Weekend Homework ! Elsa and Anna toddlers – Morning routine – someone wakes up late

Weekend Homework ! Elsa and Anna toddlers - Morning routine - someone wakes up late

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Fresh clean laundry 10. the first sentence oh no no no cooking in the kitchen empty dick what day is it today oops my blanket it fell down [Applause] yes it’s the weekend whoa it’s the weekend it’s the weekend elsia’s still sleeping i can’t see her because the blanket is covering her well

I still better be quiet i’m gonna wake up early oh and i better brush my hair first and get ready let me look at myself in the mirror whoa i have such crazy hair i think i need to calm it down whoop i’m sure elsia won’t mind if i use her

Brush brush brush brush brush brush brush brush brush i’m tired of braids all the time i’m gonna do something different hmm how about a side ponytail brush brush brush close up the mirror and all done oh i love my hairstyle i forgot i can’t hold it i need to go to the bathroom

I love saturday mornings because it’s the weekend and we’ll do a lot of fun things and i’m gonna have to wake elsia up soon and jump flush the toilet and wash my hands Ah the water’s cold there we go and i’m still in my pajamas i need to pick out my outfit for the day here’s my side of the closet hmm which outfit to wear well since i already wear this one yesterday i think i’m gonna wear this one and it’s my new

Outfit so i would like to wear that one there we go now i’m gonna go get changed cooking in the kitchen cooking in the kitchen wait why am i being silly i have to bring the food on the table you’re so funny i like when you’re funny

Elsia um excuse me you mean elsa not elsia oh yeah now i’m being funny i’m gonna get the milk from the fridge hope we still have some oh yes we do ah come on door let me go through okay so i have some pancakes for the girls over there and

Some eggs for us and some sausages and some fruit we really love to eat i love this outfit so much oh yeah i almost forgot shoes hmm i think those pink ones match with my outfit elsia she’s still sleeping what a sleepy head what’s that smell it must be breakfast i

Smell pancakes and waffles let’s go see what let’s go see what my mommy’s cooking good morning mommy why hello anya how was your night did you sleep well yep i did are you excited because it’s the weekend yeah it’s but where’s daddy um they went to work

Oh but i thought they didn’t work on weekends well well daddy works on the weekend but not tomorrow just today and we’ll have plenty of fun at the place he promised us yay the park the park yes so you can sit right here and i’ll bring your food okay mommy yes

Do you have my favorite berry pancakes if seared up well yes i do Look at all the berries i put extra berries on it because i know you like it favorite can i have some milk too yep the milk is on table i just need to get you a cup um so that was what smelling good okay let me get you a cup

Anya look what you did you left the kinetic sand here when you were playing last night you better pick it up huh oh yeah me and elsia were playing with that yeah you better move it after you eat i’ll clean it up mommy don’t worry

All right and i got your cup thank you here you go whoa who’s almost gonna fall and i’ll pour some milk so they don’t spill elsia was being a sleepyhead she’s still sleeping really yeah let’s give her a few more minutes hmm well she better come faster because her

Waffles are gonna get cold like an ice cube yeah that’s funny mommy yes what’s the matter do you hear that my stomach is rumbling cause i can’t wait for elsia any longer and i want to eat no idea you have to wait for it even if she comes tomorrow

You have to wait until then just kidding i don’t know why i feel like doing jokes today sometimes you can be so funny mommy of course you can start eating go ahead sweetie okay um yeah my favorite and get some kiwi i wonder how long elsia’s gonna stay in bed eggs and sausage

My favorite so good lclc elsa i got some coffee for us there it is oh thank you so much jana i love coffee i know you do here you can have the purple one and i’ll have the pink one and let me pour some for you why thank you anna why

Speaking like a princess elsa oops because she’s a fabulous queen mommy yes you’re right anya and for me okay we’re ready to start but elsa can you please go wake up elsia i think she slept enough now yes you’re right i’m gonna go right now be right back oh well see ya

I know it’s the weekend but it’s time to wake up elsia you slept too much and it’s time to rise and shine i heard you have homework to do no oh yeah well look elsia look at the time it’s almost 10 and you still didn’t eat breakfast hurry up bonnie’s almost

Finished look who else wants to want you to wake up it’s your bird mango it’s biting your hair come on elsia you gotta wake up now i like having a bird every morning she always wakes me up okay so now it’s time to rise and shine elsia

