is the day I thought I would unbox it and give it a go now let me just put this thing on cuz it’s a

Slightly awkward there we go so what’s cool about this is you can actually use like the whole PlayStation experience in VR so right now I am seeing exactly what you’re seeing but right in front of me so if I turn this way and if you can’t see anything hopefully you’re seeing

That too and today we can be playing the playroom VR so I think will be quite a good introduction to the world of PlayStation virtual reality and it’s got robots in it they look cute so um I think what do we need to do what is the

Controller doing what are you doing what are you doing stop okay it’s telling me to flick this server whoa okay okay that was pretty cool this oh my goodness whoa hey buddy how’s it going what are you doing so obviously the difference between the psvr and the HTC vive is you

Pray the PlayStation VR normally sitting down because you don’t have the ability to walk around the space like you do in the vibe so I’m right there’s two games on here that are single-player and the rest are all multiplayer oh there’s a dinosaur but I think what happens here

Is the virtual reality player plays against other people so we might be able to set the up sometime that’ll be cool but I kind of want to try this out first I’m not sure what it is but it’s single player just likes to do with toys wait a

Second is this a crane machine mini BOTS hey how’s it going this is so cool I forgot how awesome VR is so I’m relaxing to enjoy your very own collection of miniature toys coming to life you can use the coins you collected in other games to unlock new sets let’s

Do this whoa wow this is cause it’s my own little toy shop this is awesome I keep forgetting to oh the back as well oh my goodness there’s a guitar there’s a banner yeah so you guys probably can’t see me when I go that way I didn’t think

I’d be doing a whole 360 thing but those are cute right so I need to press the middle button there we go that’s what I’m talking about I don’t know why this is so jittery so weird what’s going on what is going on whoa it is a cream

Machine I told you guys I thought it was that’s so cool like all these things those bombs don’t know kids I’m guessing they’re bombs they look pretty bomb like okay it’s telling me to flick the top ah that’s cool right and now I need to put my controller in here

And now we can collect one which one should we get I think we should go I think I can see a duck right there on the right so let’s go this way and then there’s tap it come on give me the duck no I missed but at least I

Didn’t get a bad one I don’t want to know what happens next I think I’ve only got ten coins what is this ninja BOTS and I can move it around as well wow that’s cool look at that that’s amazing I don’t know what you guys are seeing

Right now by the way I don’t know if you’re seeing what I can see through my eyes or whether you’re just seeing something else I don’t know if you can play these games we’ll just collect them well that’s nice I like that oh where you going oh he’s going over there oh

He’s going inside the little room that’s cool I like that right let’s get another one that rubber ducks all the way on the right hand side the dinosaur is right there right there try and get that shall we okay we need to we need to flick one

Of these Kapow that’s what I’m talking about plop this in here and go right tap it gone yes is that the dinosaur I think that’s the dinosaur what is it what is it it is definitely the dinosaur whoa you can pick it up as well whoa look at this that’s so cool guys

Look at his teeth he’s quite aggressive looking actually you just spin him around like this he’s not even got any arms how does he do anything without arms or legs poor little guy right there sends you off where do you go where did where did he go I actually don’t know

Where he went duck is imperfect to position tap it there we go let’s dish out these coins and let’s go ahead can I add more I can write let’s do let’s do two more and then we can be one two another game I want that dark desperately so let’s go

Write stop stop that’s it that’s the one yes ah is it the the one is the one that is definitely the dock there it is oh my goodness that is huge I love that you can just like move it around and stuff that’s so awesome haha hey buddy how’s it going where are

You gonna go you’re gonna head off into the atmosphere you’re gonna go on to that shelf up there hey it’s got a little one as well with an old robot looks nice what should we go for next I think I’ve got one more token to use I’ve already

Put in let’s go let’s go pink there’s one right in the middle there let’s go here oh I might missed it no I got it what is inside we have ourselves a whoa what is that that’s like some crazy car that’s insane but some say it’s got jets on the back

As well that’s crazy I’m impressed I’m definitely impressed of this that’s so cool right send you up into the stratosphere get out of here buddy where are you gonna go you’re gonna go up on that shelf hey all right so I think we have six tokens left well

I kind of want to get out of here and see what happens wait what’s this button what does that do oh oh it’s shrunk them all down oh there they go um oh I didn’t mean to do that whoops oh no what have I done what have I done

No I quit the gate I didn’t mean to I think it’s creating something else oh so I can now like look around my room I think I can check this out hey dude Oh going out right so let’s do this again there we go create the awesome file outs

And let’s go into a different game because that was pretty cool a virtual reality claw machine let’s go up to this one and see what is inside we have got I have no idea what’s going on but it looks awesome that’s got robots rescue come on a wild VR adventure looking for

Your lost comrades this road is full of traps oh we need to use all your robot skills okay let’s do that hey dude load up the game for us buddy you can do it as clouds and stuff too are you going for it look at this oh man that’s so cool

