Zombie Library! (Call of Duty WaW Zombies Custom Maps, Mods, & Funny Moments)

Zombie Library! (Call of Duty WaW Zombies Custom Maps, Mods, & Funny Moments)

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Look at our names oh i can’t even [ __ ] read yours imagine watching this in 240p if you’re watching this right now change the quality to 240p better yet change it to 144p all right let’s talk in oh the lobby you’ve got to read this guys it’s an

Eye test stop [ __ ] talking in the chat and let’s play wow okay here we go this does not look like a legit loading screen this looks horrible images don’t get dirty when you hit round 30. you should just use this as a thumbnail for the video

Oh yeah all right boys oh i like Oh look a teddy easter egg already found it guys heady easter egg subscribe for more easter eggs and tips what does it do it’s a teddy bear it’s not really meant to do much i’m gonna name them ted is that okay yes fire you’re so original we could get

A copyright strike so get to the helicopter and escape the map we could win okay this is a library yep looks like some old man’s house goes oh [ __ ] they just spawn everywhere don’t think about that reload reload everyone’s oh thanks for getting it thanks for getting it

Forgetting i told you to reload i told you you got it afterwards oh guys we’ve got computers we’re going to watch some youtube videos oh god oh god we’re [ __ ] we’re [ __ ] up wow whoa look at that guy he’s [ __ ] laughing fast he’s dying mini lad run when in doubt

Look off winning down look up winning go mini live you got it go let it go okay we could do better than that we could do that four seriously we [ __ ] stuck attempt number one here we go first try we just did attempt number one never played this map before oh my gosh

Look at the loading screen this is crazy so many png stuff wow let’s use it as a thumbnail this is crazy guys you want to see your pretty funny easter eggs easter egg glitch hey guys what do you want to call him head let’s call him ted now

Reload you can’t get it it didn’t say reload the thought that counts guys it’s instant kill shoot em You smelly [ __ ] how do you dance already you [ __ ] double hit me it was like hey okay there we go reload reload everyone reload hurry reload reload reloaded all right there you go all right good job good job it’s an insta kill oh you still have to reload are you guys ready

Reload reload reload reload reload reload no i don’t even trust you no all right you guys ready to go to the science fiction section of the library oh baby look at this teddy bear oh he’s holding a bottle and a pistol oh [ __ ] this is the worst possible spot oh my god

Dude get the news get the dude why is everything right let’s get the [ __ ] out of here let’s get out of here what does the teddy bear do press e on it just in case oh god oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] we are falling we have no choice we have no choice

We must embrace our new home oh god help me help me get me up give me up give me up give me up get me up get me up get me up okay [ __ ] there’s only like five zombies left wow oh the power is right here guys wow because i opened it

Nope i found it teddy bear’s taking a [ __ ] oh there’s the box where oh nice go through here go through here guys oh [ __ ] where i have no ammo in the bathroom here right here let me take my gun i got the ray gun i got the ray

Come on come on get him up why didn’t you write that in the chat [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] come on hurry eight zombies eight zombies i got him holy [ __ ] that was ridiculous i was insane i was so close of just like shutting off the power to my computer it

Was getting too intense there’s a teleporter over there like where where oh you see that yeah it’s a nazi teleporter oh yeah yeah tell me the amount of words you said in that like two second span was amazing it was impressive oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] didn’t die as quick as i thought they

Would i just bought speed caller how did you die where the [ __ ] did you guys go we’re downstairs we’re in the study section keep it down marcel i need a up this is a library oh sorry guys i need a hundred i [ __ ] hate you guys so much you don’t ever

Tell me where you’re going we told you we’re studying yeah after you went to [ __ ] study guys you guys wait wait go around and press all the teddy bears with f it makes a noise god damn it that [ __ ] teddy bear made me buy the gun again

Gg teddy bear don’t touch that teddy bear he’s a scam i did it i did it i did it oh yeah the wall just flew off i did that i did it i did it i did it what is this what the hell is this what

The [ __ ] is open now what the [ __ ] is open now there’s a crawler don’t kill my crawler kill the crawler we have 54 [ __ ] zombies what is this guys come to the bathroom come to the bathroom secret passageway secret passageway i did it no no this is all me this is all me

