WGU Cybersecurity & Information Assurance Degree just changed. 👀

WGU Cybersecurity & Information Assurance Degree just changed. 👀

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Guys oh my God I I need to do this quickly because I have to get to work um but I woke up this morning what I normally do is I wake up and you know I’ll start going through the comments and replying to them for my other videos

But wow this morning there was a ton of information just new information and for some of you unfortunately it’s going to be bad but it’s kind of the way it is so I’m going to cover that in this video because you guys need to know this it’s

Very very important and uh I want to make sure that you guys know it as soon as possible I will have links in the description uh to help you out with that I’m going to show you guys how this affects the bachelor’s degree in cyber security and information assurance

Specifically but know that it applies to probably all of the degrees out there before I get into the main part of this video I just want to quickly say that I got a new program Mentor just that fast I requested another one yesterday this morning I got an email with my new

Program mentor and now I have a meeting set up with her later on today so I maybe will make a video talking about that uh but that will be a little bit in the future for now we need to talk about something much more series all right

Let’s not waste any more time let’s just get into it so the main thing here that you guys need to understand is that occasionally WGU will update their degree programs that’s just how it works right so sometimes they add classes sometimes they remove classes and sometimes they just create brand new

Degrees this is really really important because what they just did to the bachelor’s degree in cyber security and information assurance is huge if you are planning on like transferring classes using like study.com Sophia learning straighter line things like that this is something you need to understand and

This is a risk that you take when you start trying to do all of that stuff early because oh my God they just kind of as of right now a lot of that stuff is is not even going to transfer over for you anymore unless you are starting

Like maybe February if you’re starting after February and you’ve already started knocking out transfer credit it’s probably not going to count and I will show you why and one last thing that I want to mention before I actually show you this is that I’m mainly really focusing on the bachelor’s degree in

Cyber security and information assurance because that’s what I just did a bunch of research on and accessed but um this this affects all of you okay this happens occasionally to every single degree so you really need to know this and pay attention all right so this web page is publicly accessible it’s

Going to be in the description below but what you see here is you see General transfer guidelines these are all of the classes that you can or all the degrees that you can get at WGU and I am going to click on the cyber security and information assurance degree because

That’s the degree that I’m using I want you guys to see that this specific degree was updated yesterday it’s very very important and so let’s kind of go down and let’s look at these what it does is it tells you all of the classes that you have to take and then if you

Wanted to transfer credits it’ll tell you some of the things that you can do to transfer those credits in now this doesn’t specifically tell you exactly the Sophia and study.com and straighterline courses and stuff like that that you can transfer in I’ll show you that and that’s where things really

Get rough especially for this degree but for now I just want you guys to know that these are the list of classes that you would have to take and there’s a couple of things I’ll show you more in the Excel spreadsheet there’s a couple of things here that might stand out to

Some of you that have been preparing for WGU and the main thing is that you’re going to see classes you never saw before uh Health Fitness and Wellness was not a class that was part of the degree plan for cyber security and information assurance neither was a lot

Of these other classes here so you’re going to see there’s some major changes some classes have been updated to new versions so for example business of IT project management it now has the number of d324 and that wasn’t the class number before so some classes have been updated

Some classes have been removed some classes have been added this is so so important because of a couple of things so if you are brand new and you’re preparing for WGU I will show you in a second why you’re really going to get hit hard with this but if you’re already

In WGU and I don’t know for sure how bad this is going to affect me not not how badly but how much is going to affect me if you’re already in WGU well what happens um for example introduction to python that’s not a class that existed before I’m about to do WGU

Um assuming that I don’t finish you know in the first like month or so am I going to be required to take this new class what class did this specifically replace and so there are a couple of unanswered questions I don’t really know the answers to this again I just found this

Stuff out but I wanted you guys to see that there are some major major changes that have started to take place at least with this degree and it’s my understanding that that’s what occasionally happens occasionally classes are updated removed and uh you just have to be prepared and you have to

Know that that is a thing all right so I made this really really quick just as a quick like visual comparison so on the left you have kind of what the the I guess old now the old degree was for WGU as far as the bachelor’s degree in cyber

Security information assurance and as of yesterday you now have this new program and so what I’ve done is I went through every single one of the classes and I just kind of color coded them if they are red over here on the left they don’t exist anymore in the new degree program

So English composition one English composition two introduction to Communications Etc et cetera they’re gone they do not exist so if you’re starting I’m assuming this is probably going to take effect for people that are starting in February but I don’t know for sure but yeah if if you’re going for your bachelor’s degree

In cyber security and information Insurance all of these classes are gone they they’re not there uh so red are the classes that are gone the blue classes they still exist in the new program it’s just that they are now updated and they now have new names or

New codes so for example ethics in technology used to be c961 now it is d333 so it’s just an updated version I don’t know how new it is um you know if you could you know pass with still learning and using old material I don’t know any of that

Information this is a very very new uh update so that’s just so you know that they still have the same name it’s just that the particular class has been updated to a new version and then if uh if it’s green it means it’s the exact same class so for example this one is

