Behind me you are looking at a life-size board game that is so crazy and so epic there will be only one winner whoever can cross the finish line first will win $10,000 each player will battle it out competing in epic challenges and withstanding the crazy punishments let’s

Get started and see who will win the $10,000 competing in today’s challenge we got Ryan aka team okay I’m stove is team Charmander oh yeah Liz your team supreme teams the frame wow you look a little chubby oh yeah really hey last not least we got one hour on team football whoo

Spinning first we have Ryan on Team NASA oh dude this spin is about to be out of this world right spin it let’s do to go Oh quite the spin round thank you let’s see what you got to land on whoa one two three four five whoa all Ryan

You landed on the challenge Dan first roll two so that means if you can complete this challenge you get to ride the green arrow all the way to the next spot okay what’s the challenge the challenge is make the basket and what if I miss it then you stay right where you

Are okay I’ll take that ready yep I’ll stay here this is a good roll five is good I’m still get started all right Ryan is the lead with his first spin up next we got stove let’s do this good spin one two Oh acedia can get another five oh we got a

Five and shoot the basketball my keys right there oh this is an arrow top which means you get to ride the bridge all the way over oh there you go all right oh yeah I just get poked so many tiles let’s do this yeah you skip to all those

Tiles and that puts you in first place oh yeah oh let’s go Ryan he beats you with a smaller number yeah whatever stove is in first place up next we got team supreme with team million Liz Isle is you ready for the spin yeah I was a

Little spin all right you got the spin again tile so I don’t spin again all right let’s see what you get we got team hunter up aka team football all right team hunter whoo I want to zero I feel like a four all right all right so one two three and four we’re

Staying all right a blue after the first round of turns we got stove in first place first place by a huge margin second place is Ryan Fayed third place is hunter and last place is Liz and Milly all they still back at the start round two Ryan you’re up again let’s

Spin it let’s blast off the first place guys all right that was a good spin but stove is still in first place yeah you know it’s my role so I can pull ahead even further still get a zero those zeroes on the board your bow still

Be ahead of you though yeah do this stove give me a good spin I got ya let’s see what you got on this one boom nope give me a five let’s go one two three four five oh wow stove Wow alright guys team stove is actually really moving across this board game

Fast and kind of skip it all be like the mystery tiles and stuff like that so he is on track to winning the $10,000 but this board game is absolutely crazy so anything can happen including going back to the start and losing the game so let’s keep moving

Hunter is up next oh wait last okay oh wait Liz I forgot about you yeah you’re right you’re up next Liz let’s see if we can get you out of the start list I want to zero I also feel bad because Liz normally is really good at these challenges and wins and

She’s still stuck at the start stove is more than halfway all the way down there yeah so let’s keep moving okay hunter you are up next team football so this is the scariest position because as you can see a four puts me in the pool so we definitely don’t want to for anything

But a 4 here anything you gotta win a challenge alright we got a challenge tile alright if you’re gonna win it team football all right hunter if you can make this shot you get to ride the green arrow all the way to that tile if you miss it you stay

On your square right next to Ryan alright there’s a lot of pressure on this your honor I hope you make this I need some company there he goes it’s a mess you stay where you are it was a great shot we’re on to the next turn though this is the start of round

Three Ron you up okay I need a really big spin here cuz stove is lightyears ahead of me wanna be one challenge alright Ryan so you land it on a 1v1 challenge tile which means you get to pick any challenger either stove hunter or a list if you win the challenge you

Swap places with them if you lose you stay where you are got it a challenge snow you challenge Cuz I wanna go back and hit a1 and then skip everything whoa strategy this 1v1 challenge is the boat race the race is to the end of the pool and come back to the start whoever can drive down and back the fastest will win this challenge

Let’s go so I’m ready are you ready I’m ready okay down and back here we go in three two That was absolute madness all right Ryan so you land on the 1v1 tile you won the challenge you chose stove is your challenger so you get to swap spots right here ma’am all right stove you gotta come all the way back luckily it stoves turns so you

Can roll again screw all right Ryan is now in first place you just stole the lead I literally just stole Daliya you know I knew that was coming I told stove I was gonna land there and I did Wow all right zero and challenge you again so alright stove your round three spin

Let’s go guys got a beat Ryan let’s see I kinda want I want to see a zero but here re town that was roll20 yeah that was pretty easy I said you’re getting some big numbers yeah that’s a big punishment I hope someone lands at two

That’s all I can say all right we’re back up to live I’ll see if she can get out of the start Liz is still stuck in the start after all this time literally hasn’t moved even a single tile Liz you made a good spin here no zero that’s a

Little spin little spin technique three Oh all right one two three you get the little bridge Wow okay that was a really good spin cuz look now you’re beating hunter last spin for round three don’t hit a three [Laughter] Wow okay all right progress three spots somebody give me it now come on huh one two three jump in the pool very good I have my phone on me or anything this is so bad and what’s funny if he’s also the one who came up with this whole tile idea of