Okay is arya still sleeping of course not she’s almost finished eating breakfast what oh i better get ready i’ll be down in the kitchen in a few minutes mommy just let me get ready all right you better go quick okay i don’t know how anya woke up so early

Time to pick a dress um i think i’m gonna pick this one i like this one and i think i’m gonna brush my hair a bit to i did my hairstyle but whoa there’s lots of hair on this brush has any i’ve been using my brush again let me take it out

You you you all right brush brush brush there i love my side ponytail yeah go brush and i got my shoes on so i can go to the kitchen yummy that was the last bite well oh well look who’s here finally but mommy i was so sleepy i couldn’t get up

That’s okay we were waiting for you can come to the table now okay hey uh anya is your plate empty well yeah because you came so late i already finished eating what really you’re a sleepy head sleepy head sleepy head stop it anya okay i’ll stop cause i’m your cousin

Can you wait for me okay we can talk together oh and i’m starving chocolate waffles i don’t like that i love that yum Yum yum yum my favorite hey you’re eating chocolate waffles and i have chocolate the dog in my lap oops i mean coco ah every bit of that coffee tastes so good but i’m finished breakfast how about you anna yes i’m done too well we have a list of things to do elsa

We better get started yeah you’re right and if you need any help with your homework just call me anya well mommy since it’s the weekend i don’t have any homework i’m off to play just wait one second anya we saw your folder from school and i saw homework there

What are you talking about come on anya if you just work really fast you can finish it and then play nope but you’re still wrong no homework that homework was from a long time ago no anya what just go get it and then you’ll get

Over it no no no no no no nothing today mommy no horror nope all right don’t do your homework and i’ll just go get the phone and call miss natalie to tell her that you didn’t do your homework elsa where’s the phone i’m gonna go no mommy mommy no no no no uh

I’ll do it okay okay see you do have homework can’t get away with it okay i’ll get your homework so i’ll do the laundry first then you can do your work on your laptop all right and elsia i want you to finish all your food and then start your homework when

You’re done if i have time can i feed the puppies too first i want you to do your homework and then feed them i already fed them in the morning but look how sad they are i’m pretty pretty sure they want someone to play with yeah i already fed them elsia

The reason is because you don’t want to do your homework do you homework homework homework i wish i didn’t have to do it but i guess we have to learn so ms natalie said to use this dictionary and and it’ll say some words in the dictionary and i have to write some

Words down on these papers so the first word is sleepy hmm she said i have to use that in a sentence so oh yeah elsia was sleepy she didn’t want to wake up this morning yep that’s exactly what i’m gonna write how about elsia is a sleepyhead no

I don’t want to be rude i’m all done that was a good meal but now it’s time to do homework but i’m sure playing with the pets a bit wouldn’t hurt and after that i’ll go straight to the homework yeah i’ll go place the puppies first

Oh you’re so cute tracy and the puppies how you doing let me pet you a little bit And what are you doing there dandelion how are you doing in there you’re so cute i’m sorry you’re stuck in your cage but don’t worry you can come out later i think i’m gonna feed you guys a bit okay here you go puppies two dog bowls full of dog food eat up

Dandelion it’s too loud good girl tracy you’re taking such good care of your puppies juicy fruits for you and drop cake is yummy and that’s all yeah i finished my homework wait a minute elsia’s still not done eating she should be here by now anyway i have some free time now i love

My cat and my bear ah gotta get this fresh clean laundry to our room elsia why are you staying here with the pets uh uh oh yeah uh i did some of it and part of the homework is to look at the puppies yeah yeah yeah uh i’m i’m gonna

Go do it right now okay uh not talking uh oh elsia you know we love the puppies everyone loves them but first of all i already told you my fed them and second of all yeah i told you to do your homework and you’re not doing it i don’t like that story mommy

What but what if any has finished well she woke up earlier she ate breakfast faster you should have done that too elsie looks like i’m so behind today maybe i should do my homework well it was just a mistake but let’s try not to make it happen again okay mommy look who’s coming

I’ll see ya And i already finished my homework stop it anya i just slept a little bit and i’m tired and i’m behind today it’s okay i will do my homework as fast as i can and then i’ll be done to play with you so stop whatever you say elsiad the sleepyhead

I’m just gonna pretend i don’t hear you i just want to finish my homework ah sit down in my pineapple see hmm this homework looks easy okay now i’m gonna show mommy and anya that i can finish very very fast so the first sentence was visit our channel and subscribe for more videos You

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