What you need to know about QUANTUM COMPUTERS and the birth of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

What you need to know about QUANTUM COMPUTERS and the birth of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE


There is something that has come to my attention and that is many people have been discussing the coming of artificial intelligence technology AI now why is that why is this topic suddenly trendy what’s happening mankind has come a long way everything we were once entertained by science fiction is becoming reality

How about that let me ask you all a question how many of you believe that there are other dimensions other realms outside our own how many of you have a knowingness that there is something to that idea but are these dimensions really what we think they are we are

Living in very exciting times and we are beginning to live in our dreamed future so let’s take a closer look at what man once again has brought upon himself an artificial system created in man’s likeness unfortunately unlike God anything man makes breaks There are an enormous number mind-bogglingly large number of parallel realities as real as this one that have different consistent histories so imagine a world where all of the laws of physics as we know them are obeyed but different decisions were made along the way different decisions at the level of

Tiny microscopic particles different decisions all the way up to what you deserves to eat for lunch and whether you chose to come to the session or not quantum mechanics makes a very specific prediction that all of those are as real as the thing that you remember so right

Now there are over three billion global Internet users feeding the system with ever-increasing amounts of data around the clock and as this data continues to grow there is an increase in the need of more powerful processors and greater amounts of storage at the same time we have made computer components as small

As we can make them with today’s technology and so today the race continues to build the best quantum computers traditional computer systems operate using binary digits or bits zeros and ones one bit is equal to a 0 or a 1 the computer byte is a unit of

Storage one byte of data is equal to 8 bits now throughout the timeline of computer history many of us have witnessed how computers have become smaller smarter they can process and store larger amounts of data right now you can get a few terabytes of data storage on a single flash drive it’s

Going to be quite expensive but aside from that many of us understand how huge just one terabyte of data is because we’ve lived through the evolution of commercial data storage 1 or 2 terabytes of data and a drive the size of your thumb is pretty valuable when you think

About it and pretty amazing when you consider that you can store over 85 million pages of documents that’s well over 100 thousand books one terabyte or over 200,000 songs or 250 movies or over 300,000 photos sizes one thing speed is another the processor or microprocessor is the central

Processing unit of the computer or CPU it is the brain of the computer in one chip it chip made from silicon containing millions of transistors or switches that conduct the electrical energy because so much energy runs through such a small chip to give off a lot of heat and so an adequate cooling

System is needed to stabilize the chip now today’s computers seem to be quite adequate when it comes to speed and memory storage for commercial use but see when it comes to solving the problem where the number of variables and solutions to the problem are extraordinarily large you need an extraordinarily sophisticated machine to

Run through all possible solutions all at once and 1/10 of a second narrowing those solutions down to one you need a quantum processor now because we have something called patents this allows for a variety of individuals to create more than one type of supercomputer some are made with more conventional technology

And some are even being designed with living tissue believe it or not I want to discuss the quantum system that most people are familiar with the one that has been sold to major organizations such as NASA the d-wave system d-wave systems was founded by Jordi Rose along with Eric Leeds insky as co-founder

Let’s talk about how these machines work so instead of using bits zeros and ones this system uses qubits we’re a bit could be a zero or one or both at the same time now you’re probably scratching your head thinking how can that be or it be due to something called superposition

What a super position you ask well without having to go into the mechanics of it it is when an energy particle is in multiple places at one time most people don’t know that electrons do this when they flow between atoms see they don’t take straight paths they take

Multiple chaotic paths all at once now the d-wave co-founder Eric LEDs insky describes it as taking something like a Tesla coil or a ring and you run an electrical pulse through it going in one direction or the other now if you create the right conditions you can have

That pulse travel in both directions simultaneously you take a few of these coils and grid them to a circuit board you get a quantum chip a chip no bigger than the size of your thumbnail very delicate but very powerful now there is something called quantum entanglement pay attention because this is very

Important quantum entanglement is basically the idea that there are groups of particles that have very intimate connections to one another so much so that even if they are separated at great distance they will still affect each other kind of like the identical twin phenomenon superposition entanglement and interference are the three main

Factors that come into play with running this chip the chip is not silicon based the circuitry is made from yet another metallic element no one has ever heard of before niobium a superconductor this is what’s used to make the harp-like grid pattern of the tiny Tesla coils

Which are the actual qubits in the chip but in order for those qubits to reach a quantum state you have to cool them down as close to absolute zero as possible because at Absolute Zero or a zero Kelvin you have particles that have very little vibration and are at zero point

Energy putting them into a quantum state and they have come very close to achieving this using a liquid helium fridge this takes the chip down to 20 millikelvin about 150 times colder than space now because you have so much energy going through this tiny chip it

Generates a ton of heat but has to be dissipated through gold-plated copper plates almost anything can disturb the quantum state of the chip so you also need to isolate it so for the d-wave chip they have designed a Faraday cage style box to help filter out outside noise and air and electromagnetic

Pollution inside there is another radiation shielded door that takes you into the heart of the Machine it also helps to shield the chip from noise inside they hang the chip to about chest level with multiple levels above like a chandelier this keeps vibrations from disturbing the chip they have also

Installed multiple layers of radiation shielding as well locking the chip inside a vacuum I’m telling you nothing can disturb this chip or it will lose its quantum state and drop the data now here’s what this chip does when a traditional computer looks for the solution to a problem it is looking at

An artificial landscape of solutions and where the best solution to the problem lies in the lowest Valley the problem is the computer can only search through certain areas of the landscape at one time and it may not always find the lowest Valley because it cannot see around over or through the hills and