Jumping in the pool we were at the start of Round four Ryan and stove or tied for first place on the blue on the blue tile Ryan it is your spin let’s see what you can do any time do a hit the Boosters to finish this game strong going on the

Afterburners just the afterburners Ryan yeah so let’s see you hit 200 it’s a good number four and you’re safe on the blue tile all right all right up next we got stove so I want to see a nice number to you out of you oh I’m nervous I’m getting nervous

Look at the size of this thing if you lay it underneath that balloon that’s the punishment you got to pop the balloon oh I don’t want that okay let’s do it now there’s two come on no tooth today no two today No – come on come on

Four oh so you’re matching was right you guys are copying each other yeah all right one two three I can see I can see it tonight you got your tied for first again up next we got Liz yeah all right Liz you’re in third place good spinless you didn’t catch up to the

Leaders and you’re safe on the red tile all right hunter mutters in dead last and jumped into pool oh oh wait five five would be the best better the spoiler all right let’s do a five come on I can’t get much worse than this five you might have it nope

Big number big numbers – good that was a quick round four we are moving on to Round five you guys are just a few tiles from the winner the winning tile is just right over that way the last search is the most dangerous though yes yeah this

Is the most treacherous because you can go to jail you can go back to start or lose two squares all bad choices all bad choice there’s nothing good from here on out guys yeah it’s a minefield you could say it’s like an asteroid field okay Ryan you’re up number five oh thank

You all right so let’s get a two on this one if you get it – you’re going to jail you need a three or four you’re dodging everything whoa one two three four I need five to win stove is doing really well but I want you guys to comment down

Below who you think is gonna win this challenge we got stoves in first place already got Ryan in second place meal is over here in third place and in last place is team Hunter moving on to Liz asked aqua this is the worst place to be because you

Still have the balloon pop right in front of you or we’ll spin the cube alright so for this tile is you’re going to have to pick up this giant cube throw it above your head and spin it whatever color it lands on will be the color that you

Progress to next so that means if you land the cube on red you will have the punishment of the balloon pop all right let’s spin the cube whatever color it lands on that’s the tile you move to landed on red Oh which is great because you get to move

Forward one tile to the red tile but this tile says you must pop the balloon okay Liz you’ll and it’ll pop the blue tile are you ready for the balloon to be popped no ok great here we go yeah you’re wet then hundred he jumped in the

Course do I get to spin again nope that was your turn hunter is up next Liz you’re looking good you’re you know a little soaked with water but let’s go check on I’m hunter who is in last place like dead last like you’re not even

Close we need a 2 for 1 B 1 or 3 for the golf shot so 2 or 3 give me a good one all right you’re good team hunter guys smash that like button give him some good luck on this one right now all

Right for me for now I got a high number not bad yeah one three or all right I’m slowly catching up and now I need to spend the cube yeah round six you’re Ryan we’re starting with you all right and it’s a – hey so you guys

Are just coffee this is what I call being neck-and-neck so one two three four so somebody’s a 5-2 win but what if he so basically stove is is it’s not looking good stove you’re up next and you are really close to the finish you are one two three four five away Oh

If you roll a four it says start over if you roll a three you’re here if you roll a two you got to go back three squares oh my heart is pounding right now that start over is scaring I mean you are so close to the $10,000 yes so far away so

You can do this I can do this let’s do this let’s let’s get this over with let’s go I’m not gonna show Wow look at that the four is right next to it all I gotta say is that my heart feels like a black hole right now stop it give me

Away from the sky I can’t my gravitational pull Mesquite be I mean this point I would rather go back to the start yeah from Ryan this is being so punny today too many puns on a team NASA stove you’re doing really good you are safe with your spin let’s go find Liz

Okay Liz you had a pretty wild turn last time spin again let’s see if you can do better not afore that’s a good number let’s see what it is 1 2 3 and turn this is getting crushed right now I mean you’re not in last which is good but

You’re now stuck in jail for a full turn Liz you’re in jail Oh hundreds up next let’s go come on hunt you’re a dead last eat a big number fin the cubes been the cubes are 5 no withdrawal to zero yet don’t say that I’ll get it Oh No Oh bummer

You know better luck next time next round let’s see if you guys can win the game because you guys are so close to $10,000 Ryan give me a good spin oh no this could bring it home it could bring it home or you could go back to start or

You could get stuck in jail let’s im3 [Laughter] [Laughter] turn now alright so if you’re up give me a good spin all right good spin let’s see you could win it here Sophie buddy $10,000 right here in Mia for you know four no three no three four okay okay all right

That is the war stove has been in first place the entire game and he just landed on the start over square oh wow stove you were so close to winning 10,000 and now you are literally in dead last back at the start this is horrible

I get two spins though right you do get to double down on your spins now are so close I mean Ryan’s only a couple tiles away I just need that one b1 I’ll get him and I’ll be right back into it I’m not losing hope I’m optimistic let’s

