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A Woman, Not Prone to Adventures Elena Ksenofontova Anatolii Zhuravlev Raisa Riazanova Stanislav Bondarenko Anzhelika Volskaia Ekaterina Kabak Aleksandr Siguev Written by Natalia Khabarova Aleksei, would you like some more? Production Director: Nikolai Mikhailov Why are you so thin? Grandma, he’s in such an age when all the food is burning in his organism.

You eat cold food all the time. Your mother hasn’t taught you to eat in a proper way. Music by Timur Polianskii You don’t eat either hot soup or gruel. And you don’t eat dairy products. Excecutive producer: Vadim Zhuk You might get gastritis. Mom! Producers: Larisa Zhuravskaia, Vlad Riashin Have I said anything wrong?

Bon appetit! Thank you! Good evening, Antonina Mikhailovna! Hello, Irina. You’ve come late again. My boss is going on a business trip. I’m preparing documentation for him. Let such a work go to hell. I have done much for the company. They appreciate me. And you’ll hardly find so high wages anywhere.

Yes. But you have no time for your family. Everyone is adult in our family. They could have fried potatoes themselves. Don’t be grumbling. I’ve cooked food that will be enough for a week. There is borsch, cutlets, a fish pie. Everything is better than semi-finished products from a store. Sit down, have some supper.

I’m not hungry, thank you. Aliona, wash please the dishes. I have an important talk. Let Aleksei do this. There’s boxing on TV. The fights of professionals. Thank you, Grandma. Everything was very delicious. It’s my pleasure, son. Come on! Okay. It’s too late. I must go. Igor, go accompany me. Sure, Mom.

Igor, take with you things you need for tomorrow. I will iron your trousers and shirt in a proper way. What’s this? Why don’t you wear the scarf I knitted for you? Don’t get angry. Igor, why are you crossing me up all the time? Was it so much difficult to cook at least anything?

Igor! I’m coming, Mom! Don’t get upset. I’ll stay for a night at her place. Hello, Svetlana! I’ve overslept. Come to me quickly, my dear! I’ve brought some parameters, we’ll look at them together. Why does it always happen so? When I need, I get up at six a.m.

And today there have been red lights at each traffic light. Calm down. You should not worry too much about your work. It’s okay. We’ll manage to do everything with God’s help. Svetlana, somebody’s calling you! They say it’s urgent. The day hasn’t started yet, and they say that it’s urgent. I’m coming!

Excuse me, what’s going on? What are you doing here? This is an optimization of the process. What? Optimization of the process. Haven’t you lost your way, mister? This is my office. The computer is mine as well. I know. Would you wait for a couple of minutes? Look, are you joking? Who are you?

Andrei Andreevich Kornev. So what? This is for you. For me? Here is the copy of my passport, service record, all documentation needed. I’ll be working here from this morning on. Take it. How…? This can’t be. Why? Because I’m responsible for all the staff questions in this company.

I see you’ve gotten close at once. Good morning! I’m glad to see you. Have you familiarized yourself with everything? Yes. I’ll bring new programs in a minute. Okay. Very well. Irina, let’s talk in a couple of minutes. Albert Ivanovich, how could you? You have put me in a silly position. What’s happened?

Who is this man? Why should I learn that he’s working here only from his words? Oh my god! Irina, forgive me. This is my fault. I haven’t managed to tell you. I met him for the first time yesterday. He’s an excellent programmer. – Is he a programmer? – He is.

I’ve got tired of those lazybones that used to repair everything here. Speak with them and fire them. If they resist, send them to me. Okay? Okay. You see, Irina? Everything’s fine. And I asked Andrei to check your computer. I hope it won’t hang anymore.

I’m sorry that it has happened this way. There was a mess-up. Let’s talk in 15 minutes. I’ll update your computer base. And your computer will be working as a new one. Excuse me for working at it when you were absent. Don’t be angry with me.