That’s crazy the fact that it’s like completely 360 is mind-blowing as well look all these guys once fallen over oh who are these whoa they look like charger bugs you know the Pokemon they’re like charger bugs where did they go hello okay let’s have a look here we need to click whoa

Oh that’s cool that’s very cool hey buddy how’s it going this flick you into the game shall we nice oh and then we control him oh my goodness I feel that feels so weird when the world is moving in you’re not oh that’s freaky so I can like look around

While I control my little guy that’s quite cool I’ve got rocket boots – nice oh there’s these punks right let’s punch these guys but Bam Bam Bam you are doing a fantastic I’m gonna go through the vines and some more there we go right hey buddy how’s it going do you need to

Collect you see whoa that was cool but look at this place this is awesome and look at my heads I’ve got like a little Dingle dangle thing on it anyway let’s continue let’s beat these punks cut power cut power that’s what I’m talking about all the flowers have faces right

What do we have to do here we have to click wait what and flick this what is it oh do we have to aim for that there we go and now can we walk on it if we actually jump properly yes we can look

At him go the other way there we go I like his little cape as well there’s very cute so what happens whoa wow wow that’s awesome that’s so awesome I don’t need to fall off but that’s really cool all right let’s collect you I think we need to collect as many

People as possible and put them into our remote that’s so cool again I don’t know what you’re seeing now saved your buddy saved you I got your back there we go we’ve got three inside there now right where do you need to go you need to come

Right round here collect these coins do not fall off you chump change the checkpoint smack this guy in the face and I have no idea what to do now whoa whoa okay see you later wow that’s so I so I know that’s me aware of your surroundings right I need

To go or when he’s gonna save that guy up there let’s try and do this Zoey Flinx and jump right let’s bring it down jump there we go that’s so cool guys I can’t explain how awesome that is oh man jump down it’s okay you’re a robot

But yeah oh what happens make those but just put Jeff oh I can’t hit them it just makes them angry all right let’s get you jumped on here shall we quick quick quick quick quick jump yeah that’s what I’m talking about save your buddy kick him in the butt put him in the

Controller and we’ll carry on slides and these guys are so cute so cute I really hope you can see what I’m seeing right now I know you won’t get the full like VR experience but it’s super cool now out get out everybody there he goes oh

How are we gonna fit in here it’s a tiny controller let’s kick some more but there we go what’s this – my dick I certainly cannot write we need to go oh it’s you get out of here jump there we go alright there’s fire over to this guy

Perfect I think we might be able to spring up and get these ready what yes oh man this guy’s so talented seriously how many can we fit in this controller oh there’s only 5 ok you stay away from me BAM it’s really cool to like even though I’m not looking through the eyes

Of this guy I can still see the environment I can see someone up there because I’ve got the 3d VR effect that’s so nice ok use the trampoline to your advantage ready grab him there we go and there’s even more up there wow I can like view up into the the cracks of

Everything just to find secret things that’s so awesome you can die you can die you can’t no you’re cute this is gonna jump on your head for a little bit anywhere else we can go it looks like oh wait let’s go grab this what do I have to do pull this whoa oh

It’s cool could I do that here as well BAM that’s so nice he was trapped in there what a shame right what do you got next this looks intense you got uh whoa ok that’s that’s a really high jump so I need to do this ad yes strongly said I

Can’t explain to you how amazing this is just playing a normal platformer game but with VR because I’m used to when there you play the HTC vive you’re normally the the player so I’ll be looking through his eyes but we’ll come from a third-person perspective right now so everything is a lot different

Paul yes well he’s huge no ok he’s massive he’s like a boss get him it’s not doing damage oh there he goes what BAM nice that’s so cool I can’t explain it to you guys and look I could just pee around here like this and pay around this hey that’s so nice

Wow what is going on here there’s flying ones up there’s normal ones down here too that need to be careful of ok they’re dive-bombing me you crazy punks what can I do here let’s go wait a second can I pop this huh I’ll reach it I can’t reach it why

What do I need to do I can’t figure out why I need to do on this bill I’m sorry maybe I need a different power because you can’t get different powers I’m fairly sure whoa ok see you guys later I go up to you ok this needs to be careful

Cuz he’s gonna he’s gonna bomb us here we go huh no no no don’t die don’t die just kill him there we go that always went very wrong oh look at him down there by himself we’ll save you buddy we’re coming don’t worry there we go get into the controller eyes another

One up there and they’re gonna make me save all of them how do you guys get so lost we got him we got him don’t worry right we need to pull this apart this is gonna look epic Kapow Oh technically they hit me in the face but

Um it’s about to reality so it doesn’t even hurt I need to duck through here though I’m gonna bang my heads whoa what’s this what is going on here kill you I don’t kill you that’s what I’m talking about right let’s get you no wait is this a slide