I found it no you didn’t i didn’t this is harry potter’s chamber of secrets first first you to do something and then i did it yes guys all right keep going keep going guys it’s the teleporter outside remember oh yes wait we’re using the telephoto already

No no no no no we gotta get the [ __ ] out of here we initiated the mainframe so now we need to get to the one other side and the link is this oh whoa look the teddy bear factory look at this what the [ __ ]

No go look at this hold on no glad no glove perfectly hair yourself nogla take care of yourself look at this Wait what happens what This is where they create all the teddy bears oh look at the mini machines look at the mini machines that was terrifying what you just did looks like black friday right now this is walmart workers get the [ __ ] out of the store there’s no more ipads we’re clearly understaffed

Guys there’s a mystery in here hold on i know about that i’m decrypting this code on the wall it’s pretty simple okay okay hans cons you gotta start no you gotta solo you gotta start you gotta start with that you have a wimpy kid you gotta start with a guy who

Has a really long nose over here you gotta start with this guy okay this tells you a story okay you see how he’s he’s holding a condom there it’s coming out of his sleeve that tells you about his personality he’s very promiscuous okay okay Are you serious you use the teleporter uh no i use the wall guys guys um Are we supposed to jump in there jump in jump in then you gotta go through the teleporter over to me yeah i’m here i’m with you oh [ __ ] hey how are you doing welcome oh here we’re at the nazi teleporter you have to use the teleporter yes i use

The adolf hitler teleporter what’s the point of that oh where are we no glad double value probable well not the value all the way black friday double value extra [ __ ] value oh i gotta i got two ray guns [ __ ] i got two ray guns i got mark 1 and mark 2.

Again it’s okay marcel i have two ray guns fine [ __ ] you this if only we knew how to climb over sandbags press and hold f to open a pathway back to the library basically what did you do why are you pruning in a corner i was trying to re-use on this goddamn sign

What did it say we need who wait whoever’s had 13 thousand fans don’t buy anything evan can you pick me up [ __ ] yeah we’re all monkey i can’t pick you up with all these zombies here does anyone have a monkey anyone ever anywhere yes i’m throwing it i threw it

Now pick him up pick him up pick me up at the same time oh [ __ ] [ __ ] oh my god oh my god i’m sorry marcel i can’t get you i can’t get you eg boys you can do this i could do this i could do this but i i really hope i

Can guess you know two ray guns you have two [ __ ] ray guns get the insta kill get the insta kill hold on my pizza’s here i’m kidding oh my god holy [ __ ] oh god oh god oh god i [ __ ] myself terrible i thought there was more room on that corner of the map

Really really hey it’s your fault you’re the one who caused this whole yeah that’s true marcel okay yeah all right here we go let’s go let’s do this all right easter egg glitch no i’m down oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] i’m glitched in the floor i can’t move

I’m glitched in the floor we’re gonna die on round three oh that’s because i was [ __ ] typing you dumbass like he was trying to reload and he was trying to walk forward then he tried to walk left then he tried to walk down or backwards and you could see exactly

What he was trying to do oh no for [ __ ] sakes i just picked your dumb ass off look on this computer i could see into the future it’s the future of this video wow can you tell us what happens oh i don’t like it what you’re gonna die

Oh not me no i don’t you’re gonna die sometime in the near future no glove oh my god if i really die that’s gonna be weird because you’re gonna die stop actually looking into the future right now what yeah oh yeah there it is it was right it was true no glass

It was true the prophecy is true oh this is spooky scary what do you see now oh profitable one things don’t look good for nogla again yeah yeah no no it’s gonna happen again i’m sorry to say hey oh i’m not i’m not gonna let it happen

[ __ ] that [ __ ] he’s gonna try so i’m going to sweat my dick off i got my bands on now i got like nade shot in my ear helping me out you got a shot on speakerphone oh f-2000 this is like the one f-2000 it wasn’t this like the worst gun in

