We’re going on a Cruise!!! Family Fun Vacation Trip with Ryan’s Family Review!!

We're going on a Cruise!!! Family Fun Vacation Trip with Ryan's Family Review!!

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Is right too heavy you want me to help okay ready you push together okay one two three whoa they did it they pushed you welcome to ryan’s family review Morning what today we’re gonna go on a crusher well tomorrow we are but today we’re just packing all our stuff you ready to go yeah because we have to fly to florida and then we can go on a cruise are you ready yeah yeah are you ready

No i’m not ready you’re not ready to take three i’m not getting on the airplane with these three kids oh we’re going on a plane with so so we’re done packing almost everything is still everywhere but ready to go okay you ready to go yeah so there

They are in the car ready to go you ready ryan you want me to tickle you yeah we’re here daddy’s checking in ryan’s trying to push the twins are they heavy they’re just roaming the airport emma and kate’s hiding where’s emma where’s kate where’s emma where’s kate

Oh no i don’t see emma i don’t see kate i don’t see emma i don’t see kate pick a ball pick a move if you do check your back please pushing the babies you pushing baby teamwork everybody’s pushing the stroller with the doll and my little pony teamwork now they’re just

Getting ready to abort the plane you ready yeah you ready are you ready let’s go on the plane oh hi you got it all right girls let’s go okay let’s go let’s go emma hi and then you’re gonna sit next to ryan and then emma’s over there

Oh man kate also too are you ready kate yeah yeah you watching paw patrol cute this is ryan’s new headphone too there it is ryan has it on himself too cute what are you planning to do the whole trip ryan now keep doing a puzzle game cool there you go good job kate

You did it guys Now they want to push brian is right too heavy you want me to help okay ready you push together okay one two three let’s push let’s push yeah let’s push whoa they did it they pushed you whoa pigeons everywhere oh they’re super close to you ryan

We got to their hotel how was the trip so far ryan tired you girls ready yeah okay kate you ready yeah okay let’s go this is our hotel room sorry we haven’t turned on the light yet bed is too fancy whoa that’s the bed there’s more what’s here what’s in here

Whoa this is a big bathroom huh well you take a bath in here right this is our room again with lighting oh there’s a balcony outside whoa before you go check it out let’s go check it out yeah you can sit there one little monkey jumping on the bed one another monkey

Came and jumped again and they fell off on the bed and mommy says no more monkeys jumping on the bed oh i find you girls what you guys doing you guys are hiding emma where’s kate i don’t see kate you were right there i’m so glad you guys can have fun in there

Yeah and very soon we can go to a 15th floor and there’s a pool okay okay you wanna go in the pool yeah okay all right let’s get ready we’re at the rooftop right now 15th floor to find the pool but it doesn’t look like it’s uh there’s a pool here right

And if you go outside if you look outside from the door you can’t tell the stuffy stained floor it looks like it’s just a regular ground floor right you see a tree and you see ground is our hotel underground no because it looks so hot yeah where’s the hotel pool

If you guys can’t see i’m not wearing glasses so i can’t see any of the signs yeah so i’m coming online well yeah i can see that’s big but i don’t see the pool there okay let’s go the other way it’s gonna be a while guys because

If you see any sign says pool that’s the place to go maybe it’s that way oh this is the kitchen yeah you have to go to the 50th i thought they said 15 but apparently it’s even higher ryan i thought 15 was the tallest floor you excited

I don’t know if it’s going to be outside or inside we’ll find out whoa i see the sign so we’re on the 50th floor now trying to be able to find out the pool i see it a little bit already there’s a grass on the roof it’s a thick grass

Wow and there’s uh oh ryan actually i’m not scared usually daddy’s scared a little bit of height but i’m not too scared right now because it looks very secure there’s no way we’re gonna fall look at it you see oh maybe i’m not scared that much ryan because i’m not wearing glasses

Maybe i can’t see him elsa i’m more brave let’s take off his shoes the whole time let’s go from here because just in case it’s super super cold room temperature yeah it’s perfect then oh no no on the third step is it i don’t think so i don’t feel cold

Go go go all the way whoa and ryan’s been swimming and doing going to the swimming school so he’s poor swimming you don’t even need to touch the ground right you can just keep floating right well i can uh this is if i stand regularly this is how i am

It’s bailey i can barely hear you yeah oh and guys good news i don’t know if you guys know this but ryan’s uh new teeth is coming out do you see it you can you can climb up on my shoulder it costs 50 robots each time i’ll just be super

25 meters right yeah i did that okay show me i want to see all the way over there no no all the way there but i got like super tired yeah when you get tired you can stand up ready say go all right no way ryan i think you got the highest

Score ever at how far you’ve gone ryan do you think you can swim better if you have a goggle on yeah we’re gonna swim all the way over there okay i had goggles really damn flippers that’s really cool i like it you silly i’m flying like the bird look oh there’s a bird

We’re gonna see daddy from here to over here how did you do that so fast daddy that was only like 17 seconds oh really that’s the one that you’ve been practicing right which one breaststroke yeah that’s my favorite can i see it again i’m more tired okay one more time

From here to there and come back again without touching the ground challenge you think i can do it ryan yeah no no okay ryan thanks now okay we’re just gonna keep playing in the pool then come back to the room and see mommy and mine kate

Are you ready to open some ryan’s world jellies yeah okay one for you one for you and one for emma so this is the ryan’s world jellies and there’s so many to collect these are the ones you can collect here right titan pizza guts ice cream ooh combo is a rare so

Let’s see you need to open it okay i don’t need him okay ryan can help you what is that a wall oh you got a ball secret balls oh the special one what did you get this one you have french fries we all got different what did you get

Oh cool i like your french fries emma whoa you see how it’s stretchy and then you see what color the jelly inside purple oh yeah i do see the purple jellies they’re so cool what color oh orange inside yeah okay yellow cool oh what color is inside when you squish

Squish it emma what color oh let me see oh yeah oh what about you squeeze the other side ready okay let’s see whoa whoa look at ryan i’m trying to make it oh yeah i see it now whoa bye bye we’re gonna go to bed you ready to go to bed

Yeah you guys are gonna go to bed have a long day right but tomorrow cruise ship time we excited are you excited You’re eating cereal yeah daddy eating some food this is emily kate’s pancake is it yummy yeah and you’re eating that oh yummy we’re gonna finish eating breakfast and then head to the cruise finally and show you guys okay are you excited yeah are you excited yeah are you excited yeah are you excited

And we’re going now ryan’s a big good helper let’s go can you turn whoa you guys ready to go We’re here what ryan i’m the fan now we’re waiting to abort the ship we’re tired it’s gonna be super fun right they’re waiting eating cookie yeah you’re sitting down eating cookies how’s the cookie good good thumbs up thumbs up emma we’re on the cruise now look it is it’s the tallest ship you

Think yeah it’s the biggest i can’t even see the ground walmart.com there are so many toys including giant egg surprise slime putty squishy ryan’s molecules giant squishies bubble bell slime blaster plushies and action figures with vehicles along with combo panda and gusta gummy gators look my clothes are warm

Have a family tastic day don’t forget to subscribe for more ryan’s family Fly videos flies in the buttermilk

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