What is the difference between GEOLOGIST & GEOPHYSICIST?

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What is the difference between GEOLOGIST & GEOPHYSICIST?


Hi everyone welcome to my channel I’m a geologist I do videos about geology hiking studying and rock so if you interested in any of those subjects please hit the subscribe button and Wellcome to my channel by far the most asked questions on my Instagram is what is the difference between geologists and

Geophysicists and which is better well I thought I’d addresses us today you probably heard a joke that says geophysicist are a geologist at UMass and to some degree it’s true now post geologists and geophysicists study earths so they both under the earth science umbrella and they both study

Planet and the processes that shape the planet but the main difference is the methodology now to understand who is doing what we need to look at both professions separately and then compare the two so let’s start with geologist so geology in general is the study of earth both internal structures core crust and

The surface and the processes that shape the earth so the rivers the volcanoes the atmosphere and geologists study all of that some do more fieldwork where they collect data and then analyze it in the lab others do a collect data from drilling and geologists look on a really

Wide timescales of everything from the past all the way to the present geologists often work for mining companies oil and gas companies looking for resources they can also work for environmental companies construction companies and government bodies doing geological surveys or do academic research what I mean job responsibilities of geologists well

That’s basically collecting data from the field from geological sites and for further analysis for their studies do mapping to interpret both the surface the topographic maps as well as the internal maps to interpret the underground layers and as well as to communicate the findings to managers to stakeholders or just general public and

Do scientific research now let’s look at geophysicist well jet physicists do a lot of many things that geologists do but as a general rule of thumb they don’t do as much fieldwork as geologists do and they collect a different type of data a lot of geophysicists collect seismic surveys gravity

Resistivity surveys they work with gravity data and magnetic data and often they after they collect the data they sit in front of a computer and do a lot of crunching and a lot of modeling and analyze the data to support a geological either theory or to gel to support

Geological finds for resources Jay physican also work for mining and oil and gas companies for resource companies for environmental companies construction companies and government bodies as well as well as do scientific research so they in the overlap is huge now more calculations and modeling is done by Jay

Physicist where is more field work and more stratigraphic analysis mapping is done by geologists now to compare the two it’s nice to visualize so I created the table so jib physicists are more computational they’re more analytical and they work more with seismic data Sonique logs gravity and magnetic data

As well as resistivity logs geologist on the other hand are more interpretational and observational and they often work with data that came from core analysis from outcrops gamma-ray density logs and stratigraphy and geologists use a lot of color pencils but as a whole as you can see both professions work towards the

Same main goal and that’s to create a model of the earth and to interpret the earth now from personal experience and I worked for an oil and gas company on our team we always had a geophysicist geophysicist made a little bit more money on average in Canada the average

Salary of gee physicists are around $75,000 a year now that’s an average there’s a huge range between and geologists on average make around sixty nine thousand dollars a year however even though that may sound lucrative there is way less geophysicists then there are geologists working on a team

Usually so in the company I used to work for that ratio would often be around ten to one so for every geophysicist there would be ten geologists and that’s because as a geologist I not was only analyzing data I was not only mapping the area that I was given to but I was

Also responsible for mapping I was responsible for finding future drill locations I was responsible for creating those drill schematics and I was responsible for overseeing the drilling when the drilling rigs were actually drilled so there was a lot of components to my job not just strictly science and

Geology where is geo physicists that I worked with he or she would be responsible for doing G seismic surveys or like micro size make sometimes we did in some wells and then put it into one big model creating a 3d model maybe using Sony clocks and resistivity logs

As well as the seismic surveys and then integrating that data analysis was my geological interpretation to create one big model and so geologists would cover smaller areas where a geophysicist cover one large area so it because there’s less chief physicists it’s much harder it’s hard to find a job as a geologist

But it’s much harder to find a job as a geophysicist as a rule of thumb that’s not everywhere and that depends where you are so with that I wanted to address the question which one is better well neither is better they’re different but they both equally important petroleum companies especially they need

Both professions as well as mining they have different set of skills now I also get asked well which one should I do and that comes from don’t take my opinion as an advice what you should be doing you should be looking at your situation but in general I would say

Most companies would require you to do masters regardless so it’s good to have a general Geoscience or giallo bachelor’s and then do masters in physics and that’s because in my geology program I was required to take five geophysics classes of various difficulties and very early on I

Realized for myself that I don’t want to be a geophysicist I don’t I’m not enjoying crunching data sitting in front of computer modeling all the time I want to be in the field I want to do mapping and want to do a lot of interpretation and I found like geology is more

Creative for me but I’m just not very analytical people that are very analytical they enjoy your physics more so if you were to do a general geology degree you would be exposed to geophysics regardless because most University would make you to take geophysics classes if you in geology

Program and then you can decide what if you like it or not and take more of those classes and your master’s program but having a geology base degree would give you more opportunities to look for jobs once you graduate with your master’s you can be you can apply for

Both geology and your physical positions also from my own experience all of my friends that are geophysicist there are more analytical they enjoy maths more and I always think about geophysics being kind of in a minute like this middle happy middle between geology and engineering whereas geology is on one end of the

Spectrum where it’s interpretive and there’s a lot of sort of not guessing but scientific guessing goes into it and there’s a lot of things that are open to interpretation Engineering’s on other spectrum where everything is very precise they use precise numbers to do their models and yes they do various models but that’s

Very very analytical and very it has to be very precise and your physics here in the middle where they do work with data if they’re more analytical than geologists in in on average not always and but they also have a lot of room for interpretation for their surveys for

Example now depending on what field you’re working in geology and geophysics can be very very much like or the can be very different and a lot of in for example in petroleum world especially that’s because I that’s what I know for smaller companies a lot of

The time one person would be doing job of a geologist geophysicist and a petrol physicist so it’s nice to know a little bit from each field I because I took geophysics classes at University I have enough knowledge to understand seismic surveys to do a very basic processing and a very basic interpretation which

Helped me tremendously when I talk to the teammates for when I talk to geophysicist I understand what they talking about so it’s nice to know both and that just comes down to personal preference are you more mathematical or you’re more interpretational and you like science without math no with that

Hopefully that sort of gave you a broader overview what’s the difference between geologists and geophysicists neither is better they both equally important and do your research and comment below if you’re into physicist or a geologist or you may be studying to be one give me a like because that’s how

YouTube knows that you like this video and will promote it to others and hopefully everyone is staying safe and I will see you in my next video thank you for watching bye bye you

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