Other landscape formations to see that Valley in other words traditional computers are very limited when it comes to problem solving a quantum computer however can look through multiple areas of the landscape and it can even tunnel through that landscape that may be blocking or hiding the lowest Valley creating a

Quicker path to the best solution the d-wave chip is connected to a user interface located on the outside of the box you ask it a question the computer decodes the information and sends it through the chip the chip sends back the answer in the form of a code which is

Then translated and sent back to the user interface this is all part of the quantum annealing process each coordinate on the landscape represents a possible solution and it’s level on the landscape represents its level of energy accordin and at the lowest energy level or state is the best solution

Imagine this systems applications this is why d-wave has excited customers such as Lockheed Martin the University of Southern California quail which is the quantum artificial intelligence lab formed by NASA the US ra and Google the Los Alamos National Laboratory is also a customer of the wave along with temporal

Defense systems and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory these machines first started off with just a few qubits 128 qubits today well let’s just say that most people believe that they are at just over 2,000 cubits when it’s more like over a million and right now the d-wave applications are as follows

Optimization these computer systems will be able to design better computer systems they will help assist in mission planning and scheduling as well as machine learning in other words modern computers have a difficult time recognizing the essence of objects it takes time to recognize simple objects that are the same in essence but look

Different like cars a quantum system like this can actually learn what’s what by detecting reoccurring patterns in massive amounts of data this machine can also use sampling to make close to certain predictions about the possible future applications with this technology also include cybersecurity now here’s where things

Get a little weird there are people who believe that the d-wave system is a way to gain access to other dimensions now where would anyone get an idea like that well d-wave of course so the way I think about it is that the shadows of these parallel worlds overlap with ours and if

We’re smart enough we can dive into them and grab their resources and pull them back into ours to make an effect in our world now this may sound very odd to you in bizarre and in fact I am using language that a normal theoretical physicist probably wouldn’t use but this

Is what I’m telling you is absolutely correct and in line with the way that these things actually work just like NASA just like CERN just like HAARP they are all building and playing with technology that they admit they do not 100% fully understand they don’t really know how these machines work they only

Know that they do work so tell me folks how do you successfully build something that you don’t understand and it ends up working I can almost guarantee you that the design idea did not just come out of nowhere with the number of qubits their latest model has every time you add a

Qubit to the system you double the number of alternate worlds and I’m talking about all the d-wave computers combined because they are connected they wanted this computer to be able to think on the level of a human being well d-wave achieved that some time ago they are way past that stage now because

They know something about how humans think they know that we are neurologically connected somehow connected to these other realms around on a quantum love within the neurons you know there are organizations that actually study paranormal phenomena not the way you see on TV they actually seriously study the

Science behind it because they want to understand how these beans can slip in and out of our world so in the research departments you don’t hear about they study these things they conduct experiments or should I say rituals they try to summon these entities for study can you imagine them trying to catch

Spirits like in ghostbusters why because they want to know how these beans can do what they do it’s quite an odd and dark concept I know but this is one of the ingredients to constructing a Stargate CERN has several functions do they want to open portals yes they said so are

They doing it well that’s where this quantum computer system comes in understand what the d-wave system does it sends information in the form of electrical pulse energy through a nexus point to another freaking world or worlds as they put it and it is receiving receiving information in the

Form of a greater amount of energy the problem folks with opening a physical portal is that you need something smart enough and fast enough to control it so you take the d-wave system and you hook it up to CERN’s Collider now you have a way to control the opening of that

Portal and a map of that other world thanks to D wave but you have another problem the super intelligent beings on the other side and this is where a supreme AI system comes into play you know the wave I would love to give you an analogy

Of how fast this thing is but it is beyond our comprehension let’s just say it is smarter than every human on the plane bind now I’m not saying there are no exceptions to this as there are and have been humans with certain abilities but the AI system is needed it is needed to

Come up with plans fast for a matter of defense and offense remember this is a joint effort by many nations if they are not competing or fighting each other who are they preparing to fight I mean it’s quite easy to kill people you don’t need supersonic extra dimensional laser weapons that’s what

You use when you want to fight monsters or demons is it possible that they think that with this AI system they can control what comes out of that hole what do they think they’re gonna round up some demonic horde so they can fight the Lord when he returns is that what they

Think yes there are people that are that out of their mind and I know some of you don’t believe in this stuff but they do or you better believe they do and they don’t care about contaminating our environment with particles from other dimensions it causes changes everywhere it causes mental changes in people

Everywhere that’s why people are remembering things different a new system is on the horizon folks they are getting ready for something believe it it does seem like they are preparing to go up against something that is not man and they don’t care if it creates a Mandela effect or radiation or crazy

Weather they are going to win this fight that’s coming by any means necessary that’s why all these machines come under military control at the end of the day it’s becoming more apparent every day folks you can see how these things that are happening in the world today are

Beginning to make more sense the puzzle pieces are coming together and people are experiencing their own personal revelation but like I said in the beginning anything man makes breaks and they are and will continue to have problems with these systems and computers but they will also continue to move forward with their

Plans because they can’t help themselves it’s like a prophecy that must be fulfilled and they have no control of their actions it is bizarre but so is the way human beings think I think that’s why instead of being governed by man we need governance from what actually created us so if you’re stat

You have the opportunity to stand next to one of these machines it is an awe-inspiring thing at least for me it feels like an altar to an alien god You you

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