What I Eat In A Day | Portion Control + Healthy Sweet Snacks

What I Eat In A Day | Portion Control + Healthy Sweet Snacks

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Came along wait and I did in my there has been a loan I’ve been waiting for so long just to get what I belong salamu been missing that I wanna mention so listen now hey I came a long way way way and I did in my way wait wait now

I’m on my way up today alone I’m aware for so long just to get where I belong a little bit missing on emissions on the chip go on in guys I’m just here for athletic up for a core event for cotton on and I do have that

Protein bar on the train but I just came in sir all this so basically got to pick up you’re doing a yoga class or a spin class obviously I picked a yoga class so I’m doing a yoga class after that they can get away I need to pee a little bit but it’s too late for that so we just finished our work out it was a yoga session it was a pretty simple yoga sessions now I’m going to head home I stole lots of treats you stole a lot of raw vegan treats like probably half

The table all right we are on route row we’re going to share boo boo to the train station this is Ella rescue to the city area so we’re going to go home together great because I got lost on the way here yeah well I didn’t get lost

This one’s just off the right at the junction train station stole so many dreams Mikey yeah that’s where they’re it’s like a protein ball in there somewhere what is this more raw treat yes that was so much fun and LR oh my gosh she’s actually such a beautiful person it’s

Really refreshing meeting people in like the social media industry who would genuinely nice people so I had to catch two trains home but there’s like a 25-minute wait for my inter connecting trains so I’m going to go buy a coffee and then so by the time I get home maybe

I’ll go to the gym because I’ve got a goodie you need today so this might be my pre-workout I’ll see how I feel after Okay how cute is this I just went to get my coffee and I just got like my normal whatever long black with a dash of almond milk and on the top I got this little token it’s called the jackpot and you get like one free coffee I never win anything

And the breast was so nice they like pass me my coffee and a happiest on top of me was like looking at me and I was like got the best so I’ll definitely be back here to get my free cookies to whitehorse coffee so always good coffee

So now I’m gonna go back to the station get on my last train head home hopefully have time to go to the gym and then you need yay oh and for those American followers you need means like college so I had made the decision to skip uni and I was

Just going to like film and go to the gym and then take and call me she’s like you’re coming to uni so I quickly made lunch and I’m about to leave to go to class but I just whipped up my normal lunch that I’ve been having every day

It’s just like that tuna salad it’s just got like a bunch of vegetables and the dressing is apple cider vinegar chili some jalapeno chili juice and salt and pepper I’m not happy about this look at Rapunzel go hey Rapunzel me so the teacher was like who wants to win a free

Coffee and I was like the sisters so I have some pain leads out and you might a Bobbi Brooklyn TP i’ma take I’m home from uni now and it wasn’t too bad it was actually a pretty fun lesson and I want to go to the gym but I’m pretty

Hungry so I’m just having this as a pre-workout snack I’ve just cut up a really ripe banana and I’ve topped it with some cinnamon and cacao nibs and coconuts yes I’m still hungry so I’m gonna have another square bar this is the peanut butter one I feel like I have

Had like a lot of sweet snacks today but that’s just what I feel like and I did have a really early morning and I find that when I do wake up early I’m just like starving so normally I would just have a banana before I work out but I’m

Really hungry now and I know if I go to the gym hungry I’m not very productive I’m gonna eat this and then head to the gym I know that a lot of people suggested braids for my extensions and working out but honestly I did a plat

Yesterday and I hate when I was like flicking me in the face so I put it in this bowl I’ve slipped it pretty tired place that’s not too bad I’ve made sure you can’t see the extensions at the back so hopefully this goes okay I’ll give

You an update my body actually feels a little bit fatigued two escalators at the train station were broken we had to walk up the escalator like stairs and my legs were burning so I don’t know how I’m gonna go with leg day like for a fitness youtuber I’m not very fit in my

Car walk up a flight of stairs am i right wish me luck My big high bun was perfect at the gym I didn’t go crazy at the gym because you can’t get your hair wet 48 hours plates didn’t really want to sweat when I got there I was still starving I don’t know why I’m so hungry today lies I do know

Why because I have had no water I’ve had hardly any water today that’s really bad anyway it’s seven o’clock so dinnertime I’m gonna make some grub Dinner is served and yes this is a huge portion size but I have this every single night like this kind of portion size vegetables are very low in calories and I don’t count calories I really don’t care about calories it’s more so that I can fill up if I just had like a

Little bit of vegetables and my fish I would not be fully be starving so I make sure I feel 3/4 of my plate with vegetables and then I have a good source of protein and heaps of good fats here I’ve pretty much got almost half an avocado loads of vegetables my jalapeno

Sauce and barramundi and I will have dessert after this as well honestly you guys with meals like this don’t restrict yourself and don’t feel bad for having huge portion sizes this is the happiest I’ve been with my body in a long time and it’s when I’ve been eating loads and

Loads of vegetables healthy protein healthy fats so if you’re fueling your body with Whole Foods don’t worry about the portion sizes for dessert I’m just having a nice big bowl of fruit so I’ve got a whole banana some blueberries strawberries green apple and of course

Fruit and nut mix on top I love my fruit and not make so much and then I’ve also sprinkled some cacao nibs on top just to have a little chocolate boost I’ve pretty much been having this dessert for the past two months I would say and yeah

It’s just nice and sweet and fills me up and I like to go to bed with a very full stomach of yummy fruit so it’s 10:00 p.m. and I was just gonna wrap up this vlog and I was considering just not filming this but you guys know I have to

Keep it oh gee keep real with you look I’m supposed to be editing a vlog but I’ve actually was talking to my friends on face II and I was really hungry like I said when I have mornings like when I wake up at 5:00 a.m. I’m a ravenous and I haven’t drank

Enough water and I don’t feel like drinking water I just feel like eating I had a cherry square bar and then I had a nuts and sea-salt square bar as well this is a like part of the package I don’t know where I put the rest of it so

Yeah accidentally had four square bars today I don’t recommend that definitely not I would say one a day not for like that’s just excessive and again I’m really bad at portion control why I have active days like today and I’m like out and about and moving so much and just

Have so much to do I don’t really care like if I’m really hungry I’m gonna eat and I can’t go to bed hungry like I can’t go to sleep with a grumbling tummy so if you ever feel guilty about like midnight snacking or late night snacking

I’m guilty I do it every single night and I feel like I can still reach my goals like that I’m sure I would reach my goals quicker if I didn’t midnight snack but midnight snacking is life so you’re a big night snack ER as well

Don’t stress we all do it I am going to wrap up this vlog here though I hope you guys enjoyed it I had a fabulous day I am absolutely exhausted my Mac has 2% it’s about to die I need to plug it in if you did enjoy this vlog give it a

Thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to my channel I will see in my next video bye

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