I tried what would be the best and everything has come… Everything’s okay. I should be apologizing, not you. I attacked you like an idiot. Excuse me. And you have come in time. I waste half a day to fight with this monster. I promise that this monster will turn into a kind wizard.

Who is it? A new programmer. Let’s have I look. I thought him to be a bit older than my daughter. But he’s 26 years old. He used to serve in the Navy. He’s a strong meat. Yeah. Where did our Albert meet him yesterday by accident? Svetlana, why are you standing and relaxing?

Go please work. I’ll send everything to you. I’m waiting. Oh my god! You’re my beauty girl. Aleksei, where are you going? I’ll stay here. Okay. Wait until we return. But we won’t come soon! I hope that you won’t come in the morning. I want a suit with a jacket yeah… and…

I mean I want a white blouse with ruche and some trousers. There is is something of this kind over there. Aliona, do you like it? I like it. Wow! Do you like it? I’ll take both. Aliona, you’ve grown up so much! I’ve just noticed. Really!

You are a real lady. And you have a body of Claudia Schiffer. Mom, she’s a star of your youth. Now you should better compare me to Giselle Bundchen. Whom? We haven’t bought anything that Kirill would like. What would Kirill like? Who’s Kirill?

Kirill is a designer. He says that I must wear only light-colored clothes. And you have a love affair with him. Baby, watch out not to be besotted. Will I meet him? Of course, you will. Later. Who is there waiting for us? My darling. You’ve established a world record.

One could bring an elephant from Africa within this time. I will never go anywhere with you. Wait! We must have spended money for the year ahead. What about the computer? I don’t know now. Let’s go. Hello. You must press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Then press the button…

When the computer offers to you to finish your work, refuse. – Hello, Irina. – Hello. And press the same button. The taskbar will appear in a second. – Come in. – Thank you. Afterwards the icons may disappear again on the taskbar, including the keyboard language indicator.

Choose the Keyboard Qualities icon in the taskbar. Press Remove the tick. – Irina Andreevna… – Thank you. And press To show the language indicator in the taskbar. Good morning, Irina Andreevna. Good morning, Nadezhda Pavlovna. Why haven’t you come to school to the Parents’ Meeting? I was very busy.

– They talked about Aliona. – Yeah? She’s a determined girl. She had a wrangle with my Lena. Aren’t you coming upstairs? No, I’m waiting for the documentation. I’m in a hurry. They control every minute. How did you like Andrei? What Andrei? Your new programmer. He’s my neighbor.

He’s a very nice young man. Treat him well! Wait for me please! Hello. Albert Iavnovich is in a business trip. Yes. He will call you in a week. You’re welcome. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, Irina Andreevna. Good aftenoon. Am I bothering you? No. I’m cleaning the server.

I am not for a long. I need advice. I have a son. He has a birthday soon. I want to present him a computer. But I know absolutely nothing of computers. Would you please write down the trademark and parameters? I could go with you to the store and help you choose the model.

Could you? Today? We can go today. But it will be too late to go after 8 p.m. My working day finishes at 6 p.m. Okay. I’ll be waiting for you in the hall. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – I’ll take this. – Okay. Vladimir, look, here’s a nice model.

Dad, toss me up. This computer has an uncomfortable keyboard. The board. Where will I find drivers to this iron staff? This machine has weak brain. This is a rotten stone. Look at this one. I like it. Dad, this is Mazdai, an absolute junk!

Only a person without own opinion can get into such sucks. Do you understand? I do. I do. What’s your address? 15th Appartment, Bolshov Street 38. Wait! I wanted to make a surprise! And Aleksei has his birthday only in eight days. We can order the delivery for any day. Today’s 24th.

We’ll order it for the 1st of November. Thank you very much. We don’t need the delivery. Wait! I’ll keep it at home. Besides 8 days will be enough to bring the machine into order. And for installation of programs needed for a young talent. Take the check. Let’s go catch a taxi.