Monologue for two like one of the worst cars ever made what gun do you have no f-2000 [Applause] run out of the fire as soon as you get up go go go why am i you did the limbo thing again That’s my special party trick holy [ __ ] hello come on give me something good come on don’t be a [ __ ] yes reagan again oh teddy bear [ __ ] i swear this is so [ __ ] wait how do we get back ten thousand to get back no yes damn it that’s what i was trying

To do when i died last game you guys were like it’s all your [ __ ] oh oh man if only we knew that last game are you guys ready god damn it you’re trying to try me huh weren’t you didn’t work do we win the game once we get ten

Thousand points oh no no no it was probably where we need to go to the helicopter or something you’re only 500 away oh my god oh my god oh my god oh god i have exactly 10 thousand i have exactly ten thousand come by the

Guy i’m gonna pay an exact change oh no no give me that give me your leg leave no man behind i can’t kill anyone i don’t wanna get more than ten thousand i wanna pay an exact change i told you why did you pick me up i’m sorry i didn’t realize it

Well bye bye bye bye bye Oh no this door open back here nice now what let’s go anybody want to share it oh i want them again We gotta clear this debris brian oh no guys we gotta get out of here come on come on clear the way clear the way no go clear the way right here right here guys right here is this really it is this really it because this is the easiest this is the

Easiest map ever go go go go go go go go go go go go go time to initiate operation double value initiate operation double okay the rule is you have to pay it an exact change okay no that’s the rule that’s the rule wow exactly fifty thousand oh no oh [ __ ] mini lead

Check [ __ ] my [ __ ] [ __ ] it’s called the magnet collider no the prophecy was fulfilled i told you no glory i told you no club i told you you were gonna die you didn’t listen watch this watch this minion watch this 360. kabooyah holy oh you’re not killing me i’m turning super saiyan

You’re stuck on a card wait don’t kill these zombies over here what was that it’s not like a super mario sound effect jesus watch this [ __ ] watch the [ __ ] guys look at this watch this here we go super saiyan hold All right hold on don’t kill this crawl there’s only 200 left there’s 200 left yes i got another ray gun i i got the teddy bear that’s the third time why are you happy that’s a bad thing i got a horniness what what no he didn’t

You i do you think i can make that up it says horniness in the bottom right h-o-r-n-y-n-e-s-s why do i get the pervacted guns so i got the fat 2 000 and the horniness are you [ __ ] i have [ __ ] [ __ ] your [ __ ] oh god oh man okay i’m fine we’re in the cool

I did nothing to help you yep you just come over to look didn’t you i told you i [ __ ] saw you [ __ ] i’m gonna buy all the perks all right yeah i one bought all them oh [ __ ] i got a laser point on my ray gun now

I don’t think this is a good game plan so i’m gonna i’m a walking army like this is ridiculous the amount of [ __ ] i got i am a [ __ ] terminator now how many perks you have let’s see one two three four five six seven eight nine nine perks nine nine wait

Two hang on i’ll be rb oh [ __ ] i was relying on electric cherry but doesn’t do [ __ ] at round 22. you’re just bad evan do you ever think of that i’m 15k away boys keep buying the double value keeper gone you guys ready yeah everybody on the roof This is the one they can literally only get up from right here are you serious i swear to god i wouldn’t be up on this roof the whole time i was on the roof the whole time here we go here we go yeah so so much for standing on the roof

That plan went down five and a half k five and a half can’t wait double value get the double value koat five get the double value mini like get the double value right here we’re so close the value instant kill instant value you’re proud of me now

Now remember no change no change has to be exact it has to be exact exactly if it’s not exact you can buy something out of the wall we have to keep going yeah yeah like that i like that rule all right well i guess nobody’s standing on the roof anymore so no

Just jump down oh what are you on a hundred oh are you way out there now god you went up here buy something buy double value buy double value i know something else a better value oh baby yes okay guys no marcel what no don’t die

This is a [ __ ] helicopter we had the [ __ ] champ okay pick him up pick him up i got another machine i must protect john connor i don’t know what we’re yelling about all right that’s how we do it an exact change oh yeah i like how we’re not even taking off in

The helicopter we’re just chilling here we did it in two hours oh the first try though that was epic that was true yeah first try first try again no thanks to nogla all right boys first try here we go

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