What Your Favorite D&D Race Says About You

What Your Favorite D&D Race Says About You

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This video was sponsored by the deck of many’s new animated spells Kickstarter what your favorite D&D race says about you to everyone watching just know that this video is meant for fun hope you enjoy Dragonborn you like to stand out and are still unsure if Dragonborns canonically have tales are

Not dwarf long character backstories are super important to you and you forgot that you had brewers supplies proficiency elf you’re still under the assumption that your 20 year old elf looks like a 9 year old human child you’ve seen a fair share of fantasy movies and anime and tend to have the

Most fun when looking for good character art online gnome you pick this race so you can make a wizard or artificer up until now you haven’t dressed one of your characters up as a garden gnome yet we eat you regret till this day half elf you put more detail into who your characters

Parents are than in your own halfling you’ve never rolled a natural one you’re the person who makes up most of the party’s crazy schemes and are the person to suffer the least when they don’t go as planned half-orc your characters always sound like they have a speech impediment along with that your half-orc

Has also gotten the most death threats from the other players characters at the table human popular opinion assumes you also like playing the fighter class even though your race is pretty generic you see your character as the most unique person at the table tiefling you played

This race purely for the extra edge that or the fire resistance literally nothing is better than fire resistance Aero khakhra most themes won’t let you play your favorite classes when you do manage to play them you abuse their abilities to no ends you are the bane to all

Low-level D in these sessions jenissi you’re still on the hunt for the genie that made you before this campaign ends you will get them to give you a wish spell Goliath you were probably bullied or were the bully in middle school when the party doesn’t have a means of transportation

You’re usually the mount instead a Samar outside of the game you’re way too nice of a human being if your favorite sub races the Fallen as Samar though then you’re just looking for a new flavor of edge apparently tiefling wasn’t good enough bugbear goblin Hobgoblin yawn tea

And full orc you are frequently the dungeon master if you weren’t spending so much time hosting D&D campaigns you totally make a character with one of these races for now though it’ll only be with monstrous tab blocks ferb old druid and ranger are your go to classes and you needed a race which

Could further amplify your tree-hugging nature at this point you’re used to hearing someone bring up the Lorax in every campaign you join ten ku as a literal Mockingbird everyone including yourself gets annoyed at your Ken coos lack of vocabulary at some point or another you literally have to

Communicate through writing to get your point across kobold you really had to think about a good reason your kobold was travelling with the other party members if the dragon you used to serve is still alive it’s taking all that you have to stop your group from trying to

Kill it lizard Foulke you studied every body of water on the DMS campaign map before choosing this race to vaccine there’s three types of people who play this race furries and anyone who wants to be an anime cat girl the third type is the normy who’s just playing the race

Because it looked cool which everyone claims to be Triton you’re always forced to ask the DM if they could allow your character to have dark vision Triton’s live deep underwater and it’s beyond your knowledge on how they can even see portal you’re trying to have more armor class than anyone else at the

Table you’ve considered naming yourself Luke way and taking levels into monk doesn’t seem half bad changeling you couldn’t make up your mind on which race you want it to be Keller star you’ve been waiting at the table patiently for the day someone attacks you with psychic damage it

Hasn’t happened yet but you’re still hopeful shifter half-man half-wolf all edge or forged you’re somehow both the least interesting and the most interesting player at the table also you find not eating to eat as a bad thing over a benefit I mean you’ll never be

Able to enjoy a hamburger so I can see why gifts you’re not too sure why this is your favorite race if anything you bring up the lack of skills and lore from the race and then ask your DM if you could homebrew some of your own centaur you prefer campaigns that don’t

Use battle maps have lots of large open fields and don’t have too many flying enemies the deadliest thing you’ve ever encountered was a climbing wall locks Adan you’ve gotten so used to using your trunk as a third hand that other races now just seem handicapped Minotaur you’re upset that your favorite race

Isn’t even the size of a real Minotaur along with that you’ve never gotten one of your characters married in a campaign before Simic hybrid you prefer XP over milestones and are usually the person to the DM if they’ve leveled up after every combat battalion you’re a perfectionist

Looking to make one of your skill checks so unbelievably high that even the DM needs to stop for a moment to describe what a roll of 35 gets you on a history check Verdun you like doing your taxes lacasa on some occasions you’ve begged a clerk to cast create water on you the

Fact that you need water to breathe has become a side quest for the party multiple times and finally for every race I didn’t mention you own every official DMV rulebook and are looking to get your money’s worth so there you have it if any of you have any other race

Stereotypes that you know of definitely share them in the comment section below thanks for sticking around and a reminder that this video was sponsored by the deck of many’s new animated spells Kickstarter these higher-level spell cards make casting your magic not only easy with simple spell instructions

On the backs but stylish too with a glossy holographic front level six through nine for every D&D class is getting printed right now along with a new tarot deck to make rolling your odds with cards that much more terrifying if you’d like to check out what’s in store

Click on the link down below and I’ll see you all in the next video

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