Yeah. Let’s go. Wait! Let me help you! I’m sorry. Okay Dad, we’ll try to fly with this machine. You’ll become a user in a second. We’ve almost come. Would you help me? What? Take the key in my right pocket. This big one with holes. This one? Yes. The lower lock. Okay.

Turn twice against the hourhand. And push the handle down. Here it is. Come in please. Here you are. Thank you once more. I have to go. Irina Andreevna, take off your coat and come in. Why? Do you find it logical that I will mark this purchase alone.

It will be unfortunate if we don’t mark it. Yeah? Okay. For Aleksei not to scold at me later. Come on in. I’m going to the kitchen. This is Mom. She loved my father very much. She didn’t want to give me another name. I joined the Army, my father found another woman.

When I returned she already had cancer. She became weak as a child. I closed her bedroom and my room. I haven’t been there for many years. And I left everything here like she wanted. Father used to scold at her for her unpracticality. But let it be the way she wanted.

I have felt lonely since she died. I resemble her a bit. Not a bit. She was kind, tender and loving. And you’re a cold and horny troublemaker. When I met you for the first time I was shocked. You have the same voice intonations. I wanted to protect you.

Nothing of this kind has ever happened to me. Andrei! What time is it? 1a.m. Oh my god! My family must be worrying. Stay calm! Hello! Send please a car to Gagarin Street, 7. How much? Okay, thank you. What? We have 10 minutes. Stand up. Irina Andreevna? Andrei, good evening. Good evening.

What am I talking? It’s already night. My dog can’t sleep as well. He wanted to go outside. It happens. Excuse me for letting him go without a leash. I didn’t think that I would meet anyone on the staircase. Irina Andreevna, don’t be afraid. If you treat him without agression, he won’t bite you.

Would you come up? Would you lean closer against the door? Let’s go home. Fuck her and her dog. Don’t worry even if she suspects anything. Let her be happy for us. She won’t be happy. She’ll tell everyone. Forget about her. Wait! What?

I’ll be waiting fot you today. I promised my friend to repair the car. So I’ll leave in the morning and return home in the afternoon. Don’t lose it. There’s my life in the bullet. Okay. But… I… If I’m late, you’ll open the door yourself. Call me when you’ll get home. Yeah. Okay.

Oh, Igor. Escuse me. This is all my fault. Why are you standing there? There’s a draft, and you’re standing without your slippers. Go, go! I’ll tell you everything. Why have you switched off the phone? Go, Igor! Go! Igor. Me and Sveta went to buy a computer for Aleksei’s birthday.

I have the check. I’ll show it to you. Is Sveta keen on computers? Why Sveta? We went there together with her husband in their car. We’ve chosen a computer and bought it. But we didn’t know where to bring it. We wanted to make a surprise for Aleksei.

And Sasha offered to bring it to their place. And we can install new programs till Nov.1. This happened at 8 p.m. Now it is 2 a.m. we decided to mark the purchase and drank a bit. You know, I want to sleep after I drink some alcohol. I fell asleep.

And they covered me with a blanket instead of waking me up. And my mobile phone has discharged. But why… What why? You will rest tomorrow, and I must prepare a report before Albert returns. What’s this? I’ve been searching in my archives. Petrov still considers me a talented man,

So he offered to publish an article in his magazine. This is good. It’s so interesting! Let’s go to sleep, workaholic. I’ll go take a bath. Hello, Igor! Hi! Come in. Take off your coat and sit down. I’m glad to see you. Thanks. I’m sorry for spoiling your Saturday.

Everything’s okay. I’m in the office in the first half of the day. It’s calm here. I’m sitting and correcting. Arkadii, I don’t need anything. It’s too late for me to start. I lack the energy. Stop talking bullshit. I see that there’s another reason. What’s happened? You know… I have felt ackwardly lately.

I drink antidepressants. Is this because of Irina? Excuse me. Hello? Hi! I’ve almost finished. It’s okay. But I have several concrete remarks. Yes, in the second part. Yes, in the second part. We’ll make it up today and send to press. Okay, I’ll call you back. Bye! Igor!

