GuestGram Publishing Guidelines

GuestGram Publishing Guidelines

Enhancing Content Through SEO and Ethical Practices

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Contributor: As a contributor, you have the freedom to submit posts across all categories. Your submissions will be published upon submission, without the need for approval.
  2. Author: Authors have the privilege to choose from a variety of categories including Business, Entertainment, Health, Science, Sports, and Technology. Your submissions will undergo review by our editorial team before publication.
  3. Editor: Editors are responsible for curating top stories. Each country has one editor who oversees the selection and publication of high-quality content. Editors have the authority to publish posts directly.

Content Enhancement:

  • Authors and editors are expected to optimize their content for search engines (SEO) to improve visibility and reach.
  • Proper image inclusion is essential to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of posts. Authors and editors should ensure that images are relevant, high-quality, and properly attributed.
  • Whenever possible, authors and editors are encouraged to embed videos to enrich the content. Proper credit should be given to the sources of any embedded videos.

Few Things Without Which Post Will Not Be Published

  • add profile pic and update your bio in 120 to 150 characters
  • Image – a minimum of 1200×628 pixels is recomended
  • Use 3 to 5 Images within the post to make it more engaging
  • Ad alt tag to images (alt tags can be the focus keywords of article) – it improves SEO score
  • SEO is important part of the article so please make the seo score 80+
  • add any external link or Backlink 
  • Add Internal Link – any other articles link from the category you are posting to.

Sponsored Content:

  • All members, including contributors, authors, and editors, have the right to secure sponsors for their posts.
  • Sponsored posts will feature a banner and URL above and below the content, clearly indicating sponsorship.
  • Only one sponsor is allowed at a time, with a duration of one month. After 30 days, a request can be made to change the sponsor.

Site-wide Promotion:

  • Each member has the right to display one site-wide banner for affiliate marketing or promoting their own business or services.
  • This banner serves as a valuable tool for increasing visibility and driving traffic to external platforms.

Contextual Backlinks:

  • Members can include up to three contextual backlinks within their posts, provided they understand the responsibility associated with linking to external websites.
  • Backlinks should add value to the content and adhere to our guidelines for ethical linking practices.

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