WOLF and the SEVEN LITTLE GOATS Adisebaba Kids Stories – Animals – Episode 15

WOLF and the SEVEN LITTLE GOATS Adisebaba Kids Stories - Animals - Episode 15

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Adisa baba fairy tales and bedtime stories for kids once upon a time in a little cottage in the woods lived a mother goat and her little goats leading a happy life the little goats were very cute they all were like toys mother goat like all mothers loved her little goats very much

She protected them from all the wild animals in the forest one day before she left the house to find food in the forest she called her little goats next to her and my dear children i am going into the forest do not open the door for anyone

If the wolf comes into the house he will eat all of us alive he’s very shifty he will disguise himself into different shapes and try to fool you so how will we recognize him the wolf has a rough voice and i have a soft and sweet voice so you can

Recognize him from his low and rough voice right away right when she was leaving the mother goat remembered something else she turned to her little goats one more thing the wolf’s feet are black and mine are white you can also recognize him from his feet don’t worry

Mother we can protect ourselves you can count on us mother goat kissed her little goats one by one and headed into the woods the wolf was watching them from afar when he saw mother goat leaving he waited a while and then he came in front of the cottage and knocked on the door Who is it little goats open the door your mother is here i brought nice food for you all but the little goats recognized the wolf’s rough voice right away without opening the door they yelled out you’re not our mother her voice is sweet and more beautiful you’re the wolf you can’t fool us

The wolf got very angry because he could not fool the little goats so he went to the shop bought a big piece of chalk and ate it now his voice sounded much softer so he went back to the cottage and knocked on the door again This time the wolf started to talk with his soft voice my little goats opened the door it’s your mother i brought food from the forest for all of you hearing the wolves soft voice the little goats thought that it was really their mother this time just when they were about to open the

Door one of them shouted wait wait yes look at the feet from underneath the door of course when the little goats looked from underneath the door they saw the wolf’s black feet so they yelled again without opening the door we will not open the door for you i’m on

His feet and not black they’re right you’re the wolf as fairies as he was the wolf left this time he went to the bakery when the baker saw the wolf in front of him he was very surprised i’m a vegetarian now so i will eat pastry from now on could you give me

Some flour the wolf came out of the bakery with a little sack of flour when he got near the cottage he opened the sack and poured all the flour on his feet now his feet were all white the shifty wolf knocked on the door for the third time

My little goats open the door it’s your mother i have brought food for all of you from the forest first show us your feet so we know it’s you mother the wolf showed them his feet with flower when the little goat saw the wide feet they believed that it was their

Mother and opened the door and what did they see the wolf was standing right there in front of them the little goats did not know what to do they started to run around yelling [Applause] don’t waste your time i will catch all of you one of the little goats went under the

Desk the second one into the bed the third one into the chimney fourth kid hid in the kitchen the fifth one got into the closet the sixth hid behind the curtain and the seventh kid went into the giant clock on the wall but the shifty roof was quick and one by

One he caught them all from wherever they were hiding come here don’t run i will catch you all i said stop [Applause] the only one he could not find was the one hiding in the clock he was already full so he gave up on looking for them

And head out there was a big yard a little further from the cottage the wolf lay under a tree on the yard and started to sleep snoring Short while after the mother goat returned home when she saw the door open she knew something bad had happened and started to scream [Applause] oh my little goats [Applause] she entered the house she was shocked the tables and chairs were all upside down curtains were torn the beds were

All messed up the pillows and sheets were all on the floor mother goat looked for her little goats but could not find them anywhere she started to yell out their names one by one but not one answered Finally it was time to call the last one’s name only then she heard a high pitched voice i’m inside the grandpa clock mommy mother go ran to the grandpa clock and took her kid out of there mother goat and kid hugged the little goat started to tell the story crying

The world came in these guys let me tell you with you and open the door to who ate all my brothers Mother goat was very upset she cried for her little goats with only one of her kids remaining she walked out and started to go towards the yard after a while they saw the wolf sleeping under a tree he snored so bad that the branches of the tree were shaking

Mother goat observed the wolf for a while she realized that inside his tummy some things were moving oh my god can it be that my goats are in his tummy and they’re still alive she had a plan she turned to her kid run home bring me a needle thread and the scissors

When the little kid was running home mother goat collected six big rocks from the floor after a while the little goat came back with a needle thread and the big scissors mother goat cut open the wolf with the scissors she saw one of her little goats right away

And then the other one started to appear one by one they were all healthy mother goat couldn’t stay still from the jaw she had all the little goats hug their mothers with joy mama we love you They were all full of joy ah my little goats you’re safe mother goat put the rocks she collected carefully inside the wolf then she stitched his tummy with the needle and thread the wolf was sleeping so deep he’d not feel anything he did not move mother goat and her

Little ghost quickly got away when the wolf woke up he stood up his tummy hurt really bad he thought to himself that it was because he ate too many coats because his tummy was full of rocks he got really thirsty he came next to the river to drink some

Water but when he was walking the rocks were hitting each other my tummy feels so heavy and full it’s as if all the girls i ate turned into rocks he wanted to kneel down and drink some water due to the rocks being so heavy he lost his balance and slipped into the water

Oh help help me i’m drowning help yelled out for help but no one helped him he could not bear the weight of the rocks anymore and went under into deep waters when they saw what happened mother goat and their little goats ran to the river [Applause] Hand in hand they all started to dance and jump around from that day on mother goat and her seven little goats had a peaceful and happy life in their cottage in the forest if snow white wouldn’t have eaten the apple the old lady had given her if cinderella would have forgotten about

Midnight and kept on dancing with the prince if the little mermaid wouldn’t have rescued the prince from the sinking ship and if hansel and gretel would have not entered the cake house or if the little red riding hood wouldn’t have told the wolf where she was going

None of these fairy tales would have existed they took us to exciting adventures on magical lands we have never seen they raced against evil sometimes and sometimes it was against time they showed us the true meaning of passion love friendship helpfulness sharing and being a family we cried together we laugh together

But in the end we always learn something Full of the most beloved and beautiful fairy tales adisa baba children’s classics channel is on youtube uh

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