I’m not in a hurry! Take off your coat. Let’s sit and talk. Thank you. I have to go. You need to distract your attention. After you start writing, everything will pass away. I’m sorry. Thank you. We’re going for a walk. We’re going to see Mom. We’re going to the yard.

Maybe we’ll meet Mom on our way. Hello! Will you live in our house? I don’t know. Good bye. Good bye! Be careful. You will meet your friends soon. We’ll meet Daniil, and we’ll play with him. Good of you. Hello! We are burning! At least my appetite is burning me.

I can smell delicious food that I’ll cook now. Have you repaired it? What? Have you repaired it? Ah! Of course, we have. The engine didn’t want to work. We had to change the storage battery. Mister mechanic, can I have a look? No. Please! Honestly speaking, I have already watched some of your drawings.

I was going to become an artist. But I was not fated. Or I haven’t been fated so far? I haven’t decided yet. But I’m sure that this is mine. Where have you learnt to cook so well? You better try at first, then you’ll tell.

Why are you examining me as if I were a rare bird? I’m impressed. I thought that there are no more men like you. No, you impress me. You are so lovong and tender. You’re wonderful. Aliona? What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at home? Mom, is this true?

What are you talking about? If you lie, I won’t ever forgive you! Firstly, stop shouting at me. Secondly, I’ve never lied to you and I’m not going to do so. Thirdly, it’s true. I’m not guilty before you. And you shouldn’t judge me. Nadezhda’s daughter is your classmate, isn’t she? She’s such a bitch.

She asked me loudly whether I want a sister or a brother. I didn’t understand and asked her, whether she felt okay. And she said: “Don’t you know that your mother is visiting young men at night?” Boys started laughing. Everyone kept staring at me for five lessons after that.

They expected me to lose my temper. I hate them. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. The worst thing is that I’ve told Aleksei. How? Oh god! It’s okay. I’ll talk to him. Will you tell him? Do you understand what are we talking about at the moment?

Of course, I won’t tell him. I don’t know what to tell to myself. Okay. If you want… I’ll be free in 40 minutes. We can go home together. No. Why should I be an eyesore for people? I have had a good cry. That’s enough. Okay, let me accompany you. Wait. Let’s go.

Good bye. Good afternoon. Why are you sitting here? Look you are frozen. Aliona has told me. I know. She’s come to my office. Get it out of your head now. You are adult. You must understand. There are evil people, and there are envious people. Aren’t you leaving us? My darling!

I’ll never leave you. Never. I’ll always be with you and Aliona. How could you believe in this? You’re my darlings. Only a very small and silly. Okay. That’s enough. Let’s go home quickly. You’re trembling with cold like a sparrow. You mustn’t get sick. When you come home, go to the bathroom immediately.

Immediately. I’ll go buy some medicines. You haven’t even touched your homework, I’m sure. It’s me. Where have you been? Okay, you tell me later. I need to talk to you. Yes, something has happened. Yes. I’m coming. What have you seen there? A visitor has come to Andrei again. Is this her?

Yes. It’s Irina Andreevna. I have a couple of questions to ask her. Okay, and we’ll walk over the park and join you. Irina Andreevna! Yes? How do you know my name? My name is Anzhela. I’m Andrei’s girlfriend. What do you mean? I’m practically his wife. What? This can’t be.

Why? I’m young and beautiful. Moreover, I suit him better than an old woman having children. I undertsand, Andrei is a delicate person. He’s afraid to tell you the truth. I thought that I can do this. I haven’t slept with you. Fuck you! Irina Andreevna, wait! Don’t be angry with me.

I don’t feel myself these days. You see, I’m pregnant. And the doctor said if I make an abortion, I will never have children. You’re a mother, so you must understand me. I will give birth to this baby. Andrei did not knows anything. I undertsand you. You are an interesting woman.