This is actually gonna be a slide right now so do I need to do this or do I just go down let’s go let’s see what happens ah ah this is crazy this is actually crazy oh my gosh every feels so dizzy are we finished whoa okay let’s pop that

Thing whoa look welcome our controller look how many I got yeah now I can fire him at the balloon I need to drag it backwards go for it coins everywhere oh man that’s so cool so cool I miss six of them I’m so sorry guys so sorry but you can look backwards

As well at that slide that we just came down this is Mads we can just collect all these coins as well no no no no no no don’t take him away from me now oh that was so nice wait wait what are you doing you take a

Picture of me you did oh man little baby’s in the bottom left-hand corner that’s so funny I keep forgetting that you’ve got the the psvr camera up there as well what is going on with my controller right now shake it shake it shake it okay no rushing it on that

That’s bad okay I got some coins as well I can use in the in the crane machine so let’s go open some more of those and then I think that might be it for today Kabam that will never get old that’s really cool come to me crane machine come to me I

Have got coins to spend there is man of the hour how you doing buddy is there anything I can see that I actually want I don’t think there is there might be a car in there or something but on anyway let’s uh throw some in here let’s do let’s do

Three more and then see what we can get plop this in here and let’s go for the far back one all the way back here pink is the color of choice we grabbed it and let’s see what’s inside it’s a guy with a frisbee hey that’s pretty cool I love

These little robots they’re really really cute get out of here buddy go and live your dream wait there was two of them what you’re gonna go there that’s so cute hey guys again then the other one went this side but there’s one down there there he is right let’s crack

Open another one I kind of want to see what the bombs do so I’m gonna grab one of those here we go to see what happens yeah about there we go what happens what happens oh oh oh I’m sorry let’s add another coin just for that so let’s pop

That down let’s try orange actually that’s it that’s a cool car another favorite color of mine there we go what do we get inside it looks like there’s a screen on it we have ourselves a Jim whoa okay that’s nice so let’s spin around I think so hopefully you guys can see I

Don’t know what you’re seeing right now but we got dumbbells that’s nice where’s that gonna go let’s guess okay so go go over this sides is it going in here so I get my oh okay I can build my own penthouse that’s amazing and that guy is over in the car as well

This is nuts okay one last one let’s see we get that bright green one in the middle BAM oh I missed it I got the white one instead oh I’m out got two does that count no it’s as floating near his head okay so a lab whoa that’s super cool it’s got

Massive fan on the back and some nuclear wastes that’s cool and where’s that gonna go is that gonna go on top of the other one Oh where’s that go where did that go Oh down there whoa it’s underneath right I’m gonna have to add some more let’s do three

More just cuz I love this so much okay let’s try and get that green one again if no it doesn’t matter but don’t get the black oh sorry buddy the green ones like right here so I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get it now let’s go let’s go orange again

Actually let’s go for this actually no that’s very near a black one let’s go here it’s ooh Evans okay we got pink again Pink’s done pretty well for us though what’s that it’s a bar look look at them enjoying themselves that’s so cute I love that where’s that gonna go

It’s cool you could like build up your build up your city your virtual toy shop I guess by completing the games that’s awesome okay Green’s right in the back this time we should be able to get it here we go is that accurate it is we got it and you

Are going to be a police car there we go look at that he’s working on it underneath that’s a pretty amazing like cop car that’s really nice and where’s that gonna go he’s like working in the garage gonna go down yeah beautiful next we’ve got our last one of the video

Let’s go for this dark red oh wait I don’t have a coin BAM there we go I’ve already done three oh yeah one was a bomb so let’s make up for that one to grab this dark red one I’ll see it that’s it there we go I haven’t seen one

Dark red before it’s a spruce for sure oh man that’s cool it’s kind of like wipeout that’s on the PlayStation right I’m pretty sure it is and we’re that gonna go is he gonna zoom it around our toy shop hope so it’s right in front

Of us I can’t see it hopefully you guys can see it better oh it’s around the outside oh that’s epic okay that’s so cool it goes all the way around the outside they jump over the dog oh that’s great I love this I’m Cree might let you my own virtual reality

Playroom but I guess that’s what the game is about right so you know what guys that was pretty insane I enjoyed that a lot and I just noticed is that me that’s me on the screen so it looks like you might have seen a different version to

What I’ve been seeing through here so if you have I hope it’s actually been useful it was really fun to play so I hope you enjoyed it if you did please leave a big fat thumbs up that’d be greatly appreciated and it’s time to be the first me that you see mommy please

Do consider subscribing to join semen CDN today Paul daily crazy videos I like sticking around and watching another one why don’t you like this one right here which I have hand-picked for you or Ian comes to me live in the US on my dantdm live us tour by clicking at the link

Just a bit low ed thanks again for watching guys have an amazing day and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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