Do it you still think you’re gonna win yeah I don’t know about that we’ll see up next we have Liz except she is stuck in jail so she loses a turn on 200 let’s go all right at this point two tiles to pop a balloon but lizard he popped the

Balloon so hunter is safe all right Ryan you’re in first place and very close to the win you’re only 2 tiles away 1 & 2 which means you have to land a two to land the winning tile if you send in something larger you stay here just stay

Where you are but if you spin a 1 you’re going back and going back home and you’re following stove at the start you know honestly still I’m come and hang out with you ma’am really you guys gonna win I don’t know I really hope that he

Gonna spit in one run I think what’s been a – though it’s been a – you ready all right you got three stay where you want to turn staying right here that turns we are now all the way back to stove he was at the start he has to

Start over but the catch is he gets double turns every turn so he gets a spin land spin land so let’s get started let’s do it let’s get right into it I want a three get the yellow and go right into the 1v1 yeah all right let’s get you guys zero

All right let’s go so his first start was the first zero I’ve ever seen all right dope does get two turns every time now don’t you in a second turn yet only in double zero come on to back okay this that was the worst two turns I’ve ever seen actually three cuz

The other one to back to start all the way back okay at this point I don’t think Stoke can win this thing all right Liz you lost a turn you can finally come out of jail and spin again all right Liz let’s see if you can win

This thing don’t we get a tree whoa Reverse spin four one two three and four all right this is now tied for first place and they are only two tiles away to win this is literally anybody’s game at this is yeah Khan the hashtag Lizzy think she’s gonna win come and hashtag ride if you think he’s gonna win or

Comment hashtag hunter or stove if you can either of them are going to win so now we’re back to team hunter let’s see slow and steady wins the race you have been real slow let’s see if we can get some good real slow and real steady big number okay I’m not even

Stepping hard everyone okay Ron you’re up and this could be for the win if you’re glad the way you you win okay if you land a one you start over if you meant anything else last day where you are anything but I want anything but I want anything but a one come on

The one is the worst you can get don’t get a one Ryan don’t get a one that was a really good really really good that’s a good that’s rotating like the Earth on its axis the Sun so you just stay right where you are yeah that’s two fours in a row all right

Stove is up next let’s go come on all right stove back in the store you get two spins let’s see what you can do is get right into it yeah give me a three I think it’s three would be a really solid move for my success knew it would catapult me right

Into the one spin again whoa okay you spent three you might spend three times all right spin again all right give me it – come on give me a two two two two two let’s see what you can get a tea would be great it would be great to ride the

Bridge all right that was and that was only his first turn guys because you had to spin again so now we’re on to your second turn second turn all right I need a – yeah I think your lucky number two’s going in – come on century the golf challenge step

Right up and if he gets that he’s literally be Wow Staubach seriously having the comeback story of the century right now his spin got hit from the start all the way up to the golf challenge what you have to do is tube is one putt make it in the hole

And you skip all the way to the green let’s do it if you miss it you stay right where you are let’s see if stove can win this challenge all right so if you think you can do this I think I can do this I mean I

Started from Olli back there now I have a chance to beat hunter let’s do it nice and easy stove summer sausage Hold on literally this board game has gone absolutely crazy it’s still anybody’s game stove almost one went back to the start and now he’s way back up and already beating hunter and he’s so might win this thing all right Liz you were up spin the mystery wheel a twofer Liz would win it

Right now anything else it’s not a win let’s see what you can get Liz Liz you’re going back to start again going back to the start is definitely disappointment but you do get the upgrade of getting double spins all right Liz let’s get you back to the

Starting line all the way back you and Millie team supreme in doing that good knows about the wind well maybe if every smash that like button gives me a little more luck I could win I don’t know three four oh one out of five I might gonna

Sue and go to jail knowing my luck this round I mean are you really so oh three four all right all right that that was a good spin hunter because that puts you in a second place that’s really impressive good to see you up here man

But stove now has two rolls right so he can go okay rod you’ve been stuck on this last square for a while it’s time you roll a tube and win this thing that’s why I just rather you’d rather go back to start okay new game refresh

Let’s get you moving here ready yep take you spin you’ve ever seen Vegas then I’m gonna I need a bracelet right yeah almost broke the wheel on that one take up break a world record we might have broke world record on Oh No you’re basically in jail or just stuck on that

Tile you know what if you ain’t first you’re last alright so if you’re up next alright double spin stove let see what you got don’t spend all right give me a here two or three three one two three one two three four please give me a four

Second turn right now oh wait is that a win this is literally so crazy you got stuck at start and I got stuck again at start I mean I wasn’t counting the bad things I don’t even realize I could win the yep slope that means you won the $10,000 cash

Oh yes yours Oh congratulations have a little piece for you guys go subscribe to stoves kitchen right now whoa wow guys this game was absolutely crazy only one winner that stove $10,000 richer alright there’s any famous last words you know I didn’t win this time but the next challenge is all me

Alright guys thanks for watching hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys on the next vlog bye whoa [Applause]

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