He could take an interest in you. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would never interfere into your relations. But I have a different situation. Tobby, my darling. Let me kiss you. Aren’t you frozen, my dear? It’s okay. We’ll go home soon. Come here. What’s happened, Irina? Where have you disappeared?

Why aren’t you answering my calls? Andrei Andreevich, you have no reasons to worry. I’ll resolve my problems by myself. I’m sorry. I have much work to do. Good morning. Good morning. I’ve prepared everything. This is documentation for the meeting of the heads of departments.

Good of you. When do you manage to do everything? Okay. I’ll look through the documentation. Call everybody to my office at 9 a.m.. Okay. And tell them that this will be a short meeting. I really don’t understand what’s going on. You’ve become a different person. Don’t be silent. This is silly.

I have never introduced myself as a clever woman. I’m an ordinary woman. I’m not young, not attractive, and not very clever, you’re right. I’m rather trustful. You have recently mentioned about this. Thank you for the lesson. Irina! Irina, where’s our yearly report? What? The yearly report. It’s here. Hello! Good afternoon.

Albert Ivanovich is already waiting for you. This is for you. Thank you. This is for you. Albert Ivanovich is waiting for you. Thank you. Good bye. Good bye. Ira! Haven’t you understood everything yet, Andrei Andreevich? I’m not Ira. There’s no Ira anymore. My name is Irina Andreevna.

And I don’t discuss either my or other people’s personal questions in working time. I’ve taken this folder for half an hour. Okay. Let it be so. Irina. I have taken a wrong document. I’ll bring the needed one now. What’s happened? It’s hard for me to lose a good expert.

And he’s an excellent expert. Why are you silent? I don’t know what to say. Take his statement and add to his personal data. And don’t delay this. He may change his mind. Why are you crying? Start cutting the onions and you will see. Onions cause different tears. You’re not very experienced.

You have become different. You’re like a transformer. Transformer. And you have this ugly voice of a transformer like you’re not alive. Don’t invent anything please. I’m the same. I’m just tired. And your Dad is sick. I worry. Okay. I’ll go take the disks, then I’ll eat something. Can you eat at first?

I’ve prpeared cutlets. Borshch is ready. The pie will be ready soon. I’ll be in a minute. It smells so delicious. I’m hungry. I’ll prepare the salads in a minute. Why have you stood up? Why are you always angry at me? I’ve missed you. This is not the reason

To walk over the apartment without slippers and with a fever. This is not about the slippers. This is about you. You wanted to acquaint me with Kirill. I won’t. We have split up. Very fast. Wasn’t it too fast? I’m afraid that life isn’t so simple as it may seem to you now. Yes.

It’s enough to look at you to understand this. It’s obvious that you’re trying to smooth everything. At first you wanted to leave us, then you left him, now you’re upset. Sort out your own things, then advise me what to do. All people are clever at resolving others’ problems.

So you have fallen out with him. Now you’re working off your bad temper on me. Okay. I’ll understand. I will even forgive you. But this is not very honest of you. Excuse me! I can’t find place in this house. Everyone is angy and irritated.

Is this happening because of me? No, it’s your fault. I can’t stand this anymore. Hello. Hi! Come in. Come in. Will you have some breakfast? Sit down please. I need to talk to you. Let’s talk. I wanted to do this before. But… But met Anzhela. What connection does she have to us?

She said that she’s pregnant from you. Did you believe her? Yes. She was convincing. She was very convincing. I lost my head. Irina, if I believe you, I always believe you. And you lost your head. It was a silly thing. Her brother marked his birthday. They went to the club.

I stayed at their place. But this happened a year ago. She tried to continue our relationships. But I said that I didn’t want. Why haven’t you tried to meet with me? You understood that something has happened. But… But you didn’t want to explain anything. Besides you have a family.

Therefore this is your choice. And I want to be with you. How are your things? Where do you work? I’ve started my own business. Supplying computers and their component units. Do you like it? I’m successful. Have you thought about me during this time? Let’s come with me. Where? You’ll see.

