GuestGram Monetization and Promotion Guidelines

GuestGram Monetization and Promotion Guidelines

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Opportunities for Monetization:

At GuestGram, we believe in empowering our contributors, authors, and editors by providing opportunities for monetization and promotion. Whether you’re a seasoned author or a budding contributor, our platform offers various avenues to enhance your visibility and generate revenue.

Sponsored Content:

  • All members, including contributors, authors, and editors, have the right to secure sponsors for their posts.
  • Sponsored posts will feature a banner and URL above and below the content, clearly indicating sponsorship.
  • Only one sponsor is allowed at a time, with a duration of one month. After 30 days, a request can be made to change the sponsor.

Site-wide Promotion:

  • Each member has the right to display one site-wide banner for affiliate marketing or promoting their own business or services.
  • This banner serves as a valuable tool for increasing visibility and driving traffic to external platforms.

Contextual Backlinks:

  • Members can include up to three contextual backlinks within their posts, provided they understand the responsibility associated with linking to external websites.
  • Backlinks should add value to the content and adhere to our guidelines for ethical linking practices.

Content Formats:

  • Contributors are limited to posting articles initially, with the opportunity to advance to author status after a 90-day probationary period.
  • Authors are expected to diversify their content by creating web stories in addition to articles.
  • Editors play a pivotal role in content creation, producing YouTube shorts and long-form videos as needed to address topical issues and engage our audience effectively.

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