Wayne Barlowe: Science Fiction & Fantasy Artist

Wayne Barlowe: Science Fiction & Fantasy Artist

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Mostly I specialize in creature design and that’s the matically been a through-line in my career since I began my parents were nature illustrators and so every project that has creatures again tries to be as science oriented as it can be but still keep it interesting

Prior to Avatar I had done a book called expedition and it was a fictional journey to another world that did not have any kind of civilization involved but was all creatures and in this world which I called Darwin for all the creatures had to kind of look like they

Were interrelated in the same ways that creatures on earth are I mean we’re all human we know when something doesn’t work and through lines and continuity in creature design in world building all of those things if it doesn’t have those things it looks like the dog’s breakfast and

People I think would respond poorly to it hell was completely different than the theoretically logical biological part of me it started with a single painting and that single painting had elements to it that you can see in all of the 40 odd paintings that I did for it I got

Involved in that after I read Paradise Lost and thought this is just such a magnificent work you know what was going on in hell after the Angels fell had their battles all the rest of it I’m a big student of history I love ancient history and so this was a field day for

Me to try to find demons incorporate what would have been the kind of armor that the people that worshipped them you know would have been familiar with put that into an organic context and put it on to the demon and then make up my own

For for demons that I just named out of whole cloth I like it when people say well how do we know which ones are real and I don’t usually answer them and then as archaic is a lot of the stuff was looking in the paintings there was a

Part of me that was thinking well this you know in my head to fool myself this is happening right now I strive with the hell work to something I probably won’t ever attain which is a degree of classicism to it you know and I just had fun with it it was really a

Fun fun project what takes sitting around the fire storytelling from three thousand five thousand years ago and gives it enough import to make it long-lasting you know like the Gilgamesh myth it was probably this the Star Wars of its day you know it was probably pretty cool and then everybody forgot about it

The longevity of what we create even the most top grossing movie you know I hope avatar winds up being The Wizard of Oz of our time you know that it’s played every Thanksgiving and generation after generation after generation Nidoran maybe after that happens it’ll have a status that starts to assume a

Mythology that sort of works within itself I don’t want to be an older guy in the future who can’t appreciate you know Batman 23 if Chris Nolan has done a great job with it I don’t want to hang up my youthful exuberance for things that might be considered pop culture you

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