I’ve opened the rooms. This is for Aleksei. There is everything he needs. There’s a computer and sports corner. He must develop his musculature. Let’s go. This is for Aliona. I have never had a sister. Do you like it? Don’t cry. Where have you been?

I’m sitting here alone. Everybody has left me. I’m in bad spirits. And nobody cares about me. Do you have any temperature? Yes, I do. I have a normal temperature. I never get sick for more than three days. And today is the fourth one. So I breathe well, my mind is clear.

My eyes are open wide. And I feel that you want to tell me something. Igor. What? I’m leaving. I’ve expected something of this kind for long. Igor, I… Do you consider me a hard-hearted blockhead who does not understand that our relations have failed? I used to think that we have a normal life.

Why didn’t you started this talk before? I tried to. But you always reacted to the single topic: our children. There have been a steel-clad glass between us for a long time. At first you were reaching out to me. I had work and I was writing the thesis.

Then Aliona was born. You became nervouse. Then Aleksei was born. There were illnesses, everyday life, your company. We didn’t sprout into each other. We could continue to live this way. But I have happened to be unlucky. If you want to ask me about anything, you may ask. I’ll answer.

I’m not a masochist. At least, not right now. What will we do now? I’ll gather my things. When the children will come, I’ll talk to them. Aleksei will go with me. And Aliona will want to stay with you. Forgive me. Forgive me, Igor. You’re very good. You’re my darling. Don’t start this.

Forgive me! Forgive me! This is the thing Aliona has talked about? Yes. But you told that these were rumours. My darling. My darling, it’s a difficult situation for me. I need your help. Everything is so complicated. I’m not able to explain everything at once. Are we going to his place now? Yes.

Uncle Andrei is very good. He has prepared a wonderful room for you. You’ll make friends with him. I’m sure. And you can see Dad every day. Where are you going? Wait! Wait! I don’t need his room. Fuck him! I’m not a toy for you to take wherever you wish.

Sit down. Fine! Tomorrow morning you’re going home. And I won’t let you go anywhere now. It’s late. I’m Andrei. Where should I go? I will show. Here is your room. The furnishing is in the cupboard. You may lay it if you like. Do you have any urgent business tomorrow? Okay.

Then I won’t set the alarm clock. Good night. Is it hard? Yes, it is. Kirill? Why didn’t you call me? Don’t you know where I have been? Yes, I’m pregnant. And the term is long. What could I decide? You must understand, I’m not going to kill the baby. With or without you.

If you don’t want this child, we’ll cope without you somehow. You’re bastard. Try it with lemon. It’s very delicious. Try it. You like it. – Good evening. – Hello, Aliona. Where’s Mom and Aleksei? Why aren’t you putting off your coat? Put it off, wash your hands and join us.

Darling, Mom has taken Aleksei with her and went to another Dad. Why are you teasing yourself? Aleksei loves you. Maybe. But his mother doesn’t. And of course, you’re acting like a man. This is a nice business to drown your sorrow. And Aunt Alla is so sympathetic. Will you comfort him probably?

It’s very easy to get your claws on him, when nobody needs him. I didn’t know that you have such an arrowy tongue. Your father feels badly without your words. Everybody feels badly. Only I’m feeling well. Igor, are you okay? Everything’s okay. I shouldn’t have eaten lobsters. Where are the medicines?

Where’s the phone? Where’s my bag? Hello, ambulance, a man feels unwell. He has a heart attack. Hello, guys, I’ve come to congratulate you on the beginning of the new life. New Year is a new life. It’s logical. They are celebrating at our place. What about you? I’ve come without an invitation.

You have a cozy nest. Really. You have arranged a room for Aleksei. Where’s my room? Is this it? May I come in? Wow! What a design! Designers surround me. Mom, you’re so clever. You’ve found such a nice man. He’s not like our father.

