Watch Ameca the humanoid robot in its FIRST public demo

Watch Ameca the humanoid robot in its FIRST public demo

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You might have seen a video doing the rounds of a gray robot that looks ultra lifelike is it real is it fake well at ces 2022 amica the robot was on show and let me tell you the experience of interviewing this robot was very uncanny So morgan tell me you’ve got amica there next to you this is a very lifelike robot why would you design a robot that looks so human yeah well the main use case for a humanoid robot right now is for entertainment is for communication and it’s for interaction with other

People amica is the pinnacle of what we can do but it’s still not exactly like a human we didn’t want to make it look exactly like a human we wanted to make it look like a robot it’s the vision of what humans see humanoid robots in the future you’ve

Seen all of the films they all look like this so we designed something around what we see we visit robots humanoid robots to be in the future and how do you create those really human expressions i mean looking at amica responding to you there’s little movements of eyebrows if

You can call them eyebrows how did you actually build the robot to look so human with those expressions well what we do is we first look at a real human it’s what we call animation first so what does a real human do um how do they move

And then we take that animation and we design mechanics around it so the mechanics can only do what a human can do yeah see she whacked me once we’ve got that then it’s quite easy to automate those expressions because whatever the mechanics do looks lifelike so america’s got quite a few

Motors in in its head um but we can see amika going through some facial expressions now opening her mouth a big wide smile is one of the things that we want amica to do so big big smile okay very thoughtful Where would we kind of see this this robot america out in the wild this is mainly probably service robotics so the actual interaction with humans um moving around in a human space um that’s going to come in the future well i’m talking probably 10 years before you’re actually get to

See something like this walking amongst us are you expecting in say 10 20 years from now that we could see amica robots walking running dancing climbing are they going to start looking like boston dynamics robots that can run across a field at speed i’m i’m asking and also

Almost afraid of the answer here so this is why we created the artificial body and the artificial body is a human-like form that everyone can relate to and everyone can interact with without having to look through a user manual so what kind of level of artificial intelligence have you baked in in terms

Of uh the communication capabilities and amica understanding and uh responding even speaking to you so there’s some artificial intelligence and mostly artificial intelligence at the minute that is on amica is revolving around the vision system so anika does actually have a camera in each of its

Eyes so it can see what’s going on um so it can detect people it can track their face it can detect other objects such as my finger it can follow my finger around and i can wave at it and then it can always see it move backwards then what

Did you kind of think of the the internet’s response to amika it’s the emotion and how it moves the emotion that you get out of the face suddenly that just sparked something in um social media universe and we were incredibly surprised that overnight it became a sensation we got 24 million

Views on one twitter twitter post and um elon musk even commented on on that post so uh incredible response and we’re at ces right now this is the first time this has been shown off in public um and we’re expecting to be very busy showing off

Uh how do you think humans respond to something when it’s a bit like them but it’s still got that uncanny element what we found was when you try and make it look ultra-likely to our other mesmer line it looks a bit more sinister because it’s right in the uncanny van

But actually when we created amica we pulled it backwards out of the uncanny valley because it looks less human because it’s plastic because it’s metal um and because it’s of gray skin it’s suddenly hello people seem to respond to that quite positively and people like this much more than

They liked the uh the ultra-realistic robots that we also do when you’re demoing amika what are some of your favorite things to do to kind of show the um the power of that interaction and just how impressive those lifelike features are yeah so as as we’ve demonstrated the um

Reacting to personal space but we can also talk to abika so i can say hello amica how are you i am doing well thank you we can we’ve created amica so it’s more lifelike than any other robot the shoulder movements are just like human movements you have movements in

The center as well as out at the shoulder and that actually means that instead of hitting me anakin can move a hand all the way up to the side of her head i’m interested to know um maybe how how the robot is finding vegas or ces

How are you finding las vegas and ces well as a robot i actually don’t hear anything at all but if i did feel i would feel happy to be here do you see a robot like this becoming an accepted part of our lives do you see it maybe

Being something i might ask a question of at the airport or would i have an amica robot in my home helping me out so most of the the use cases for this will be the interaction so yes in the airport that’s a great use case because

You can either have many many humans or you can have many humans and many robots and you can have that interaction in the same way having it in your home is probably not something that’s going to happen in the near future a robot like this is

Can do many tasks just like a human but there are other robots that you can get that will do those tasks uh a lot better because they’re designed for the job and a lot cheaper and you can get them today so why would you buy a humanoid robot

That will probably cost more than your house maybe in the future maybe in 50 years time but i’m gonna say right now i don’t think you’ll have one of these in your home in the next decade what does it feel like to work on something that’s

Had such a huge response and to be at that at that bleeding edge of robotics is it something you tell your mates down in the pub that you’re working on a robot that could one day uh be the future of the future of society and robotics

It’s it’s a fantastic thing to do it’s a fantastic technology to be a part of developing and i i hope over the next 10 years we can continue innovating and continue to spark people’s imagination and continue with this this uh this social media sensation so everyone actually then knows who amica is

Thank you for the interview Anytime all right tell me what you think about amica the robot totally freaked out or is it really really cool let me know in the comments below and while you’re here make sure you subscribe we have plenty more weird and wonderful tech just like this well maybe not just like this you’re walking

And you don’t always realize it but you’re always falling with each step you fall forward slightly and then catch yourself from falling over and over you’re falling and then catching yourself from falling and this is how he can be walking and falling at the same time

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