Measles Outbreak Hits West Virginia: First Case Since 2009

Alert: Measles Case Confirmed in West Virginia After 15 Years


  • Overview of the recent measles case in West Virginia.
  • Importance of staying vigilant about infectious diseases.

The Case in West Virginia:

  • Details of the confirmed case in Monongalia County.
  • Patient’s visit to WVU Medicine and current recovery status.
  • Comparison with national disease statistics.

Symptoms and Precautions:

  • Symptoms outlined by the CDC.
  • Urging individuals to contact healthcare providers if experiencing symptoms.
  • Emphasizing the importance of vaccination.

Community Response and Awareness:

  • Efforts by the Monongalia County Health Department to identify contacts.
  • Recommendations to prevent further spread of measles.
  • Importance of public awareness and vaccination campaigns.


  • Recap of the significance of the disease case in West Virginia.
  • Call to action for vaccination and proactive healthcare measures.