Now I won’t worry about you. Be careful not to regret afterwards. Don’t worry, this is a hysterics. This will pass over. Hello, Alla. Speak loudly. When? Have you called for ambualnce? Has it already left? Have you written down the number? Okay, tell me. I’ll remember it. 100-84-62-4…7 or 6? Seven.

Alla, Aliona will return now. Please don’t tell her everything at once. And don’t tell her that this happened just after she left. I’ll call the hospital now. Then I’ll call you back. They have brought Igor to the Cardiological Center. This must be a heart attack. Call quickly! Hello. Excuse me,

Igor Sergeevich Kolyvanov, he’s just come with a probable heart attack. I’m his wife. Mom, don’t be silent. How is he? Aleksei… My darling. Forgive me. You better eat. You shouldn’t sit with empty plates when you come to a funeral feast. He was a nice person. You must be his sister.

He was polite and friendly. He always said hello. I work as a guard. Where’s his wife? Why are you speaking so silently? Are you his niece? I wanted his articles to be published in our magazine. He was very talented. Arkadii, do you remember

You presented fish for him in the fifth form? We didn’t have an aquarium, and I was against. But he insisted. Then he got accustomed to it for his whole life. My dear son! Igor was an honest and good person. He was a good son and caring father.

And this was not by occasion that he died on the eve of Christmas Day. This happens only to good people. I’ll go. You stay here. Let God accept him in His kingdom. Aliona, are you leaving? Stay please. Dad has probably asked you to stay as well. Aliona! Antonina Mikhailovna…

Grandma, let’s go. The car is waiting for us! Hold on, dear Antonina Mikhailovna. I understand that this is a great loss. Call me please. Call me any time. Our condolences. Aleksei, where are you going? Grandma.. Please come to in nine days. Of course, we will. Let’s go.

We’ll go to the cemtery. Aleksei! This is a Holy night, this is a night of salvation. It notified the whole world of the secret of God’s incarnation. It notified the whole world I’ve forgotten. Today is Christmas Eve. I’ll bring presents in a minute. Where are they? Here it is.

I can’t stand this anymore. They all have left us. We are free. Nobody cares about us. My darling. They thought that they destroyed me. And I’m happy. I’m so happy. Do you want me to give birth to your child? They all left me: Aliona, Aleksei…

I have neither children, no husband now. Oh God, Igor… Poor Igor. He always was so loving, so tender, so devoted… He didn’t offend me. Even in his sorrow he felt sorry for me. If I knew… If I only could return everything. Children won’t forgive me. My children won’t forgive me.

I won’t forgive myself. Why don’t you answer me? Won’t you leave me? Why are you looking with such a pity at me? You don’t love me. No love, no tenderness, no passion. You are strange to us. This is your fault. What had I done to desrve this? Don’t touch me. Hello!

Hello! Is everything okay? Yes. Don’t scare me. I fell asleep. I’ve become such a sitting duck. Eat this. You’ll need all your strength soon. Stop it. I’m not a hippo. And Irina does not need so much to eat. We care about our figures. Stop talking nonsense. How do you feel?

Fine. Kirill has called. What does he say? He regrets and wants to see me. And what about you? I’m thinking. Uncle Andrei, if he didn’t want this child, he will hardly become a good father, will he? And Irina and I don’t need a bad father, yeah?

Don’t hurry. Life will put everything on its place. What? Aliona! Hello, Irina. Have you talked to the mother superior? I understand everything. I can’t hurry you. But I need you. Children are missing you. Hello, Mom. Hello, Aleksei. Let’s go. Mom! This is Kirill! I wanted to acquaint you with each other.

I’m glad to meet the grandmother of my daughter. I see that you’re happy. I prayed for you. Thanks Lord. Mom! Mom! You haven’t looked at her. We have gone through so many things! Haven’t you managed to forgive us? She resembles like you. I’m sitting with her in the evening.

But I keep thinking about you. I miss you so much. We can’t live without you. Mom! Mom!

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