Legal issues and information security that’s c841 it’s also c841 in the new degree program and then the last one is the gray everything in Gray appears to be a brand new class so you know there’s Health Fitness and Wellness that didn’t exist just in the old program there is

Introduction of python which didn’t exist by the way introduction to pythons this is a class that would have been really cool but um yeah so that’s just a quick quick and dirty visual representation of how this changes because this uh if you are pre-studying and doing a lot of other things you

Really really need to be aware of this again I have only looked into the bachelor’s degree of cyber security and information assurance but things like this change over time and it really really will affect you depending on what degree you’re going for all right with

That being said let me get to the worst news here for a lot of you that are planning on transferring credit into WGU this Link’s also in the description if you if you’re here under the partner section and you look to the right you have a lot of things that you can

Transfer into WGU one of those is you know study.com there’s Sophia learning which I actually have a video coming out later on today I made it a few weeks ago um but there’s a video about Sophia and I want you guys to see this because I’m very sorry if

You guys are using Sophia learning to transfer in credits because you’re about to get hit really really hard so I clicked on it I’m going to click on information College of Information Technology and we’re going to look at cyber security and information assurance I want to say this before I click on it

Just full disclosure here I transferred in 10 courses into my cyber security and information assurance degree with Sophia and that’s the video that’s going to be coming out later today even though it’s a couple weeks old but I want you guys to see this now I want you to see the

Effect of what the updated programs are going to do to your ability to transfer in credits so I’m going to click on this this is this is this morning okay look at this on the left you have the name of a class on the right you have what you need to

Take in order to satisfy that credit with Sophia and you know there used to be uh 10 or 11 classes that you could transfer here as of right now as of this morning you can still transfer the the ones that didn’t change which is the applied algebra and the applied

Probability and statistics but look at this look at this nothing else transfers there are only two classes in this entire degree as of right now as of this moment as of this morning there are only two classes that transfer in to WGU and so you’re going

To have that problem where if you guys are already working and and uh knocking out classes with Sophia learning it’s my understanding that if you don’t have that stuff transferred in like at the end of this month then they’re not going to accept it because they’re going to be

Going off of this new uh this new degree plan that they that they have for cyber security and information assurance and so as you can see here none of this stuff transfers I’m really hoping that this gets updated I have a feeling that over time it will but as of right now

This is devastating because Sophia is by far the fastest way you’re going to be able to transfer over credits and unfortunately you you just can’t do that anymore um until this is updated until you know what classes you’re going to have you can only transfer in these two now it’s

Not the end of the world let me go back and I will show you that actually I need to go back one more so I will show you that at least for study.com which study.com is great as well it’s just going to take you a lot

Longer uh for a study.com if I click on cyber security and informationassurance study.com still has a ton of things that you can transfer in and as you can see they are still updated so um for example natural science lab there’s still classes you can do even

Though it’s a brand new class and then you go down so study.com they still have a great partnership with them you can still do a bunch of things I I honestly don’t know what the hell happened between WGU and Sophia I’m I mentioned this on the on the Sofia video that I’m

Going to be putting out later on I noticed that they no longer allow you to transfer over credit for free what used to happen was when you finish a class with Sophia it would just automatically send the credit to WGU and you didn’t have to pay

Um the transfer fee through like I think it’s parchment or something like that but that has gone away so I don’t know what the hell happened between WGU and Sophia I don’t know um I haven’t checked the other to do the other degrees yet so you know it’s

Possible that the other degrees are still fine but for cyber security and information assurance you really need to talk with your enrollment counselor uh try to transfer credits in as soon as possible because as of probably January if you haven’t gotten that stuff transferred in yet that stuff is not

Going to transfer in because those classes no longer exist and a lot of the things that were you know originally allowed to be transferred over it’s not going to be allowed anymore from what it looks like so that’s it I just wanted to try to get a quick video out there

Because I got to get to work obviously it’s starting to get brighter but this is really important it’s important because it just goes to show you that you know if you’re planning on transferring credits over like four or five six months something like that classes could change you just never know

You have no control over that that’s a WGU thing and this is something that happens it needs to happen to be honest with you these courses need to be regularly updated and changed but if you’re not already in the program you know you you could be wasting time

Trying to earn college credit and transfer things over and it may not actually work in the end um also if you are actually in the school I don’t know what’s going to happen here I’m not sure if this is going to change my degree plan at all if

If you know I’m going to be required to take new classes or something like that I don’t really know I’ll try to give you guys updates as I know them but I really really wanted to get this video out here just as like not not like of uh oh my

God everything’s going bad type of situation I just wanted to warn you guys that this is something that is real this stuff changes this stuff happens so you need to stay on top of it you need to be aware of it and you know do not let this discourage you don’t let

This stop you from achieving your dreams and doing what you want to do just make sure that you’re prepared make sure that you’re up to date and make sure that you guys know what’s going on I feel kind of weird now about this Sophia video that

I’m going to be putting out that I made a couple weeks ago because it just doesn’t I mean it still applies but it’s just that you know you’re not going to be able to transfer as many credits and as I was able to but whatever I’m going

To post it anyway because I said I was going to and it’s just sitting there and I made it so I’m gonna post it but anyways that’s it for this video you guys take care and I will see you next time

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